MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Jiyong froze on his spot as he heard Bom's 'lovebirds' remark. He eyed Dara accusingly who is frantically shaking her head. 

Bom winked at her and made her escape before Dara can protest. So now, the two most awkward pairs are left.

"Omo, GD-ssi, Yu Hee-ssi!", Minho exclaimed with well feigned surprise. Dara tried to concentrate on looking anywhere but them. Her head turned in a snap when she heard Minho inviting the two to sit with them. OMG!! The idea of pouncing Minho is becoming very welcoming right now. zz-num-08.gif

GD sat in front of Dara while Yu Hee sat in front of Minho.

"So...", Minho started and glanced at the fidgety people before him. He can't help but smile as he wrapped his arms around Dara's shoulders. 

"Uhm, I'm guessing you already know Dara", he said and turned at the mortified girl beside her.

GD's eyes turned into slits and was about to say something but Dara already wiggled free from Minho's grasp and pinched his arms.

"Omo, Minho-ssi, are the rumors true?!", Yu Hee became very excited seeing the closeness of the two. GD abruptly stood up before Minho can answer, making sure he makes all the unnecessary noises by banging his feet here and there, and left to order some food. Minho wrapped his arms to Dara again.

"No, it's NOT true.", Dara answered firmly, loud enough for GD to hear. She slapped Minho's arms away from her shoulder and shot him a death glare. 

"Oh...I wonder why", Yu Hee said while giving her the b!tch look.

How can she be even more annoying by each passing minute?, Dara thought. zz-num-31.gif

"But we already kissed...passionately", Minho playfully said. Dara almost spat the crepe that she was eating. She started coughing and pounced her chest while Minho calmly gave her a glass of water which Dara gulped down in one go. GD, who is just a few strides away from them, stiffened. His grip on the utensils loosened, causing a loud clanking sound as they hit the floor. GD tried to drill a hole on Minho's skull as he stared at the back of his head with blazing eyes before picking up the utensils scattered on the floor with a grim face and proceeded to the counter to get a new set.

"Ha ha ha ha, don't believe him!", Dara exclaimed in panic and pinched Minho's waist, causing him to flinch in pain.

"The kiss changes nothing. I repeat - NOTHING!", she whispered at him under gritted teeth and gave him another pinch.

After a few minutes, Dara chose to remain silent as Yu Hee and Minho continued talking. Yu Hee was blabbering at how great she is and would steal a smug glance at Dara whenever she mentions anything Jiyong + Yu Hee related, like the MV they've just finished filming.

Dara has a newfound respect for Minho because if she was in his shoes, she would've fallen in a deep coma by just listening to Yu Hee speak the entire fcking time.

"I'm thinking of a way to make a grand entrance on the next Award Ceremony", Yu Hee said dreamily as she clasped both her hands..

"Why don't you crucify yourself and let your minions carry you on the red carpet", Dara whispered to no one in particular. Minho almost choked on the water that he was drinking and lightly kicked Dara's foot.

Minho and Yu Hee continued chatting about the common people they know in the industry while Dara didn't even attempt to join in the conversation. How can she? Every word that's coming out of their mouth is foreign to her. But Minho's next question placed Dara on high alert.

"Yu Hee-ssi, I hope you don't mind me asking but are you and GD-ssi going out? I mean..."

"Yes, we're going out", Yu Hee butted in before Minho can finish. 

"No, we're not", came GD's reply as he placed the food on the table. 

"Yes, we are", Yu Hee just squished her nose and rolled her eyes. 

"We're NOT", GD firmly said. 

"Yah, that's exactly what we're doing right now. We went out. Just YOU and ME. So we're going out!", Yu Hee exclaimed in a very childish way.

"You know that's not what he was asking!", GD shot back.

The two kept bantering for a couple of minutes as Minho and Dara watched in awe.

"They're really close, aren't they?", Minho whispered to her. 

Dara can feel a sharp pain on her chest as she watched the two having a fit. Yes, they're really close. And she's feeling a little left out. It's the same scene during Yu Hee's birthday all over again. Since when did she become very possessive of GD's attention? zz-num-04.gif

Minho stole a glance at Dara who's head is bent down, hiding the sadness in her eyes as she wiggles her feet. The two in front of them are lost in their own world, fighting their heads off.

"Hey DaRabbit, are you tired already? Want to go home?", Minho nudged her. Dara shook her head and gave him a slight smile.

