MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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Dara thought nobody can be paired up with Jiyong unless she is a mythical being with overwhelming beauty. Well, the mythical being is right in front of her. On top of being visually perfect, the girl who opened the door is oozing with presence that commands attention.

The girl is obviously shocked to see GD with his arms entwined on an ahjumma-like woman. She then turned her gaze to Dara and her shock turns to extreme anger. Dara immediately hid behind GD's back, the gorgeous girl looks like she's going to break her neck if given a chance.

The other Big Bang members, on the other hand, were also surprised to see the girl. TOP immediately stepped beside GD, pulled Dara's wrist and placed her behind him instead. He then stepped back, with Dara still behind him, so that GD is the only one left in front. Dara was about to react but TOP stopped her with a sharp glare. It seems the best choice at the moment is to shut up, and it seems Eyeshadow Man is actually saving her from an impending death to be inflicted by the gorgeous girl who is now striding towards GD.

Seungri: Yu Hee Noona! When did you come back? I thought you were studying in the States? You really can't stand to be apart from Jiyong hyung for a long time, can you? <*chuckles>

GD's eyes zeroed in on Seungri as if he is going to tear Seungri's limbs apart.

GD: Thanks for nothing, you useless human.

Seungri: I was just teasing her.. <*defensive mode>

YB: Just let him be Seungri, you know Jiyong turns into a menopausal warfreak whenever Yu Hee is here <*smiles>

Seo Yu Hee: Looks like you all are having fun. Can I join you?

GD: No. 

Seo Yu Hee: Omo Jiyongie, what a very accomodating personality you have there. <*sarcasm> You should always be nice especially since you're a celebrity, don't you think?

GD: Duly noted..and ignored.

Seo Yu Hee pouted and was about to throw tantrums but GD just turned around and sat on the couch. That's when he noticed that Dara is still standing behind TOP.


Dara: Yes your highness!!! <*surprised>

YB, Daesung and Seungri started laughing but GD doesn't seem a bit amused.

GD: Aren't you going to get the food that we ordered.

Dara: Oh, right! 

Dara turned around and was about to leave but Seo Yu Hee blocked her path. Dara took one step to the right but the girl blocked her path again.

Dara: Uhmmm...

Seo Yu Hee: Are you one of Jiyong's fans? Why were you hugging him a while ago?

TOP: Yu Hee, she's a waitress here. She slipped and GD just saved her from stumbling <* points to the water spilled on the floor >

Seo Yu Hee: Then why is Jiyong calling her Dara-ahjumma? <*points to Dara whose eyes are still fixated on the floor>

At that point, GD gets up off his seat, walks towards them, and taps Yu Hee's pointing finger away from Dara, much to Yu Hee's amazement.

GD: You're a celebrity, too. Why don't you apply your advice on yourself first and try to be 'nice'.

Seo Yu Hee: Yah Jiyong! Why do you always pick on me? I was just asking who she is!

GD: Then why don't you directly ask me, instead?

Seo Yu Hee: Because I know I won't get an answer from you!

GD: That's because your questions are moronic!!

Dara: Ermm..please stop fighting.... <*whisper>

GD and Seo Yu Hee: WE'RE NOT FIGHTING!!!!

TOP: OkkkKKaaYYYyyyy.... Dara let's get out of here while these two continue with their non-fighting

TOP ushered the confused Dara out of the room as GD and Seo Yu Hee continued to bite each others heads off. 

Dara: Why did you get out of the room, too? 

TOP: Just keep walking, hurry! 

Dara immediately ran away leaving TOP behind, much to TOP's surprise.

TOP: Aigooooo!! This fool! 

TOP: Hey Nuclear Fart! <*runs towards Dara>

Dara: Huh?

TOP: I just told you to walk fast, I didn't say the building is on fire that you have to run for your life!

Dara: You should've made it clearer! And who are you calling Nuclear Fart, EYESHADOW MAN!

TOP: Please calm down before you unleash some deadly air again. I haven't fully recovered from your previous poisonous fart, thank you very much.

Dara: Is insulting me the only reason why you came here? Have you had your fill? Can you go back and join them now?

