MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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"OH MY GAAWWDD DID WE JUST KISS?!!!", I exclaimed, more alive than ever. zz-num-20.gif

"It did NOT happen!", Jiyong's confused face bothers me. Why is he denying it?! I can still remember every details with amazing clarity! Heck, I'm pretty darn sure I will vividly remember it FOR YEARS! 

"YES IT DID!!", I countered as I looked at him, dumbfounded. 

"Did NOT!", Jiyong turned his back at me and started to walk away. I heard him chanting to himself "It did NOT happen! It did not happen!".

My chest tightened, probably because of anger. How dare him! 

"YAHHH!!!", I screamed pointing my finger at him. I strided towards Jiyong but then, he looked back and saw me approaching. He then broke into a RUN!! I freaking run after him. Why the hell are we running?

"Yah Jiyong STOP!", I yelled. Why is he denying something that obviously happened?! He didn't even bother to explain himself.

With these high heels, of course I wouldn't be able to catch up to him. I was panting as I watched him run like his as$ is on fire. That jerk!

"JERK!", I screamed at the top of my lungs. 

Never did I imagine that my first REAL kiss will be shared with a guy who will deny it afterwards and run for his life. Life indeed works in fcked up ways. 



[Parking Lot]

Many things are whirling around my mind that I don't even know how I managed to stay in an upright position this whole while. My heart is beating faster than usual and I was breathing through my mouth. zz-num-20.gif

Do you like Dara?, TOP hyung's words echoed on my head again. Do I like Dara? Hell no! But why did I kiss her? Blame it to the moon! And to the sweet music! And DAMN SHE'S HOT!!! And....

ARRRGGHHHH!! This stupid brain is messing with my brain...wait...that didn't come out right.

Whatever. I refuse to believe THAT ever happened! I will forever deny it! I plead temporary insanity. Heck, why do I even have to be bothered by such thing. It's just a simple kiss. Nothing to be worried about, ha ha ha.




BUT I AM BOTHERED!!!! What has gotten into me?!! zz-num-23.gif

"What are you doing here Jiyong?", I heard a voice behind me asked. Conscience? Is that you?

I spun around and saw TOP hyung standing with his hands on his pockets, and with a serious expression on his face. He did not see us? Did he?

"Stuffs", I said. Stupid stuffs zz-num-05.gif

"You look like someone who's thinking 'WTF did I just do?'..", he said. Freaking mind-reader strikes again. Aigoo. Well I really felt like there's a huge badas$ dark cloud hovering above me, so yeah..

"Why did you come here? You could've just called Dara or something.", TOP hyung strided towards me.

"Uh. Well. I just got really curious so I came here to check on her.", I answered sheepishly, trying to avoid his eyes.

"Really? That's your excuse?", he sarcastically countered. 

"Hey! What about YOU? What are YOU doing here?", I asked defensively.

"I like her.", TOP Hyung said and turned sideways, staring at nothing in particular. Uhm, wait. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY???!!!zz-num-32.gif

My brain exploded. 

"Very funny! Ha ha!", I said while forcing myself to laugh eventhough I can already feel the knots in my stomach tightening. What the hell is wrong with this day? Why is everybody acting insane?!

"I'm serious Jiyong. I like her", he repeated. I stared at him, dumbfounded. TOP Hyung likes my roommate? Dara-ahjumma? Cold sweat started to form on my forehead. I didn't even realize I was holding my breath. But....this is ridiculous. He can't like her. Absolutely not.

"Come on, hyung. You can't possibly like her. She's not your type of girl. And besides, it's going to be awkward 'coz she's my roommate!", I was finally able to find my mouth again! It was there all along! 

"Who cares. I will intrude between you two.", he said after a long silence and started to walk away, leaving me with my jaw on the ground.

I officially cannot function well.

This is driving me CRAZZZYY!!!



I saw them.

My grip on the steering wheel tightened as it continuously replayed on my mind. I'm really tempted to bang my head on the wall just to forget it. That dumba$s Jiyong is stupid when it comes to his own feelings but he sure knows how to make the right moves, DAMN! 

In the end, I didn't get to face her. When I saw Dara at the garden lot, I was about to approach her but Jiyong beats me to it so I just stayed hidden behind the tree. I witnessed everything.

