MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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I've created an unnecessary mayhem. I can already envision the ruckus in the university if I attend the Univ Ball with Lee Minho as my .

I sat up and looked at myself. Did I change my clothes? I'm quite sure I dozed off with my dress on after talking to Jiyong. Wait....

Holy crap I freaking kissed Jiyong last night! I bit my nails trying to remember the whole detail. First, he kissed me at the Awards Ceremony venue. Then, I kissed him on this bed. GAASSHHHH!!!! zz-num-20.gif

I collapsed face-down on the bed and started kicking like a kid. It's sooooo embarrassing, please kill me now!!! Aigooo, when will this series of humiliation ever going to stop?!! I sat up again and buried my face on the palms of my hand, unable to believe what happened. I need Bom!!

At that instant, my cellphone rang. It was Bom. Yay! Telepathy didn't fail me!

"Bom!", I excitedly answered. 

"Dara! Did you go to the Awards Ceremony last night? With Lee Minho? The actor Lee Minho? Lee Minho from Boys Over Flowers?", she immediately gunned me down with questions. I'm awfully bloody right now.

"Calm down, will you?! Yes I attended the ceremony with Minho because he...", I was cut off by the loud shrieking at the other line.

"OH MY GOSH!!! Dara, this is so exciting! I'm so happy! I can't believe this is happening to you!", yeah, tell me about it. I can't believe it either. <*sigh> zz-num-23.gif

Bom was screaming like a lunatic. It took a few minutes before she finally calmed down. I asked her to come here so we can talk about it.


I closed Bom's gaping mouth. She's too stunned that she can't even unleash her infamous falsetto scream. I haven't told her anything yet, I just opened the door. Then she stood there, frozen, while gawking at me.

"Yah.", I poked her. 

"I can't believe this..", Bom grabbed me by the shoulders and spinned me around.

"You are HOT as hell!", and the screaming frenzy ensues. I guess Minho's makeover really worked, Bom can't get enough of me. She was shrieking and jumping at the same time as I dragged her inside. 

I told Bom the whole story about Minho, how I was able to keep it a secret from Jiyong, and I told her Minho also doesn't know that my roommate is Jiyong. We even went on the Lee Jongwan topic and how Eyeshadow Man accompanied me while I try to recover from a broken heart.

I gained a few broken ribs because of Bom's endless spazz attacks. I consider it a miracle that I'm still in one piece right now. I don't know how I was able to dodge Bom's rapidly approaching deathblows whenever she becomes giddy. 

"So you've decided to go to the Univ Ball with Lee Minho? That's AWESOME!! But what did Jiyong say about that?", she chimed. I shivered at the mention of Jiyong's name.

"He said I should not go to the ball..", I answered while my mind recounts what happened last night. I buried my face on my palm as I felt all my blood rushed to my head. MY GOOOSSSHHHH!!! WE REALLY KISSED!!!!!!! zz-num-23.gif

"Hey, why are you blushing? SPILL EVERYTHING OUT!!!", Bom inched near me on the couch and nudged me. 

"Bom, what will I do??!! I'm so confused. This is killing me!", I gave out an exasperated sigh and looked at her pleadingly. She is looking at me beaming with excitement.

"Jiyong and I.....", I trailed, not knowing how to say it. Bom clasped both of her hands while waiting to hear what I'm about to reveal.

"We..kissed", an ear-shattering scream filled the apartment, I thought there was an earthquake! She hugged me tightly (I lost count of my broken bones) and started bouncing on the couch.

"But he ran away after we kissed..Then I got drunk here in the apartment and he came....and I kissed him before I fell asleep", I continued, earning more fangirling extravaganza from her.

"Oh my gooossshhh!! Dara's spring has finally come!! I thought I'm never going to see this day again! I'm so proud of you!", she said and hugged me again. What a mom.

"So who among them do you like?", she suddenly asked. I looked at her, bewildered, not quite understanding the question.

"Oh come on, three gorgeous guys around you? Of course you'll like at least one of them, if not all.", she teasingly pinched my side.

"I...don't know. I never thought of them that way.", I answered.

"I'm betting all my makeup you're already in love.", my forehead creased. What is she talking about?