TOP: <*sigh> I came out here to explain the situation to you because if your tongue slips and Yu Hee winds up with the idea that you and Jiyong live on the same roof, you might find your life in shambles. 

Dara: Duh, do you think I go around telling people that Jiyong is my roommate?! 007.gif

TOP: Duh right back at you! How do you think I figured out that you and Jiyong are more than just acquaintances? The first time I met you I knew something's off.

Dara: Well..that...because I was surprised to see the famous BIG BANG in my workplace that's why my tongue slipped!

TOP: Oh puhleeaazzeee! Now we're the famous Big Bang?? Seungri told me that you called us BANG BANG, remember? I had to stop myself from peeing on my pants when I heard about it. 

Dara: <*points to the wall mirror> There's a mirror right there, go talk to yourself. Have fun.

TOP: Alright, alright. I'll stop. Just listen to what I have to say, will you? 

Dara: Hmph, fine! 

TOP: Seo Yu Hee and Jiyong are from the same hometown. They practically grew up together. Seo Yu Hee is an only child but her parents are rarely at home so she grew up around housemaids and nannies. At a young age, she gets whatever she wants and you know how it usually turns out when a kid with little guidance and with an abundance of material things usually turn out. She thinks she owns the world. People do whatever she says...except for Jiyong. Those two fight at every chance they get but Yu Hee respects him a lot. She became dependent to Jiyong and at some point, she claimed that no matter what happens, she's going to make sure that Jiyong is going to be the one she marries. But Jiyong rejected her and that's when the whole mess began. Whenever she feels she has a competition on Jiyong's heart, she messes up with the girl. 

Dara: By 'messes up with the girl', do you mean....she kills them? <*whisper>

TOP: Omo, seriously. Are you INSANE?!!! 

Dara: I was just asking.... <*pouts her lips>

TOP: Seo Yu Hee is a famous model being sought by the prominent designers, clothing brands, etc. All she has to do is to intimidate or bully the girl until the girl stays away from Jiyong. You should be more careful because when she finds out that you're living with him, she might go crazy and ruin Jiyong's career.

Dara fell silent as soon as she realized the gravity of the situation. She certainly wouldn't be able to bear it if GD's career is ruined because of her. And it's not only GD who'll be affected, the whole Big Bang might fall apart if anyone gets to know their living situation and reveal it to the public. 

Dara: I understand. Don't worry, I'll be extra careful.

TOP: Good, I'll go back now and stop those two from fighting....See you later, Nuclear Fart. 

TOP was slowly walking back to the room, deep in his own thoughts, when Dara sneak up to him and scared him silly. He jumped off in fright while screaming his lungs out.

Dara: BOO!!


Dara: MwahahahahhahahahhA!!!! 

TOP: What the... What the hell did you do that for??!!!!

Dara: I don't know.. I just want to see your scared face, I guess.. <*runs away while laughing out loud>

TOP just shook his head in amazement, how Dara manages to always get on his nerves is beyond him.



I was pacing back and forth on the living room for a hundredth time already but Dara-ahjumnma is still not home!!!!!!!!!! Did I set all the clocks 3 hours earlier? If not, then why is Dara still not here??!!!!! 024.gif

When I heard the door opened, I quickly gunned her down with questions. 

"I told you to go home as soon as you can! What took you so long? Did you hang out on your friend's apartment again?? <*breathe in, breathe out> Do you know what time it is?! I even called you to remind you that you should go home quickly? What took you so LOOONGG??!"

Dara then looked at the clock and looked back at me with bewilderment.

"You just called 20 minutes ago and I came running here as soon as we hang up the phone", she said. Oh, right. It's just been 20 minutes but why did it feel like 3 freaking long hours?

"What seems to be the problem?", she asked. I sighed heavily before I began explaining.

SEO YU HEE..that's the PROBLEM. That girl will stop at nothing to get what she wants. When she told me she wants to marry me, I literally wanted to jump off Han River. She must've confused her feelings towards me as 'love', but I knew she's just looking for companionship. My mistake is that she became too dependent on me. And that's when all the chaos began. I managed to exile her to the States when I told her father that she's threatening all the girls within my circle, including my stylists! That's when her father decided that she should study abroad. But now, she's back!! GAHHDD!!! What should I do??

