MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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After approximately 47 years, Minho and I are still lying on the floor with him on top of me. This is becoming a recurring scene! Why do I always end up lying on the floor or on a pavement whenever I'm with him?!!

We just looked at each other's eyes. I can hear the loud thumping of my heart (or was it his?). I suddenly became so aware of his heavy breathing (as well as mine?). It was so weird. So this is how the flower boy of Korea looks like in close proximity. I was examining his whole face when my eyes landed on his lips. Boy, oh boy. A lot of girls will exchange their souls to be in my position right now. And a lot of girls will even exchange their parents just to be Jiyong's roommate... Jiyong!!

As soon as I thought about Jiyong, I placed my palm on Minho's face and pushed it with so much force while unleashing my girlish scream! I pray that his head is still attached to his body coz I think I heard a crack when I did that. Omo!!!

The next thing I know, Minho is still lying on the floor in pain while nursing his neck.

"Aigooooo, you stupid rabbit! What did you do that for! Do you want to snap my neck?!", he yelled while whimpering in pain. 

"OMO!! I'm sorry! My defense mechanism automatically kicks in!", I said while helping him lie on the couch. He was blabbering insults at me after that, which means he's alright. I grabbed some blanket and pillow at his room and gave it to him.

"What are these for?", he asked while looking suspisciously at the blankets and pillows. I smiled at him and ran towards his bedroom in a flash. It was too late when he realized that I plan to take over his room tonight! I closed the door on his face. 

"DARA!!!! Your apartment is just a building away!!", he shouted while knocking on the door.

"I'm sleeping here! My roommate is in a bad mood!", I yelled back.

"Why do I have to sleep on the couch? Let me in!", he said.

"Nope", I answered and threw myself on the bed. My head felt so heavy as I recount the misfortunes that I had so far. I am so confused that I don't even know what to feel. My vision is slowly getting blurry as I was being pulled to dreamland. 

"Jiyong...", I whispered....and I wondered why I said that.

[The next morning..]

I looked at the clock and did a sharp intake of breath. SH!T!! I'm late!!! We have a rehearsal today for our group activity. Hell, I need to get to school FAST! 

I jumped out of bed, alarms going off on my head, scared as sh!t and shouted the moron's name. 

"Lee Minho!!!!!!!!!!!!", I kept on yelling while simultaneously dressing up and stuffing my things in the bag. Gahddd, why is everything going wrong since yesterday?! I'm sure my groupmates are going to b!tch about me being late. Aigoo....

"Minhooooo!!!", I screamed at the top of my lungs. Where is that tall man? I need him to drive me to school so he needs to wear his mask, hoodies and all those sheezz. 

I was still organizing my things when he walked out of the all his  GLORY. I WAS STUPEFIED! And so was he! 037.gif 

Both of us started screaming our guts out! He just stood there in the middle of the living room, screaming while his meat is still dangling between his legs!!! 4l0rvk.png 

"Cover up your p3nis, for the love of all that's holy!!!", I screamed and pointed at his bird! 037.gif 

"STOP LOOKING AT IT!!!!!", he yelled back. Fck, I wish I can! It's pretty much asking to be stared at!

That massive lump on his front will hunt me on my sleep for MONTHS!!


Lee Minho drove Dara to school in COMPLETE silence. Both of them are frozen on their seats with their eyes fixed on the road. No one even DARED turning their heads sideways. They can't look at each other's eyes.

Lee Minho: <*cough>

Dara: I didn't see ANYTHING!! <* completely freaking out>

Lee Minho: I'm not even asking!! <* mortified >


Dara's eyes diverted again at Lee Minho's pants. From today onwards, it will be forever diverted at that part! She shivered at the thought. 

Lee Minho: Alright! I swear I won't be able to sleep unless you take full responsibility!!! This has been the most embarrassing moment of my life and you're the one to blame! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!

Dara: How is it my fault??? How am I supposed to know you walk - in your apartment?! 


Dara: How?! Do you want to see my body too? <* eyes popping out in absolute shock >

Lee Minho: Hell no! Who would want to see what's behind those curtains <* looks at Dara's long skirt that falls below her ankles >

Dara: YAH! I also want to forget what I saw! I literally want to slam my head on the floor to have a concussion. Will you stop acting like a kid? Get over it!

Lee Minho was engulfed in silence. It seems like there's a dark cloud hovering in his entire existence. Suddenly, Minho turned the car to the right - away from the direction of Dara's school.

Dara: Minho! Where are you going? I'm really late for school.

But Lee Minho did not answer. The next thing Dara knew, they were in front of a...POLICE STATION!! What in the world are they doing in front of the Police Station?

