MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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I was stopping myself from slicing TOP hyung in half as we continued arguing why he kissed Dara when I heard a round of applause from the students.

I got disoriented and searched for the reason why they're applauding when my gaze landed on the stage. I was paralyzed. I felt a seething pain on my chest as I witnessed Lee Minho claiming Dara's lips. It's as if the whole world collapsed before me. My mind went blank and my body just moved on its own accord. 

"DARA!!!!!", I yelled but she doesn't seem to hear me. In a flash, I found myself running on the stage, my rage is building up as I neared both of them. That ba$tard! 

"That's enough", I yanked Dara away and firmly held her wrist. I was trembling with anger as I glared at Minho. All I want right now is to beat him into a pulp, rupture his ribs and wipe that smugness off his face! How dare him kiss Dara!

Then I felt someone tugged her away from me. I turned around and saw TOP hyung dragging her down the stage. I was about to protest when I heard the ba$tard talk.

"I think her deserves the right to send her home", said the ba$tard. He then started to walk away but I grabbed his shoulder, he just turned his head and looked at me questioningly.

"I'm sure you recognized me Lee Minho-ssi. Are you not going to ask who I am to Dara's life?", I said, not hiding my irritation and possessiveness of Dara.

"Yes I recognize you GD-ssi. As for your relationship with her, Dara promised to explain the full details to me when she gets the chance. So...see you around", he nonchalantly said and slightly bowed his head before leaving.

I clenched my fist tightly as I stared at his retreating back. Then I turned my gaze towards the spot where Lee Minho and Dara was kissing a while ago. I felt the familiar pain tugging my heart just by recalling what happened.

It was then I realized what I've been trying to avoid the entire time. I don't want to complicate things between us especially because she has become very important to me as my roommate and my bestfriend. I tried to suppress my feelings because I'm afraid to lose her if things don't work out between us. But it seems I really can't deny it anymore. I'm in love with my roommate.

I'm such an idiot.


Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri were lounging in the dressing room waiting for their two hyungs since they still need to film some scenes as a group (and because they wanted to hear the full juicy details of what went on at the Univ Ball). They've been trying to evade Yu Hee who was constantly bugging them on GD's whereabouts.

The moment GD stepped in, the Big Bang members erupted in full chaos. They want to know the details and they want them NOW!

"Did you confess?", Youngbae asked.

"Did TOP hyung confess?", Seungri butted in, earning a death glare from GD.

"Who kissed Dara noona?"

"You didn't butcher TOP hyung, did you?"

GD sighed and threw himself on the couch. The three followed him like puppies waiting to be fed. 

"Oh come on, speak up! You don't know how much we've been through to cover your as$es while both of you were gone!", Youngbae complained. GD shook his head and began telling them what happened in the ball. He was in the middle of telling the details when TOP entered, who sat at the opposite side of the couch where GD is sitting. An awkward silence enveloped the group. 

"I can't believe you kissed her!", GD can't contain his anger anymore and looked at TOP accusingly.

"So? What is it to you? Don't give me the 'she's-my-roommate' bullcrap of yours again.", TOP retorted.

"Oh hell I will! She's my roommate! You shouldn't have crossed her!", GD stood up and faced TOP with clenched fist. TOP did the same and met GD's angry stare.

"It was you who first crossed her, you as$hole! I saw you kissing her at the Awards Ceremony! Then you ran away like a coward leaving Dara behind!", TOP screamed at GD's surprised face.

"You kissed her?", the other Big Bang members chorused and cast a bewildered look at GD.

"I..I was just..It was because of the ambiance.", GD said in a desperate attempt to redeem himself. 

"Reallllyyy now. Yeah blame it to the ambiance.", TOP sarcastically countered. GD is no doubt trying to calm himself but it is quite obvious he wanted to punch TOP straight at the face.

"O-kay! We need to chill. Let's just listen to a music or something", Seungri suggested seeing the mounting tension before them.

"Chill? Play a music? Then what? Dance our troubles away?", GD sarcastically said with bulging eyes at the maknae who cowardly retreated behind Youngbae.

"Jiyong, what is she to you, huh?", TOP asked with a serious face while looking directly at GD. GD diverted his gaze just when their manager entered the dressing room.

"Guys, the director is calling you. Let's get moving so we can wrap things up and go home as soon as we finished", the manager announced. GD managed to dodge the question but TOP kept pestering him until they reached the location of the MV's last scene which is an old house about to be demolished.

