MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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While Dara is waiting for the subway, the LCD tv by the pillar showed a commercial of Lee Min Ho. She heard the gushing of teenagers nearby as they marveled over the handsome features of Lee Min Ho. Dara cannot help but smirk as she held her groceries. If she tells these girls that he is her friend, unimaginable things might happen. Then, the Big Bang tv ad was shown and again, more gushings can be heard from the girls. Dara's smirk grows even wider. If she tells these girls that GD is her roommate, South Korea will declare a state of emergency. She sniggered at the thought while other bystanders put a safe distance away from her. 

It was already 7PM when Dara arrived at the apartment. 

Dara: I'M HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <*screaming at the top of her lungs>

She placed the groceries on the kitchen sink and ran towards the room. The door is hanging open and a shirt and pair of socks are on the floor. Jiyong is sleeping shirtless on the bed, lying on his stomach and looking very tired. Dara is already used to seeing GD like this <*shirtless and tired kekekekeke>. It seems Big Bang is getting really busy in preparing for the new album. GD seldom eats with her nowadays. She walked at the side of the bed and brushed GD's hair with her right hand, looking very worried.

Dara: Aigooo, I thought I'll be able to prepare dinner before you get back. <*sigh> I guess I should still cook in case you wake up.

She was about to turn around when GD grabbed her hand while his eyes are still closed. In a hushed tone he said:

GD: Don't mess with the kitchen. I brought food for you in the ref. Just heat it up.

He then let go of her hand and his arms went limp by the side of the bed as he continues his sleep. Dara cannot comprehend how GD's mind works. Everyday he never fails to make her feel that she is such a big nuisance to his life. But he takes care of her very well. GD could have gotten her a new apartment unit but for some reason, he doesn't. Dara even looked for a new apartment since it doesn't really feel right to depend on GD until Bom comes back. But Jiyong insists on coming with her and he rejected every unit. For example, in the last apartment they visited, GD just walked towards the bathroom, flushed the toilet and shook his head. I mean, who the hell decides whether an apartment is good enough by just flushing a toilet?! Good heavens, he is insane. 

GD then told Dara to just stay with him until Bom comes back since it's not safe for her neighbors if she just lives alone considering she's a walking disaster. End of discussion. Whenever Dara opens up a conversation regarding moving into a different apartment, GD will just flick his fingers on her forehead. Well, it actually works on her advantage since this means she'll have more time to ask him to be his Univ Ball date. And even if he doesn't agree, she already has a backup plan. She'll ask Lee Jongwan to be the guy who'll kiss her. Problem solved indeed!! BOOYAH!

Dara carefully placed a blanket on GD and went to the kitchen. She grabs the food that GD bought for him and went to Lee Min Ho's apartment. That guy has no sense of time. He forgets to eat dinner unless you tell him it's already time to eat, jeezzz. How old is he again? I don't know how I end up being friends with him after he abducted Tam-Tam.

Dara knocked on the door.

Lee Min Ho: Go away, rabbit! Kekekekeke <*chuckles>

Dara walked away without second thoughts and the door immediately opened. Lee Min Ho pinched Dara's nose and drags her inside while holding her nose and while Dara is screaming in pain. 


She doesn't know why he is very fond of calling her 'rabbit'. This tall idiot really lives in his own peculiar world.

Lee Min Ho: Hmph. What's that? Is that dinner?

Dara grabbed the side dish container, and threw it straight to his face. Min Ho caught it in midair while laughing. 

Dara: If the entire female population knew that you are such a jerk, their delusions will crumble.

Her nose is still flaring in anger as she prepared dinner. As she was busy putting the food on the plates, Lee Min Ho grabbed Dara by the waist, placed her on his shoulder and spinned her around. Dara was screaming wildly until he puts her down. She immediately ran after him to kick his as$.

Dara: YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!!

Lee Min Ho: You can't even catch me, rabbit. Hahahahaha!

Dara stopped running and sat on the floor to catch her breath while Min Ho stared at her. He then walks towards her and offered his hand.

Lee Min Ho: Come on, stand up. I won't tease you anymore. Let's eat dinner.