" what I'm saying is, while that lunatic is still here in Korea, you should be careful of your every move. Make sure that no one's around when you enter this building, especially when you are going to enter our apartment.", I said. It really worries me a lot since Dara-ahjumma is not the best candidate for this kind of task. If Yu Hee sniffed something out of the ordinary, she will be able to crack this tiny ahjumma within seconds! 

She just nodded her head and lazily sat on the couch, raising her two feet and hugging her knees, while looking at the 'Received Calls' on her phone. Oh please, she still can't get over the fact that Lee JongWhatever called her? 

"Do you really think you have a chance on that guy? Don't go crying to me if he rejects you. I don't want to see crying girls in front of me. I really hate it...", I warned her as I lie on the couch while placing my feet on top of her head.

"Hah! I say we're a match made in heaven because he's single and I'm single.", she arrogantly announced. Omo, can she even hear herself?!

"What the....I'm single and TOP hyung is single too, does that mean we should hook up??", I sarcastically countered.

"And we're from different genders....", she answered with raised eyebrows. I give up. Someone please talk to her.

"You're from different planets!", I was shaking my head as I get up. I still have to prepare my things for Big Bang's comeback performance. Fortunately, Seo Yu Hee doesn't really go to places where there's a lot of people since, being a celebrity herself, people might begin to crowd at her.

"By the way, where are you going to perform for your comeback?", she suddenly asked as I was drinking a can of soda.

"Inkigayo. Why do you ask? You don't really watch our performances even on TV. Are you planning on going? Don't you even dare think about showing your face there or else...", I deliberately cut my statement off as I flattened the soda can with my hands and threw it at the trash bin.

I heard her gasp, then she nodded her head infinite times promising me that she won't go.

"Remember, don't come to Inkigayo. Who knows what catastrophe you might unleash there.", I sternly reminded her again.



Bom was still smiling widely while I stood there frozen on my spot. Did I hear her right???

"Bom, can you repeat what you said? I think there's something wrong with my ears", I asked for the third time.

"Aigooo, how many times do I have to tell you that we're going to Inkigayo after our classes! It's Big Bang's comeback today and you might get a chance to talk to GD about the Univ Ball coz we'll be able to go backstage!!! They held an online contest where a few lucky people will be able to meet Big Bang backstage, and I'm one of the winners!!", she said excitedly while showing two passes. Apparently, the winners can bring one companion with them.

No, no, NOOOOOO!!! This can't be!!! GYYYAAHHH!!!! I looked at her and at the backstage passes with a lopsided smile. I just can't bring myself to tell her that I absolutely CANNOT go because Jiyong is going to go nuts if he sees me there! How much more if he sees me backstage???!!! I AM SO DEAD... 

I looked again at what she's holding warily. If those backstage passes disappear right this instant, I'll be the happiest girl on earth. Please let it vanish on thin air....

"What's with that expression? This is really good news!! Remember the Univ Ball is near, so this is your one and only chance of inviting GD! Do you know how lucky we are to even have the chance to meet Big Bang?", she said while bouncing with glee. I gave her a lopsided smile again while faking happiness. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???!!!! zz-num-26.gif


I was walking like a zombie on the corridors after the bell rang, signifying the end of our classes. 

"Annyeong!", I heard someone said. <*sigh> Everyone seems to be going about their problem-free life while I try to survive my problem-infested day. Suddenly, someone poked my shoulders. I almost jumped in fright!

"Annyeong Dara! You're lost on your own thoughts again. I just greeted you back there but you just ignored me.", Lee Jongwan said while smiling at me.

"Omo! Sorry, I didn't notice!", I shyly answered. I can still vividly remember our conversation over the phone. It was really nothing special, he just asked where I was working, how I was doing, etc. Kyahhhh!!! 

"I just bumped into Bom a while ago, she's already losing her head looking for you.", he then said. oH NO! As if on cue, I saw Bom making her way towards us.

"YAH! We should be going NOW! I told you to quickly meet me at the cafeteria!", Bom was already screaming in panic. She obviously wants to get to the SBS Building as early as we can. I was contemplating on making a big escape but I know that Bom is really looking forward to this. Her major is Music afterall so this experience will help her a lot and inspire her as well.

