MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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I woke up this morning in my own puddle of puke in someone else's apartment. This day can't get any worse, can it? Coz I swear, my heart can't handle any more surprises.

It turns out I got myself in the wrong building. My building number is 21, Apartment 401. I entered building number 22 (which is beside our apartment building), Apartment 401. Well at least I got the correct Apartment Number, not that it makes any difference. 

Fortunately, I was able to get out of that nuthouse. I mean, come on, the owner of that apartment had pictures of him all over the walls! How narcissistic! <*cringe cringe>

I quickly ran back to my apartment, took a shower and grabbed my things. I still need to go to school. And oh yeah, Bom! Gahd!!  I need to prepare myself coz I'm pretty sure she's hella pissed off right now. 

I can vividly remember what happened last night. I made a scene at the bar - cussing nonstop at the manager because I wanted to take the bar stool as a 'souvenir' but he won't let me. What the hell, why did I want a BAR STOOL as a souvenir? 

In my blurring vision, I saw Bom pleading for forgiveness as the bouncers dragged us out while I was puking, making a trail of vomit on our way. Bom's charms didn't work, we were thrown off the bar in record time! Adding to her embarrassment, I puked all over her as well. Plus I kicked her out of the cab as she was about to take me home. And by 'kicked her out', I meant I literally KICKED her.

Crap, I'll be lucky if I can get back home today with just a few broken ribs because she is going to butcher me!! 

Everything up to this point has been completely screwed up. I blame it all to that stupid bet! 


Dara looked at the mirror one last time. Yup, she looks horrible alright. With the bruises, bumps and scratches on her face. Oh hell.

Dara went to school while avoiding the possible places where she might see Bom. She's been lucky so far. Bom's major is Music so she's in the next building but one can't be too sure.

As soon as she reached the safety of her classroom, Dara breathed a sigh of relief. She was enjoying her moment of peace and silence until her classmates started popping out like mushrooms around her. For sure by now they know that she already have an idea of what she's gotten herself into. And they know that Dara already realized that Kwon Jiyong is THE KWON JIYONG - a celebrity. 

Dara braced herself. She prepared her verbal ammunitions because she's absolutely positive this is going to be one heck of a bloody psych war.

You jerks are lucky I don't have super powers of any kind because if I do, I'll turn all of you into fungi! RAAAwwwrrrRR!!! 

"So....Dara-ahjumma. What happened to your face? Did you punch yourself last night when you realized who Kwon Jiyong is? Are you backing out from our bet?" Her classmate snickered.

"Duh, no. Are you?! And since when did you get concerned with whatever's in my face?!"

"Wow, I didn't know you have such a temper! Well, we better start preparing the sign 'I'm a ' that you'll be wearing around the campus then. Coz there is no way you're gonna win. Hahahaha!"

Is it just her or are her classmates starting to look like rejects from hell as time passes by? Coz they sure are acting the 'devil' part very very well.

"Oh don't bother, just prepare your votes for the Queen of the Night coz I am SURELY going to win", Dara said with conviction.

She bit her bottom lip and inconspicuously looked up. 'I just need a wee-bit MIRACLE, heaven help me. WaahhhhHH!!' She thought.

"You seem pretty confident!" Another classmate interjected. "Why don't we change the bet then and make it more difficult? If you lose, instead of walking around the campus with a sign hanged on your neck, you're going to kiss a guy in front of everyone during the University Ball. And it shouldn't be just an ordinary peck on the cheek or lips. It should be a passionate kiss and you'll do this on the stage."

Dara was taken aback. What the..?! The punishment is already difficult as it is and now they're changing the bet? But Dara, being the stubborn girl as she is despite of her pitiful appearance, agreed to the bet AGAIN! Sweet heavens! Somebody should seriously punch her back to her senses. 

"Fine. But I'm going to increase my reward. If I win, you will all vote me as Queen of the Night AND all of you will shoulder my tuition fee for this year", Dara demanded.

The whole class voiced their agreement! Everyone was very enthusiastic.

"You think you can pull this off? Stop with the pretense and just admit your defeat Dara-ahjumma!" Her classmates chuckled simultaneously.

"Yah! I still have a month! I assure all of you I AM GOING TO BRING KWON JIYONG TO THE UNIVERSITY BALL!"

Dara's forceful voice brought the house down as the whole class cheered. She's just not sure if they're cheering for her guaranteed failure.

She is screwed up. BIG TIME.



I was walking towards my next subject but my mind is wandering elsewhere. 

