MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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I've been pranked. My classmates made a fool out of me, those bastards!

Now the problem ensues, how in hell will I convince this KWON JIYONG to be my date for next month's University Ball? 

This day is turning out to be the worst day of my life. Good thing Bom doesn't have a date tonight. I really need to drown myself with soju to erase my stupidity for at least one night.

How about I just retract from the agreement? Afterall, I didn't know Kwon Jiyong is a celebrity! 

No, no, no. I can't do that. I already gave them my word. Sandara Park never goes back on her word! Hah! I'll show them! You just watch! I'll show all of you!

Crap! Show them what?!

Hu hu hu!! 

I don't consider myself as a very religious person but I do my share of good on earth, and I do believe in miracles. So I stopped from walking, clasped my hands and looked up in heaven, while ignoring the bewildered stares of the bypassers. I badly need divine intervention NOW!

And so in the middle of the street, I prayed - rather loudly so everybody was able to hear it. Yes, I was desperate. I just wanna make sure anybody UP there will hear me right this instant.

"To the Big Boss in Heaven, are there any catastrophes for this year? Can you make them all happen next month? Particulary on the University Ball night? I'm sure nobody won't mind. PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! "


Dara drank a crapload of alcohol. 

She thought she's still ok until Bom started screaming in disgust, apparently a common reaction to a river of puke running down . 

Bom hailed a cab for her and was going to take her home but Dara kicked her out of the cab and started screaming the direction to the driver. Dara ended up going home alone. Leaving the furious Bom behind.

When she was out of the cab, she had a hard time finding her apartment since she lives in a compound where there are four identical looking buildings with identical looking apartment doors. You can just tell them apart by the Building Number and Apartment Number.

Dara was dead drunk. She was as trashed as she could be. She is now overly familiar with the smell of the floor since not once did she fell on it face down while trying to find her way back home. She was numb enough not to feel the pain of her rapidly swelling face due to the bumps and bruises she got from constantly tripping. 

Dara tried to read the apartment number at the door. She squinted and squinted but the damn thing is written in Martian or something! 

Screw that. She can't be wrong. She's absolutely positive THIS is her apartment. She began punching her code by the door. Nothing. It won't open. She must've typed the wrong code. Afterall, the numbers are swaying. Damn, why is everything moving?! 

Dara: Okkayy...YOU numbers haaArrvvee goottt too StooppPP daAnnccinNG! I needdd Toohh ghhettt in!! Let'ss beee Frriienndss, arasso??! Lett mEhh in!!!

Pak, pak, pak, PAKKK!!! *type type type type

She continued typing the code with so much force but the door won't open. She started having a one-on-one fight with the door, folding her sleeves and urging the door to punch back. Dara + alcohol is a really bad combination because it turns her into a moronic wild beast.

Suddenly, the door opened. She let herself in, said 'Thankk YOOHH MR. DOOR!', and went straight to the bathroom. She worshipped the toilet bowl (puking nonstop) for a good 5 minutes. As she puked her guts out, she thought she heard someone moan in disgust. Must be her imagination.

She went out of the toilet and made her way to the living room. All she can envision in her drunken state is the bet and the embarrassment that she has to face. She's yelling drunken insults towards a defenseless lamp. She figured it wouldn't matter since she's alone. She just need to get it out of her chest, those classmates of hers should all rot in hell!!!!!!!

Afterwards, she got bored and started singing just about anything. Do you know that if you drink enough, you know EVERY LYRICS of any song even if the lyrics that get out of your mouth are 80% wrong?



I was about to doze off when I heard a loud banging on the door.

Who would wake me up at this unholy hour? What has I ever done wrong? 

I stood up and took a peek at the peephole. Who the hell is she? Fangirl? 

I decided to ignore her but the banging saga continues. Oh man! I don't wanna draw attention to my apartment unit so I opened the door and was about to question her but she let herself in after saying 'Thankk YOOHH MR. DOOR!!'

Mr. Door? I'm Mr. Kwon! Is this one of those pranks that the tv stations pull on celebrities? I immediately looked for the hidden cameras but found nothing. The girl is already on her way to my bathroom.

Ughh. She's drunk. This ahjumma-looking girl with big glasses and a swollen face is drunk....and is PUKING on my toilet!!! !

"Gross!", I exclaimed. But she just ignored me. I started telling her that I think she got on the wrong apartment but she just kept on ignoring me.

She's now on my living room, and is busy fighting with the lamp stand. Crap! I placed both of my hands in my face in frustration and shut my eyes firmly. What do I do in this kinds of situation? 

Whatever, I'll just drag her out. Just when I was about to grab her, the girl started singing like crazy. I retreated in fright while staring at her with wide eyes. 

She is POSSESSED! No doubt about it.

I walked towards her. This time, I've really decided that she has got to get the hell outta my apartment. And then she started vomitting her guts out! OH.FCKING.HELL!!! 

Then the girl passed out, her face buried on the newly created puddle of vomit.

Eeeeww!! I wouldn't go near that hot mess!! Damn, I wouldn't even go near HER!

After the whole fiasco, she was miraculously resurrected. She stood up and went to my bedroom while swaying dangerously. 

This night totally ! It to no end!


The next morning:

GD had seen a lot of drunken ladies but Dara won by a landslide. Alcohol can indeed perform miracles. The results were disturbing, to say the least. GD ended up sleeping in the couch while the drunk stranger is comfortably sleeping in his bed.

He woke up rather early and didn't even bother putting on a shirt. The ahjumma is still asleep so he started preparing some stuffs. With the mess that she made, he has a lot of cleaning to do! Gahd!!!

Dara woke up with her head pounding. As her vision corrected itself and her senses returned, she realized she is not at her apartment! Some survival instinct kicked in and she bolted; screamed like the girl that she is, jumped out of the bed and ran the hell out of the room.

She saw the half- GD by the living room and Dara resumed the screaming frenzy. GD walks towards her.

"Stop screaming. My ears are about to bleed", Jiyong complained.

" I?" Dara asked in panic.

"Obviously not in your house. You crashed here in my apartment last night. And you started puking everywhere!"

Dara looked at the mess she made at the living room. Then he looked back at the half- guy before him. 

GD is also staring at her. He can't help but cringe at Dara's vomit encrusted hair. 

Dara took a step back, afraid that this guy might 'do' something to her.

"Don't come any closer!! I'm warning you, I know karate!" Dara warned him. It was a bald-faced lie but Dara is hoping against hopes that the guy is stupid enough to believe it. GD was actually taken aback, doesn't this girl know who he is? She might look like an ahjumma because of those glasses and that awkward looking clothes but she actually looks young.

"Who do you think I am?" GD asked in bewilderment.

"I dunno...Phantom, serial killer?"


GD took another step towards her but to his surprise, Dara broke into an abrupt run and headed towards the door. Dara didn't even bother looking back. She knew she made a mess in this guy's apartment. Yeah she's really sorry for that but he is totally suspicious-looking!

'To hell with that! I'm outta that nuthouse now. He's a closet vampire.' Dara thought.



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