Dara: Oh, hell no. You have got to be kidding me!

Lee Minho: Oh no I'm not. I'm really serious. If you don't want to take responsibility, I'm turning you in. <* ~~ eerie calmness >

Dara: On what charges, may I ask? <* gritted teeth >

Lee Minho: I'm sure I'll come up with something. You forgot I'm a celebrity. I can tell them you're a stalker or a trespasser. I'll tell them you invaded my privacy. Even if they let you go, I'll make sure to prolong the discussion so you won't have time to go to school today.

Dara: You ba$tard!


Dara: Fine! What should I do??!

Lee Minho: Errmmm.. I dunno yet.. <* smiles brightly >

Dara looked at Lee Minho as if he developed two heads. She seriously wants to beat this guy to a pulp! What the hell is going on inside that thick skull of his? Here she is LOSING HER MIND and there he is acting like an idiot. My goodness. 007.gif

Dara: Did I hear you right? You don't know??? You even threatened to take me to the police and you don't even know what you want me to do to pacify your aching pride?!! 

If Dara was holding any pointed object, she would've stabbed Lee minho to death a couple of minutes ago. Lee Minho pouted his lips and flashed a peace sign. Dara just sighed heavily. No wonder he is at the entertainment business, he can charm his way to getting what he wants.

Lee Minho: Just write a Dara coupon saying 'I'll do whatever Lee Minho tells me to do' and I'll claim it once I think of something. BUT, you have to keep your word! You have to do whatever I say!

Dara: FINE! Now, can we please stop this and go to school. I'm seriously in deep sh!t.

Lee Minho: Write the Dara coupon first!

Dara: Dear heavens! Please grant me all the PATIENCE in the world. 


Dara was running like a headless chicken. She was about to turn on the corner heading to the group practice room when something caught her attention. She started walking backwards and looked at the students gathered in front of the Student Board. Her heart started to beat faster than usual. She has a really bad feeling about this. She doesn't have any good memories of the Student Board to begin with since the first time the whole university noticed her is when her classmates posted the Announcement of the Univ Ball bet in that Student Board.

Dara: I wonder what is it this time? I just hope it's not about me again. 

One of the students noticed her and pointed at her direction. The crowd gathered in front of the board all looked at her in unison and started whispering to each other.

Dara: Oh NO!!! Not again?! 

She walked towards the board amidst the stares. When she finally saw what they were looking at, she made a loud gasp and covered in shock. There are pictures of her and Lee Minho in a compromising position taken yesterday wherein Dara's face is planted on Minho's stomach while they were lying on the pavement in front of the university gate. Those b!tches will really do anything to make her life miserable.

Dara started taking out all the pictures which are practically in every corkboard on the whole building. She knew she's extremely late for the group activity but she just can't let this go. She's too tired from all the misfortunes that are pummeling her life. Dara crumpled the picture that she was holding while resting her head on the wall, trying to regain her energy. But she's just too burned out to even put up a fight. If the guidance counsellor sees these pictures, she'll be in trouble again. 

Without realizing it, she slid down the wall and sat on the hallway, not caring about the bewildered looks of other students. Is it really fun for her classmates to see her suffer like this? Her eyes are already burning but she bit her lips to stop herself from crying. Suddenly a pair of legs materialized on her side. The stranger seemed to be pulling the pictures out, too.

Dara tried to compose herself before looking up to see who the stranger was. It was none other than Lee Jongwan!

Lee Jongwan: Why are you still sitting there? Get up and help me take out these pictures fast before the guidance counsellor makes his usual rounds.

Dara immediately got up with fully recovered energy! She closed her fist and smiled at her saviour.

Dara: Chakra RECHARGED!!!! 

Dara and Jongwan took out all the pictures in silence. All the while, the smitten Dara was stealing glances at him.

Dara: Thank you so much Lee Jongwan-sshi.

Lee Jongwan just smiled at her and walked away. Dara ran towards the group practice room, she's extremely late so it's not surprising that she became the errand girl of the group. Her groupmates made her do all sort of things. She was already emotionally drained so she just agrees to everything they say.

At the end of the day, Dara was dragging her body out of the school and walking aimlessly. She didn't notice GD who was waiting by the gates. GD was still following her when she sat by the barbeque tent and ordered soju.

Dara drank while GD is waiting nearby, his back is rested on the pole while watching her. A couple of bottles later, Dara is completely out of it. She stood up swaying dangerously and walked out of the tent. The ahjussi screamed at her coz she hasn't paid yet but Dara just kept on walking oblivious to what's happening around her. When the ahjussi was about to run on her direction, GD stopped him and paid Dara's tab.