GD and TOP are still bantering as they entered the run-down house while the staff are lagging behind because of the heavy equipments.

"You're not answering my question Jiyong. What is she to you?", TOP is losing his patience at the man in front of him.

"Why do you want to know?!", Jiyong's voice rises. The idea of another guy being protective of Dara doesn't rest well with him.

"I told you I like her! And I don't want her to be hurt by you or by anyone! You have to straighten out your feelings because right now, you're being a jerk swaying Dara's emotions!", TOP banged the wall with his fist in frustration and it was too late to realize that he has disrupted a community of cockroaches and other unknown insects inhabiting the hollow wall. A huge number of insects flew from an open hole and completely surrounded the terrified Big Bang members.

They were screaming wildly for their lives as they ran out of the old house followed by a swarm of pissed-off insects. The whole set were in complete panic and disarray as everyone dispersed in all directions trying to avoid being bitten by those freaking pests from hell.

TOP and GD were running in the same direction, screaming their heads off as both of them really REALLY hates insects with passion. They looked at each other's horrified face and began laughing as they stopped to catch their breath.

"Hyung", GD's voice trailed off as he looked down, still panting.


"I love her.", GD admitted and it felt as if a heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders. TOP lightly punched his arm. They were both bent down, resting their hands on their bended knees as they try to normalize their breathing.

"Took you so long to realize it."

"Even if you like Dara, I don't think I can give her up. I'm sorry", GD continued.

"I already stepped aside. Dara is my friend so don't let me catch you hurting her. You better watch out for that Lee Minho guy though"

"Hyung, stop"

"I already said I'll stop chasing Dara, are you not confident that..", TOP clamped his mouth shut as he saw the terrified face of GD.

"What? WHAT?!", he asked in panic. zz-num-20.gif

"No, don't move", GD said in a whisper while inching closer to him with his outstretched arms, his ultimate aim is to flick the cockroach chilling out on TOP's shoulder. But he was too disgusted to even flick the damn thing! 

"Oh man, please get it off. GET IT OFF!", TOP pleaded on the verge of tears. 

"Hyung, I can't", GD said apologetically, ready to abandon their friendship rather than disturb the seemingly sleeping cockroach.

"YES YOU CAN! I BELIEVE IN YOU!", TOP begged in hushed tone, standing frozen on his spot, afraid to make the slightest move. Then his eyes widen as he saw something moving on GD's hair. zz-num-32.gif

He pointed at GD's hair and they simultaneously screamed like little girls, jumping on the same spot while rapidly slapping their bodies.

A few minutes later....

"There they are!", Daesung pointed at the direction of the forest where GD and TOP emerged, both are panting heavily with their arms on each others shoulders.

"Hyung! Are you two alright?", Seungri ran towards them.

"Yeah. We gained nothing but a few random bites", GD said. And a big crack on our manly ego, they both thought and cringed at the memory of them crazily screaming their lungs out to evade a pair of cockroaches.



I can't sleep. I was pacing back and forth the living room as I recalled the events of the night, occassionally ruffling my hair in annoyance whenever I think about my little drama with Jiyong.

Gosh, how can I be so effing pathetic? He's my roommate, how can I fall for him? Why not Tabi? And that Minho..that moron really knows how to kiss, huh. 

I sat on the couch and buried my face on my palms. WAAHHH! This is so confusing. I was still pondering my dilemma when Jiyong suddenly came, I abruptly stood up and welcomed him with a mortified face.

"What's with the constipated look?", he asked and stared at me with scrutinizing eyes. I was wearing shorts and a stylish loose blouse since the genius that was Lee Minho donated all my other clothes to charity.

"Huh? Uhm, you're here.", I said like a moron that I am. Shouldn't I be angry at him? Oh right, I was the one who suggested to just forget what happened a while ago. Dammit, I AM a moron! zz-num-22.gif

"You didn't go out of the apartment wearing that, did you?", he asked while frowning, pointing at my outfit.

"No. Why?", I looked at myself and I think I looked pretty good, Minho actually has good tastes with clothes. 

"It's too short. You look like you're wearing ", he grimly said. I pouted as I inspected myself once again. 

"Wear pants when you go out of the apartment, arasso?", he added. I just nodded my head in response and he headed towards the bedroom. Hmmm, this is weird. I'm expecting him to throw a fit and shout at me until my eardrums bleed because I didn't listen to him back at the Univ Ball and actually kissed...ehermm...Minho. 

