MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Is it the insufferably long clothes? Or the humongous thick-rimmed glasses? Nothing screams 'AHJUMMA' with more passion and jurassicness than Dara.

Minho circled around Dara while deeply pondering what things needs to be done to completely change her appearance. His forehead creased as he scanned her clothes.

Minho: That strange looking outfit again...

Dara: You mean 'stylish'

Minho just rolled his eyes and continued circling Dara, who is looking at him curiously as well.

Dara: Are you casting a strange voodoo on me? 

Minho: Excuse me, you're the one who's wearing ancient warlock clothes. zz-num-08.gif

Dara: You're an impossibly hateful man despite your good looks, d'you know that? 

Dara looked at the clock and started to panic realizing she's going to be late in meeting GD at the Insa-dong restaurant.

Dara: Minho, I have to go. I'm gonna be late! Remember, the Univ Ball is this Saturday, free up your sched. 

Minho: The Awards Ceremony is this Friday, before the ball. We have to do your makeover before the Awards Ceremony, I don't want to be accompanied by a grandma.

Dara: Whatever! Let's just talk about it tomorrow, I'm late!

Dara grabbed her purse and stuffed it in her backpack. She was running towards the door when Minho called her again.

Minho: Hey rabbit. You do realize that we have to kiss on your Univ Ball, right? 

Dara: So, what about it? Let's just pretend that it's part of a nightmare that must be forgotten. You're an actor, I'll just follow your lead. And forget about it afterwards! BOOYAH!

Minho: Dara...<*sigh> Jeeeezzz!! You are so naive I feel like crying!

Minho was still shaking his head after Dara slammed the door shut. That girl really lives in her own dreamla-la-land. zz-num-22.gif



This day would've been fine except for the impending appearance of the ultimate nuisance - Seo Yu Hee. 

It turns out Jiyong asked me to come here at Insa-dong restaurant to accompany him in accompanying Yu Hee. The moment I heard that woman is coming, I tried to pull Jiyong out of the restaurant and run for our lives. But he told me he already said yes since his mom called him after Seo Yu Hee ranted on how rude he was at her.

I exasperatedly sighed as I took my seat in front of Jiyong. I find it weird that Jiyong is always annoyed towards Yu Hee but he doesn't really make an effort to completely shake her off. 

"Sooo, why am I dragged into this again? You're the one who said yes on babysitting that woman.", I said with irritation. I'm not sure why, but I'm really pissed off at Jiyong right now. I thought we're just going to have dinner, just the two of us. But the moment he told me that Seo Yu Hee is coming, my blood automatically boils.

What's more annoying is that Jiyong finds it funny that I'm throwing a temper for no apparent reason. For no apparent reason?! FOR NO APPARENT REASON?! Can he freaking hear himself? That woman was very mean to me at Itaewon Hiphop Bar. I had to take multiple deep breaths to calm myself before I break the plates all over this restaurant.

"I invited you out since we don't have anything to eat at home. We didn't do our grocery, remember? What's wrong with you today? Is it because Yu Hee is coming? The first time you met her, you had no reaction at all. Why are you acting like she has done an awful thing to you?", he said while chuckling. 

Why indeed.. 

"I just have some bad vibes about that woman. And you're the one who told me to be careful when she's around because she acts like a lunatic whenever she feels she has a competition on your heart", I was about to add something but was cut off when Jiyong started to laugh.

"I'm sure she won't see you as a competition.", Jiyong said after having a good laugh and directed his attention to the menu. I just sat there frozen, unable to react. I don't know why but my chest suddenly tightened. Damn, even the corner of my eyes became a bit moist. zz-num-04.gif

I quickly drank one whole glass of water. This is getting weird. I tried to read the menu but nothing registers on my mind. I think I forgot how to read Korean. I stole a glance at Jiyong, who is trying to cover his face with his cap. He then rested his chin on his palm while trying to pick his dinner. I became suddenly aware of his breathing. Why the heck is his every move magnified on my sight?!