Currently my To Do List consist of:

1. Avoid running into Bom because she's going to break my bone

2. Hunt Kwon Jiyong and convince him that his purpose in life is to be my date in the University Ball

I was pondering on how to make the impossible possible when I noticed the eerie silence in the corridors. This is so weird.... It's as if someone placed all the people in 'mute' mode. Then, a WEIRDER thing happened. All the people are staring at me! I, Sandara Park, who has not attracted anyone's attention in my whole stay here in this university is now an attention-magnet. This CANNOT be good.

I looked around. They are certainly looking at me! But why? Little did I know that I will soon find out the reason behind all these.

As I was passing by the student bulletin board (corkboards placed on every floor where they pin the announcements), I saw my name on it. I slowly make my way there and what I saw shocked the living bejeezus out of me! OH MY GOSHHHH!!!!!!! Those b!tches posted the details of the bet all over the university??!!! AWesome. Plain awesome. 

No wonder people are staring. Who wouldn't get curious as to who this idiotic girl is who claims to bring Kwon Jiyong as her date in the Univ Ball?

*raises hand. Me. It was me. Moronic girl = ME.

Gyahh!! What has I gotten myself into?!!

I shut my eyes and bang my head on the student bulletin board. I bang my head once more. I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish as I repeated this action a few times. 

I opened my eyes and looked at the board again, hoping that the poster has magically disappeared into thin air. It's still there!!! 

Now I am really really nervous. Scratch that, I'm freaking out! FREAKING OUT, people!  GahhhddDD!!!!!! Why didn't I just back out?!! I need my Omma! Bring my OMMA WWWwAAAahhhHHHH!!!

I walked towards my assigned room with slumped shoulder and heavy heart. I am practically dragging my carcass to my next subject. People are now looking forward to my university-wide humiliation. Gee. Glad to be of service.

As I sat in the room, I just stared blankly at my professor. These series of events are proving to be an ultimate disaster. I was busy drafting my battle plan on how to win the bet when suddenly, I felt a murderous gaze directed towards me. I slowly looked at the door and there she was! 

I am most definitely in DEEP.SH!T


The room must've felt Bom's murderous aura coz the lights actually flickered in fear. As soon as she saw Dara, Bom was beside her in a flash. She must've teleported her way to Dara's side coz the next thing Dara knew, her left ear is being yanked by Bom while dragging her out of the room onto her would-be graveyard. The professor wasn't able to react either. Who would dare cross Bom now when she looks like the direct descendant of The Terminator?

As soon as they reached the school backyard, Bom hit Dara's head with the crumpled magazine that she was holding. Bom hit her with such explosive force Dara thought she would spend the afternoon picking up some pieces of her skull on the ground.


"OUUUcchhHH!!! BOMMIE!!!!" Dara was nursing her head as she looked at Bom with pitiful eyes.

"Don't you act cute on me, PARK SANDARA! Do you know what you did last night?!! And have you seen the posters all over the school??? They changed the bet and you AGREED?? You stupid piece, I so wanna kill you right now!"



The pages of the magazine made a mark on Dara's arms as Bom continually hit her. Then, Bom remembered something. Thank goodness for that because Dara is slowly becoming a vegetable full of bruises.

"Now, about Kwon Jiyong. How are you going to invite him to the ball??"

"It's the last thing on my mind right now, I still have to mend my bruises thanks to you!" Dara whined.



"Serves you right!!" Bom yelled. "I was a walking mess last night with your vomit all over my dress!"

"Fine, fine! I'm sorry, now will you please stop with the killer attacks! Aigoo, I don't even know how this Kwon Jiyong looks like! How am I going to invite him to the ball."

"Dara, you really have got to start living in the 21st century. Good thing I brought this magazine with me."

"Oh, does that magazine have any other purpose besides beating me to death with it?"

Dara retreated as she saw Bom's eyes turn into slits once again. Fortunately, Bom just directed her attention to finding the correct page to show her whatever it is that she's going to show her.

As soon as Bom spread the magazine, she knew it is going to be BAD NEWS!




She was wrong. It was VERY bad news.

The dreadful feeling hit Dara once again. Imagine your worst possible nightmare. Now combine that nightmare with ALL your other nightmares. That is how Dara is feeling right now. She's trapped in this gigantic dreamland with nothing but nightmares.

The half- guy - slash - serial killer - slash - owner of the apartment on the other building where she left nothing but pure mess is KWON JIYONG?!





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