MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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[Friday Afternoon]

I opened my mobile phone and voila! Her selca picture is set as the wallpaper AGAIN.

It's been our own little game. Whenever she gets the chance, Dara will change my mobile phone wallpaper to her picture. Of course, I always change it back to Big Bang wallpaper. But she never fails to sneak in and put her selca picture again.

I chuckled to myself as I fiddled with my phone. Lately, I just love teasing her. Her surprised look is priceless! Hahahahahaha! I myself don't know why I'm acting all weird; perhaps it started during the Lee Jongwan incident. I suddenly became very protective of her (which doesn't justify me almost kissing her, I know!). I'm probably bored to my skull that even Dara-ahjumma is having some effects on me. Dara-ahjumma is having some effects on me??? Nahhhh, that ain't right. zz-num-22.gif

Aigooooo, straighten up Kwon Jiyong. She's off-limits, for crying out loud!

I was browsing our pictures together in my phone when Yu Hee materialized beside me. She then leaned her head on my shoulder. 

"Watchadoin!", Yu Hee said while trying to sneak a peek on my phone.

"None of your business", I answered and moved away from her. But she suddenly charged towards me and caught me in a big hug. She then planted a kiss on my cheek just when the other Big Bang members walked in.

"Gwwarrkkk!!", Seungri abruptly turned around and faked throwing up. Daesung joined the drama and patted Seungri's back while making facial expressions like he's about to vomit himself. Very funny. I'll murder them later.

"Get a room", Youngbae said while shuddering. There will be three VERY DEAD Big Bang members later. 

Yu Hee just smiled and tightened her hug. 

"You seriously need to buy yourself a new friend", I annoyingly said while shaking her off. She then grabbed my phone and saw the pictures I was looking at. Her mood turned sour in an instant.

"Yah! What's the deal between you and the club waitress?", Yu Hee screamed as if she owns me.

"Yes Jiyong, what's the deal between you and the club waitress?", TOP Hyung jumped in while smirking, obviously enjoying his own silliness. New count - four VERY DEAD Big Bang members.

"Get out of here, this is the guys' dressing room!", I pointed at the door and snatched my phone back. 

The door opened and Yu Hee's manager entered, looking for her.

"Yu Hee-ah! You're going to be late for the Awards Ceremony, you've got to get ready. You know you have to accompany Jae Hyuk hyung tonight, you already agreed to it", her manager said, frustrated.

Yu Hee marched out after giving me the death glares. 

Meanwhile, TOP Hyung is busily dialing on his phone.

"Yah! Nuclear Fart!", he excitedly said as soon as Nuclear Fart picks up....Nuclear Fart?! Why is he..How did he...When did..

"Yes I was just about to tell you that; you left your notebook in my car. And stop calling me Eyeshadow Man!", hyung stole a glance at me and shifted his body sideways at the couch.

I sat on the couch facing him and pretended to read the storyboard for the MV when in truth, I was dying to know what they're talking about. So I stretched my ears as inconspicuously as possible.

"Jiyong? He's here, eavesdropping. Trying to act inconspicuously and miserably failing.", I lifted my gaze in surprise and TOP hyung was looking directly at me, smiling triumphantly.

"No, I won't give your notebook to him. You have to get it from me!", he said playfully. My forehead creased as I watched him. Hyung is acting WEIRD, this is my first time seeing him act like that and it's giving me chills.

"Nuclear Fart, let's hang out when you're free. You still owe me for making me sleep on that crappy hostel.", I think my forehead creased a thousand folds. What the hell does he mean by that? When did Dara make him sleep in a hostel? And was she with him? 

A vision of TOP Hyung and Dara sleeping together in one bed crossed my mind. My heart skipped a beat and my breathing became labored. Seriously? What's happening to me?

"No, you have to get it from me! Bleh!", he finally said before hanging up.

"Congratulations, you've successfully disgusted the crap out of me", I can't help but mock him.

"Huh? What's so disgusting about it?", hyung said with his usual deep, nonchalant voice.

"You have to get it from me! Bleh!", I mimicked him in a high-pitched tone, resembling a girl, while clasping both my hands together and batting my eyelashes. Childish, I know. I, myself, am wondering why I feel agitated.

