MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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'Uh-oh', I thought as I looked at Dara who's firmly biting her trembling lips, trying to fight back her tears.

I realized I went overboard with the teasing, forgetting that bed talks are taboo topics for girls. Damn, I even about how she moaned last night! That's like a cardinal sin from Education 101!

If I talk to any other guys, they would've fallen on their knees and worshipped me for not losing control last night. Fck, I was really ACHING, until now! I want her. I really want her that I can't even think straight whenever I'm near her. But I had to stop myself when I saw doubt in her eyes. She didn't want it to happen, she was not ready yet. I thought I was going to die of ual frustration.

"I hate you with all my heart and soul.", she blurted out. 

"Eh?" zz-num-03.gif

If not for her pissed off face, I would have really laughed out loud with her poetic declaration.

With all her heart and soul? Man, this is serious. She even dragged her soul into this. I was trying to keep a straight face while her eyes are blazing with fury. She blew air on the hair that fell down her face and exhaled irritably. I wasn't able to stop a small smile curving from the side of my lips, she's just too cute with creased forehead, pouting lips and all. 

She gulped down one glass of water and placed the dishes on the sink. When she began marching towards the direction of the door, that's when I woke up from my dreamy trance.

"Dara... Look, I'm sorry. I was just kidding", I sincerely said. She hung her head down, not bothering to look at me. I stood up, strided towards her and hugged her from behind.

I felt her stiffened as I sniffed her hair. I turned her around to face me, her eyes were still glued to the floor. I held her chin up and caressed her face while my other arm is still wrapped around her waist.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry for teasing you a while ago. And I'm sorry for what happened last night.", I said, thinking that she's also mad because I crossed her when I learned that she was sleeping over that ba$tard's apartment. I think it's appropriate for me to apologize because of that, but she seemed stunned with my last statement. 

Silence that was nowhere near comfortable engulfed us. She stared at me with an expression I don't recognize and it frightens me. Gone was the rowdy Dara-ahjumma. 

"You're sorry for what happened last night?", she whispered, staring blankly at me. I frowned at her and I nodded silently. Is it wrong for me to apologize when I practically forced her? 

She then started sulking, but I don't know why. I hugged her tightly, desperately trying to make her feel how special she is to me. 

"I have to go", she said as she slightly pushed me away. I was taken aback. I wasn't even able to react after she closed the door and left.



I burst into tears as soon as I left. Reality struck me with full force.

Reality number 1: Jiyong is sorry for what happened last night. That explains it all. For him, last night was a mistake. I WAS a mistake. 

Reality number 2: I'm crazy in love with him.

Reality number 3: He doesn't love me back. I mean, how could he if there's a long line of pretty girls waiting for him? I'm not even at par with Seo Yu Hee. 

Before I knew it, I'm already in front of Minho's apartment, still sobbing my hearts out. I was wailing like a kid as I entered the keycode and opened the door. Minho was standing by the kitchen. His eyes widen as he saw my miserable state.

"What happened to you?!", he exclaimed in full panic mode.

I spread my arms while hiccuping, I badly need a hug right now. Minho came running to me and embraced me, patting my back as he cooed. I held him tightly as I sobbed in his chest.

"Hush, sweetheart. C'mere, let's sit at the couch", he said. He then went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and gave it to me. I drank it all to calm myself as he wiped my tears.

"Gosh, you look like a mess", he said afterwards.

"Hey! I'm crying here", I shot back as I pointed the damn tears that kept flowing from my eyes. I lifted my legs up the couch and hugged my knees. zz-num-02.gif

"I'm sorry. I'll shut up now.", Minho rubbed my back as I continued sobbing miserably.

"Minho, I really love him", I wailed. 


I nodded and looked at him as he shook his head knowingly.

When I've calmed down, I started telling him what happened last night. I didn't elaborate the juicy details of our 'almost lovemaking' though. I will die of nosebleed before I'll be able to recount that incident.

"So you two had last night?!", he asked incredulously, his eyes mirroring pure astonishment.

"No, we just...uhm...what's the word?"

"You two made out?", he asked. I nodded sheepishly.

"He didn't, you know...put his thing know", he asked again to my utter shock and horror! GAAAHHH!!! Can't he see I'm already shrinking from embarrassment here?! 

"NO!!", I screamed, obviously scandalized. zz-num-20.gif

"Wow. Jiyong is my new hero. I must worship him.", he murmured to himself.

"WHAT?! Hey, you're supposed to be on my side! And didn't you hear what I told you a while ago? He apologized for what happened last night. For him, it was a mistake. While for me...for me...", I swallowed hard as I felt my eyes stinging again.

"Maybe you're reading things wrong Dara. If I were him, I would've also apologized for forcing you to almost do the deedjust because you're sleeping at another guy's apartment. His protectiveness is way beyond his obligations as a roommate, even as a friend.", Minho explained. 