We said goodbye to Lee Jongwan while Bom was dragging me, half-running.


It's really amazing to see people carrying huge signs with Big Bang's name on it, most especially Jiyong's name. The experience is surreal. I mean, come on. The guys that they've been raving over were just at the Itaewon Bar last night, messing with each other like a bunch of goofballs. Not to mention the guy that they call G-Dragon is none other than Kwon Jiyong, my roommate. 

I just can't understand all this fuss. There are mostly fangirls, all are beaming with excitement. Some are even wearing shirts with Big Bang's faces on it! Then someone started passing a piece of paper where the lyrics of Big Bang's song is printed together with the fan chants that come with every line! Whoooahhh... FANGIRLING is a serious business.

I looked at Bom. Yup, there's another fangirl right here. 

We were in line for about an hour before we were ushered inside the studio. Dammit, my stomach is already making some disturbing sounds! We should've eaten before we came here.

I was humming the theme from Mission Impossible on my head while my eyes are darting around the studio. My nerves have calmed down since with this many fangirls, I'm sure Jiyong will not be able to notice me. Going backstage is another story, but I'll worry about that later.

"The winners of the backstage passes, please line up at this side.", one of the studio staffs announced. WHATTTTT???!!!!! We're going to the backstage NOW??!! 

I nonchalantly took a step back pretending not to hear the announcement. I was about to go ninja on Bom and make an escape but she literally dragged me to the side where they were admitting the people with backstage passes. GYYYAAHHH!!!! Hu hu hu, I AM GOING TO DIEEEE!!!!!! 

Good thing the staffs gave us some freebies like posters, Big Bang calendar, etc. I immediately used the Big Bang calendar to cover my face! Bom is still lost in her own world due to excitement (thank goodness for that!) so she's clueless to the weirdness that I'm doing. 

We were taken to the dressing room backstage with lots of mirrors. The room is packed with lucky fans about to meet their idols. The comforting chatters of fans did not calm my nerves. I still can feel my heart rigorously pumping blood all over my body in a faster pace than usual.

Then the door was opened, and Big Bang went in. SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME NOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zz-num-32.gif



I was hyperventilating like CRAZY!!! I was still hiding my face using the Big Bang calendar but Bom kept on jumping while gripping my arms!! 

Bom, together with all of the girls in the room, were shrieking like wild monkeys trying to get their share of bananas!!! I, on the other hand, was shrinking like a turtle trying to be invisible. 

Big Bang stood in front while the staff asked us to form a line so that we will all get the chance to get an autograph. OTOKAEEE!!!!! Otokae otokae!!!!! He will surely see me if we're in line!!! 

"YAH Dara! This is your chance! Invite GD when it's your turn!", Bom whispered while trying to get the calendar off my face. I firmly held the calendar like my life depended on it!!!

As we were nearing the front, my body is producing massive amount of sweat! I can hardly breathe, my heart is trying to get out of my ribcage. I think I'm a few seconds away from a massive heart attack!!

All the while when we were waiting in line, I did not even dare stole a glance in fear that I might be met by Jiyong's blazing stare! 

"What are you doing? It's our turn!!", said Bom while pushing me towards the front. I immediately tried to walk pass all the Big Bang members pretending to be a very shy fan but Bom grabbed my back collar and placed me in front of one of the Big Bang members!!!! WAAAAHHH!!!!!! zz-num-26.gif

"Hi", as soon as I heard the voice of the Big Bang member in front of me, I almost peed in my pants! I firmly held the calendar in front of my face but Bom kept on pulling my arm while she's busy asking autographs from the other Big Bang members.

"Hi", I answered back while changing my voice in hopes that he still hasn't recognized me. I believe in miracles, you know. 

"DARA-AHJUMMA, WILL YOU ACT NORMAL?!! PEOPLE ARE STARING AT YOU, YOU MORON!!", Jiyong whispered under gritted teeth (which is a big indication that he wants to kill me but decided to delay it for the moment). 

With shaking hands, I cautiously lowered the calendar. Bom is at the far side taking Daesung's autograph. The rest of the Big Bang members were all staring at me trying to stifle their laughter, EXCEPT for Jiyong. He's looking at me like he is about to scoop my eyes out!

