MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Bom screamed crazily, causing the unsuspecting people near us to jump in surprise. I, on the other hand, is slowly backing away in fright. They might think this crazy girl is my friend, and that would be totally embarrassing.

The oblivious Bom jumped to me and gave me a bear hug, knocking the air out of my tiny body. My decision of meeting up with Bom in this beatiful Sunday is turning out to be a potential hazard in my life. We were on our way to a newly opened crepe shop at Cheonggye Plaza and my bestfriend has been spazzing endlessly because of the Univ Ball incident.

Since last night, Bom has been calling me but I decided to ignore it since my mind is still in full chaos. Who wouldn't be? The flower boy of Korea, Lee Minho, kissed me. Big Bang's rapper, TOP, kissed me and told me he likes me. And Big Bang's leader, my roommate, the jerk, Kwon Jiyong, is...well, an idiot. An idiot I'm apparently in love with. After sharing another kiss last night (OMG!! Don't get me even started with that!), he just nonchalantly walked away! Like nothing happened. 

<*sigh> The complexity of it all. zz-num-05.gif

I tried to wiggle free from Bom's deadly hug but she squeezed me tighter and swayed me left and right!!! I can already feel my feet being elevated from the ground as she continued to do this while unleashing her spazz attacks! OMO! 

"YAHHH!! Let go of me, you crazy woman!", I yelled as I pushed her with all my strength.

"Teeheeee", she smiled playfully as she finally lets go. Whew! Okay, I am now convinced that either Bom or Minho will be the death of me.

We continued walking, me on a SAFE DISTANCE away from the lunatic that was Bom. She was giggling by herself and was shooting a teasing stare at me every once in a while. We finally arrived at the crepe shop.

"Don't you dare scream here, I swear I'll walk out on you", I threatened her as I push the glass door of the crepe shop. She nodded obediently and looked at me with innocent eyes while giving me a tight-lipped smile, pushing her chubby cheeks up. I immediately closed the door. I know that smile! That's the same smile she used that got us into a pile of trouble!

"Yah", I eyed her suspicously. zz-num-08.gif

"What?", she blinked innocently at me. Too INNOCENT. 

"Yah", there's a warning tone on my voice as I stared her down.

"Whhatt? I'm not going to scream LOUDLY, I promise. I'll stifle my scream with my hands", she said.

My brows furrowed in suspicion. No, this isn't about her spazz attacks anymore. I have this uneasy feeling that she's up to something. I quickly scanned the inside of the crepe shop and looked for anything out of the ordinary and found nothing. I directed my gaze towards Bom again. She immediately pouted and diverted her gaze.

"YAHHH!!", I screamed. She's up to something! SHE'S UP TO SOMETHING! This is a TRAP!!!

Bom pushed me inside despite my protests.


The coast is clear. Dara thought she's just overreacting but the uneasy feeling just wouldn't go away.

Bom and Dara were facing each other as they occupied the table with 4 seats at the corner. The crepe shop is almost empty (thankfully) because Bom has been having mini seizures as Dara unfolded the whole story of last night.

"So we were on the dance floor. I thought he's going to get his revenge on the sabotaged kiss I did on the MV audition. But..Tabi gently kissed me and....."

"KYYAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!", it was too late to cover Bom's mouth as an ear-shattering scream has been unleashed. Dara smiled and bowed apologetically at the startled customers and staffs.

"I'm sorry, please continue", Bom said in a business-like tone, as if nothing happened. Dara's mouth hanged open as she eyed her bestfriend. 

"Anyway..Jiyong magically appeared in front of me, and we danced. Then I asked him why he kissed me at the Awards Ceremony...DON'T YOU DARE SCREAM BOM I WILL FCKING KILL YOU!", Dara warned her as she pointed a threatening finger at Bom's face.

Bom clamped shut and covered as she nodded enthusiastically. Dara relaxed back on her seat and continued recounting the story.