"I'm fine", she said softly. Minho bent down and kissed her forehead and caressed her face afterwards. This didn't go unnoticed with GD.

"SHUT UP YU HEE!", GD snapped, pouring his frustration to the unsuspecting girl. Yu Hee's tears are threatening to flow with GD's rashness.

"Alright, you two should calm down. GD-ssi, can we exchange seats?", Minho asked, to which GD willingly obliged (after giving Minho his new and improved Kwonzilla Death Glares). He slumped at the seat beside Dara while Dara tried her hardest to ignore him, looking downwards while fumbling the lining of her blouse.

Minho engaged Yu Hee in a light conversation to distract her since she's still on the verge of crying.

An awkward silence enveloped GD and Dara, both are not looking at each other. 

<*sigh> GD exhaled heavily and picked up the fork with his left hand as he started eating, fixing his full attention to the food. Dara kept her silence but her eyes widen in shock when she felt GD's hand on top of hers. zz-num-25.gif

She shot him a surprised look but GD just kept on eating like nothing's happening under the table. He then flipped Dara's hand and forced her to open it. Afterwards, he placed his palm on top of hers and slowly entwined his fingers. GD pulled their entwined hands to his lap and caressed the side of Dara's hand with his thumb. 

Dara can feel all her blood rushing towards her face. She saw a smirk forming on the side of GD's lips, eyes still fixed on the crepe that he was eating. Dara, on the other hand, is rapidly becoming a giant tomato. 



I'll probably regret asking this but...WHAT THE HELL IS JIYONG DOING??? zz-num-20.gif

I tried to pull my hand but he firmly held it while pouting cutely. Omo! I didn't know Kwonzilla can be this cute. I can't stop myself from feeling giddy so I bit my lips to distract myself. I glanced at Yu Hee who is still busy complaining to Minho about Jiyong.

I tried to pull my hand again but Jiyong wouldn't budge. Oh well. 

It's not the first time he held my hand. I mean, I'm always resting on his lap whenever we're lazing around at the apartment and he caresses my forehead and my hand whenever I do that but today is totally different. If I can only take a peek at his brain to know what he's thinking. He's the hardest person to read. Unlike Minho, what you see is what you get (he'll even tell it straight to your face just in case you fail to notice. For example: DaRabbit, I think I need to go to the bathroom.).

"Oh by the way, we have finished filming the MV", I heard Yu Hee bragging. And I did what I do best, I ignored her.

"Do you want to see it Minho-ssi? It's the newest MV of Big Bang", she continued. Blah blah blah blah blah, she doesn't know how to shut up does she?

"It's a little embarrassing though because Jiyong and I have a BED SCENE", Yu Hee said while glancing at my direction. My food hang in midair as my brain processed what she just said. Did she just say bed scene? WITH JIYONG??!! 

I pulled my hand from Jiyong's grasp with all my strength. BED SCENE? Seriously?! I looked at him with creased forehead but Jiyong just glanced at me curiously. 

Yu Hee pulled out his iphone excitedly and handed it to Minho. He then shared it with me so we can watch together. Yu Hee's nose is pointing upwards while glaring at me, probably thinking she's got the upper hand this time.

As I watched the MV, I was holding my breath. Then the bed scene came, and my mind went ballistic! My vision is getting blurry with rage as I watched Jiyong and Yu Hee 'do their thing' on the bed with white silky sheets flowing here and there on top of their bodies. OMIGOOOOSSSHHH!! the hell do they need this scene for?!! The MV was fine even without it! 

"You like it, Dara?", Yu Hee asked smugly. I want to scratch her eyes out with my bare hands!

"Big Bang did a great job. It's good.", I answered coldly. Would've been better if you're not in it!, I thought. 

I focused my eyes on the table while swallowing hard, unable to take my mind off the MV that I just saw. I can't even grab my fork because my hands are trembling right now. I know it's just work but it hurts like hell.

I can feel Jiyong staring intently at me but I can't bear to face him.

"Oh, you have all the MVs of Big Bang! You and GD-ssi are really close, aren't you", Minho exclaimed merrily while fiddling the iphone. 

"Of course we are, we practically grew up together. Minho-ssi, can we drop the formalities? Just call me Yu Hee and you can call GD with his real name, Jiyong"

"Sure, just call me Minho then."