"Errr, Jiyong. That's sooo lame. And it's just a phone call. Hel-lo?", he retorted without even giving me a second look. His phone beeped and he flipped it open to read the message. A smile formed at his face while reading it.

"Is that Dara?", I asked, pretending to strike a neutral conversation. Hyung just smiled at me, shrugged his shoulders and left. My mouth hanged open. 

As soon as he left, I threw the MV storyboard at the table which made a loud noise as it fell on the floor. I didn't even bother picking it up and rested my head on the couch instead while resting my arms on my forehead, trying to cover my eyes. 

What is wrong with me? zz-num-23.gif

And since when did TOP Hyung and Dara get close? Why is Dara's notebook in hyung's car? And what does he mean by 'hostel'? Even when we met hyung by chance at Insadong, I was really curious as to how their relationship progressed tohaving-catfights-whenever-they-meet to teasing-each-other-comfortably.

I sighed heavily and slapped my legs. Why do I even bother thinking about those miniscule things?

Seungri: <*cough>Why is Jiyong hyung acting weird?<*cough>

Youngbae: <*cough>Jealous<*cough>

Daesung: <*cough>Hyung is in love!<*cough>

Youngbae: <*cough>SSshhh, he doesn't know it yet.<*cough>


"Stop spouting nonsense.", I weakly said as I get off the couch and followed hyung. There's nothing wrong in asking him so might as well. I picked up the storyboard just in case. Just in case I couldn't muster the courage to ask him about Dara, I'll pretend that I'm gonna discuss the MV with him.

I found TOP Hyung leaning back on his car, still glued to his phone. Still wearing that stupid smile that I so wanna wipe off his face. He saw me approaching him carrying the storyboard.

"What now? You're going to pretend to ask me about the MV storyboard when you actually just want to ask me about Dara?", he said while chuckling. I was taken aback. Since when did he become a mind reader? 

My flustered expression amused him even more.

"Jiyong, you're so cute.", he continued just to annoy me. I just rolled my eyes and leaned my back on his car while staring at nothing in particular.

"I'm just curious when did you become close with my roommate. And what do you mean by 'hostel'? And how did her notebook ended up in your car?", I said it all in one breath, I even surprised myself. 

Yah Jiyong, get a grip. I silently scolded myself.

"What does she normally do? What do you guys do when you're both in the apartment?", hyung asked, totally ignoring all my questions.

"What does she do? You mean aside from constantly putting our lives in danger? Nothing, we just eat and and sleep..", I answered, wondering why he's asking me these things.

"You're really attached to her, aren't you?", he suddenly said, causing my head to immediately turn to him in a snap. ME????? Attached to Dara-ahjumma? Ha!

"Duh! Why would I be? She is an instant catastrophe! Seriously, she is surrounded by Ahjumma force. It's not considered a normal day unless she does something STUPID!", I defensively said. Hyung looked at me knowingly, I riveted my gaze. 

"Bull. Then why don't you let her find a new apartment and move out? Just because you're her roommate, don't think you have the upper hand.", wh-WHUTTT?? He directed his attention to his phone again. 

"Dara-ahjumma opted to stay in the apartment, so what?! What upper hand are you talking about? Hyung, you're not making sense AT ALL. Don't you dare attend any Big Bang interviews, you might say something that will end our careers. From now on, I'll make sure to interrupt you whenever you're talking.", I said incredulously. Good grief! I think hyung is inalien-mode again.

"Then let me just put it in plain, simple words that your stubborn head will be able to comprehend....", his voice trailed off. 

"Do you like Dara?", TOP Hyung asked afterwards with a serious tone. I looked at him, flabbergasted. Does he even realize what he's asking me?

"YAH! You are really scaring me right now.", I jokingly said, trying to dodge the question.

"Just answer it.", he impatiently said.

"Why would I even bother with such ridiculous question!", I laughed awkwardly just to cover..well..the awkwardness. Hyung casted one last look at me, I can't even decipher his expression.

"Remember Jiyong, I asked you if you like her. You did not answer... Just bear that in mind, man.", he said while giving me a light punch on my shoulder and walked away.

I just stood there, more confused than before. I shouldn't have followed him, dammit! He didn't even answer any of my questions anyway!