"I will deal with you later but for now, act like you're a Big Bang fan", he whispered. Oh right right. Act like I'm a Big Bang fan. That's easy. So......what should I do? I immediately surveyed the other fans who are giggling uncontrollably due to extreme happiness while others are professing their undying love for the group. That's it! I should just act cute and pretend like this is the happiest moment of my entire life! I braced myself to execute my very first 'acting job'.

"OPPA SARANGHAEYO!! AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPH!!", I exclaimed in a high-pitched tone due to nervousness. I can tell from Jiyong's expression that he is just a tiny thread away from punching me straight on my face. But that's my best shot in 'acting like a Big Bang fan'! What's wrong with it?! 

Jiyong immediately signed the calendar that I was holding, gave it back to me and sent telepathic messages to my brain saying 'I WILL KILL YOU LATER!'. I was about to run away and take refuge at the other side of the room but Bom grabbed my back collar again!!!!! WAAAAHHHH!! I swear, I am never going to wear anything with collars anymore!

"Aren't you going to say something to him?", Bom reminded me and proceeded on getting the autograph of Seungri. Bom kept on stealing glances at us that's why I decided to start a conversation with Jiyong just to pretend that I was inviting him to the Univ Ball, and here's how it went:

Dara: Hi!

GD: Hi I'm GD.

Dara: Hi GD!

GD: Hello..

Dara: Hi.

GD: Do you have a name?

Dara: Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. WE'RE GOING TO GET BUSTED!<*whisper>

GD: CUT IT OUT! <*angry whisper>

Dara: I'm Dara!


<*crickets crickets>

GD: ERrrmm... We have some more freebies here. Some refreshments. Do you want coffee in can or tea?

Dara: Coffee! I mean tea...Coffee! Coffee..... <*embarrassed>

GD: Will you calm down! <*whisper>

Dara: I can't even remember if I want coffee or tea! <*whisper> zz-num-17.gif

GD: Dara I'm warning you, and may this be my last warning, just go home or if you want to stay and watch, don't attract attention to yourself! Remember the flattened soda can at home? That's what's gonna happen to you if I pick you out of the crowd later! So stay invisible! <*angry whisper>

Yup, that didn't go well. 

Anyways, Bom is already making her way towards us to get GD's autograph so I bowed down to Jiyong and took a step towards the next Big Bang member since obviously, Bom won't let me run away.

I'm still a bit shaken due to my 'Jiyong encounter' but I still have to act like a fangirl so our cover won't get blown.

"OPPA SARANGHAEYO!! AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPH!!", I said in a high-pitched tone again without even looking who the next Big Bang member is. Gosh, why does my voice sound like a chirping bird whenever I do that?!

"OPPA??!! Are you nuts??!", TOP whispered incredulously. Oopps, I didn't know it was my archnemesis himself.

"Aigoooo, Eyeshadow Man. Look at you, giving autographs and all. Do you even know how to write?", I whispered. Kekekekeke, insulting him is fun!

"NO, I CAN'T GO OUT WITH YOU, I'M SORRY. WE HAVE A NO DATING RULE AND IT WILL BE UNFAIR IF WE DATE ONE OF THE FANS.", he said in a booming voice to get back at me! OH my goodness!! The fans started looking at us so I ran away as quickly as possible, with Bom trailing behind me while shouting my name. 

It's official, Jiyong is going to bury me alive!!! zz-num-05.gif



Despite my continuous plea to Bom if we can just go home since she got the autographs already and that I wasn't able to invite Jiyong to the ball, she really wanted to watch the show.

So now, we're still here at the studio waiting for Inkigayo to start while I can't even bring myself to relax in fear that Jiyong might see me AGAIN despite his warning to just go home or be invisible.

One by one, the KPop groups started performing. My attention is already flying elsewhere. Man, how long is this gonna take? Then...a pandaemonium erupted. I stood there alarmed and clueless. What could have possibly happened to get the crowd overly excited??? I looked in front and saw what the commotion is all about, it was Big Bang's turn to perform! OMO! I must hide!!!

