MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Dara is all glammed up but has nowhere to go.

She hung up the phone before Jiyong hears her sobs. She clutched her chest. Dara doesn't know why she's crying either when she already knew right from the start that Jiyong is NOT going to accompany her to the ball. 

But Jiyong's firm rejection of her invitation plus the fact that he doesn't care if she's going to invite some random guy hits her really hard. Jiyong is her first kiss, but it seems that she's the only one making a big deal out of it. 

It took her a lot of guts to call him. Incidents of last night are still fresh from her mind and that's what makes it hard for her to even hear his voice. The moment Jiyong picked up, Dara almost swallowed her tongue. She mustered all her courage to invite him but what did she get? Why is it so painful even if she knew beforehand that there's no way Jiyong is going to agree with this craziness?

She wiped her tears and looked at the mirror. She shouldn't be acting like a wimpy damsel in distress, jeeezzz!! That's for stupid cutesy girls! She's not called Dara-ahjumma for nothing. She has the toughness of an ahjumma, yeba!

It's really unfortunate that Minho's agency called for an emergency meeting. He really didn't want to attend the meeting and was already dressed up to accompany her but she insisted that he should go since it's about his work. Minho told her that he will try to finish it as soon as possible and follow her at the University Ball.

She's still lost on her own thoughts when her phone rang. A smile formed on her lips when she looked at who the caller is.

Dara: Eyeshadow Man!!

TOP: I told you I hate that nickname, Nuclear Fart!

Dara: What's up? 

TOP: Just curious, isn't your University Ball tonight? 

Dara: Yeah. <*sigh> I guess I'm going alone, my had an emergency to attend to.

TOP: No, stay where you are. I'm coming to fetch you.

Dara: Don't you have an MV Shoot to finish?

TOP: Yes we do. I sneaked out <*laughs> Wait for me okay? 

She was about to protest but TOP already ended the call. He can't possibly accompany her! Dara then turned and looked at the mask that Minho was supposed to use to hide his face. She shrugged her shoulders and waited for TOP. It wouldn't hurt if she just let him wear that mask and attend the Univ Ball, right? When it's time for 'The Kiss', she'll just ask Bom's help to bail out or something since she doesn't want to drag TOP into her mess.



TOP will surely blow up a lot of female ovaries by just staring at them. He could mesmerize the audience by just standing still.

He snorted and that pulled me back to reality. He's wearing black tuxedo which matches his dark eyes and I must say, he really looks handsome. Okay, I'm at it again. I must really stop staring (and drooling) now. zz-num-36.gif

"You look awesome.", I just wish he didn't notice a hint of fangirling in my voice, 'coz I know he's so going to use it against me.

"I knew you have the hots for me but please be discreet", he rolled his eyes and sighed exaggeratedly. I pretended to walk away but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to sit back at the couch.

"I'm just teasing you. You look really gorgeous yourself", he said and looked intently at me. I riveted my gaze since his stare is somewhat...different today. 

"Errrmm...I saw you on TV last night. Lee Minho, huh?", he broke the silence.

"Oh that.", my lenghty explanation about Minho has started yet again. I wonder how many times I have to repeat this story. I think I have to write this stuff and print it.

A long silence followed. He was still trying to absorb the shocking information I revealed. He seemed to be disturbed about it, but immediately flashed me a smile when he caught me staring at him.

"Shall we go? I'm sure the Ball is already starting", he said afterwards.

"Tabi, I really appreciate this but I'm worried I'll just put you in a compromising position", I said.

"Hey hey hey, I'm going to wear a mask, remember? Don't worry, they might think I'm a weirdo for wearing this thing but that's fine by me", he said chuckling while showing me the mask that resembles the mask of Zorro. He's going to look weird, alright. Weird but he'll definitely still look good.

He offered his hand and I accepted it as we both stood up. I pulled my hand as soon as we got up but he didn't let it go. My forehead creased in confusion. Uhm, what is he doing? zz-num-03.gif

We left the apartment and started to walk, hand in hand!!! I looked at our entangled hands with awe, I mean this is my first time experiencing this! So this is how it feels like. But my palms are getting sweaty, should I wipe it off first and...No, that would be too awkward. But this is already AWKWARD! Gahhh, what's this? zz-num-11.gif

I didn't realize we're already in front of his car. He let go of my hand and opened the door for me. Still in a daze, I scampered to the car and hit my head on the process. 