Anyway...Is he sleeping here tonight? BOOYAH!! My imaginations ran wild as I pictured him and me in one bed again. I was smiling creepily while eyeing his retreating back but my fantasies were immediately crushed by his next sentence.

"I'll just take a shower then I'll leave. We had some problems back in the studio", he informed me. My face fell as I slid down back to my seat. 

"But it's already 2AM!!", I protested before I was able to stop myself. His head popped out of the bedroom door and smiled at me playfully. The kind of smile that will make any girl's knees wobble with giddiness. 

"Missed me?", Jiyong asked and winked at me. OMIGOSHHH!! I immediately turned my back at him and crossed my arms on my chest to cover up the welling surge of emotions that is evident on my now crimson red face. zz-num-39.gif

"NOOooo", I exaggeratedly said. I heard him laugh. When my heartbeats became normal again, I followed him on the bedroom as he was getting some clothes. I sat at his swivel chair and studied him. He's really not bringing up the Univ Ball incident. This is too suspicious.

"So, you and Lee Minho are reallyyyyy CLOSE.", Jiyong said in a stern voice, his back is facing me as he was stuffing some things in his bag. Here it comes. I think I spoke too soon.

"You and TOP hyung are reallyyyy CLOSE as well", he continued as he faced me, then he crossed his arms while staring furiously at me.

"What? What did I do now?", I asked innocently.

"I told you not to go to that ball but you had to be stubborn and still go through with it.", he said reprimandingly.

"But Jiyong, I can only experience the Univ Ball once. And have you forgotten that I invited you and you declined.", I calmly said. I'm emotionally exhausted from analyzing his twisted thoughts, I just can't understand him!

"So you threatened me of inviting some random dude when I declined? I was at work, Dara!", Jiyong is clearly pissed off. I am actually fearing for my life as he went near me. He extended his right hand, I shut my eyes in fright....then my eyes snapped open as I felt him caressing my face. I was taken aback especially when I saw the pained expression in his eyes.

"It's not that I don't want you to attend the Univ Ball. I just don't want you to go through that stupid bet. I don't want you to be humiliated in front of your classmates because that's what they were aiming for. Then you kissed that Lee Minho even when I was practically begging you to go home. I'm really disappointed Dara", he said softly. This is my first time seeing this side of him. I would gladly accept if he yells at me when he's annoyed, then we'll engage in a chaotic fight, then after a while, we'll act like nothing happened. But this...I can't handle this kind of Jiyong. 

I stood on top of the swivel chair and lunged at him. He was surprised but Jiyong was able to catch me. I then wrapped my legs around his waist and entwined my arms on his neck for support.

"I'M SORRY!!! I didn't mean to disobey you, I know that's the one and only rule of our Roommate Agreement. But I really wanted to attend the Univ Ball", I wailed as I cling to him.

Jiyong tilted his head and met my eyes. Then his gaze landed on my lips. I got really conscious so I buried my face on the crook of his neck. I heard him chuckle. 

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry, too. I got really worked up when you said you're going to the Univ Ball since I know you'll end up kissing the guy who'll take you there", I felt Jiyong stiffened with his last sentence. 

"Yah Dara-ahjumma! Don't be too touchy with that Lee Minho, arasso?! You are going to catch STD by just sitting in his car!", he suddenly yelled. And Kwonzilla is officially back!

He continued yammering about what happened on the Univ Ball, how he asked their President to call Tabi (I'm sorry Tabi for getting you in trouble), how big of an as$ Minho is for rubbing in his face that we're close, how all the guys are gawking at me (really? Jiyong didn't realize I was gawking at him the whole time hehe), yada yada yada. I was still clinging to him as he continued reprimanding me.

I don't know what got into me, my face is still buried at the crook of his neck and when I inhaled deeply, I felt a sudden urge to kiss it. So I puckered my lips and planted a soft kiss on his neck. He frozed. He stopped talking. And my mind screamed - Uh-oh!

I slid down, gave him an I-didn't-do-anything smile and...ran away!!! GOSH!

