MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE - fanfic by huntress
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She can stand in the middle of a crowded room waving a red flag and nobody will pay attention to her. She's very ordinary. What sets her apart from other girls is the fact that she doesn't really care about her looks or what the latest trend is. She is as ignorant in Kpop as a 6-year-old child. Hell, at least a 6-year-old wouldn't be a complete poptard as her. Kids know DBSK, Big Bang, Suju, etc. 

Considering she's taking up Theater Arts in college, this is very ironic. Most of the students taking up that course aim to be a celebrity. But Dara actually have no concrete plans for her future yet. She ended up taking Theater Arts because she can't decide where to sign up and her friend, Bom, suggested this course.

Most of her classmates call her Dara-ahjumma since freshmen year. Can't blame them though, she does look like a woman suffering from midlife crisis. She's wearing thick rimmed glasses not because she needed it, but because she already got used to it. She started wearing those glasses during high school when it was very windy to protect her eyes and have gone accustomed to it, much to the dismay of Bom who frequently tries to smash those blasted eyeglasses to smithereens. Good thing Dara has a dozen of them to spare.

Yes. She doesn't really care about anything at all. She is BORING. Her life is boring. But she doesn't mind. She's living alone in her apartment in Seoul. Her family is in Busan and her parents have already given up hope of seeing a grandchild from her. Whenever they start ranting about her appearance, Dara will just look at them with lifeless eyes. 

"Dara, just wait when you fall in love. You'll regret not listening to us!" Her mother constantly nagged her.

Now that she's almost graduating, she realized how she's missing out on a lot of things. She's probably the last 25-year-old in her class!! She never had a boyfriend! She only go out when her friend Bom (who is very popular in their school by the way, a complete opposite of her), drags her off her apartment. She always wear the same set of clothes. Gyahhh, she looks like a beggar! And her classmates love calling her Dara-ahjumma because of her poor sense of style.

Bom is always telling her that she's pretty if only she would agree to a make-over. Well, Bom's her friend. And friends do that, you know, LIE to make you feel good. 

On her last year of college, she tried very hard to blend in with the others. But oftentimes, she just end up making a fool of herself. Like what happened when her classmates were discussing about whom to go with to the University Ball which will be held the next month. 

It was an event that everyone is looking forward to. In reality, she doesn't really care. It's just a dance ball, for crying out loud. You know, food, music, drinks, and stupid talks? What's there to be excited about? But she still feigned interest, in an attempt to blend in. 

Much to her annoyance, her classmates started teasing her. Telling her that she might not enjoy the Univ Ball since they're going to play contemporary music and not folk songs. These brought a round of laughter in the room. Dara is feeling really really small because of embarrassment. And to add salt to injury, someone even asked her if she already got a date, to which she replied 'No'. Another round of laughter.

"Dara-ahjumma, it will be hard for you to find a date. It's already too late. It's better if you just stay at home and do your usual stuffs! Like knitting! Hahahahahha!!"

Dara is pissed off. Her stubborn personality surfaced. Is it so hard to get a date? Heck, you just have to ask someone to accompany you and you'll go to the Univ Ball together and eat, drink and...have stupid talks.

"I think I'll easily manage to get a date, thank you very much", she said smugly.

"ReallllyYYY? You think you can just ask anyone and bring him to the Ball?"

"Of course, what's so hard about that?" Dara countered.

"Okay Dara, let's have a bet. If you'll be able to bring the guy that we're going to pick to the University Ball, we promise you that we will all vote for you as the Queen of the Night and you know the prizes for the Queen of the Night are pretty amazing, right? But if you won't be able to bring him, you have to walk around the campus wearing a sign 'I'm a .'"

All of her classmates broke out in chaos. Everyone is very excited. It's her first time to be the center of attention. It's her first time to be challenged. Backing out is not an option. She needs to uphold the name of the PARK family!!

"You're on. But he needs to be someone who's at least decent looking and who also doesn't have a date for the Univ Ball yet", Dara said.


"So, what's his name?"

The room is now full of anticipation. Everybody is now placing their bets. Dara-ahjumma is up for a big challenge. Everyone knew that she's a certified KPop idiot.

Her classmates look at each other as if brewing an evil plan.

"How about.....KWON JIYONG?" One of her classmates asked.

"Okay. I'll make sure he'll be my date on the University Ball, you just wait and see."

With that, Dara stormed out of the room leaving her classmates behind who were all shouting with glee. She immediately went to a phone booth and dialed Bom's number. Ha! This is one of the benefits of being a friend with the most popular girl in school. She can ask Bom to ask that 'Kwon Jiyong' to be her date and everything will be FINE!! Dam di dam di dam di dam. Life has never been so easy!!! HA! 

As soon as Bom picked up, Dara explained the situation to her.

"Okay, so what's the name of the guy?" Bom asked.



"Bom? You're gonna help me...Aren't you?"

"YOU MORON! Dara I can't believe you can be this STUPID!"

"Why? What's wrong?!"

"You really don't know who Kwon Jiyong is?" Bom asked incredulously.

"Should I?"





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