Dara grabbed Min Ho's hand and stood up. Min Ho turned around and started walking back towards the kitchen when Dara suddenly jumped on his back on a piggyback ride and started pulling his hair in all directions.

Lee Min Ho: OUUUCCHHHH!!! Get off!!!!!!!

Dara: Not until I make you bald!!

And that's how Dara and Lee Min Ho normally passes time - trying to kill each other.



I woke up around 9PM and found Dara staring intently at my open laptop. I swear, she is NOT blinking while looking at this technology that is far beyond her comprehension.

"If you stare at the laptop's monitor for too long, you might go blind," I said in a serious tone. She immediately shifts her gaze towards the ceiling in fear of going blind. <*sigh> She is hopeless.

"Jiyonnnnngggg," she begs, I am sensing a bit of panic in her voice so I told her that I was lying much to her relief.

"Haven't you used a laptop or a computer before?," I asked. 

"Of course I have! I just haven't use this kind," she said while pointing to the laptop.

"What kind of computer did you use before?", I asked.

"The white one!", said the GENIUS while beaming with pride. 024.gif 

Remind me not to ask her again EVER, will you? I spent the next few minutes tutoring her about some computer and internet basics. 

"Wow!! This google thing is amazing! I just have to type the question and the answer comes to me telekinetically!," she said with much enthusiasm. This human female is crazy in the coconut. Her whole existence really just boggles my mind.

I watch her as she tries to type in a point-point system (a.k.a. typing using only the pointing fingers). I was literally bored to tears. 007.gif 

"Jiyong, what's Me2Day? I heard a lot of celebrities use that?," she asked after a while. OKAYYyy, now that's WEIRD. Since when did she KNOW about those kind of things and since when did she get interested with celebrities?

"Me2Day is a website that's like an online diary. You create an account and you can upload pictures with captions or videos that other people can see.", I answered while eyeing her suspiciously. My crystal ball tells me she's going to ask me to teach her how to use Me2Day. 

"Wow! Teach me! Teach mmeeeHH!!," she anxiously said. She's really my little pain in the as$. I took a glimpse at the mirror and saw what i would look like 10 - 20 years from now. My face is so haggard!

I spent the next few hours teaching her Me2Day while eating dinner. It's already 11PM...AND SHE STILL DOES NOT GET IT!! She couldn't grasp the idea of uploading pictures, creating her own account and the likes. OH MAN, I am so close to hitting her head with a hammer!

"So...what's Me2Day again? And how would people be able to see my Me2Day?," she asked for the hundredth time. I closed my fist in an attempt to control my anger and stared at her stonily. I am already suffering from indigestion at this point because of answering her nonsense questions which she doesn't seem to understand anyway.

"Give me my 2 hours back!," I hissed as she pouted her lips. If this continues, I'll find myself in a place called 'asylum'.

Tell her what FACEBOOK is, I dare you. 007.gif 



I woke up with a very unsettling feeling on my stomach. I just knew that this day is not going to turn out right.

Jiyong already went to work a few minutes ago. I got ready for school and went out of the apartment. The first person I saw is dressed in all black - none other than Lee Min Ho ba$tard. This is my first sign of bad luck.

"Yo!", he said. And that officially marked my disaster-filled day. 024.gif 

"Go away.", I said. I really don't have time to chat since I'm running late for my class.

"Need a lift?", he asked. I immediately stopped and turned around. I didn't know he can be of use sometimes.

I hopped in his car and he drove towards my school. As we were nearing the gates, I can see a yellow banner draped by the brick wall of the Theater Arts building. HOLY FCKING SH!T!!! My name is written on the banner with a countdown of how many days left for the Univ Ball. And some of my b!tch classmates are by the gates handing out colorful flyers with some details of what to expect for the Ball - the highlight of which is our bet!

And this tall ba$tard beside me got really curious (who wouldn't with all this colorful flyers extravaganza?!). He parked the car in an uncrowded area and opened the door for me (which totally surprised me that I almost kicked his crotch. I thought he's going to put me on his shoulders again and deliver me by the gates like a potato sack).

"Thanks for the ride. BYE!", I waved and went towards my school but I can sense him following me. I abruptly stopped and looked at him.