I started walking but his words still hovered on my head. Do you like Dara? Ppfftt, duh. I shoved the question out of my mind.



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[Friday Evening]


<*crickets crickets>

"Yah.", Dara's face blushed in embarrassment as I stared at her. 

<*crickets crickets>

"That's it, I'm going to change back to my clothes", I heard her say before turning her back at me.

I held her arm to stop her. She turned to me with questioning look on her eyes. 

"<*gulp> look good", was all I managed to say. That, of course, is an understatement. I mean, I've always known Dara is pretty if she just change her style. But holy crap! I never knew she would be this GORGEOUS! zz-num-39.gif

My heart is beating wildly as I continued to stare at her. 

Her porcelain skin is glowing and her haircut accentuates her pretty face. Why was she hiding her face behind those thick-rimmed glasses and unruly hair before? Her sleeveless dress defines the contours of her body. She is really beautiful. Now I'm not sure if I want to attend the Awards Ceremony with her, she is so stunning that all people will definitely turn their heads when she walks in. 

A lot of girls offered to accompany me to the Awards Ceremony but I declined them all. This is my first nomination and it's very important to me so I just want to share it with an important person in my life. But now I'm doubting my decision. My DaRabbit might capture the attention of all the men in the vicinity, I don't like that. I crossed my arms and pouted my lips with that thought. Dara misinterpreted my actions.

"Aigooo, you said I look good but your face is telling me otherwise. Don't throw praises when you don't mean it. If you don't like this dress...", I cut her off before she can say anything.

"You look stunning, believe me. You look really gorgeous.", I told her with sincerity. She flashed me her smile, I heard the loud thumping in my chest.

"But I don't want to bring you to the Awards Ceremony anymore. Men will flock around you.", I said jokingly. She just arched her brows, obviously amused. How can she look so CUTE and Y at the same time?

"Yeah, be very scared. If I see Won Bin there, I will fangirl like no other and abandon you.", she threatened me while smirking and turned around to face the mirror.

I walked towards her and embraced her from the back. I then playfully bit her bare shoulders. Aigooo, I just want to put her in my pocket and carry her wherever I go.

"You dare threaten me? Won Bin sunbaenim is the only actor you know aside from me, you TV retard!", I bit her shoulders again to punish her. She slapped my arms and wriggled free. 

"Stop biting me, it might leave a mark!", she said while nursing her shoulders. I smiled sheepishly as I saw a red mark forming where I bit her.

"Do you like the result of the makeover?", I asked.

"I like it.. A LOT!! Booyah!", she answered while throwing her fist upwards.

"You cute little here!", I said as I charged towards her to bite her again.



I'm doing this for the same reason that makes me go to school every single day ----. I HAVE NO CHOICE.

Never did I even imagine attending this kind of event. But Minho is important to me, even if I want to butcher him for most of the time. I looked at him - sitting marvelously beside me inside the limousine while wearing a satisfied smile since he got what he wants. 

I directed my gaze at my reflection on the window, still unable to believe what I was seeing. What Bom has been telling me was true, I'm a 25 years of hot mess. I thought my former get up was fine, I didn't really care if people thinks I look like an ahjumma since the clothes are comfortable. But seeing myself now made me question what was I thinking back then. 

I was fidgeting on my seat, panic starts to envelope my body as I saw the other limousines going to the same direction. I stole a glance at Minho again who is now showing me his evil smirk. 

"Hmph, you're enjoying this, aren't you? I honestly don't want to go. Be very thankful that I did just because I love you", I said with annoyance as I continued to check if I look fine.

"Omo, you love me? Then you're my girlfriend now! Gimme a kiss! Smooch smooch smooch ~ ~", he screamed excitedly and pointed his lips - producing disgusting smooching sound while inching at me.

"Yah! I swear, I'm gonna punch you if you don't stop. You know I didn't mean it that way.", I yelled back and pushed his face away. He just laughed and pinched my nose.

"You're so uptight. Just relax, I'll be with you the whole time. And I'm really grateful that you agreed to do this", he said while looking out of the window.