"Then Minho dragged me to the stage and we carried out the Punishment Kiss...STOP!", Dara successfully stopped the impending spazz attack of her number one fangirl. Bom bit her lips to contain her squeals and opted to just wiggle her upper body to release her excitement. She was moving her body merrily while Dara was shaking her head in disbelief.

"Jeezzz, how old are you really??", Dara blew air on her hair that was covering her face.

"Shut up and let me just be happy for you!", Bom countered and continued twitching her body and moving her arms in an awkward rhythm like she's dancing to a music.

"People will think your is itching"

"Don't care. Continue.", she said excitedly. 

Dara revealed everything to Bom. She laid down every tiny details while her bestfriend is silently spazzing, looking at her with twinkling eyes as her face is rested on her palms that were propped by her elbows on the table.

"Tabi said he liked me...but I can't reciprocate his feelings"

"KKkkyya--, WHAT?! Please don't tell me you rejected him! Oh Gosh, please..", Bom looked at Dara outrageously.

"Well, he already knew I like Jiyong.", Dara sighed frustratedly as she felt the heavy feeling enveloping her body.

"What did you just say?", Bom's eyes were almost about to pop out of their sockets. She even leaned forward to absorb everything that Dara is saying.

"I like Jiyong. But he doesn't seem to like me back."

"KKKKKKkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyAAAAAhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" zz-num-39.gif

Bom transferred to the seat beside Dara, held her by the shoulders and shook her as she continued to squeal at Dara's mortified face. Then, she abruptly stopped.

"Uh-oh", Bom exclaimed. zz-num-21.gif

"Uh-oh, what?", Dara was alarmed. She knew something's bound to happen when she saw that innocent tight-lipped smile with puffy cheeks of Bom before they entered the crepe shop!


Someone entered the shop but Dara was busy glaring at Bom to notice. The newcomer stood in front of the two of them. Minho bowed at Bom (who was not surprised to see him) and flashed Dara his playful smirk as his eyes lingered on her lips.

BOMMMIIIEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!, Dara screamed in her mind as she sent waves of killer aura towards Bom. zz-num-31.gif



I shook my head in frustration. 

Apparently, Bom got Minho's number through my phone. She then texted him inviting him to join us here because she thought I have the hots for Minho (since he's the one who carried out the Punishment Kiss).

Great. I haven't sorted out my feelings yet (well, kinda, since I'm still too shocked with the Univ Ball incident), and here sitting in front of us is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to sleep last night.

"He's not bad either. If Jiyong doesn't like you, maybe you can transfer your feelings to flower boy", Bom whispered while covering with the cup of coffee she was about to drink. Dammit! Good thing I didn't tell her about what happened in the apartment last night, she might draft some intricate plans to shove me to Jiyong's throat. 

I cut the crepe furiously while staring at Bom. Yes Bom, my dear bestfriend, I'm imagining slicing you in half like this unfortunate crepe in front of us! But she seems unperturbed of my wrath and was just looking at me with puppy eyes.

I sighed exasperatedly and stole a glance at Minho, who is cupping his face with his palms while directly staring at me, smiling annoyingly.

"What?", I snapped at him.

"What?", he asked innocently. Has it been established that Bom and Minho will be the death of me? I can already feel my arteries constricting with the Bom-Minho combo.

"Minho-ssi, can we switch seats?", Bom asked. She was about to stand when I casually pulled her hair, causing her to sit back and tilt her head sideways. Bom gave Minho an embarrassed smile and casually pulled my hair as well. We looked like a couple of lunatics as both of our heads are tilted sideways. Nobody wants to let go.

"A-are you girls okay?", Minho asked.

"Yes", we simultaneously said while giving him a pained smile. Bom and I decided to stop pulling each others hair on the same instant. We discreetly nursed our aching scalp and shot each other death glares.

"Stay there", I said threateningly. Bom just stuck her tongue out and proceeded to switch seats with Minho. I really don't have any say about this situation, do I?