I mouthed a big 'O' as I nodded solemnly. Yes, Jiyong really did cross the line last night. As for him being protective, I don't really know why he's like that but I just assumed it's because he felt responsible for me being his roommate.

"And I really admire his self-control. I mean, do you even know how hard it is for a guy to control himself in that situation? The poor guy must be aching like hell last night!", he said.

I was baffled by what he just said. Eh? Really? 

Minho's hearty laugh pulled me back to my senses. 

"YAH!", I scowled at him.

"Our relationship is really peculiar, don't you think? We even talk about these kind of things. I think you're my soulmate", Minho said afterwards.

I grinned as I understood what he said. I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed.

"Thanks. Have I told you I really love you? Not in a romantic way though", I said. He chuckled as he pecked me on the cheeks.

"And I love you too. I think it's safe to say we're more than friends, but less than lovers", he said and leaned his head on mine.

"Yeah. I think you're right. I already hate your future girlfriend, just so you know", I admitted.

"Same thing with Jiyong. I can't help but be possessive of you. But if he's the one who'll make you happy, I'll let it slide. And I can tell Jiyong is a good guy, just not the expressive type. Unlike the cute me!", he joked and cutely held up a peace sign beside his tilted face while batting his eyelashes innocently. Aigooo!

"I could've fallen in love with you, you know. With just a little push, I think I'm almost there. If you'll let me", his goofy expression vanished as he stared intently at me.

"I won't let you. I don't want you to get hurt. You're too precious to me. You already know how I feel for Jiyong", I sincerely said. 

There was a long pause, then Minho exaggeratedly twitched his lips upside down and looked at me with very sad eyes.

"WAAAAAHHH DARA!! I'M SCARED THAT JIYONG WILL FORBID YOU TO HANG OUT WITH ME!!!!", he then started bawling comically and rested his forehead on my shoulder.

"Aigooo! You're such a drama queen.", I shook my head as I hugged him.

"As you said, we're soulmates! Nobody can separate me from you. You'll always be my Baby Minho.", I smiled at his pitiful face.



"I'm your Baby Minho?"


"MWAAAAHHHH!!!", zz-num-38.gif he then planted a big kiss on my cheek. Why do I always end up comforting him when he should be the one doing that to me. I'm the one with the problem here!


Bom's mouth was still hanging open, her eyes rounder than it already is. Dara's eyes were completely glued to the floor after narrating her tragic tale to Bom.

They were at Bom's bedroom, good thing they don't have classes today so she can sulk all day.

"You two...made out?", Bom asked, unable to believe what she just heard. Dara nodded. 

"KYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Bom screamed at the top of her lungs as she flung herself at her bestfriend. They both collapsed on the bed. Bom hugged her tightly and started rolling the two of them side by side. zz-num-39.gif

"YAH! That's not the reaction I was aiming for!", Dara yelled while trying to wiggle free from Bom's deadly grasp.

"Gosh, Dara! You're so dense! He's obviously jealous that's why he did that!"

"I highly doubt that.", Dara sighed as she sat up straight.

"Oh come on. I bet you sent the wrong signals and he thought you don't want it to happen that's why he didn't fully do thedeed", Bom exclaimed.

"What wrong signals?! I was like a cat in heat the entire freaking time!", Dara blushed as she realized what she just blurted out.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OMIGOSHHHH!!! He's that good?!!", Bom beamed, her face is flushed as well. zz-num-35.gif

"I should be happy that I'm still a . I don't know why I'm really bummed about it.", Dara heaved a deep sigh.

"That's because you weren't able to reciprocate the pleasure."

They both stared at the ceiling while holding each other's hands.

"Aigoo, what a stubborn hymen you got there!", Bom continued and slapped her bestfriend's hand. A long silence followed.

Dara turned her head sideways and saw Bom crinkling her nose in deep concentration. She immediately knew her bestfriend is hatching another brilliant plan. One that involves her hymen being in a potential danger of being lost. And she was right.

"Dara, about your dilemma. I was just thinking, if you're so bummed that you weren't able to pleasure him, then you should find a willing guy and PRACTICE!", Bom smiled widely, pushing her puffy cheeks up.

"BOMMIE!!!!!!!" zz-num-25.gif

Dara scampered out of the room before her bestfriend can come up with any other funky ideas.



"Howlyyy Cowww! Dara, is that really you?! You look stunning! PLEASE MARRY ME!!", one of the waiters in Itaewon Hiphop Bar exclaimed. I just laughed at him. I bowed at our manager who gave me a slight nod.

"Dara, you finally broke out of your shell. I knew you're beautiful all along.", he said smiling. Whooahhh!! Am I hearing things? Did he just compliment me?!

"Since you look decent, unlike your old self, I'm going to assign you to the main floor tonight", he continued. Crap. I knew it. 