"Not so fast..", Jiyong caught me by the waist and pulled me close to him, my back resting on his chest. Oh no!~ ~

"What did you do, Dara-ahjumma?", he whispered on my ear while resting his chin on my shoulder, his arms still entwined on my waist. My mind is in SOS mode chiming MUST-THINK-OF-A-LIE-FAST!!! I can't possibly tell him the crook of his neck smelled so good that I just have to kiss it, coz' that would sound totally ed (AND TRUE!!) zz-num-36.gif

It's a good thing that he cannot see my face because I'm pretty sure I looked like a criminal guilty as charged, no questions asked!

"Uhm...", I searched my freaking useless brain for something, I'm sure I have an artillery of LIES tucked somewhere in the recesses of my mind! Come on brain! Give me something!

I swallowed hard. I can sense that he's wearing that evil grin again.

"I wanted to try what Minho always does to me 'coz he seems to be enjoying it, so...", I didn't even get to finish my LIE because Jiyong spun me around in a blink of an eye, I was now facing him. I can literally see smokes coming from his nose and ears. And i thought I saw red laser beams emanating from his eyes. OMO!

"H-he what? What..he..that ba$tard...DARA-AHJUMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I winced as he screamed like there's no tomorrow. I suddenly feared for Minho's life.

"I'm kidding!! You just smelled so good, that's why ha ha ha", I retracted what I said in an instant while silently praying that he won't barge in at Minho's apartment and murder him with his bare hands. Aigoo, I can't understand why he overreact sometimes. I know he's my roommate and I'm already used to him being protective but seriously, he tends to overdo it most of the time. If I didn't experience what I've gone through with Lee Jongwan, I would've already thought he's jealous. Ha ha, yeah right.

Jiyong seemed to have calmed down when he found out I was kidding-slash-lying.

"You're unbelievable. Don't you dare tell that kind of joke again.", he flicked my forehead and went to take a shower. I sneakily searched for his phone and changed his phone's wallpaper to my selca picture kekekekeke.

Then I went to the kitchen and prepared some sandwiches for him and for the other staffs who'll be working with him. I also prepared other foods and as I was finishing up, I heard the bathroom door opened. Jiyong must be finished showering.

I went to the bedroom and saw Jiyong's bare back. He was already wearing jeans but he hasn't put on his shirt yet. His towel is draped over his head as he was fiddling with his phone. I sat on the bed and leaned my back on the headrest as I continued to gawk on his body. He then turned sideways so I can now see his chest <*sigh> Shall I continue? My gaze sinfully followed a trickle of water from his hair that went down his chest, then to his abs, and heaven knows where. 

My eyes are now UNconsciously (yeah, yeah SUBconsciously. there, happy now?) fixated on the front of his jeans. I tilted my head in wonder as I stared at it and sighed as I felt my throat getting dry. My gaze is still fixed on that particular section of his anatomy eventhough he was now slowly moving towards me. Wait..moving towards me?

"What are you staring at, ahjumma?", his teasing voice slashed through my ed mind. I slooowwwwly lifted my gaze and was surprised to see his face near mine. He was leaning forward, his hands are on top of the headrest, trapping me with his two arms. My heartbeat immediately doubled up its pace. Oh gosh!

"Nothing", I answered innocently, gave him a lopsided smile and tried to make my escape but he trapped me again with his arms! OMMA!!!!!

He lowered his head and I shut my eyes firmly as I swallowed hard. But the kiss that I was anticipating never came. His lips is hovering a centimer away from mine and I can feel his hot breath on my mouth as he spoke.

"What do you want me to do, Dara?", OH GAAAWWDDDD, I can't believe he's asking that question! 

"Are you waiting for me to kiss you?", he teasingly said, his lips brushing on my lips as he speak. His breath the soul out of me. I did tell you that he just went out of the shower right?!! His scent is already enough to drive me crazy, and now this? KILL ME NOW PLEASEEEE!!

"Answer me, Dara", he said huskily. I couldn't control myself anymore so I crashed my lips on him and wrapped my arms behind his neck as I ran my fingers through his hair. I felt him smile before he claimed my lips, darting his tongue, requesting access to my mouth. I parted my lips and I felt his tongue probing as I moaned in satisfaction. I tilted my head and his kiss deepened. It was gentle at first, but became impatient and demanding as my hands slipped down and caressed his chest. I was and nipping his lower lip when I felt myself being lifted. The next thing I knew, he was sitting on the bed while I was straddling his lap.