On the other hand, Dara ended up walking along the river. She sat on a bench and completely spaced out. GD sat on the bench at the back of where Dara is sitting. Still, Dara is not paying attention to her surrounding.

Back to back on the bench, Dara is facing the river while GD is facing the park. He can hear Dara's heavy sighs and wondered what could have happened to her after storming out of YG Building yesterday. Is she hurt? Where did she sleep? Dara's voice brought GD back to reality.

Dara: Jiyong, I'm HOOOMMMmmmmmEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

GD was surprised and turned around, thinking that Dara finally realized it was him sitting behind her. But that's not the case. When he turned around, Dara vanished in his line of vision. He immediately stood up and looked left and right but he still can't find her. When he looked back at the bench, there she was sleeping comfortably with her right arm and leg dangling on the bench. It was GD's turn to sigh heavily. This fool must've thought she was home and just lied there on the bench thinking it was their bed.

GD piggyback Dara up to his car, which is a couple of miles ahead. Aigoooo. But he smiled at the thought of Dara's last words - "Jiyong, I'm home". 



I'm very extra sure this is not the last place I went to last night, so how did I get here in Jiyong's room? Hmmmmm, teleportation?

The last thing I remembered was sitting on the barbeque tent. I was not paying attention to my surrounding...which I usually doesn't anyway but I didn't see Jiyong when I was drinking.

I got up and looked at the mirror. GYAAAHHH!!!!!!! I look far beyond repulsive!! The girl on the mirror is totally hideous!! Yak! As i was fixing myself up, I heard footsteps by the door. uH-oh. Kwonzilla is here. In a blink of an eye, I jumped and went flying back to bed and pretended to sleep. The bed was still bouncing up and down when the door opened.

"I knew you're awake so stop pretending. I saw you while you were still airborne trying to fly your way back to bed.", he said sternly. Oh myyyyyyy!!!! I need to think of a way to run far and fast!! I'm absolutely certain that Jiyong is only 10 seconds away from whipping my . Hu hu hu! 018.gif 

Nevertheless, I remained immobile. I dare not move!

"Get up and let's talk," I heard him say while walking near the bed. GAHDDD!! I'm too scared to talk to him right now! HELP!! 

I abruptly got up, snatched my bag lying on the floor and fumbled on my things in panic. I found my notebook and pen and I hurriedly wrote something. I can feel Jiyong's heavy glare while I'm doing this. I finally finished what I was writing and showed it to him while hiding my face behind my notebook.

"I'm sorry for showing up in your workplace, I will NEVER EVER ever EVER (1000x) do it again..", he read the note loudly while I was still trying to hide my face.

"How did you end up in YG Building anyway and who was that guy driving the car and where did you sleep last night?", he asked continuously while I tried to quickly write my answers on the notebook.


I finally looked at him wearing a constipated expression due to fear of getting my as$ clobbered into a million pieces.

"It wasn't my idea! That idiot Minho thought he's doing me a favor by dropping me off to YG Building after he knew about the Univ Ball bet!", I said while clutching my hands.

"Minho? Isn't that the new tenant on your former apartment? Did you....sleep there last night?", he asked seemingly perplexed.

"Yes, I slept with him and..", my explanation was cut off when I saw Jiyong's eyeballs about to fall out of their sockets. Did I do something wrong again?! OMO!

"You..slept with him?!!!", he asked incredulously. What's so wrong about that? Why is he mortified by the idea of...Ohh no! No no NO no NO!! 

"Wait..wait..I did NOT SLEEP with him. I just slept on his apartment. I was in the room and he slept on the couch.", I corrected myself as he calmed down a little bit.

He sat on the bed and eventually lied down. He was staring at the ceiling and sighed as if a heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders.

"I'm really sorry Jiyong.", I sheepishly said.

He just looked at me and raised his hand while wiggling his pointing finger urging me to come closer. When I was close enough, he poked my forehead lightly. I wonder why he has a strong affinity to poke or hit my forehead lightly?

"Why didn't you just went back home last night? You even slept at a guy's apartment, do you know how dangerous that is?", he asked.

"I thought you were really mad at me so I don't want to show my face until you cool down.", I said. 

"You idiot.", he said while looking at the ceiling again. I'm not sure if that's the end of our conversation and the atmosphere is getting really ~~awkward so I just stared at the ceiling as well. I was sitting at the edge of the bed and I bent my knees and hugged my legs while my chin is rested at my knees. I was still gazing up wondering what to do next when GD finally spoke again.

"I was really worried last night...I thought you're going to leave without saying goodbye. Promise me you won't do that.", he said.