When Big Bang went on stage, I thought the whole studio will collapse!! The crowd started with the synchronous screaming-their-lungs-out! Dang! There was a great deal of chaos because of the fangirling extravaganza! O-M-G!!!!! People are going crazy because of these guys??!! And the leader of the group is none other than my roommate! MY ROOMMATE!! Repeat after me, MY ROOMMATE!!! The guy who I live with, the guy who is my nightly human pillow! Oh dear heavens!

The noise grew louder as Big Bang went in front, very near to the audience. The girls beside me are all screaming like maniacs!! I think I'll suffer from partial deafness after this.

I tried to concentrate on watching their performance. Afterall, that's my roommate right there!! GAAHHHH, I can't help but feel elated! My roommate is indeed a celebrity! Even Eyeshadow Man is looking cool!! I was just staring at them in awe. I dared not blink to absorb the greatness that is happening before me. 

Now I know why people go bananas over Big Bang. They are a force to be reckoned with. Anyone, human or non-human, will like them if they see them perform. I was smiling widely and jumping with the audience when Jiyong's gaze landed to where I was standing!!! I immediately ducked!! Damn! Did he see me??? I stole a glance while hiding behind the fans. Good thing Jiyong is now looking elsewhere. 

I straightened up and started jumping again. When they finished their number, their awesomeness still hang in the air, leaving the people wanting for more. It's really amazing!!! They all went at the audience side and shook the hands of some fans. Unfortunately, the fans at the back went crazy and started pushing!! Everyone wants to go in front to shake Big Bang's hands. I got separated from Bom!! Holy Crapppppp!! 

"Aishhttt, ahjumma move aside!! This is not a place for you!!", one of the girls told me as she tried to make her way to the front. I was being thrown left and right until I lost my balance and was left sitting on the floor. People are already accidentally stepping at me due to the commotion. My hands got slammed down so hard that I started screaming in pain while trying to pull back my hand under someone's shoes. 

All of a sudden, the sea of fans parted making way for the security personnel who are all moving towards my direction. Now I can clearly see the stage because the people in front of me all moved to the side. OMO!! Big Bang are back on stage while trying to see what's going on, but there is no sign of Jiyong! I immediately hid my face. I gotta make my escape PRONTO before he sees me here!!! He will be mad at me again if I drew attention to myself especially with all the cameras around. Plus, the muscleman security guys are already near me so I guess I have to move to the side as well.

"Are you okay?", I heard a voice asked as I was trying to stand. Then someone placed a hooded sweater at me while holding my arms. I lifted my gaze and I almost fainted as I met Kwon Jiyong's eyes. OH MY GESSSHHHHHHHH!!! zz-num-20.gif

The scenes from last night when Jiyong flattened the soda can with his hands while reminding me not to come here started playing in my head again...WAAAAHHHH!!! Someone please help me!! 

"Pretend to faint", Jiyong whispered as he was donning the sweater's hood on my head. WHAT??!! Then Jiyong shoots a death glare at me, I immediately feigned losing consciousness. What happened next is a blur. I heard shrieks from the fangirls around us as I was being lifted up by Jiyong! I tried to take a peek by opening my left eye but I was met by Jiyong's glare again. So I remained immobile until we reached backstage where he gently puts me down on a couch.

"Dara, are you okay?", Jiyong asked again. That's when I opened my eyes and surveyed the room. It was just the two of us. I looked at him in panic, knowing full well that he's definitely going to throw a fit any moment since I defied him twice despite his warning.

"I'M SORRY!!!! Bom asked me to come here and I can't turn her down and she won the backstage passes and she really wanted to watch the show and I wanted to watch too and...", I would've continued spouting nonsense but it seems Jiyong is not listening. He was holding my hands while running his thumb on the back of my palm, making sure that I'm not hurt anywhere. He was so preoccupied with what he's doing that he didn't even notice I already stopped talking. 

He then shifted his attention on my face. He was so near me that I can't help but feel awkward. Jiyong held my chin and meticulously scanned my face.

"Wh-what are you doing?", I asked to break the eerie silence.

"I heard you scream, were you hurt anywhere? Were you stomped over? Should I take you to the hospital?", he asked looking directly at me while still holding my chin.