As much as possible, I don't want to face Minho a day after we kissed! It's sooo awkward! Especially this ba$tard seems to be enjoying teasing me.

"Why are you staring at me?", I asked and my eyes INVOLUNTARILY (yes, it was involuntary! I swear!) darted to his lips. 

"Hmmm..", he murmured while smirking as he caught me red-handed.

OMO! I quickly straightened up and looked in front of me (away from his lips!). Bom was wearing her evil smile again. 

"Hey DaRabbit, you owe me an explanation, don't you? Last night, wasn't it Big Bang's TOP and G-Dragon?", he asked. I sighed heavily and eyed him. He isn't smiling anymore. I was surprised by his grim face as he forked the crepe and fed it to me. He did the same to Bom. 

"Sorry...I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that's why I hid it from you", I said meekly and lowered my gaze. He sighed and ruffled my hair.

"You don't trust me", he declared. I quickly shook my head. I then began telling him the story about how I came to know Jiyong and the rest of Big Bang. He stayed quiet the whole time. Bom also joined in the conversation as she recounts how I also hid everything from her.

"I see. TOP is your friend. And GD is your....roommate.", he said weakly afterwards. 

"Ahhh, how about this, let's search for a new apartment later! Or if you want, you can stay with me instead!", Minho suddenly beamed at me. I looked at him apologetically and looked at Bom, asking for her help. 

"Uhmm, the thing is, Dara is already used to GD's apartment and it's kind of hard for her to adjust in a new environment", Bom said, biting her lips as guilt overcame her. Minho smiled bitterly and turned to me.

"By that you mean Dara doesn't want to part with GD, right?", he said. He then folded his arms on top of the table, bent down and rested his head on his arms, his face turned sideways, away from me.

"Yah", I lightly elbowed Minho. I'm not used to seeing him with depleted energy. He didn't budge. I looked at Bom pleadingly, she just shrugged her shoulders. 

"If GD tells you to stay away from me, are you going to do it?", he asked softly.

"Of course not!"

With that, Minho sat up, obviously in a good mood again. <*sigh> This guy, really. He got me worried back there. He then pinched my nose.

"That's my girl!!", he exclaimed, 

"I'm not your girlfriend!", I shot back incredulously.

"I didn't say you were. But if you want to be my girlfriend, I won't say no.", Minho wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and goofily smiled at me. Aigoooo!

"Omo! In behalf of my bestfriend, I'm asking you to be her boyfriend!", Bom said in high-pitched voice. Then they both laughed and high-fived.

"YAH!!", I screamed at both of them, causing the other people including the newly arrived customer to focus their attention at me. 

"Sorry", I apologized and bowed down. As I lifted my head, I met the blazing eyes of the newly arrived customer.

"Jiyong", I whispered. My head bolted to the side and looked at Bom.

"Is this also part of your brilliant plan?", I asked between gritted teeth. Murdering Bom right now is becoming a very tempting idea.

She shook her head.

Then a figure appeared behind Jiyong. Why, if it isn't Seo Yu Hee. How lucky can I get? I diverted my gaze, just seeing them together is enough to make my chest constrict. My breathing became labored as I tried to fix my gaze in one spot. 

Bom was intently observing me the whole time while Minho just glanced at Jiyong and decided that he's an uninteresting subject to look at so he switched back his full attention at me as he tries to feed me a forkful of crepe again.

"Aaahhh", he said as he urges me to open my mouth. I glanced a worried look at Jiyong who are already going to our direction. 

In panic, I just swallowed the crepe that Minho was feeding me. When Jiyong was only a few strides away from our table, Bom abruptly stood up.

"I'll leave you two lovebirds now!", she suddenly declared in a LOUD voice (enough for the entire shop to hear), showing me her tight-lipped smile with puffy cheeks AGAIN! 

OMG!!!!!! How can I seal Bom's lips FOREVER?!! zz-num-20.gif


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