I arched my back when Jiyong my upper lip and slowly ran the tip of his tongue along the inside of my lips. Then his tongue touched mine and our liplocking ensues. I gasped as his tongue wandered inside my mouth, lightly , , touching the roof of my mouth while he slid his hand under my blouse. He gently caressed my back and my waist then he ran his left hand along my arm. I'm on the verge of insanity when a ringing phone pulled us back to our senses. We abruptly stopped, both breathing heavily while staring at each other's eyes.

Then my logical mind kicked in...OH MY GOSSHHH, I KISSED KWON JIYONG AGAIN!!!!

I looked at where I was sitting with bulging eyes and jumped out of his lap in record time! I was hyperventilating while pointing at him accusingly!

"You..<*hyperventilate><*hyperventilate>", clearly, I wouldn't be able to form one sentence considering that I could barely talk.

"What? You were the one who kissed me. I was just asking if you wanted me to kiss you.", he said teasingly while pushing his hands on the bed, with his legs spread apart. My jaw dropped to the floor, why is this happening to me????!!

He stood up and put on his shirt. He then grabbed his phone and answered it. I was in the state of shock the entire time, I didn't even realize his call has ended and he's now evilly smiling at me. GRRRRRR, how I want to wipe that stupid smile off his face!!

"Dara, why did you kiss me?", he asked with puppy eyes. 

WHATTTT???!!! The nerve!! 

"YAH! Have you forgotten what you did at the Awards Ceremony?!", I answered, fuming with anger. 

"Have you forgotten what you did last night when you were drunk? And what you did a while ago when you were NOTdrunk?", he smiled and tilted his head in amusement. I did a sharp intake of breath as I fixed my gaze on the floor, silently praying that it will open up and swallow me to end my misery. My head is about to explode from the sudden rush of blood as my heartbeat doubled its pace. I think I'm going to faint from embarrassment! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THOSE THINGS!!

Jiyong strided towards me and I backed away in fright. He stood in front of me and touched my chin.

"And please don't stare too much at Jiyong Junior next time", he said while grinning.

"Jiyong Junior?", I asked innocently. Who the hell is Jiyong Junior?

He chuckled, then he looked down at his <*cough> and looked back at me. It dawned on me who (or what) Jiyong Junior is and I was STUPEFIED!!! I screamed due to extreme humiliation, threw myself on the bed and covered myself with a blanket. Hu hu hu, I want to die right NOW!!!

I heard him laugh and I felt the bed bounce a little as he sat near me. He then tugged the blanket revealing the tomato-red me. I pulled the blanket up to cover myself but he tugged it down and pinned both my hands to stop me from doing it again. He was hovering above me, wearing a playful smirk.

"Ahjumma, I'll be busy the following days. There's a problem back at the studio. We might be pulling some all-nighters so I might not be here often. Always have your phone with you, lock the door, wear pants when you leave, don't be too close with that ba$tard Minho. Behave yourself, alright?", he said. Unable to meet his eyes, I just diverted my gaze to the nearby lamp. 

"Dara, look at me."

I looked at him and I can feel my cheeks getting hot again. Aigooo, I need psychiatric help!

"Behave yourself, arasso?". Behave myself? I just nodded half-heartedly without fully knowing what he meant.

He smiled, leaned forward and pecked me on the lips. OMO!! 

I was still paralyzed when Jiyong started to leave. 'That's it?', I thought after a while. So we act like normal roommates again? Damn, this whole situation is giving me one hell of a headache!

I heard him opening the main door when I remembered the food I prepared for him.

"Jiyong!", I yelled his name while running to the kitchen. He was already outside holding the open door, looking curiously at me. I stuffed the containers in a small paper bag and strided towards him. He was smiling at me with a very gentle expression, I felt the familiar loud thumping in my chest again. 

"Here. Food.", I said while stretching my arms, the paper bag dangling at the tip of my fingers. I kept a FARRRRR distance between the two of us because it's really awkward the way he looks at me (that and because I might attack his lips again which by the way, looks so inviting right now).

He laughed heartily, strided towards me, grabbed the bag and poked my forehead.

"Behave yourself while I'm away, ahjumma", he softly said while looking intently at me. 

"Arasso, ahjussi", I whispered while pouting. After that hot kiss, he's still treating me like a kid ahjumma? Damn it! If he only knew...

I sighed heavily as he started to leave. I watched his back until he turned at the corner. 

When will you take me seriously, Jiyong? You just love to tease me but then what? I guess I really don't stand a chance. 



<*click click>

A shadow hid behind the wall and studied the pictures he/she took. A smile crept on his/her lips, satisfied with the shots. 


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