MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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He brought me to the YG BUILDING!!! Oh Crappppppppppppp!!!!!!! If Jiyong sees me here, he sure as hell is going to rip my limbs apart!!!!

I was about to get back in the car but Lee Min Ho took off, taking my bag and wallet with him! I was waving my arms like a lunatic but that ba$tard just ignored me!! My whole body is shaking as I read the note that he handed me.

Just gather up your courage and ask GD. I already asked my manager to pull some strings so that you'll have a temporary pass to the YG BUilding. You'll thank me later. I'll pick you up after an hour. 

'You'll thank me later'????' I will KILL you later Lee Min Ho!! You should've just pushed me off a cliff instead of dropping me to Jiyong's workplace!! Oh my gahhhhhdddd!!! 4l0rvk.png 

The bitter taste of panic is sweeping through my whole system as I try to walk as far away as possible from the building of doom. Imagine my surprise when somebody grabbed my arm as I was making my escape!! I freaked out and screamed mightily, causing a huge disturbance within the vicinity. The ahjussi was scared sh!tless but so am I!

"Park Sandara-sshi?", he asked in quivering voice.

"Yes?", I said as both of us are taking a few steps back away from one another.

"I was just instructed to give you a temporary pass..", he said while showing the temporary badge as a symbol of peace eventhough at this point, I fully believe that he really doesn't mean any harm.

"Thank you ahjussi but I'm going home. I'm not going inside.", I exclaimed but he grabbed my arm again! Okay, I'm taking back what I said earlier. If this ahjussi doesn't let me go, he will be the cause of my death! 

"Sandara-sshi, you still have to go inside, sign the record book at the reception and return the temporary badge. Bye!", he said as he vanished from my sight.

This is way getting out of hand!! Why does Lee Minho have to meddle on my business?!!! GRRRRRRR!!!! I am seriously going to cut him in half!

<*breathe in, breathe out> I just have to return the temporary badge, right? I'm sure nobody will see me, I mean Big Bang is busy and all so there is a very slim chance of seeing them. I repeatedly convinced myself that everything is going to be fine as I entered the YG Building as inconspicuously as possible.

I was applying some ninja moves as I walk toe-first before I place my whole foot to the ground, afraid that the smallest noise will trigger Jiyong's spider sense. The guard is looking at me weirdly but I just flash him my magical temporary badge and he didn't say a word. Dang, I don't know where the reception area is!

I made rapid, small ninja steps towards the guard who quickly backed away in fright.

"Where's the reception area? <*whisper>", I asked in a hushed tone.

"Just go straight.", the guard whispered back.

"Thanks ahjussi," I said in a hushed tone again.

"Why are we whispering?", he suddenly asked in a normal tone.

"SSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", I angrily looked back at him. Seriously! This guard doesn't have any sense, he should've figured out that I'm trying to keep a LOW PROFILE here.

I quietly, VERY QUIETLY, made my way to the reception area. As I was nearing my salvation, I saw one of the Big Bang members coming my way!!!!!! To make matters worse, he is the one whom I mercilessly hit with a tray - that, that EYESHADOW GUY!!

With nowhere else to hide, I planted my whole body flat on the wall and did NOT dare move nor breathe. I just hope my aura of invisibility still works.

<*hyperventilation hyperventilation hyperventilation hyperventilation hyperventilation hyperventilation HYPERVENTILATIONNNNN!!!!!>

Oh please, dear God!! Let me out of this place without the risk of getting my a$s immediately pounded into dust!!!!!!!!!!!



I sense a disturbance in the force....


<*crickets crickets>

I entered the blue room where our MV is currently being shot. All eyes are riveted towards me and it creeps me out. Eerie silence enveloped the usual noisy room. I looked at the other members and they are giving me this 'we-know-something-that-you're-about-to-know-and-you're-not-gonna-like-it' kind of stare.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice that SHOULD NOT, nor should EVER be, heard in my workplace. Nah, that can't be. I warned her to stay far, far away from YG Building or else, I will butcher Tam Tam and her.

"You beat me to a pulp last time so you have to take responsibility," I heard TOP Hyung saying.

"Do you want me to kill chickens and offer them to your altar, your highness?", Dara asked sarcastically. Kekekeke, Take that TOP Hyung! I know Dara-ahjumma can match TOP Hyung's out of this world remarks..Wait a second...DARA????!!!!!!!!!!

My forehead immediately formed a thousand creases and I can feel my eyebrows forming one line as I took careful steps towards the source of argument. 

When I confirmed that it was indeed Dara, my mouth dropped to the floor and my eyes became as big as rice bowls. Hers too when she saw me. 

"We need a girl for this MV who looks like someone that has never kissed before and that obviously fits you!," TOP hyung continued.

WHAT THE F!!!!!! In the storyboard, I was assigned to kiss the 'naive' girl. So TOP Hyung's remarkable idea is to let Dara be the 'naive' girl on the MV that I have to kiss????!!!! NO FCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!

"Can I interview that girl for a minute, hyung?", I asked between gritted teeth. My fangs are already showing in extreme fury.

"Sure. I'm a genius, aren't I? I found the girl we needed while walking by the reception," he said.

I ushered Dara at the very far corner of the room and fired questions at her in rapid succession. GD monster has been unleashed, I sure am fuming in anger right now. How the hell did this Dara-ahjumma end up in our reception area?!! And now she's being considered for a role in our MV?? The girl that I have to kiss??? Are you fcking kidding me??!!

We are at the 17th floor right now and the idea of throwing her off the window is very tempting.