"I'm really glad you're with me tonight. Entertainment business is suffocating, Dara. I don't even know who should I call 'friends'. It's a cut-throat competition out there. When I moved in the apartment, I was actually running away. I just want to escape and be done with it. Then I met you, probably the most dense person I know. Always looking at the positive side of things, not minding other people. That's when I gave acting a chance again. I decided to just enjoy it despite the harsh realities of the business. And look where we're going now, at an Awards Ceremony.", he then turned at me and genuinely smiled. I didn't see any traces of the playful, irritating Minho.

"You've worked hard.", I said and squeezed his hand. 

He then lowered his head....and bit my shoulders again!!!! AIIISSSHHTT!!!


The limousine stopped, I think my heart stopped from beating as well. I looked out the window, there's a huge crowd by the entrace comprising of fans, reporters, etc.

What have I gotten myself into? zz-num-20.gif

With a horrified look, I grabbed Minho's arms who is about to open the door. 

"I don't think I can do this", I said in a hoarse voice, panic is taking over my entire being. I can feel the butterflies on my stomach having their own little party down there. Holy crap! I'm about to throw up from nervousness.

Minho caressed my hands and gave me a reassuring smile.

"Yah, where's the DaRabbit I know? If you feel uneasy, just look only at me. I'll be by your side", he said. I calmed down a bit, feeling secured that he's there. He opened the door and stepped off the limo. There were blinding flashes of camera all over coupled by the fans' screaming frenzy. Boy, he sure is famous.

He then offered me his hand. I hesitated for a moment but when I looked at his eager eyes, I took a deep breath and just threw away my thoughts. I stepped off while holding onto him and was blinded by the flashes from multiple cameras. Reporters started to flood us but thankfully, the security staff were able to ward them away.

Minho guided my hands to his arms. I held onto him like my life depended on it. We started to walk, I can hear the murmurs from the crowd.

"Who is she?"

"Is she an actress, a model?" 

"She's soo pretty!"

"They look good together!"

"Minho-sshi!! Who's this gorgeous lady, is she your girlfriend?", a reporter managed to sneak in and ask him a question, a cameraman trailing behind him. 

Minho looked at me and smiled - the kind of smile that tells me he's up to no good.

"No. She's actually my BOYFRIEND", he confidently said while looking directly at the camera. I immediately pinched his side causing him to arch sideways in pain.


[Bom's Residence]

Bom looked at the health food she was consuming and looked back at the television. Is hallucination the side effect of this medicine? Did she really see a very gorgeous person that hugely resembles her bestfriend with the actor Lee Minho?

[Lair of the Evil B!tch Classmates]

Their jaws all dropped to the floor, mouths gaping open. Since it's Friday Night, they were all hanging out at a bar in Hongdae, trying to hook up with some guys. They're already bored from acting all cute but nobody approached them so they decided to just sit at the bar and watch the news.

Classmate 1: Is that....

Classmate 2: Nah, it can't be.

[Cafeteria near the Basketball Gym]

Dara's guy classmates all huddled up in front of the cashier, where the owner is watching at his mini-TV. They all whistled in appreciation when Dara's face was shown on the screen.

"OH DEAR HEAVENS!!!", they chorused, feeling the remorse of bullying this very lovely creature.

[Itaewon Hiphop Bar]


Bar Tender: It's DARAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Manager: ......

Waiter: Hyung, it really is Dara!

Manager: .....

Waitress: She's so pretty!!!

Manager: Okay, back to work.

[Lee Jongwan and his band's practice room]


Jongwan's fingers slipped on the guitar strings when he saw the girl on the TV situated at the corner of their rehearsal room. His eyes bulged out as he stared at her.

Bandmate 1: Jongwan, what happened to you, man? You totally messed up the last note.

Bandmate 2: What's wrong? Someone you know?

Jongwan stared at the TV once more but she's nowhere to be found. The reporters are now focusing on the actors and actresses who are entering the venue.

Jongwan: Nope, I must be really tired. Let's take a break.

[Big Bang's MV Shoot location]

<*drip drip drip>

Time stood still. The glass is already overflowing with soda but GD continued pouring, his eyes are fixed on the LCD screen by the wall. zz-num-11.gif

TOP sprayed the water that he just drank to the unsuspecting Daesung seated at the other end of the dining table as soon as he saw the girl beside Lee Minho. 

