MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Jiyong!, I was palpitating as I searched for him. I can't be wrong. It was him. He was wearing a mask similar to what TOP was wearing.

I clutched my heart as I twirl around on one spot, hoping that I'll be able to find him again amidst all the students. My heart is beating painfully as disappointment started to creep in my system. I was standing in the middle of the dance floor alone, looking like an idiot.

"Jiyong, you jerk", I muttered under my breath as I fixed my gaze on the floor, fighting back the tears that are threatening to flow. 

"Dara-ahjumma", it was a very soft voice but I clearly heard it. I slowly lifted my gaze and met his eyes. He was several feet in front of me, wearing a mask and a suit over a v-neck shirt with both his hands shoved inside his pockets. Standing there and looking at me with his signature smirk. My tears flowed freely as I stared back at him.

Writer's Note: Just to clarify, Jiyong didn't see TOP and Dara kissed hahahahaha =))




"Yeoboseyo", my eyes grew wide as I recognized the voice on the other line. My mind went [email protected]#$%[email protected]*&^[email protected]#$%^&*&^%$##@!!!! <*insert obscenities here> zz-num-31.gif

I looked at the phone and made sure I dialed the right number - Dara-ahjumma's number. Holy sh!t!!!

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THERE????!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE FILMING AN MV!!", I yelled like there's no tomorrow causing the people around me to jump in surprise.

"I'll be back. I'll just accompany Dara for a bit", TOP hyung said nonchalantly. Oh my goodness, I so wanna murder him!!! 

"Get your a$s back here right this instant", I said between gritted teeth in my most authoritative tone.

"Get your a$s back here right this instant", he mimicked using a little girl's voice. I AM GOING TO PUNCH THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIM!!!!!!! My grip on the phone tightened as I try to calm my nerves. Breathe in. Breathe out. That's it GD, be calm..Be calm ~ ~



"Yeoboseyo?!", I screamed on the phone. He did NOT just hang up on me! Oh man, he is sooooo dead!

I dialed Hyun Suk Hyung's number and told him that TOP hyung went missing. I might have exaggerated a bit and told him that the MV director is very disappointed since the filming faced a roadblock because of TOP hyung. Hmph! Serves him right! Hyun Suk Hyung is going to fry his as$!

I looked at the rest of the Big Bang members accusingly. They all diverted their gaze, busying themselves staring at the ceiling. 

"You let him get away, didn't you?", I strided towards the retarded bunch. Nobody dared to answer. I grabbed Seungri's neck and tightened my grip.

"OOUCCHH! Hyung! Alright, he begged us to help him so we did. Honestly, we would've done the same thing if you asked for our help", he said while wincing in pain. 

"Ask for your help? For what? To sneak out so I can accompany Dara-ahjumma? Are you out of your mind? That's so childish!", I said incredulously.

"Childish, yes. But it seems this is an important night for Dara. She wouldn't be bugging you otherwise", Youngbae shook his head.

"This is not about the bet Jiyong Hyung. It seems Dara noona just wants you to accompany her. Not as GD of Big Bang. But as Kwon Jiyong, her roommate.", Daesung said and showed me his phone. 

I frowned in confusion as I took his cellphone. Dara-ahjumma sent Daesung a text message this afternoon. It turns out Daesung asked her about the Univ Ball and if she was able to convince me to go with her:

Daesung-ah! Don't worry about noona. I'm Dara-ahjumma, remember? Kekekekeke. No, Jiyong won't go with me to the ball. I wish he would even if he doesn't reveal himself as G-Dragon. The University Ball happens only once and for the graduating students only so the students usually invite people who are important to them. It would be great to have this memory with Jiyong. But he'll butcher me if I insist since his work is more important. But I understand, no worries. Ppyong!

I can already feel my insides doing a backflip because of guilt.

"You've already shot all your MV scenes so why don't you go ahead and follow Dara to the ball even for just a bit. We'll just cover for you and tell the director you just need to attend to something important. Grant Dara's wish to be with you for this night.", Youngbae gave me a slight push as he looks at me knowingly.

"Why should I grant her wish. Do I look like a leprechaun?!", I stubbornly said. zz-num-08.gif

"Right, you really don't have to. TOP hyung is already there. I'm betting he's going to kiss Dara noona. You know how he is, his lips is free for everyone! Even for us, ugh!!", Seungri made some gagging sounds as he remembered his kissing scene with TOP hyung on one of the parodies we made.

"I WILL FCKING RIP HIS LIPS OFF IF HE KISS DARA-AHJUMMA!!", it was too late to realize that I was screaming my lungs out. Everyone was looking at me with exasperated expression.