"Can I see the other MVs?", I butted in while Minho and Yu Hee continued chatting. Yu Hee just gave me a slight nod so I grabbed the iphone from Minho and watched the other Big Bang videos. I remembered Bom saying there are always girls in Big Bang's MVs.

"Why do you want to watch our MVs now? I've been telling you to watch them before but you're too lazy", Jiyong said as he pulled his own phone. His phone wallpaper is back to his regular wallpaper again.

I just shrugged my shoulders without glancing at him. I still can't get over the fact that he has a bed scene with Yu Hee.

I can feel my heart sinking at each MV that I watch wherein Jiyong has a leading lady or is surrounded by a bunch of girls. How can it be this painful? Does Jiyong kiss these girls too? Just thinking about it makes me lose my mind.

"That is actually the first bed scene of Jiyong, I'm scared that the VIPs might do something to me. Jiyong-ah, protect me from your fangirls, will you?", Yu Hee extended her hands and touched Jiyong's arms resting on the table. 

I've been suppressing my mounting anger by keeping silent but in my mind, I've already drafted 10 possible ways of killing Yu Hee. This girl is seriously getting on my nerves!

"Why don't you move in with him for the time being so he can protect you 24/7? Ha ha ha, just kidding.", Minho said while tentatively glancing at me. GRRRR, you're next on my hitlist, you freaking moron!

"Yeah Jiyong, why not? We slept in the same room last night and you didn't complain, so why don't I crash in your apartment next time?", Yu Hee said teasingly. 

I think my heart stopped from beating. They slept in the same room last night? It feels like air has been knocked out of me. I can hear my heavy breathing as I stole a glance at Jiyong. 

"Yah Yu Hee, stop twisting the facts. I was sleeping in one of the YG Building's guest rooms when you barged in and decided to sleep there too.", Jiyong reasoned out but my mind has already shut down. All I can think of is them sleeping in one room.

"Did you sleep in one bed?", I heard myself asking. I can't even recognize my voice, my throat is getting dry and my heart is beating painfully fast.

"Dara, stop asking questions. It's really nothing, we just slept", Jiyong answered, trying to catch my eyes, but I fixed my gaze on Yu Hee.

"Yes, we slept in one bed. Yah Jiyong, it's not the first time we slept in one bed so why are you getting anxious? You even kissed me when we were just teenagers so...", Yu Hee clamped shut when she saw the furious glare of Jiyong.

"SEO YU HEE!!!", Jiyong growled in anger. Yu Hee rolled her eyes and threw back her hands in surrender.

I, on the other hand, was completely frozen on my seat on Yu Hee's second revelation. Jiyong also kissed her before? 

Dammit Dara, get a grip of yourself., I silently scolded myself. I don't have the right to feel this way. Clearly, the kiss that we shared meant nothing to Jiyong. It might just be a heat of the moment thing for him during the AWards Ceremony. As for last night's kiss, it's obviously my own doing and he merely responded, he's a guy afterall.

I massaged my throbbing temple with my right hand as I looked down. 

"Dara, are you alright?", Jiyong asked, I felt his hand gently rubbing my back but I jerked away. He eyed me with bewilderment, I diverted my gaze. I just can't look at him, it's too painful. If I stay here longer, I think my chest is going to explode. And my eyes are already stinging as well. I cleared my throat and called Minho's attention.

"I'm just having a little migraine. Minho, can we go now? We're disturbing Jiyong and Yu Hee", I muttered between my labored breathing.

"Okay, let's stop by the pharmacy to buy you some medicine. Yu Hee, Jiyong, we'll go ahead. It was nice seeing you two", Minho stood up and guided me. 

"Dara..", Jiyong trailed but was interrupted by Yu Hee.

"Jiyong, we better get going too. Remember, Sajangnim called for a meeting at 5PM", she sternly said.

I can still feel Jiyong's gaze following us as we went ahead of them and exited the shop.

When we were at Minho's car, I let out an exhausted sigh. 

"Minho, can I sleep in your apartment tonight?" zz-num-04.gif


At the YG Building...

"The situation is now under control. It's a good thing we were able to discover it a few minutes after it was uploaded", YG announced to Big Bang and to the other people involved in Big Bang's newest MV.

Last night, half of the MV was uploaded on the internet by an unknown source even before they finished filming. YG was shocked and decided to investigate all of the people involved in the MV, which is the reason why all of them were called there last night.