Dara's face is devoid of any colors as she trembled in fright. She can't possibly tell him that Lee Minho, yes the ACTOR Lee Miho, dropped him off YG Building thinking that he's actually helping her by doing so. 

She is at her wits end! Without any good reason to offer GD, Dara did what anyone would do when cornered in a life and death situation - RUN! She ran away from him in the speed of light and opened the first door that she saw.

All the people in the room just stared at the door in awe and disbelief. After a few minutes, out came the tomato-red Dara who accidentally entered the Men's Restroom as she was trying to flee for her life. As if on cue, everyone laughed at her.

She bit her lips and fiddled with her long skirt in embarrassment. The rounds of laughter in the room grew even louder.

GD was by her side in a few strides. He ushered her towards the exit door as he shot death glares to s. Laughter ceases as he did this.

Director: GD, I think TOP is right. She fits the role perfectly.

GD can't believe his ears. He tried to argue his way but everybody thinks that TOP indeed made a great choice. Half angry and half hysterical, he threatened Dara not to accept the role NO MATTER WHAT!

The director turned to Dara and tried to convince her to participate to the MV, to which she respectfully declined because she really doesn't want to and because she can picture GD sharpening his knives.

Director: So what do you say? This is a really good opportunity. And honestly, a lot of girls want to get this role but I just can't seem to find the one suited for this.

Dara: Thank you sir, but I really can't accept it.

Director: Oh well, too bad. The pay is really good, you know.

<*Ka-ching> Money signs can be visualized on Dara's eyes. She can sense that GD is trying to bore a hole in her skull with his stares but she felt a protective force field surrounding her as she heard the amount of money that she could have if she played the part on the MV.

Director: So, will you accept the offer Sandara-sshi.

Dara: Yes, I will!

GD: No, she won't!

Dara: But....

GD: She won't!!!

TOP: Excuse me Jiyong, since when did you change your name to Sandara? The director is asking her, not you.

For the last time, GD tried to convey his message to Dara through telepathy but the ahjumma-girl just looked at him innocently. At this point, there is no doubt that GD will be mad for the rest of history.

Then he thought of something.... He turned to the Director and presented his idea.

GD: Hyung, the girls who wanted to be part of the MV should still audition, right? And the majority of the members should still approve if she'll pass the audition.

Director: Hmmm, fair enough. You're right, we should test her acting ability.

Success!! GD knows for a fact that Dara won't be able to carry out the kissing scene. BECAUSE SHE HAVE NEVER KISSED BEFORE BWAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

But GD is forgetting a tiny detail. He's the one who's supposed to kiss the girl in the MV. 

TOP: Let's start the audition!

Director: Yup, let's try to shoot the highlight of this MV - the kissing scene. GD and Sandara-sshi, please get ready.

Dara and GD: WHAT??!!!

GD turned his head towards the panic-stricken face of Dara, unable to believe that his plan just backfired at him. Uh-oh.



We just stared at each other, the words 'HORROR' are written all over our faces. How do we fcking do this??! I placed my hands on top of her shoulders and SHE FCKING DID THE SAME!! Oh hell! I can hear the staffs and the other Big Bang members laughing as Dara and I look like we're about to engage in a wrestling match. 007.gif 

Did I already tell you that I plan to murder her later? 'COZ I DO PLAN TO MURDER HER LATER!!!! This female will certainly feel the Dragon's wrath!

I tilted my head on the right and she did the same, causing another round of laughter. To make matters worse, the director seems to like it since Dara is playing the part well - a 'naive' girl who has never been kissed.

To save ourselves from looking like total noobs in kissing, I just tilted my head to the left so that we won't look like we're going to headbutt each other. SHE FCKING DID THE SAME!!!!!!! Now both are heads are tilted on the same direction AGAIN!!!! 024.gif 

"Don't tilt your head, you retard! Just stay still!" I muttered under my breath.

I was bridging the gap between our faces when I realized her eyes are still WIDE OPEN!! Oh my [email protected]@$%&*~!!! She is staring at me the whole time to the point that she is almost cross-eyed. 

And she is not breathing!!! Dara is already pale because of lack of oxygen but she was holding her breath all along.

I straightened up and faced the director.

"I can't do this...", I said and walked towards the couch.

ARRGGGHH!!! I'm going to gargle kerosene later and BURN my mouth! Even if we just ALMOST kissed, I felt violated!

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. I felt very tired.

"I'll do it!!", a deep voice said. My eyes snapped open as TOP Hyung went to Dara with the approval of the director. I can feel the knots on my stomach tightened as TOP Hyung positioned himself in front of Dara with an evil smirk on his face.

"YAH!!!!", I heard myself screaming as I ran towards their direction. Man, I didn't know my legs have a life of their own. The next thing I knew, Dara is behind me while my arms are outstretched trying to block TOP Hyung. 037.gif 

"Dude, don't be such a kid. This is just an audition. And besides, remember that the writers are still choosing whether to use you or me in kissing the girl on the MV. The storyboard is not yet final.", TOP hyung said matter-of-factly.

I don't know what possessed me but I just feel a deep hate towards TOP Hyung right now. 

"Besides, I have unfinished business with this girl. I still need to get even with her.", he continued. I was about to retaliate when the voice of Dara-ahjumma interrupted my outbursts.

"BRING IT ON! You, you...EYESHADOW!!!", she shouted.

The two retards gauged each others strengths through their stares as Young Bae pulled me out of the set which seems to have turned into a battlefield. What just happened??? GAHDDD I'M GOING INSANNNEE!!!!!!!!

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