BLAGGGG!!!!!!!!!! That was me folks, after falling sideways from the bed to the hard ground. Did I hear him right? He was worried when I didn't go back home last night? He was WORRIED? Worried about what? About me???! ME?! 037.gif 

I was still clutching my legs like a fetus while lying on the floor in daze. GD is staring at me in utter shock.

"OMO!!! What the hell happened to you?!", he asked. 



Dara spent half of the night staring at me in AWE. I'm silently cussing myself for saying that cheesy line earlier. Jeezzzz!!!!!!!

"Why are you staring at me creepily?", I asked. We're sitting at the kitchen eating our dinner and she keeps on looking at me. I've pretty much lost my appetite. 

"You were worried about me.", she said..and then smiled while trapped in her own dreamland. ARRGGHHHH!!! <*shiver shiver> Can someone please stop her from saying that!!! My gosh I'm about to puke!! 

I decided to change the subject just so we can have a NORMAL conversation.

"So, what happened at school yesterday? You looked depressed.", I asked. She pouted her lips and began telling me how her classmates bullied her again. 

"I don't know why they're so pissed off at me. Is it because of the way I look?", she asked. Duh, yes.

"Then why don't you make yourself presentable, that's what I do. Still, that doesn't give them the right to treat you that way.", I said matter-of-factly.

"I am PRESENTABLE!", she said. Can she fcking hear herself??? Man, nobody is gonna wear those damn clothes that she's wearing unless they are 40 years old with three kids!

"Stop walking around looking like that! Wearing those jurassic glasses with an uncertain use!," I seriously wanna kill whoever's selling those clothes of hers.

She just shrugged her shoulders as if there's absolutely nothing wrong with her outfit. I rolled my eyes in frustration. Gahd!

"Don't you have any other clothes. Like those types you wear for special occasions?", I asked. Little did I know that I will regret asking her that question.

"I do! I bought a dress for the Univ Ball. Wait, let me doll up and show it to you!", she excitedly said while running in the room.

<* tick, tick, tick> I'm getting bored of waiting but she still hasn't come out.

"I'll be there in a minute!", she yelled inside the room. That minute never happened. What the hell is she doing?!

At last the door opened. And...out came Dara. HOLYYYY CRAP!!!!! What's that sh!t she's wearing?! 037.gif 

~~glitter glitter glitter

It was a fcking GLITTERING red dress in all its marvelous SPARKLE straight from a grandma's treasure chest! DAMN! Is she NUTS??!! She plans to wear that in her University Ball??? I am seriously getting scared for her life. The security guards on the venue might pound her to death thinking she's a GAY LUNATIC! Oh my GAHHD!! 024.gif 

She needs help. I mean she really REALLY needs help. She walks towards me and I can't help but to push my chair back in fright. I can't even close my mouth! Fck, I didn't even noticed it was hanging open the whole time! I wonder if my jaw is still intact. 

~~glitter glitter glitter

Oh my goodness, here it goes again!! Everytime she moves the fcking bloody red dress is blinding me coz it glitters like a fish scale! I then looked at her face. HOOOOOOOOLYYY SHHHHH!!TTT!!!!! The ahjumma look is now complete - with the curls, red lipstick and blushes, heavy mascara and blue...Oh man it's a fcking totally BLUE eyeshadow! Her cheeks and lips looked totally swollen! 

She then did a pose in front of me, probably thinking that's how the models in the runway do it. GOSH! I am CRINGING the whole time! Even my toes are curling up! 007.gif 

"Do I look like a celebrity too?" , she asked.

Some people may think that she is stupid...and they will be right.


Airline Crew: Passengers for Korean Air flight KA201, please proceed to Gate 12. Passengers for Korean Air flight KA201, please proceed to Gate 12. The plane is now ready for boarding.

Bom: Omma, aigooo!! Hurry up!!! Hurry up!!

Bom's Mother: Will you calm down? We won't miss the plane. You've been acting like that for the rest of our stay! I'm sure Dara's just fine, she's a capable girl.

Bom: Capable girl? Omma, are you talking about a different 'Dara'? Aigoo, hurry UP!!! I can't believe you won't let me go home alone!

Bom's Father: Your sister just gave birth to your first nephew, of course you have to stay.

Bom: I can always come back here. I'm just worried about Dara since I don't have any way of contacting her. Aigoo, why do I always forget to buy her a mobile phone!

Bom was half-running, half-walking when she passed by a beautiful lady. She turned her head to look at the girl again but she adjusted her shades and her big hat. Bom just shrugged it out and continued walking quickly, thinking why the lady's face looks oddly familiar.


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