My heart has been ripped to a thousand pieces but I remained immobile on my spot. Not really wanting to see what is unfolding before me but I was unable to move.

Why should things turn out this way?

Dara, if I came a minute earlier, will I be the one on Jiyong's position? 


Who thought it would be a brilliant idea to drag a nameless lady to the Awards Ceremony and get away with it unscathed? Answer: Lee Minho

By the time the ceremony ended, the internet sites are already buzzing with pictures of them together. Endless speculations have been formulated and they are getting more ridiculous by the minute. Apparently, Dara is the daughter of a business tycoon who is stationed overseas. Another rumor was that she's actually a fashion designer who visited the country to take a look at the current trend in Korea. Those without much imagination just posted that she is actually Lee Minho's long-time secret girlfriend. Huh?

Minho laughed out loud as he was reading the online articles through his phone while Dara tried to peek over his shoulder. They were inside the car on the parking lot, getting ready to go home.

Dara: What's so funny?

Minho: The netizens are at it again. They were saying you're my long-time secret girlfriend, kekekekeke!

Dara: Aigooo, another complication. Will I be able to walk on the streets without fearing for my life?

Minho: Relax, I'm sure my fans won't do anything to harm you. Actually, the fanbase of actors and actresses are different from KPop groups. They're not as possessive. And besides, I'll always protect you.

Dara looked at Minho who is staring intently at her. Then, he suddenly pinched her nose forcefully.

Dara: OOOUUUCCHH!! You should seriously stop doing that!

Minho: I can't help it, you're so cute!

Dara retaliated and started pinching him all over. He then extended to the passenger seat and hugged Dara tightly, his head resting on Dara's shoulder. Dara can feel his hot breath on her neck.

"Thanks for coming with me.. Thanks for sharing a very important day of my life...", Minho whispered on Dara's ears.

"Ugh, please. The cheesiness is killing me!", Dara answered while laughing, which earned her another bite on the shoulder from Minho.

After a few more minutes of bickering, Minho started the car and they both headed home. 

"This will mark a new beginning on your life DaRabbit!", he said enthusiastically while keeping his eyes on the road.

A smile formed on Dara's lips, but it didn't reach her eyes. If she didn't accompany Minho, then that KISS would not have happened. She will be the same old Dara-ahjumma living peacefully and pissing off Jiyong everyday. Dara wondered what will become of them after this. She then sighed heavily as she remembered what happened a moment ago. So many questions are running through her head.

Why did they do it? Why must he run afterwards? Does he like her? Does him?

Her heart sank as she remembers who her roommate is. G-Dragon of Big Bang. Her roommate. Why would someone like himlike a clumsy girl like her? He's more suited for Seo Yu Hee. 

But more importantly, why is she thinking these things?

Does him?



Five bottles of soju later, I'm on high spirits again!! BOOYAH!!

I was about to go on stress-eating but when I opened the fridge, lookie what I found!! Soju!!! Saviour of the Universsseee!!!

Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong...F.U. for running away and abandoning me just like that after the KISS! Yes, that kiss is real you freaking dimwit! How can you just disclaim it? Why do you look so petrified? 

Uh-huh, we kissed. BIG DEALLL!! 

YOU KNOW WHAT...You Know know what...I will effing kiss every available lips that will come my way! Ha! I just...just..have to wait for them to stop spinning the room.

"STOP SPINNING THE ROOM!", I screamed to no one in particular. Boy, earth sure is rotating at a very abnormal pace, everything is spinning.

Things are getting a wee bit blurry as well ~ ~

I squinted my eyes and made my way to the living room, bringing a couple more soju with me. Well, Jiyong will not be sleeping here tonight so I can drown my confusions with Soju.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not drunk! Ha! There's no vomit on the floor (yet), see? 

Then the door opened..and the culprit came in.

"Jiyong!", I excitedly exclaimed. Why is he here? Is he going to sleep here tonight? Did he look for me to explain 'the kiss'? Honestly, my brain is too tired to manage the mind-boggling events of tonight. I really want to know Jiyong's reason behind it, I'm incapable of making any assumptions anymore so hearing it from the man himself will be a great help to stop my head from exploding.

"Oh, you're here already", he said without even glancing at me and went towards the bedroom. WHAT THE...!! 