Then, Seo Yu Hee appeared and sat beside Jiyong. I hate to admit this but I was glad she appeared at that instant. Things I'm unable to comprehend are suddenly happening to me!

I directed my gaze to Seo Yu Hee, who is eyeing me without even hiding her dissatisfaction at the unwelcomed third wheel. She is wearing a dress with super-plunging neckline. If she bends down, there's a big chance that her ies are gonna catch some air.

As I stared at her, my mind is already chiming "Psycho Alert!". 

"Why is the club waitress here?", she asked Jiyong while pointing at me, as if I'm someone who's completely repulsive and totally unworthy of acknowledgement.

"Because I invited her. She's my friend. I'm sure you've heard about it.", Jiyong nonchalantly answered while still flipping over the menu. 

"Just to make things clear, you're not Jiyong's type. So please don't be deluded", Yu Hee looked at me condescendingly.

"Excuse your rudeness...Nobody is asking for your advice", my eyebrows almost shoot up to the ceiling as I retorted back to her insult. zz-num-07.gif

The exchange of word ammunitions ensues. Having to deal with a gang of b!tchy classmates everyday, I realized I became well-trained in the craft of trash talk.

"Your horrible clothes really suits you.", she said while looking at me from head to toe.

"Oh thank you, your horrible personality really suits you as well.", I sarcastically answered while giving her my sweetest smile.

"You're just envious of my looks", Yu Hee flipped her hair exposing her smooth shoulders. I just rolled my eyes with PUH-LEEAAZZEE expression written on my face. zz-num-22.gif

"So that's how people will look like without a soul?", Gosh, this girl is going to get creamed in record time.

"I don't like you!", okay here comes the tantrums coming from a full-grown lady with full-grown <*cough>ies<*cough>

"Geee, does that mean we can't hang out at your house and bake rainbow cupcakes together?", I batted my eyelashes while faking disappointment. I can tell she's on the verge of stabbing my eyeballs out.

"Dara. Stop it.", Jiyong reprimanded me while Yu Hee stuck her tongue out. Argh! Let me slap her, just this once!

"You too, Yu Hee.", he continued. I stuck my tongue out as well. Bleh!!! Jiyong took out his phone and started dialing.

"I just have to call someone. You girls decide what we should eat. NO FIGHTING!", he walked away leaving me with the woman straight from hell.

Yu Hee called the waiter and placed the order without even asking me what I want to eat. And she ordered - a salad for each of us....Salad only...for dinner...SALAD.. Good grief. zz-num-23.gif

"A salad? Yey..." I remarked without even an ounce of enthusiasm. I swear if Jiyong doesn't let me order anything else I am going to throw a b!tch fit. Doesn't this girl even know the word 'carbohydrates'?

"I'll order the dinner special..", I declared after a while, unable to contain my annoyance (and hunger).

"No. I'm pretty sure you're not the one paying so you don't have the right to choose.", Yu Hee smugly said.

When Jiyong arrived, I immediately pointed an accusing finger at Yu Hee and wailed, "Jiyooooong she just ordered SALAD!!!"

"Yu Hee, don't you want to order something else?", Jiyong asked.

"Why? Because this woman wants to? Hmpphh. How shameless. She's not supposed to be here anyway, why did you invite her?!", Yu Hee's voice rises as she reasoned out. Uh-oh, I think I've created a mess - just because I don't want to eat salad. Ulk!

"Fine. Yu Hee, as soon as we finish eating the salad, we're going to leave. I only agreed to eat dinner with you because you ranted at my mom, you blabbermouth.", Jiyong mercilessly said without even looking at her. For a moment, I saw the pain registered at Yu Hee's face before she bowed down and directed her gaze at the table. I discreetly kicked Jiyong's foot and shook my head. He got the message.