Seungri was pointing at the TV screen, wanting to say something but unable to find his tongue. 

Youngbae's grip on his rice bowl loosened and it made a loud clanking sound as it fell on the floor, but nobody seems to notice it. 

Everyone's attention is at the LCD screen. 

GD blinked multiple times. To say that he was ASTOUNDED is probably the greatest understatement of the century. TOP was hyperventilating, unable to grasp how the situation turned out like this.

As soon as they recovered at the initial shock, pure chaos erupted. Seungri simultaneously yelled Dara's name and pointed endlessly at the screen. Daesung was lost in confusion and didn't know what to do, so he just jumped excitedly at his spot, forgetting that he is still drenched with the water that TOP spat on him. Youngbae was paralyzed on his seat, covering his gaping open mouth.

Seungri: It's Dara Noona! It's Dara Noona!! <*screams>

Youngbae: <*gasp> My goodness...

Daesung: Can someone please tell me why the hell are we freaking out?

GD furiously dialed Dara's phone number, TOP is doing the same. Unfortunately, they were both unable to contact her since Dara's phone is already out of battery. 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?", TOP suddenly asked GD with creased forehead.

"Please think of a solution that does not involve mobilizing a mob of VIP fans with torches", GD answered weakly while dragging himself to the nearby chair.



<*blink blink>

Well, that's a total shocker.

The huge commotion finally ceased. We were all left in awe at the few seconds Dara appeared on TV. 

I cannot stay put, so many thoughts are running through my mind. I firmly closed my eyes. How the hell did my roommate know the actor Lee Minho?

I rescued Tam Tam!

You should meet him, I think you two will click because...oh nevermind.

Yeoboseyo? Yah Minho! Yes, I already memorized your apartment's keycode...

Ermm....Minho borrowed it for a while...

Dara, who's going to accompany you to the Ball?

My friend, Minho

My eyes snapped open. That ROTTEN BA$TARD!! He's the tenant at Dara's former apartment! zz-num-31.gif

Why did he have to take her to the Awards Ceremony? Dara will be overwhelmed! What was he thinking?! She's not used to that kind of surrounding. AND SEO YU HEE IS THERE!! They will eat her alive! 

"Manager hyung! Give me my car keys!", I yelled while running. I saw TOP hyung already in his way to his car as well. Our eyes met and somehow, it felt like I need to get there before he does.

The race has begun.



The place was a madhouse. 

My eyes continuously darted left and right as I observe the flood of actors and actresses. My GaawDDD!!! People will die with the sheer force of their awesomeness. My grip on Minho's arms tightened. 

Minho introduced me to different famous people. Everything is a blur since I don't recognize half of them. Some are really nice, I can feel the warmth on their praises. While some gauged me from head to toe, I can even picture the calculator on their minds as they try to compute how much I'm wearing.

The guys here are weird, though. They kept on kissing my hand, and Minho kept tugging me beside him. There were even a couple of guys who were discreetly giving me their calling cards. 

The girls are all stiff. They don't even smile widely. Some were mortified when they heard me laugh. It's like it's a cardinal sin to even show your teeth, how much more if they hear you chuckle. Which explains their flabbergasted faces when I laugh like a construction worker.

It's surprisingly....tiring...

I wanted to be anywhere else but here. It feels like my every move is being watched. 

Things went to sh!t as soon as dinner was served. 

I was cutting the piece of meat with so much force that when I finally did, it went flying to heaven knows where. OMMMOO!!! I was busy looking for the flying meat when Minho nudged me and fed me something with his fork. It turns out it went flying to his plate (thank goodness!). I would have stabbed myself to death if it went to the other guests' plate. 

There was a green creamy-looking thing that is set up prettily at the center. I thought it was butter with food color so I spread it on the bread. I almost gagged when I tasted it. What the hell is a freaking wasabi doing in the middle of the table?! It turns out the sushi selection is just about to be served so the waiters set it up first. 

I am already earning pitiful stares even from the next table. 

I excused myself and was about to go to the restroom when I bumped into SEO YU HEE!! She was holding a glass of red wine and it was accidentally poured on my dress when we bumped to each other. Great, just what I needed. Judging from her smirk, this is not an ACCIDENT at all.