I really don't like to be assigned downstairs, it's a freaking monkey den out there. At least in the VIP Rooms, the guests are very reserved. In the main floor, the waiters and waitresses have to run around like headless chickens to attend to all the customers on top of dodging the flirty advances of the drunk ones.

I reluctantly agreed as I took the order slips and went downstairs.

My predictions proved to be correct. After a few hours of being assigned at the main floor, not once did I almost punch a customer's face for trying to have a go at me. ARRGHHH! These filthy ba$tards!

"Oh come on Sweetie Pie, gimme your number", a guy said, his words slurring as he grabbed my wrist. I tried to wiggle free but he's too strong. I was about to call security using the mouthpiece attached to our uniform when someone interjected.

"Dude, if you don't let go of her, I'll call the bouncers and have them hurl your as$ out of here", a familiar voice said. I bolted my head sidewards and was surprised to see Lee Jongwan!

The guy grudgingly lets go of me as Jongwan pulled me to the side.

"Dara! I didn't know you work here. And I almost didn't recognize you at the Univ Ball! You look so amazing! How are you?", he excitedly said. I smiled at him. 

"Well, it was all my friend's doing that's why I had to change my clothes. I'm fine, by the way. How about you? I haven't heard from you in a while", I asked.

"I've been meaning to call you but..uhm...I was kinda hesitating especially when G-Dragon made a surprise appearance at the school cafeteria. I don't know if it's still ok to text someone with a very famous friend", he shyly said while scratching his head. I softly laughed.

"Of course you can text or call me, you're my friend! What happened to you and Bom? And don't give me that surprised look, I know you like her", I wagged my fingers in front of his face.

"Well, she said it's better if we remained friends. I guess she's right", he shrugged. I bit my lips because of guilt. Me and my big mouth.

"I'm sorry", I said.

"Don't be. I'm over it. So, errr, my friends and I are leaving. I'll just call you?"

I nodded in response, he smiled back and headed off.


A few more hours of being assigned at the main floor area and I would've killed myself. zz-num-08.gif

This is not just a freaking monkey den! This is a zoo! Good thing my shift has already ended! YIPEEEE!!

I was about to go to our locker rooms when I saw my b!tch classmates at the corner, seemingly distressed. A couple of guys were seated at their table and from the looks of it, the guys were not originally with them.

Hmph! The hell I care! Karma really works wonders. Now it's their turn to be bullied. I headed upstairs where our locker rooms are but find myself retracing my steps towards my b!tch classmates. AISSSHHTT!! At times like this, I wish my conscience would just shut up!

"Excuse me, is there a problem here?", I asked. My classmates were surprised to see me, then a worried look crossed their faces.

"N-nothing Dara. I didn't know you work here", one of them said while glancing nervously at the guy seated at the middle.

"Uhm, yeah. But my shift already ended. Are you sure everything's ok?", I asked again. They all nodded, their brows furrowed in panic.

I slightly bowed at them and when I was about to lift my head, I caught sight of the knife that one of the guys was holding which is pointed at the back of my classmate sitting at the middle. So that explains why they were lying. They were afraid that the guy might hurt her. 

I turned my back at them and pretended to walk away while whispering to my mouthpiece. Then I went back to them, smiling.

"Sorry, I forgot to ask if you wanted to order a new round of beers since your bottles are almost empty", I said while retrieving one of the half-empty bottles. I toppled it making sure the contents will pour at the direction of the guy holding the knife. He jumped in surprise and cursed when the cold beer reached his lap. The bouncers that I called immediately grabbed his arm and disarmed him. They captured the other guys as well while my classmates broke in uncontrollable sobs as they cowered behind me.

I tried to calm them down as the security staffs do their job. 

"Come on, I'll grab you a cab. You girls need to go home", I said. They nodded shyly. I just sighed at the irony of it all.


I was really exhausted when I reached the apartment. So many things happened at work. I didn't open the lights as I entered and collapsed in bed. I dozed off immediately, not knowing a surprise was waiting for me.

The next morning, I found a piece of paper lying on our kitchen table. I picked it up curiously. My heart sank after reading the content. It seems Jiyong just hurriedly scribbled it.

Gone to Japan for Big Bang promotions. Will be back after three weeks. I'll call you later, we have to talk. Behave yourself, arasso? 


Why didn't he tell me yesterday that he was leaving?!!! zz-num-02.gif

Three weeks? Three freaking weeks?!! GOSHH! That's too long! When he was busy with his MV filming, at least he drops by the apartment to get some stuffs so I can still see him. But three weeks with no Jiyong?! zz-num-12.gif

Then I remembered something. My phone is still at Minho's apartment! I was about to run there when someone rang the doorbell. I peeked through the peephole and was surprised to see the faces of my two bestfriends, Bom and Minho.

When I opened the door, their arms are folded on their chests, standing there proudly while wearing retarded smiles on their faces.

I eyed them curiously. Minho waved my phone at my bewildered face.

"We have a plan", they both said. 

'CRAP', I thought.







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