"Here's the dictionary. Grow up and learn some new words. Like say....Jealousy", Youngbae said while laying down the dictionary in front of me.

"And while you're at it, you might wanna check out the word Self-denial", Seungri chimed in and immediately ran away for his life.



I pulled my hair in frustration as I stared at the floor. I then looked at the mirror. I seriously wanna pounce my reflection.

Is TOP hyung really planning on kissing Dara?. My chest constricted like air has been knocked out of me from the thought.

Before I knew it, I ran to the dressing room to get a mask and grabbed my car keys. This night has the most potential to become an absolute catastrophe. 

But it doesn't matter. Because I'm an idiot. 




Jiyong stifled his laugh by biting his lips. Oh gosh, please don't do that <*diessss> zz-num-39.gif

He strided towards me and wiped my tears. I smiled at him in return. He then bent forward.

"May I have this dance?", he asked at my surprised, drooling, frozen, stunned face.

"Yes.", I said in a mechanical voice. Good grief, I sounded like a talking android! 

My original plan was to just place my hands on his shoulders but I ended up wrapping my arms at the back of his neck as I rested my face on his chest. The smell of his favorite perfume coupled by his natural manly scent made me lose my mind. I snuggled at his warmth, feeling contented for having him with me on this night.

We were moving slowly to the music. Gawd! Dancing with him in close physical proximity is a cardio activity in itself, I'm already tired from my crazy heartbeat. I inhaled deeply again on his chest. I miss sniffing him! I wish he'll sleep at our apartment tonight.

"I think you've inhaled the soul out of me", he teasingly said as he tilted his head to look at me. I lifted my gaze and met his eyes, then I realized I couldn't look directly at him without all my blood rushing to my face! I can already feel the heat on my cheeks, he is sooooo HOT <*sighhhh>

I pouted my lips to cover up my embarrassment. He then frowned at me.

"Yah, do you also pout when you're with that Lee Minho or with TOP hyung? Don't you dare make that kind of expression in front of other guys...", his last words came out as a whisper. I shifted my legs uncomfortably.

"You look beautiful", he said without breaking his stare at me. I did a sharp intake of breath, I think I swallowed my tongue!

"It's getting awkward, please say something", I heard him say while biting his lips in embarrassment. I wanted to say something, ANYTHING! But I can't resist staring at his lips, and all I can do is sigh. There's only a small gap between our faces, and it's not helping that his hot breath is fanning my cheeks whenever he speaks. And it's not helping either that I'm so drawn to his lips right now.

My hands resting behind his neck are already itching to tug him towards me, but I fought the urge to do it. A smirk formed on his lips and that's when I lifted my gaze and met his eyes once again. His stare is sending shivers all over my body.

My left hand loosened as I looked at those dark eyes but Jiyong caught it with his right hand. He brought my hand near his face and pressed his lips softly on my wrist. He then kissed the side of my opened palm, without even breaking his stare at me. My mouth gaped WIDE open. His dark eyes, his lips pressing on my skin......<*faintsss ~ ~> At that instant, I'm absolutely positive there's a big possiblity of me dying from heart attack any minute. I was already breathing heavily!

My heart is about to explode as I pressed my tomato-red face on his chest. I tugged his suit and covered my head with it while my face is still buried on his chest. He chuckled as he tried to free his suit from my grasp and reveal my face hidden inside his suit. I know I looked like an ostrich trying to bury her head on the ground. Yeah, I look weird but damn it, I can't look at him!!!!! If I do, I'll just ravish his mouth and do things that will make my omma cry!! Kyahhh!! He's waking the inner- in me!!!

When he managed to tug his suit, he cupped my face and made me look at him, I freaking shut my eyes tightly!!

"Dara, are you alright?", he asked. I can sense amusement by the tone of his voice. I peeked with one eye, immediately shut it, groaned and chose to rest my chin on his shoulder instead. At least that way, I won't be looking at him.

He softly laughed as he did the same. He leaned forward, rubbing his cheek on mine and rested his chin on my left shoulder. 

"So....where were we?", he whispered on my ear, sending a wave of tingling sensation again in my entire being as he moved his face further so our cheeks are now touching each other. Where were we? I don't know about him, but his presence already catapulted me to...

"Heaven", I thought out loud. OH NOOOO!!!! My big mouth has a freaking life of its own! He pulled out and looked at my dreamy face. 

"Heaven??", he said with arched eyebrows. 

"Crap", I exclaimed as I diverted my gaze, and decided to look at the ceiling instead.

"Dara, look at me", Jiyong held my chin and made me face him. I'm already suffering from chronic fatigue because of this. Jiyong is bad for my health!

I stared at him, vividly aware of the short distance between our faces. It's a miracle that I'm still standing because my knees are trembling right now.