"<*sigh> I'm sorry, let's just peacefully have dinner, shall we?", he apologized. But Yu Hee already started with the waterworks, crying miserably. Omo, omo! If this is about the salad, I promise I won't complain anymore! 

"Jiyong, I know I'm a big nuisance to you but can you please spare me this day? You even forgot it's my birthday. Aside from my parents and from the fans who are complete strangers to me, you used to be the only one who sincerely wishes me a happy birthday.", Yu Hee said while sobbing.

UH-OHHHHHHHHH. I think I better get out of here. Can't compete with a birthday girl even if she turns out to be a complete clingy nutcase.


The alpha male and the alpha female. The Kwon Jiyong and the Seo Yu Hee. 

How can two people look this gorgeous? Their genes can be used to produce the future perfect generation of humankind. 

Dara sighed heavily while walking slowly behind the two. It has been proven once again what men have known for ages - that woman's tears is the ultimate female weapon. The guilt-ridden GD became attentive to Seo Yu Hee after the waterworks. Yu Hee is obviously taking advantage of it, she's been glued to him like a stubborn chewing gum that you just can't get off your shoes. 

For reasons unknown to her, Dara can't even bear to watch the two so she just focused her gaze downwards. She was counting her steps just to amuse herself. 

She lifted her head and realized that Jiyong and Yu Hee are already pretty far from her. Instead of increasing her pace, she continued to walk slowly and observed the two. She hates to admit it but Yu Hee really suits GD. 

Dara abruptly stopped. She just stood there while staring at their backs which is becoming small as their distance from her increases.

Turn around, Jiyong., she thought. She wanted to kick herself for being such a drama queen, but she just can't help it. Dara is already used to the undivided attention Jiyong is constantly giving her. She got so used to him being around. Having to see him care for another girl, she can feel small jabs of pain in her chest. zz-num-02.gif

WHAT THE HELL?! What the hell is this?!

Before she knew it, she was grabbing Jiyong's sweater from the back. She can't even remember how she was able to bridge the huge gap between them. Jiyong glanced at her curiously.

Jiyong: Aigoo, Dara. Why are you grabbing my clothes like you're going to get lost?

Dara abruptly let go and looked at Yu Hee whose arms are entwined on GD's left arm; with a triumphant smile on her face. She then urged GD to keep on walking leaving Dara behind - feeling defeated and humiliated.

<*inhale, exhale> Dara tried to calm her nerves. She doesn't know what has gotten into her but she doesn't like seeing the two together. There's a very unsettling feeling in her stomach. 

Insadong is a neighborhood with multiple alleys, it was once the seat of the largest market for Korean antiques and artworks. They reached the narrow alleyway and as expected, there were lots of locals and tourists. Jiyong and Yu Hee adjusted their caps and covered their faces. Dara, on the other hand, felt really left out. Like GD is so far away even if he's just a few steps in front of her.

Yu Hee held GD's hands and they continued walking, unmindful if Dara is still behind them. Dara's mouth gaped open, and she was frozen on her spot while staring at Yu Hee and GD's hands. What she felt at that moment is inexplainable. It's as if she's watching Bom and Jongwan kiss all over again. Except worse..Much much much much much worse.

Suddenly, some random guy grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the alleyway at the right while walking fast. Dara was unable to react. She knew she had to do something but things happened very fast. Then the stranger abruptly stopped and faced her. 

TOP: Scared you, didn't I? Kekekekekeke

Dara: Tabi!! zz-num-02.gif

Dara was on the verge of tears when she found out it was none other than TOP. On one part, she was relieved that it's not some strange guy. On the other part, she's truly happy to have found an ally. TOP has been a good listener during the Jongwan thingy. How ironic that he popped out of nowhere when she's feeling down again. She quickly wiped the corner of her eyes with her sleeves.

TOP: Hey, did I scare you that much? 

TOP was about to hug Dara to console her when someone yanked Dara away from him.