"With whom?", I asked innocently.

"With GD, you fool! How can you not know? You freaking kissed the guy!", she said incredulously.

I shook my head. Am I in love with Jiyong? 

"I don't know Bom. I'm really confused right now.", I said weakly.

Bom patted my shoulders and smiled at me knowingly.

"Everything will be clear in time. Right now, just go with the flow. I'm so happy for you , Dara-yah!", she hugged me again.

She then stood up...and unleashed her fangirl screams while jumping around the apartment. Aigoo.


Dara: YOU DID WHATTTT?????? zz-num-31.gif

Dara's booming voice probably reached North Korea. They were at Minho's apartment. A while ago Bom insisted on meeting Lee Minho so they went there and Dara introduced her girl bestfriend to her guy bestfriend.

"I donated all your clothes.", Minho flashed his most charming smile while Bom is stopping Dara from clobbering Minho to pieces.

"Bom, let me go!! I will kill this moron!", Dara tried to wiggle free from her grasp.

"Stop it Dara. I honestly would've done the same thing.", Bom gave Minho an apologetic look. She can't believe Dara is behaving like a savage in front of this handsome human being.

Dara threw herself at the couch and looked menacingly at Minho once again who seems to be enjoying her tantrums. 

"Bom, make yourself at home.", Bom bowed to thank him and sat at the opposite couch while Minho strided towards them and sat beside Dara. He immediately caught Dara's hands when she was about to punch him and smiled teasingly.

"You better stop smiling like that or else, I'll wipe that stupid smile off your f...OOUUCCCHHH!!", Bom pulled Dara's hair to stop her bestfriend from spitting fire to Lee Minho. 

Bom: <*cough> So you're going to accompany her to the Univ Ball? Do you know that..uhmm

"Oh, the bet? I have to kiss her right? Yeah, she begged me to do it", Minho winked at Dara. She immediately elbowed Minho which he wasn't able to dodge. Bom cannot believe how Dara treats the flower boy of Korea. They're really comfortable with each other.

Bom: Dara, do you already have something to wear?

Dara: <*blink blink>

Bom: Good grief, I knew this will happen. Come on, let's buy you a dress!!

Minho: It's alright. I already bought her one.

They both turned to Minho who is now heading towards his bedroom. When he emerged, he is holding a very beautiful dress that both girls can't help but shriek excitedly as they examined it closely.

Bom: Oh my gosh, it's so pretty!!

Dara's mouth is still hanging open as she holds the fabric. She then jumped at Minho, who was able to catch and lift her, as she hugged him while entwining her legs on his waist. His sin is now completely forgiven.

Dara: THANK YOU!! I like it so much!

Minho: I deserve a kiss on the cheek, don't you think? zz-num-38.gif

Dara didn't hesitate as she planted a kiss on Minho's cheeks. Bom's jaw dropped to the ground, her bestfriend is the luckiest girl on earth!

Bom: So is it G-Dragon or Lee Minho? Whoooahh, tough choice!



[Saturday Afternoon]

TOP hyung looks at me like he wishes I were dead.

I just frowned at him. What the hell is up with this guy? I should be the one acting like that since he crossed the brotherhood pact. I'm sure there's an unwritten law saying you should not fall for your friend's roommate or something. 

There's no such law! You're just making it up!, says my brain. Fck you brain. zz-num-08.gif

I sighed heavily as I looked around the MV set. Thoughts of Dara-ahjumma has been running through my head. I'm really confused. Our 'incident' last night has been replaying nonstop on my mind and my heart is not doing a good job either since it's been beating at a faster pace whenever I think about her.

Why did I kiss her? Why did she kiss me?! Is she really going to the Univ Ball and kiss that..that Lee Minho???? Ughhh!!

Just the thought of it makes my blood boil. I didn't even realize my fists curl in a tight ball whenever it crosses my mind. No! I will forbid her to attend the Univ Ball!

I pulled out my phone and started dialing her number. When I was about to hit the Dial button, I cowered and hit Cancel instead. Aigoooo, this is getting tiring.