"Dara...", his voice trailed off as he looked down, then his forehead creased. He then pulled away and stared at me accusingly.

"What are those?!", he asked incredulously, pointing at my right shoulder. I looked at it and saw the bite marks that Minho left.

"Huh? Oh dammit, I told Minho to stop biting me, look what...", my sentence hang in midair as I sensed a murderous aura coming from Jiyong. Uh-oh. zz-num-20.gif

"It's not what you think!", I exclaimed defensively. Wait, why do I have to defend myself in the first place? And why am I even dancing with this jerk again? He still hasn't given me a satisfactory reason why he kissed me last night at the Awards Ceremony!

"He's flirting with you and you don't even care!", he hissed between gritted teeth.

"Says the man who kissed me and ran away!", I retorted. We both took one step backward, we were now facing each other in the middle of the dance floor, our fists curled in a tight ball trying to put the blame on each other. zz-num-08.gif

"Are we going to talk about that again?", he sighed as he diverted his gaze.

"We haven't talked about it AT ALL! You even denied it!", I'm really trying to control myself from slapping him.

"Okay, I admit, the kiss did happen. Do I even have to tell you that? Wasn't it quite obvious?", he answered and shut his eyes firmly for a few seconds and exhaled heavily.

"Why did you deny it?"

"'s awkward.."

"Why did you kiss me Jiyong?", I asked, my stomach started to flutter in nervousness as I anticipate his answer.

"I don't know too, Dara. I'm so confused. Please, stop asking that question", he pleaded. I can already visualize my heart crumbling into a thousand little pieces. It was then I realized why it really matters to me what his answer to my question is. It was then I realized why I was dying to know why he kissed me. I'm in love with my roommate. The sudden realization made it even more painful. Because I was really hoping that the reason behind the kiss is because I'm special to him. 

The incident became more of a bother to him while for me, it was a treasured memory. I bit my lips so hard to stop my tears.

"Well then, let's just forget what happened!", I announced merrily as I clapped my hands and clasped them. I just hope my eyes won't betray me.

"Dara..", he called my name and took one step towards me but I took a step backward as I raised my palm on his face, then lifted my pointing finger while I clutch my chest - asking for just a minute as I need time to breathe and calm myself.

A moment of silence passed between us. I swallowed hard, searching my brain for something to say. At that instant, the clock at the hall chimed, signifying it's already 12 midnight. On cue, the booming voice of my b!tch classmates filled the hall. All attention riveted on the stage.

"Ladies and gentleman, as you all know, Sandara Park of the Theater Arts Department entered a bet that she will be able to bring G-Dragon of Big Bang to the Univ Ball. Since she failed to do it, she has to do a torrid kiss on the stage with a guy. We are now calling Sandara Park to do the Punishment Kiss", my classmate announced.

My jaw dropped to the floor. Crap! I forgot all about it! I should've escaped when I had the chance. What now?! I stared back at Jiyong who is strangely staring past at me with disbelief. I realized he's looking at someone behind me.

"Nuclear Fart", I whirled around and saw Tabi standing behind me.

"Hey DaRabbit!", I looked to my right and saw Minho (who is wearing the same mask as Tabi and Jiyong) running towards me. He then stood there catching his breath while looking curiously at Tabi and Jiyong.

"DARA-AHJUMMAAA!!!!!", Jiyong hissed.

OH.MY.GOODNESS. zz-num-32.gif


Murmurs filled the hall as all the students' attention were fixed at the four figures in the middle of the dance floor.

Three men wearing the same mask, looking formidable in their suits, are now surrounding Dara whose mind is about to explode from confusion. TOP, GD and Minho were gauging each other. The staring battle began.

"I'll take you home. Come on.", GD grabbed her by the wrist but Dara held his hand and gently removed his grasp.

"I gave them my word and I lost the bet. Since I'm already here, I might as well do it.", Dara faced Minho who is standing there with creased forehead and with his arms folded on his chest. Two hands stopped her from taking another step towards Minho. GD holding her right arm, TOP holding her left arm.

"Dara, please let's go.", Jiyong pleaded but was met by Dara's blank stare.

"It's just a kiss Jiyong, I'll just pretend it never happened afterwards", Dara whispered.

"Fine, you want to win the bet?", Jiyong was about to remove his mask but Dara stopped him.

"Jiyong, I don't want to put you on another predicament anymore.", she said.

"I'm your for tonight, aren't I? I'll do it instead", TOP pulled Dara to him but Jiyong won't let go of her right arm.

"Tabi, I don't want to drag you in this mess.", Dara looked apologetically at TOP and wiggled free from his grasp.