"Oooppppss, sorry", she said and offered her handkerchief. I took it, then she left. I just stood there. 

It was a train wreck. I was a train wreck. zz-num-05.gif

Then I felt warm hands on my shoulders.

"Let's go Dara", Minho said as he gave me a gentle push. I cleaned up myself in the restroom as Minho waited for me. As soon as I finished, he pulled me by the wrist and was about to go to the door, telling me that we better go home.

"No. This is your night", I said and held his arm to stop him.

"I'm fine. I'm the tough DaRabbit afterall", I said while giving him a reassuring smile. Just then, someone called his attention. I decided to go back to our table. I saw Seo Yu Hee sitting there alone. Why am I not surprised?

"UGLY!", she hissed, making sure that nobody from the neighboring tables hear her.

"I'm sorry if I wasn't born with supernatural genes.", I sarcastically countered and sat at my chair, not even bothering to give her a second look.

"Here's a FACT that you might not have realized - you don't belong here", she continued. She's never gonna stop, is she?

"Whoooaaa, thanks for that bit of information! Am I supposed to be amazed by your genius mind?", I said. Told you, she's going to get creamed when it comes to trash talk.

I shoved the food on my mouth. At this point, I don't even care about what others will think. Too many technicalities and etiquettes make my head hurts. 

"EEwww, don't you know how to eat?", it is clear that she's disgusted by my manner of eating.

"I do, that's what I'm doing right now", I said and shoved another bread on mouth and smiled at her, showing her the bread that I just swallowed.

She just rolled her eyes. 

"I need a drink. Get me one.", she said, as if commanding her slave.

"Wait, let me do that by telekinesis.", I answered and placed my fingers on my forehead while deeply concentrating.

"Dara, what are you doing?", Minho materialized beside me, much to Seo Yu Hee's surprise. She instantly became a lamb and acted as if we're the bestest of friends.

"Ha ha ha! Dara, you're so silly. Minho-sshi, we were just chatting and Dara here is just trying to amuse me", she said. What a LIAR. She then bid goodbye. 

Minho sat beside me and noticed that the people from our table all disappeared. He then casted a worried look at me.

"Dara, I'm so sorry. I told you we should just go back home", he said.

"Relax, I'm fine. As long as there is food in front of me you know I'll be okay", I said and gave him a wide smile. 

Again, someone called his attention and he excused himself. LIAR, I told myself. So this is the glamorous world of entertainment, huh? No wonder Minho got fed up and tried to run away. 

I looked around me and all I can see are people trying hard to protect their 'image'. There are only a handful of people who are worthy of being called true actors and actresses - people who really love the craft of acting.

I sighed heavily. 

'JiyooooonnNNNGGGG', I called out his name on my mind without even realizing it. zz-num-02.gif


"Best Newcomer Actor goes to....Lee Minho-ssi", the host said. A round of applause was heard. Dara was on the verge of tears as she hugged Minho. He then walked towards the stage and gave his speech. He thanked a lot of people behind his success.

"..and last but definitely not the least, to my DaRabbit who continued to inspire me by just being by my side and tolerating my irritating antics. Thank you for showing me how to enjoy despite the hardships that I miight face. I'll just treat you to Jjajangmyun, neh?", he said and smiled at Dara.

Dara clapped enthusiastically while Minho walked towards her. He hugged her tightly before they resumed their seat. A shadow took a few steps backwards. 

GD stole one last look at Dara who is sweetly smiling at Minho and turned his back at them. He worried for nothing. He continued walking and exited the venue, wondering why there's a seething pain in his chest.


After giving the awards, the party resumed. There were a number of guys who flocked over Dara but Minho monopolized her.

"Yah, aren't you getting tired? It's the 5th song already, we've been dancing for half an hour.", Dara looked over her shoulder and observed the other couples dancing.

"If we sit, those guys will steal you.", Minho pouted as he said this.

Just then, Minho's leading lady from the drama appeared before them.

"Yah, Minho you punk! Aren't you going to ask your noona to dance?", she said jokingly. Dara laughed and pushed Minho to her.