"OOUUCCHH!!", good job Dara. You always have to prove that you're the clumsiest girl on earth, don't you? zz-num-23.gif

"Aisshtt, Nuclear Fart, be careful. You always make people around you worried. You can't even enter a car without hurting yourself", TOP scolded me as he positioned himself on the driver's seat and caressed my head. I just pouted.

He then reached out for my seatbelt, I subconsciously inhaled his perfume as he did this. Then our eyes met. I sloooowwwwly directed my gaze at the opposite direction, making it really obvious that I'm deliberately avoiding eye contact. I saw the side of his lips curved in a smile as I did this.

I heard the buckles click so I directed my stare forward, to the road. But in my peripheral vision, I can see that his face is still lingering dangerously near my face. 

Then....he kissed me on the cheek!! HOWWLLLY COWWW!!! I abruptly turned my head to him and saw him smirk. WHAT WAS THAT?!, I heard my mind shouting. zz-num-20.gif

"WHAT WAS THAT?!", I heard my MOUTH shouting. 

"That's just a peck on the cheek...for goodluck", he grinned wider as he starts the car. My eyebrows crisscrossed. For goodluck?? I pouted and placed my thumb and pointing finger on my chin as I deeply contemplated what's the hidden meaning behind it. 

"Stop thinking, I can literally hear the machines on your brain whirling crazily", he teased as he drove, fixing his eyes on the road. I grabbed the chance to study his features. Hmmm... I didn't know Eyeshadow Man is this charming. No wonder girls are swooning over him. 

I looked at his jawline, at his nose, his lips which is slowly forming a smirk, then at his eyes which are stealing glances at me.....OMO!! I rapidly turned my gaze forward and fidgeted on my seat. I'm quite sure he saw me staring at him. Waaahh!! Busted! zz-num-23.gif


TOP adjusted his mask and looked at the rearview mirror to examine himself. 

Dara: Tabi, you really don't need to do this. I'm worried that someone might recognize you.

TOP: So? I'll adapt Jiyong's style. I'll tell them you're my friend. 

Dara just shook her head, knowing that TOP will just do whatever he wants despite her protests. TOP stretched his hand in front of her and asked for her phone and Dara gave it to him, puzzled. 

TOP: I'll hold your phone. No Jiyong tonight, I'm sure he'll bug you. No Lee Minho either. At least for this night, it's just you and me.

Dara tilted her head not knowing how to respond. TOP sure is acting weird. 

Dara: You really are acting strange. Has your mothership made contact and informed you about the upcoming alien invasion? <*smiles>

TOP: <*laughs> No, but the mothership told me I started late in the game and I'm currently in the losing end so I should start picking up the pace if I want to be at par with my contenders. <*looks meaningfully at Dara>

Now, THAT is beyond weird. Dara just shrugged her shoulders knowing full well that no one can decode TOP's brain.

TOP: Come on, we're late. <*claps his hands to wake Dara from her reverie>

Dara: <*sigh> I don't feel like going anymore. 

Panic is engulfing her again. Just the mere thought of facing the whole student body without Jiyong is making her nervous. Plus she doesn't have anyone to kiss!! Her eyes landed on TOP. Not possible. She can't drag TOP into this.

TOP: Wimp. Come on, let's go.

She sighed heavily again. Her and her stupid PRIDE, dang it. Jiyong was right, she should've just backed out. But the Univ Ball is one of the culminating moments of the university life so she can't afford to miss it either - whether she wins or loses the stupid bet.

Dara stepped off the car while TOP guided her. She giggled as she looked at TOP wearing the mask. Not an ounce of his manliness was lost. He's still as handsome.

"TOP - The Masked Eyeshadow Man!!! ", she screamed while punching her fist up the air. TOP lightly elbowed her as both of them chuckled.



We entered the hall, my arms entwined on TOP's, and everyone fell silent.

My eyes darted from left to right. I can literally hear crickets all over the place. going on?

I looked at TOP, then I scanned the hall again. Is TOP really out of place? He maybe wearing a mask but some students were wearing something weirder than what he's wearing especially the Fine Arts students.