"But I insist! I already kissed you a while ago, didn't I?", TOP blurted out in frustration.

"You did WHAT?!!", Jiyong growled as he lets go of Dara's arm.

Chaos erupted between GD and TOP. Meanwhile Minho strided coolly towards Dara and dragged her towards the stage. The two morons are too engrossed with their fight that they failed to notice the missing Dara.

Dara and Minho stood at the center of the stage. Minho grabbed Dara's shoulders and urged her to face him. He looked directly at Dara and smiled at her. 

"Yah DaRabbit, you have a lot of explaining to do after this", he whispered as he leveled his gaze with her eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I'll explain...", Minho cupped her face and planted a kiss on her lips, shutting her up. He pulled back a little, their faces are just an inch apart, and looked directly at Dara's stunned eyes. He leaned down again and covered with his. Minho s his left arm on Dara's waist and pulled her closer, causing Dara to gasp in surprise. He was able to push his tongue inside her half-opened mouth. Dara wasn't even able to react because of shock. She felt him moving his lips, his tongue wandering inside . He nipped her lower lip earning another gasp from her. her lips, he deepened the kiss but they were suddenly cut off when someone yanked Dara away from him.

"That's enough", Jiyong's dark glare was directed towards Minho as he firmly held Dara's wrist. Dara winced in pain but decided to shut up since she was too scared. She has never seen Jiyong this angry. TOP materialized behind Dara and pulled her away from GD.

"Dara, I'll take you home", TOP said and dragged her down the stage, amidst the thundering applause from the audience who obviously enjoyed witnessing the Punishment Kiss.

GD was about to protest but Minho stopped him.

"I think her deserves the right to send her home", Minho nonchalantly said, oblivious to the fact that GD is on the verge of inflicting unimaginable pain to him right about now.



I was still in a daze.



I was still in a daze.



I was still.. wait, I think I've said that one before. 

"We're here", TOP said. I just stared at him blankly. We're here, where?

TOP snapped his fingers in front of my face and that brought my wandering mind back to earth. Oh, okay. I glanced at our apartment building and an empty feeling enveloped me.

"Are you still shooting the MV? Is Jiyong going back tonight?", I heard myself ask and immediately covered my mouth as I saw TOP's pained expression.

"Here's your phone", he said as he returned my phone. I reached for it and thanked him. We were sitting inside his car in an awkward silence. 

"Dara, you like Jiyong, don't you?", he suddenly blurted. I chose not to answer and focused my gaze at my hands resting on my lap.

"Yes you do. I saw your reaction when Jiyong kissed you at the Awards Ceremony. I saw how contented you were when you were dancing with Jiyong a while ago. That lucky ba$tard.", his fists are now curled in a tight ball as he bit his lips in frustration.

"I like you Dara", TOP held my hands as I stared at him in bewilderment. Seeing the goofball Eyeshadow Man in this state pierces my heart.

"Tabi...", I don't know what to say in this kind of situation so I just uttered his name.

"I like you that's why I'm willing to step aside if Jiyong will reciprocate your feelings. But please, don't avoid me. I promise you my feelings won't be a burden to our friendship", he pleaded. 

I just nodded and squeezed his hands, unable to say anything that will comfort him. He bitterly smiled at me as he wiped the tears that fell from my eyes.

"Yah, Nuclear Fart. I should be the one crying, not you.", he teased.

"I'm really pathetic. First, I fell in love with a guy who turns out to be in love with my bestfriend. Then I fell in love with my roommate.", I complained while staring at nothing in particular.

"Yeah, you really are pathetic. You have a very hot guy beside you, sought-after by half of the Korean female population but you never took notice of him. Really pathetic.", he arched his brows while staring at me.

"Conceited.", I retorted. He chuckled and pinched my nose. He stepped out of the car and circled to my side to open the door. To my surprise, he took my hand again and did not let go as we started walking.

"This is still our night so let me just savor it until I dropped you off by your apartment.", he said while walking slowly, his gaze fixed on the ground. My heart was squeezed once again as I saw his jaw clenched.

The silence between us was deafening as we walked until we reached the apartment. He lets go of my hand and faced me.

"Can I hug you?", TOP asked. His eyes mirrored the sadness he was feeling despite his smile. I immediately threw myself in his embrace as I can't bear to look at his eyes anymore. My heart sank as he held onto me, tightening his hug like he's trying to tell me something by his touch. I buried my face on his chest and heard the loud pounding of his heart.

After a while, he gently released me, gave me a smile, flicked my forehead and abruptly turned around to walk away. 

"You're a good guy Tabi. I'm really blessed to have a friend like you", I said softly while he continued walking without even glancing at me. He raised his right hand and shot up his thumb coolly. 


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