Longing for Feelings


In eyes of others your family is perfect. In eyes of others your marriage is perfect. But is it really like that? Do they know what really happens behind the closed doors? You know, but what can you do? You are just a puppet, a figure that makes things look better.



For the after story read What now?

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kaiiii94 66 streak #1
such a nice story...
bitternumb #2
Chapter 6: i actually cried when his mother said
she was sitting and waiching other couples
bitternumb #3
Chapter 4: ok i do undrstand jongin a bit more now
but i'm still mad at him
jerk :|
bitternumb #4
Chapter 3: you are sick :|
idk why i'm reading this
it's so sad and painful
97 streak #5
Chapter 22: Aww... I love it!!
97 streak #6
Chapter 8: Oh gosh... It will be a useless hope after all. Bad Jongin, bad...
Chapter 24: I loved it!!!
Chapter 6: I literally cried reading this??
Chapter 21: the ending was so sweet!
Chapter 18: oh god it was so cruel! i feel like crying