President Yang Hyun Suk was informed that someone sneaked in the Editing Room and stole a copy of the video that they're currently editing, which turned out to be the MV that was just half-finished then. It was too late when the graphic artists and video editors noticed that one of the copies are missing.

"But who sneaked in the Editing Room?", Yu Hee asked. Being the leading lady in the MV, she was also part of the investigation made last night.

"We don't know yet. We're still investigating it", YG answered.

All of them nodded solemnly.

"You can all go home now except for the Big Bang members. Thank you for cooperating with the investigation last night. Jiyong, meet up with Teddy first before you go to the rehearsal room. He said he wanted to discuss some of the beats with you", YG continued.

GD is still spacing out when Youngbae nudged him.

"Huh? Yes, Hyun Suk hyung?", he asked. YG shook his head and eyed him knowingly.

"Jiyong, it seems something's bothering you lately. Whatever it is, settle it immediately. Meet up with Teddy now.", YG repeated.

"Yes hyung", Jiyong muttered. If possible, he wants to go home now. He has an unsettling feeling after seeing Minho and Dara together. He remained silent when he saw them but deep inside, he wanted to yank Dara as far away from Minho as possible. And Dara is probably having some weird thoughts because of what Yu Hee said. He has to talk to that ahjumma before she come up with any stupid scenarios with that brain of hers. 

His furious eyes darted towards Yu Hee, he so wanna strangle this girl for spilling those crap about him and her. He cares for Yu Hee like a younger sister but Yu Hee is still trapped in her own delusional world that they will be together in the end.



I tried to keep my mind off the things that Yu Hee said but it just kept on repeating on my head.

They slept together last night? He kissed Yu Hee before? So it's just normal for him to do those things and act nonchalant about it? 

"Dara. DARA!", I almost jumped in surprise when Minho directly screamed at my ear, almost blasting my eardrums.

"WHAT?!", I grumpily shot back. I pulled my legs up the couch, hugged my knees and tugged the oversized t-shirt that I was wearing (which I borrowed from Minho because I forgot to wash my laundry. Bummer.). We are at Minho's apartment watching TV before we go to sleep. The couch is big but both of us are huddled in the middle.

"I was asking you why you suddenly want to sleep here. Aigooo, you were staring at the TV with blank eyes, I thought your soul already left your body", he continued ranting but I slipped into my dreamland again, completely shutting Minho's existence off my system.

Given the things that are happening right now, especially now that I'm aware that I'm in love with Jiyong, should I still continue living with him?

"YAHHHH!!! Dara, I swear you're creeping me out. Stop with your sudden autistic lapses and pay attention to me!!" I lazily looked at Minho. Sleeping over at his apartment proves to be a very good decision since he constantly disturbs my train of thoughts by annoying the hell out of me.

"Shut up. I just want to be with you that's why I want to sleep over. Besides, Jiyong is not in the apartment so I'm alone.", I answered.

Minho smiled like a kid and lunged at me to give me a bear hug. He then bit my shoulders playfully, I slapped his arm and gently pushed him away.

"Stop biting me, you dog!"

"Arf, arf! RAAAWWRR!!", Minho crouched in all fours and bared his teeth. I can't help but laugh with his antics. I glanced back at the TV and saw his commercial being shown. I glanced back at him and shook my head. I can't believe this dimwit is the same guy on the TV.

He then collapsed his body on the couch and laid his head on my lap as I turned off the TV.

"DaRabbit, I'm sleepy.", he murmured afterwards. 

"Arasso, let's sleep. I'll take the bed, you stay here in the couch", I said. He whined endlessly with the sleeping setup I suggested.

"That's not fair! You're sleeping with Jiyong every night on the same bed, why can't we sleep on the same bed?!", he frowned at me.

A smile crept on my lips, Minho really is such a kid.

"Fine.", I simply said and with that, Minho abruptly stood up and scoop me up.

"Yah!", I tried to wiggle free but he was already on his way to the bedroom. He gently placed me on the bed and jumped to the other side. Minho laid on the bed, facing me, wearing a sly smile.

"I always sleep with my shirt off. If you can't resist my hot body, I just have one request. Please be gentle.", he said while wiggling his eyebrows. I slapped his arms in response.

He laughed as he sat up and took his shirt off, I can't help but gawk at his upper body. It's official, I really am a !

"Are you going to sleep with you bra?", he nonchalantly asked, my eyes widen with disbelief, obviously scandalized.