"Hospital? I'm okay! Ha ha ha", I tried to cover my nervousness with an awkward laugh while looking at the ceiling. GAAAHHHH!!! What's happening to me?! I sound so pathetic! 

"Then why can't you look directly at me. What's wrong?", he asked. I just stared at him, lost for words. What was the question again?

Fortunately, Eyeshadow man came barging in followed by the other members.

"YAH Nuclear Fart! Are you okay?", he asked, shoving Jiyong aside.

"Jiyong hyung noticed that you were among the audience. He even heard you scream, would you believe that?", Daesung said.

And Kwonzilla is back. Jiyong reverted back to his grumpy old self.

"She was shrieking wildly, how can anyone miss that?", Jiyong answered back defensively. Huh? I'm pretty sure I just screamed once, I wasn't shrieking wildly. 

"I'm fine. Someone stomped over my hands that's why I screamed.", I said.

"Nuclear Fart, your friend is having a panic attack back there.", Eyeshadow Man told me while asking for my hands. He was checking if I had any bruises but Jiyong pulled my hands back.

BOM!!! I hurriedly gathered my things and about to run away when I remembered something. I faced Big Bang and made a bow.

"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR COMEBACK! YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL!!", I said excitedly. I opened my bag and hesitated for a moment, but I decided to give the gifts that I prepared for them anyway. It was nothing really, just some knitted scarves.

"Did you made these yourself?", Jiyong asked while looking at the pink scarf that I gave him.

"Yes. Sorry if that's the only thing I can give you.", I said shyly.

"Kamsahamnida!!!", the other Big Bang guys simultaneously said while bowing. I was surprised and touched. I still can't believe these are the same guys rocking the stage a while ago.

I glanced back at Jiyong. Actually, aside from the scarf, there's another gift that I placed within the scarf. 

I bowed once again and went running towards the door. I can hear Bom's scream at the other end of the hall, what the???!!

"WHERE'S MY FRIEND?! You better prepare yourselves, if something happens to her I will sue your fcking as$es off!", Bom was yelling at the staffs! OMO! The Bominator made an appearance once again!

"BOM!!!!", I yelled while waving my arms.

"DARA! What happened to you? Are you hurt? I'm so worried! I shouldn't have dragged you here! The number of audience is overwhelming today and the staff can't contain all the crowd! We shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry!", she said on the verge of tears and hugged me.

That got me thinking, Jiyong was also very strict for me not to come here, isn't he? And I've been wondering about the reason why. Is it because of the same reason that Bom told me? 

"DARA ANSWER ME! ARE YOU HURT?!", Bom is panicking again! 

"I'm fine! Aigoooo, calm down.", I said while chuckling. Bom is still making a big fuss when someone hurriedly walked past us wearing a big hat.

"OMO! That's the girl I saw at the airport! Now I remember! She's the famous model Seo Yu Hee! Quick let's ask for an autograph!", she excitedly said.

I'M DOOMED!!!!!!!!! zz-num-32.gif


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Chapter 53: Thank u authornim for this story,,, i just finish all and i am thinking YOUR STORY SUPER DEABAK!!!!!!! I love u authornim.... Thank u to share with us ????? and im sorry i just write comment now. I just to absorb to ur story..... I hope u always healthy and happy
Yeng21 #2
Chapter 44: JJANG!!! This is jjang authornim!!!
Yeng21 #3
Chapter 26: Top just said he like her, its sure obvious that minho like her too and Ji, oh my gosh!! you love her and you just don't know it yet you creep!!!! Yow Dara ahjumma u surely a goddess
Chapter 54: I read this for the third time and I still crack up like a retard!!! Please post more Daragon fica authornim!!! Your stories are the best!!! Hwaiting!!!
lenmadulid #5
Jaslynn #6
Chapter 47: HAHa Ahjumma Dara strikes again Big Bangers ^///^ no matter how many times i reread this I still crack up
Chapter 14: This chapter OMG!! Hilarious... Awesome... That car scene... My stomach is paining by laughing so hard. Thank you authornim. You are awesome..
Chapter 38: Hahhahahahha.. Oppa really corrupted Dara unnies mind.. hahhahaahha
Chapter 35: Poor Jiyong oppa..
Chapter 33: This chapter is so hot.. kekekkekekeke