Hmmm, but they aren't exactly looking at TOP. They're looking

Okayyyyyy. This is creeping me out. Mobilize Plan B - RETREAT!!!!! I tugged TOP but he remained on his spot and started walking, dragging me along with him. Shucks!! Where does he think he's going?

I looked at each student we passed by. FEAR is written all over my face. They are all paralyzed on their spots while gawking at us! What can possibly have happened? zz-num-11.gif

My b!tch classmates are huddled in one corner, staring at me like I'm some kind of mythical being. They didn't even dare go near me. Ha! I smugly lifted my chin. My guy classmates are...what the hell are they doing? They were making heart shapes with their hands and blowing air kisses at me? 

Then, the most unbelievable thing occurred. The students crowded around us and started complimenting my appearance. Some were trying to engage me in a small chit-chat and some were enthusiastically introducing themselves while shaking my hand. I was literally lost for words. What the heck! I don't know almost half of them so why are they acting like we've been friends since forever? Others are even sending their regards to Minho. I....don't know what to say..I really don't know what to say. zz-num-03.gif

"You're quite popular", TOP whispered, obviously amused by the amount of attention I'm getting.

"I only found that out today. This is freaking the crap out of me", I whispered while trying to accomodate the questions being thrown at me by the crowd gathered before us.

"Unleash your nuclear fart and everyone will vanish", he said.


I saw Bom waving at us frantically. I nudged TOP and pointed her to him so we were finally able to excuse ourselves and went on her table. She was sitting on a table for four. Her (a sunbae from the Music department) is beside her. After some brief introductions, we settled on our seats. I simply introduced TOP as 'Tabi' to Bom and Jin Hoo oppa (her ).

But Bom was still eyeing TOP curiously while kicking my feet. This woman will really stop at nothing to satisfy her curiosity. I kicked her back and mouthed 'TOP'. Her eyes widened and was about to scream! I swiftly stuffed a piece of bread inside ! Whewww, saved by the bread.

The night went on smoothly although I'm still not used to my sudden popularity. I was clinging to TOP the whole night since people are just calling me left and right and I don't even know how to respond to them! Fortunately, TOP was very good at socializing, or shall I say making excuses to escape a possible lengthy chit-chat.

A phone suddenly rang. My phone, to be exact, which is being held hostage by TOP. I tried to fish it out of his pocket but he held my wrist and checked who the caller is. An evil smile crept on his lips. He answered the phone and moved away from me, making it impossible to eavesdrop.

"Was it Jiyong?", I asked when he returned. I don't know why but I just have a gut feeling that was Jiyong. 

"Yes", he answered without explaining further.

"And?? What did he say?", I asked but he just shrugged his shoulders while looking at me with a pained expression.

"You just can't get him off your system, can you? I told you this is our night.", he sighed. I clamped my mouth shut as he dragged me back to our table. 

We were having our dinner and Bom kept on throwing meaningful glances at me while TOP and Jin Hoo oppa are hitting it off discussing the F1 Race. I just knew my bestriend's brain is cooking something up. Something I'm bound to disapprove. 

"Sooooo...", she started, testing the waters and tentatively looked at TOP who is still busy chatting with Jin Hoo oppa.

"No", I immediately said after realizing her plan. I already told myself I'm not dragging TOP on the Kiss Punishment.

"But...", she started to protest but I glared at her to make her stop. TOP is just beside me, hello?

Dance music suddenly filled the hall. There was a round of excited shrieks and applause as the students filled the dance floor.

"Let's groove!", Bom announced. I looked at her, HORRIFIED. No. No no no no no. NO! She knew I will just embarrass myself if I groove! Bom I will KILL you! I really will!

"Just don't do your robotic dance and you'll be fine", she whispered as she urged me and TOP to come with them. I glanced at TOP and was stunned to see that he looks as MORTIFIED as I was.

"You two just gonna sit there? Come on.", Bom pulled me from my seat and Jin Hoo oppa did the same to TOP. They deposited us in the middle of the dance floor. We just stared at each other, both thinking How are we going to do this?

I found myself laughing at his shocked face.