GD: Don't touch her ~ ~

TOP: Jiyong?

GD: Hyung?

TOP looked at GD and Yu Hee, then his gaze landed on Yu Hee's hands who is still grabbing GD's hands. TOP then flashed a teasing smile at Jiyong.

TOP: You two enjoy your date, I'll steal Dara. Ciao!

TOP placed his arms on Dara's shoulders and was about to walk away with her but GD unclasped Yu Hee's hand, grabbed Dara's backpack and pulled her back to him.

GD: We're not on a date. It's Yu Hee's birthday that's why we are accompanying her.

TOP stared directly at GD, as if reading his mind. Then a tiny smile was formed at the corner of his lips.

TOP: Happy Birthday Yu Hee! Mind if I tag along?

Yu Hee: Not at all. Join us.

TOP: Thanks! Sweetie, care to walk with me?

TOP extended his hand and Dara was about to hold it but GD pulled her backpack again, causing Dara to collide on GD's chest. She looked at GD questioningly while nursing her head that bumped on GD's chest but GD wasn't even looking at her. 

GD: Sweetie? Oh, you mean me? <*points at himself> Sure...

GD grabbed TOP's hand. It was TOP's turn to be flabbergasted as GD continued walking while holding his hand. Adding to his horror, GD even started swaying it! 



Jiyong is a borderline supernatural being.

I don't know when it dawned on me, but he really is. The way he moves, the way he talks, the way he carries himself. No wonder a gorgeous girl like Yu Hee fell head over heals for him. No wonder a huge percentage of the female population is in love with him.

I sighed heavily, something that I've been doing constantly lately. I have a funny feeling that I am bound to have a bigger problem than the Univ Ball, although I don't know what that problem is going to be.

Jiyong managed to convince Tabi to drive Yu Hee home, despite the latter's protest. I thought we were going straight to our apartment but instead, he just walked aimlessly - me following him. 

He placed his hands on his sweater's pockets and walked with his head bowed down. I did the same, trailing behind him while gazing downward. Unaware that he abruptly stopped, I continued walking until I bumped on his back. I lost my balance and was about to fall on my as$ when Jiyong grabbed my extended hand and pulled me to stand back up.

"Idiot.", he whispered.

"Yah.", I weakly protested. Both of us doesn't seem to have enough energy. (I blame the salad!)

I took one step forward thinking that he is going to continue walking. However, Jiyong just stood there while staring at me. Me stepping forward decreased the already short distance between us. My brain was telling my body to take a step back but my freaking feet were planted on the pavement and did not even move an inch!

I found myself staring back at him. The moon behind Jiyong illuminates half of his face. 'Mind reading' will really come in handy in this kind of situation because right now, I can't tell what he is thinking. 

"Ahjumma, do you like Seunghyun Hyung?", he suddenly asked. Say what? Who is Seunghyun Hyung? Oh, that's Tabi's real name. Eeeehhh??? How did Tabi enter the picture? And what does he mean by like? As in like him like 'I like Jjajjangmyun'?Like him like 'ooohhhh, the weather is so nice. I like it!' Or like him like LIKE like. Damn confusing trick question!

I don't know how many seconds I've pondered over the question and debated with myself on what the hidden meaning behind it but in the end, I answered:

"No. But I don't hate him.", I finally said. I was about to ask why he suddenly asked me such weird question but I noticed Jiyong is slowly bridging the gap between our faces. zz-num-20.gif

I can hear my labored breathing as his face is so near mine. Is he going to do what I think he is going to do?! I firmly shut my eyes, waiting for THAT to happen. My goshhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! My heart is about to EXPLODE!!!!! It feels like there are a bunch of dwarfs running around my chest!


"Ouch!", what the? What the hell?!

I opened my eyes and saw Jiyong's playful eyes while his forehead is rested on my forehead, while his nose is touching my nose.

"Idiot.", he said while smiling wickedly.


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