With criss-crossing legs, I managed to reach the bedroom. I placed the bottle by the bedside table and immediately threw myself in bed. He still wasn't paying any attention to me. He continued stuffing his bag with some music sheets, etc.

"Hey, aren't you going to say something or explain anything?", I asked expectantly. 

"Uh, no.", he answered.

Jeeerrrrkkkkk!!! zz-num-31.gif



She's drunk! zz-num-17.gif

I better get out of here! I don't have any good memories of a drunk Dara-ahjumma. Besides, she started with the interrogation the moment I stepped in. I'm already suffocating from nervousness. 

How am I supposed to explain it to her when I don't even know myself! Arggh! Why did I forget to bring the music sheets? I should've gone straight to the MV location if not for the stupid music sheets!

"You're drunk", I told her to buy myself some time. 

"I'm not drunk.", as expected, she denied it.

"That's what drunk people would usually say.", I countered while rapidly stuffing the freaking sheets inside my bag.

"And that's what not drunk people, a.k.a. me, would usually say as well.", she said and sat up straight on the bed. From my peripheral vision, I saw her staring at me. I doubled up my speed so I can get the hell out of here. 

"Jiyong, why did you kiss me?", she asked. OH NO! Here it comes again!

"Nothing happened between us", I firmly said without even looking at her. I shall DENY it, I swear! 

"Aigoooo, my lips are swollen. I must've been bitten by a bug....named Jiyong.", I stiffened. Fck! She's turning into a very fierce woman whenever she's drunk. All her inhibitions are thrown away, she just says whatever she wants.

I stole a glance at her. Her face is already red because of the alcohol, her dress is already messed up and her lips is pouting because of annoyance. Doesn't she even realize that she looked so y right now? What? What did I just say? Darn it, I'm slowly losing my mind!

"Dara and GD sitting on a tree....", she nonchalantly sings while coolly sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, and while staring straight at me. 

I took a sharp intake of breath...knowing what the next line of the song is.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G", she finished. OHMMYYGGAWWDD!! zz-num-25.gif

"Dara, this is NOT funny.", I warned her.

"I have a lot of free time Jiyong, I can do this all night. Why are you denying it?", she said.

"That's just your imagination.", I know it's LAME! And it's a futile attempt to cover up for what I did. But right now, I really don't have any answer to the million dollar question "Why did I kiss Dara?"

"Imagination, huh? Oh look, an imaginary soju.", Dara grabbed the soju bottle by the bedside table and drank it in one go. Man, she's trashed!

"Jiyong did I just drink this? Or was it just an imagination?", she continued with her sarcasm attack. 

"Dara, please stop talking..", I said under gritted teeth.

"Okay I'll try to shut up...", Hallelujah!!

"But I'm not making promises", she added afterwards while wadding her finger. Darn it!

I sighed heavily, dragged my bag and was about to make my escape when she called me again.

"Jiyong...", she whispered and waved her hand, urging me to come towards her. I don't know why my feet isn't cooperating with my brain, I just found myself in front of her.

Dara was just staring at me, I was looking back at her. She then suddenly grabbed my shirt and tugged me closer to her face! Ohhhh boy...She swayed (told you she's drunk!) and collapsed on the bed with me on top of her. I immediately pushed both my hands on the bed to get up but she stopped me by grabbing onto my shirt again. Our faces are only an inch apart. 


"I'm going to the Univ Ball tomorrow", I can feel her hot breath on my face, and it's doing some crazy things on my system!

"You said you're not going to the Univ Ball!", I exclaimed.

"I said I'll think about it. Now, I've thought about it and my decision is - I'm going.", she is still staring straight at my eyes with her eyelids half-closed, seemingly searching for something.

"Why do you want to go?", I heard myself asked. 

"Because of my pride. And because I don't have a first kiss to protect.", she smiled bitterly.

I was not able to answer back. The next thing I knew, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a light kiss on the lips. I subconsciously opened my mouth and tasted her lips as well. She was gently kissing me - unexperienced gentle kiss but it completely shut down the logical part of my brain again. Then, she abruptly stopped.

"I will deny THAT happened too. At least I have a valid excuse..I'm dead drunk.", she whispered. 

"You said you're not drunk", I must congratulate myself for being able to talk crap even if my body is quivering right now.

"I lied", she said, and closed her eyes.

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