"You are not allowed to go within the school premises. Go, go! Shooo!", I said. But the as$hole walked past me and I can even sense him smirking eventhough his face is covered. What the hell is he trying to do???

Lee Min Ho approached one of my classmates to get a flyer. As soon as I realized the consequences if this jerk finds out about the bet, I charged in his direction in an unimaginable speed like a bull chasing a red flag. I tried to grab the flyer from his grasp but he stretched his arms upwards. I jumped and jumped but I can't fcking reach it!! Other students are already laughing at me and Lee Min Ho's forehead is already creasing as he reads the flyer. 037.gif 

In desperation, I climbed up him like I was climbing a tree. Doing this caused both me and Lee Minho to spectacularly crash down the pavement in a spinning, dramatic fashion like what you see on those cheesy romantic movies - me on top of him and in a very compromising position!!! My face is planted on his stomach near his...his....ARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4l0rvk.png 

<*click> <*click>

The b!tches took pictures of us. I abruptly stood up, shot a death glare towards Lee Min Ho and ran towards my classromm like my as$ is on fire. My eyeglasses got all blurry because of the gallons of sweat that I'm currently producing. As I was about to wipe my eyeglasses, I bumped on someone and the rounds of laughter got louder. Oh hell!!! 

"Are you alright, you seem to be always bumping on me whenever we meet," the guy I bumped said. I looked at him and again, the heavens parted and angels descended. The school premises turned into a Garden of Eden as he stretched his hand to help me stand up.

"Lee Jongwan-sshi!", I exclaimed, relief flooding my body as he smiled at me. He shifted his gaze at my b!tch classmates then he placed his arms around my shoulders!!! <*melts and dies> 029.gif 

"I'll walk you to your classroom.", he said with all the suaveness of a prince. Kyyyyahhhh!!!! Someone please kill me, like RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!



Whatever's inside Dara rabbit's skull is NOT a brain. I can't even imagine how she managed to get herself into this kind of bet but knowing her, anything 'stupid' is possible. I was busy re-reading the flyer and when I looked back at her, she's sprawled on the pavement AGAIN as she bumped on a guy. I was about to go help her when the guy beat me to it. The next thing I knew, his arms are around Dara's shoulders as they walk towards the classrooms. 

Eeehhh?? That guy looks oddly familiar.. Anyway, I'm going to ask that rabbit later. Why is he letting some random guy to act so comfortably at her?! That girl is going to have a dose of my nagging later. 

First things first, about this bet. He has to kiss a guy in front of the whole school if he can't bring GD to the Univ Ball??? Good heavens, how can she be so much of a farthead! 007.gif 

I dialed my manager's number and talked to him about a favor. I was satisfied when the call ended and went my way to finish my schedule for the day. I had to go back here later to pick up that rabbit. I'm sure she'll be surprised when she finds out about my plan.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

"Yo!!', I shouted when I saw Dara by the gates. She shot a death glare at me again and I can't help but laugh. I would've dropped dead in an instant if I wasn't immuned to her sharp stares. She's the only one who does that whenever I'm with her. 

We always tend to bicker when we get near each other which is surprising. But we had many deep, meaningful conversations too like the correct way of cooking ramen, whether Tam Tam is a girl or a boy, the art of catching peanuts with your mouth, etc.

"I know what you're thinking! If you're going to lecture me about the bet, I've already had enough of that with Bom and Ji--...and my other friend!", she said.

"Gahd, why would I do that?!! You, the genius of all mankind, should never be questioned!!", I exaggeratedly said while dodging her rapidly approaching punches. I caught her arms, wrapped my arms around her waist and threw her by the passenger seat.

"You jerk!!", she screamed and was about to wiggle free until I said the magic word 'Jjajangmyun'. That shuts her up and she obediently fastened her seatbelt while looking forward to eating her favorite dish. 

I excitedly drove towards our destination. 

When we reached the building, I asked Dara to step off the car and handed her a note. She looked at me, obviously bewildered at my choice of place. When she read the name of the building, realization dawned on her and with a panic-stricken face, she tried to run after me as I zoomed out leaving her behind.

Dara rabbit is on the loose at the YG Building. I just hope they have a heavy-duty insurance policy in case that girl unleashes mayhem.

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