"He's all yours.", Dara said smiling, before Minho can protest.

She was about to go to her seat when she saw Yu Hee together with her 'plastic' girlfriends hovering near their table. She doesn't have the energy to go on a b!tch war so Dara decided to catch some fresh air for a few minutes.

When she opened the door leading to the garden situated at the back of the venue, the cold breeze of the night welcomed her. She inhaled deeply and felt her body relax at the freedom before her.

She closed the door but she still can hear the sweet music that emanated from inside. She continued walking until she reached the center of the grassy lot. It's a bit dark at that area since the only source of light comes from the lamp post behind the tree that is blocking the light.

Dara stretched her arms and stared at the sky. 

"Hello sky!!!", she said just to amuse herself and waved at the sky.

"Are you drunk?", she suddenly heard a voice behind her. She spun around and lost her balance but he was able to catch her and s his arms around her waist.

"JIYONG!", Dara exclaimed. Dara heard the familiar loud thumping in her chest as she stared at his face which is very near hers. 

"That's what you get for wearing high heels when you're not used to it", GD said as soon as she was able to regain her balance. 

Dara looked at GD, confused. It's not the kind of reaction she's expecting from him. He's been ranting about how she looks like an ahjumma but when she finally changed, he's still unsatisfied. What is up with him? Like, seriously!

"Don't you like it?", she asked. 

Instead of answering, GD offered his hand. Dara looked at his palm, thinking GD is giving her something. 

"I'm asking you for a dance, dummy!", he said, unable to hide his smile. She accepted it and GD guided her hands to the back of his head while he pulled her close to him. He rested his hands at the back of her waist. They slowly danced to the music.

Unknown to Dara, GD is having an internal battle. He can't even look at her so he just focused on looking straight ahead.

" the way, you look...beautiful.", GD said. A smile crept on Dara's lips. Then, long silence followed.


<*sniff sniff>

"Yah, what the hell are you doing?", GD's forehead creased as he saw Dara sniffing him while resting her face on his chest.

"I miss your smell, you haven't slept in the apartment for days", she said as she snuggled at the warmth of GD. 014 (1).gif

GD let out a soft chuckle as she pulled her closer. He rested his chin at Dara's head.

"So...Lee Minho....", he started, but the rest of the words he wanted to say are caught up his throat.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you. He's my friend, the new tenant on my former apartment...", Dara explained the situation to GD. He just listened carefully.

"I see...", was all he managed to say. But in his mind, he knows this is far from over. After tonight, Dara will remain as Lee Minho's friend. While he, on the other hand, will remain as her roommate. And as her roommate, he has the moral obligation to make sure everything will be as platonic between them as it was. 

Reality came crushing into him. 

"You better go back", GD said releasing her but Dara did not let go. Her arms is still entwined around GD.

"Can we finish the music?", she asked. It sounded more of a plea than a question.

GD looked at her eyes, and he was lost. He wrapped her arms around her waist once more and stepped forward, there was only a little gap between their bodies. Their faces are inches away from one another. Both of their hearts are pounding rapidly as they stared at each other, not knowing what went on in between that they're in this kind of situation now.

When the tip of their noses touched, GD's control was shattered. He placed one hand at the back of her neck. He then tilted his head and claimed her lips. He heard her sharp intake of breath but she did not pull out. Eyes closed, Dara felt GD's tongue her lower lip. She tentatively parted her lips and GD took advantage of this to explore more. She felt GD's tongue inside and this sends shivers down her spine. She can already feel her knees buckling but fortunately, her arms are entwined around GD. GD urged her to do the same as he played with her tongue, she complied. She tasted his lips with equal passion and tilted her head. GD tightened his hug, almost crushing Dara to him.

They were both panting when their lips parted. 

Then...both of them jumped away from each other, eyes popping out of their sockets while covering their mouths. Both of them cannot believe what just happened.

"THIS did NOT happen", GD said trying to erase the past. 

"OH MY GAAWWDD DID WE JUST KISS?!!!", Dara exclaimed. zz-num-20.gif

"It did NOT happen!", GD is now on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 

"YES IT DID!!", Dara took a sharp intake of breath and looked at GD, dumbfounded. 

"Did NOT!", GD started to walk away.

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