"Eyeshadow Man, you looked like you're about to cry!", I and poked his cheeks.

"Yah, you're the one to talk? You're about to piss from nervousness yourself", he managed to retaliate.

"I don't know how to dance to a fast music. While you, on the other hand, is supposed to be a part of a KPop idol group, remember?", I challenged him.

"I'm not good at freestyle dancing.", he admitted while groaning.

Then we grew silent. We stopped complaining, stared at each other and started moving weirdly as we grooved to the music wearing VERY SERIOUS expressions. We totally lost it! We were flailing our arms around vigorously and shaking our booties like we own the world. 

I tried to keep a straight face. Heaven knows I really tried! But..Tabi..Omigosh! zz-num-24.gif

I'm a lousy dancer. But so was TOP. I was laughing like a maniac with his head waggling and some weird hip movements. It was a sight!

"Hardcore dancing!", we chorused and continued dancing VERY BADLY. The couples surrounding us are already staring with horror. But we don't care. We were twirling around and bobbing our heads even if we're out of synch with the music. I caught sight of Bom, hanging open with shock and she's looking at me like she's planning to disown me as her friend.

She marched towards the DJ and talked to him. After a while, the dance music stopped and was replaced by a sweet music. Bom smirked at me triumphantly.

TOP shyly smiled at me as he guided my hands and gently placed it on his shoulders while he s his hands on my waist. I heard myself gasped in surprise when he pulled me closer.

"Nuclear Fart, why do you look so pale?", TOP whispered on my ears, sending shivers on my spine. My gooooshhhhh!!!!!!!!! What is he doing? Jiyonnnnnngggg!!, my mind screamed. I mentally kicked myself for thinking about that jerk again.

We were dancing in silence afterwards. He was staring directly at me while I steal glances once in a while. It was so awkward! 

"Hey sweetie, look at me.", he said almost in a whisper. With his deep voice, I think I'm about to faint ~ ~

"No thanks", I muttered while looking everywhere but him. I heard him chuckle as he pulled me again, trapping me in his embrace. I looked at him in surprise.

"I just remembered, there's something we still haven't settled between the two of us.", he smirked as he lowered his gaze on my face. Wait, he's not planning on taking revenge on what I did to him on the MV Audition, is he?? Oh please no! 

His face inched closer and closer while I arched backwards to avoid the sabotaged kiss but he firmly held my waist. I tightly shut my eyes when his face is just an inch close to mine. I thought he's going to do what I did to him that day. But he didn't. I felt his lips brushed gently against my lips. O-M-G!!!!!!!!! He repeated it and pecked my lips slowly. 


Then his phone rang. I heard him curse as I straightened out. Panic was written all over his face when he saw who the caller was.

"<*cough> Go ahead, take the call. I'll just sit at our table", I said trying to act nonchalant about the whole thing (eventhough my mind is screaming 'GOSHHHHHH TABI KISSED MEEEE!!!!!'). He stared at me meaningfully and told me that it will just take a few minutes and we have to talk later. I just nodded. He was about to guide me to our table but I assured him I'm fine so he ran outside to take the call since the music is loud in the hall.

I was about to go back to my seat when I caught sight of a figure whom I will recognize even if he's in the middle of a million people and even if he's wearing a mask. His stare was boring a hole in my skull. I blinked and he was gone. Huh?

I strained my neck trying to peek over the couples dancing in front of me.

Jiyong!, I was palpitating as I searched for him. I can't be wrong. It was him. He was wearing a mask similar to what TOP was wearing.

I clutched my heart as I twirl around on one spot, hoping that I'll be able to find him again amidst all the students. My heart is beating painfully as disappointment started to creep in my system. I was standing in the middle of the dance floor alone, looking like an idiot.

"Jiyong, you jerk", I muttered under my breath as I fixed my gaze on the floor, fighting back the tears that are threatening to flow. 

"Dara-ahjumma", it was a very soft voice but I clearly heard it. I slowly lifted my gaze and met his eyes. He was several feet in front of me, wearing a mask and a suit over a v-neck shirt with both his hands shoved inside his pockets. Standing there and looking at me with his signature smirk. My tears flowed freely as I stared back at him.


This scene kinda came to mind (uhm, please help, how do i attach a video?):

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