"Don't look at me like I'm going to take advantage of you, duh. Girls mostly like to sleep without bra, but whatever. Whatever floats your boat", he dismissed. I sat up and twirled my fingers, signaling him to turn around.

I can't help but shake my head. Jiyong is already used to me without a bra whenever we sleep since he's my roommate. I can't believe I'll be as comfortable with Minho. I undid the hook of my bra and stuffed it inside my bag. Then, I decided to take off my shorts as well since I'm wearing Minho's oversized t-shirt so it wouldn't really matter. Plus, I'm covering myself with the blanket anyways.

Wearing only an oversized t-shirt and a , it's weird that I don't feel threatened or ashamed with Minho's presence.

"Okay, I'm done", I said while slipping under the blanket.

He laid down and faced me again, s his arms around me and closed his eyes while smiling peacefully.

"Yah, roll over to the other side. Don't face me.", I said while poking his cheeks. His eyes fluttered open. His forehead creased and he squished his nose, two signs indicating that he's about to throw tantrums in 5....4....3....2....1

He began thrashing his head and body from side to side while kicking. Then he started whining while still thrashing his body.

"I DON'T WANT TO!! I WANT TO HUG YOU WHILE FACING YOU!!! YOU DON'T TRUST ME ANYMORE!!!! WHY DO YOU TRUST JIYONG AND NOT ME?!!", he then faked sobbing, like he was the most oppressed person in the world. 

"LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US!! YOU CHANGED! YOU'RE NOT MY DARABBIT ANYMORE!!", he exaggeratedly exclaimed coupled with out of this world hand gestures. I just rolled my eyes, disgusted by the cheesiness.

"Fine, face me. Stop acting like a kid or I'll really spank you", I said. He stopped with his whining and hugged me again while smirking playfully.

"Oh really? Minho has been a bad boy, spank me! Spank me!", he teased. I chuckled while giving a good slap on his arms again. I rested my face on his bare chest. I inhaled deeply and sniffed his scent, and I felt the familiar pain tugging my heart again as I longed for Jiyong beside me.

I sighed audibly.

"Dara, I'm already out of antics to cheer you up. I'm going to sleep now but I want you to shut your brain already, arasso? I can literally read your mind, it's been sending signals the whole afternoon", I looked up and saw Minho with closed eyes and a tight-lipped smile. I wanted to ask what he meant but decided against it since he seems to really want to take his rest already. 

A few hours have passed and I'm still wide awake while Minho is snoring away to dreamland.. 

I don't get it myself. Jiyong's actions are confusing me. He raises my hopes up and in a few minutes, it'll be snatched away from me. He'll act sweet and very protective, then after a while he'll be distant and act like nothing happened. Then I found out that what he does to me, he also does to other girls like Yu Hee.

So, what am I to him? Like seriously, do guys kiss just whoever they want and sleep on the same bed without any hangups on the girl afterwards? My eyes darted to Minho. I think the answer is 'yes'. This guy beside me proves it all.

I tightened my hug to Minho as my tears started to flow freely. It's so painful. If I can only rip my heart out of my body, I would've done so ages ago. Why am I always caught up in one-sided love? 

I sobbed silently to ease the pain I was feeling. I felt Minho's arms wrapped around my waist. I glanced at him but he seemed to be in deep slumber. After a while, I felt my eyes getting heavy as I cried my way to sleep.


Unknown to Dara, Minho has been awake for a while since he felt her tears on his chest. He looked at the tiny girl sleeping beside her and ran his fingers on her hair. He then drifted to sleep while trapping Dara in his arms.

After a few hours...

Dara stirred on her sleep as she heard her phone ringing. She indignantly grabbed her phone and answered it without looking who the caller is.

"Yeoboseyo?", Dara answered with husky voice.

Before she can hear the other line answer, Minho lazily grabbed the phone away from her and placed it on the bedside table.

"Dara, stop talking on the phone. Come here. Hmmmmmhh", Minho said hoarsely, still half-asleep, and pulled her towards him.

Dara willingly obliged, her thoughts still clouded with sleepiness. She entwined her arms around him and as soon as she did, Minho lowered his head and bit her shoulders, eyes still closed.

"Aahhh, Minho. Stop biting me", Dara whimpered and slightly pushed him away. Minho dropped back to his side and continued sleeping. Dara did the same, completely forgetting the person at the other line of the call. 

The battery of Dara's phone drained, cutting the call. But the person at the other line have heard enough, and he is ready to raise hell.





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