"The MV shoot might last until midnight. So who's going to accompany Dara to the Ball?", I jumped in surprise as TOP Hyung materialized before me.

"I dunno. Certainly not me. Nor YOU!", I grumpily said.

"Jealous already? But I haven't done anything...yet.", he said. It's official. TOP Hyung is C-R-A-Z-Y. zz-num-22.gif

"Me?? Jealous? Ha!", I stubbornly lifted my chin, he just raised his brow at me. 

"You're smart Jiyong. But why is it that when it's about your own feelings, you become the most stupid and annoying person.", he turned and was about to walk away.

"Fine, woo her if you please. I won't intervene. Why would I be jealous?", I muttered. Unfortunately, he heard it.

"Don't you regret what you just saaaiiiidddd!", TOP hyung smirked as he wagged his finger in front of my stupefied face.



[Saturday Night]

My breathing becomes labored at every tick of the clock. A deep frown is permanently plastered on my face.

Whenever someone makes a mistake on the filming, I immediately snap and nag at him. This time, the victim of my nagging is Seungri. YB, Daesung and TOP Hyung already had their share of nagging from me.

"Yah Maknae, we are all tired so stop goofing around. Let's wrap this up immediately so we can all go home!", I snapped.

"<*sigh> Grandma Jiyong has been unleashed again.", he said mockingly. I firmly shut my eyes to stop myself from tearing his limbs apart.

"Jiyong, will you chill? Why are you in such a hurry?", Yu Hee joined the conversation.

"<*cough>Univ Ball<*cough>", TOP Hyung smiled at me innocently. I should've murdered him when I had the chance. 

"Ohhhhhhh", the other Big Bang members chorused. I'm pretty sure hyung already told the others about the ball. It's one of the information he extracted from me when he asked about Dara from time to time. Yu Hee just looked at us, confusion written all over her face.

"I'm just tired. This MV has been dragging for so long so I wanted to finish it already", I rolled my eyes as the others snickered.

We continued filming....

I slumped in a corner and pulled my phone from my pocket. I looked at Dara-ahjumma's photo. What's happening to me? I decided to browse some online articles about Lee Minho. ERrrmm..I'm just worried about my roommate having a friend like him.

I was surprised to see the amount of articles written about Lee Minho and Dara-ahjumma circulating the online sites! My eyes immediately turned into slits because of one particular news - Lee Minho's Long-Time Secret Girlfriend, REVEALED!

Son of a b...

My veins are about to pop from anger! His girlfriend? Ha! Then my phone rang. It's Dara-ahjumma! I answered it with the sole purpose of confronting her about the article.

"YAH! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE REPORTERS WROTE ABOUT YOU AND THAT GUY?? THEY SAID YOU'RE HIS LONG-TIME SECRET GIRLFRIEND!", I shouted at the phone. I am going to strangle this girl when I get home! She should have punched that guy straight at the face when he joked about her being his 'Boyfriend' on NATIONAL TELEVISION. That's where those rumors sprung out! zz-num-31.gif

Aigoooo!! AIGOOOOOO!!! I am so pissed like hell!

"Uhm, Jiyong. Will you come with me to the Univ Ball?", Dara asked sheepishly on the other line. My grip on the phone tightened. 

"so Lee Minho changed his mind, huh?", I don't know why a feeling of relief washed all over my body.

"There was an emergency that he had to attend to. So, will you be able to come?", she repeated.

"I told you to back out of that stupid bet.", I firmly said. 

"I just want to attend. But if you really can't go, then I'll ask someone else.", she answered almost in a whisper but her words kept thundering on my ears. Ask someone else? Meaning ask some random dude to kiss her? I totally exploded!

"You know what? Fine! Go ahead and do what you want. You got yourself entangled in that kind of trouble so just do whatever. Stop calling me like I'm your guardian!", I shouted but Dara-ahjumma already hung up! The line is already dead. 

She hung up on me???!! 

"HOW DARE YOU HANG UP ON ME, YOU RETARDED AHJUMMA!!", I screamed while holding the innocent phone with my outstretched arms.

All eyes are riveted on me. I can hear their inner thoughts saying Jiyong has lost his mind.

Will this day never end?

















































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