This Life is Yours!
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Sora widened her eyes before hung open and gibberish words came out. Sunggyu was still looking at her sharply; his hands were dangerously near the edge of her blouse.


Sora gasped out loud before pushing Sunggyu away and shouted, "Per... !"


She got up quickly and managed to stood up, feeling her heart was jumping like mad in her chest before Sunggyu stood up and caught her hand before she could even walk away.

"LET GO! LET GO!" She screamed, shaking off Sunggyu's hand in horror but Sunggyu's grip was totally firm.


Sunggyu walked up to her and turned her around into him.

"Let go!!!" She bellowed again, struggling in Sunggyu's embrace.

"Ahh... I'm happy." Sunggyu said, almost quietly.

Sora stopped struggling. "Dae... dae?"

"I'm happy."

"You're happy because you're a ?" Sora asked, bluntly, feeling uncomfortable that her torso was against his chest... His... well-built chest... Sora shook her head.

"I'm happy because that is the first word that you said to me."

"Mwuh?" Sora was dumbstruck, at loss of words.

"Even the tone is similar. Except that at that time, you threw me a book; a really thick book." He laughed, still holding Sora's back.


Sora calmed down a bit. "Why would I call you a at that time?"

Sunggyu let her go and smiled meaningfully. "You think?"


He turned away and began walking towards the door.

"Wait, Kim Sunggyu-sshi! What do you mean by that?"

Sunggyu only laughed and opened the door and went out.


It couldn't be, Sora thought.

He was kissing me to get me to remember... but why did he ask me whether I was wearing the monitor or not? And what did he mean when he said 'you think?'? Nothing... Nothing happened, right?



Sora walked out as well to find him standing in front of the door which scared the hell out of her and she held her chest, feeling her heart skipped a beat then.

"Kim Sunggyu-sshi, are you trying to kill me?" She asked, almost panting.

Sunggyu was genuinely sorry as he had forgotten about her condition. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Sora said, pouting and walked ahead downstairs. She got in the car and Sunggyu got in the passenger's seat, looking at her with fascination.



"What... what are you looking at?"

"It seems like kissing makes you remember a lot of thing"

Sora blushed and felt her face burning. "It... IT WASN'T THAT EFFECTIVE." She said loudly but it was monotone, almost like a robot talking.

Sunggyu laughed. "But at least you know that wasn't the first time."

Sora pouted and turned to Sunggyu, her eyes travelled to his hair, which was messy, which was done by her fingers when Sunggyu was behind her ear just then.... She looked away immediately, dropping her head on the steering.

"What's wrong?" Sunggyu asked.

"Nothing...." She put up a hand to Sunggyu without lifting her head from the sterring.

"Does it hurt anywhere?" Sunggyu asked; leaning in while touching her thigh and that made her jumped badly.


I'm really going to die if I stay around Kim Sunggyu-sshi!!!, she thought.



Sunggyu took back his hand when Sora looked up and turned to him sharply. "I'm okay, really."

"Really?" Sunggyu looked at her with concern. "But your face is red? Are you having a fever?"

His hand went up to her forehead this time, which again made her felt like fainting.

"You're just fine." Sunggyu said, his eyebrows furrowed.

"I told you I'm fine... Rather than that, Kim Sunggyu-sshi, ummm... your hair... you might want to... fix it." Sora said, clearing a couple of times.

"My hair?" Sunggyu pulled down the mirror and laughed amusedly when he found out that there was no mirror. He began to fix his hair by looking at the rear mirror and when he said he was done, Sora turned to him to see some part was still out of place.

She sighed before her hand went up to Sunggyu's hair and fixed it. Sunggyu watched her, with a gentle gaze and Sora was just about to finish fixing it when she felt a pain in her chest. She clenched her chest immediately, trying to breathe.


"Thora?" Sunggyu held one of her shoulder and his other hand was on her hand on her chest. "Are you okay?"

"I did that before, didn't I?"


"Everytime I try to remember something, my chest will hurt." She said, breathing slowly. "I fixed your hair before... you were standing in front of me..." She said, narrowing her eyes.

"Thora... That's right! That was what happened!" Sunggyu exclaimed. "You remembered!"

Sora smiled weakly. "It's only a little though..."

"But you're getting there!" Sunggyu said, excitedly.



Sora smiled and dropped her gaze, just to notice Sunggyu's hand was on top of her hand which was holding her chest. She freaked out almost immediately.

"Just... Just where do you think you're touching me?!" She shrieked.

Sunggyu panicked and looked at his hand before pulling it away. "I... I didn't mean to do that! I was only trying to hold your hand! It's not like I directly touched your s or anything! I mean, my hand was on top of your hand, wasn't it?"


The explanation just made it worse.



Sora jerked away and asked flatly in her monotone voice. "Kim Sunggyu-sshi, I'm sorry but can you go home by yourself today?"

"Dae?" He asked, surprised. "Wae yo?"

"I might die if you stay." She said, narrowing her eyes and made a face to Sunggyu.

"Yah, Han Thora!" Sunggyu looked at her with disbelieve. "Why would you die if I stay?"

Sora looked sideways.

"Is it because of what happened in the house just now? If it's about that then you don't have to worry. It's nothing to worry for."

Sora was even more confused. "Is there anything I should be worried about?"

"Ani. I mean, it's not like I haven't touch you before." Sunggyu said, bluntly.

"Touch... before..." Sora muttered to herself, looking at Sunggyu distastefully.

Sunggyu finally realised his mistake. "No! I mean, I did touch you before bu-"

"AHHHHHHH" Sora plugged her ears with her fingers. "I CAN'T HEAR. I CAN'T HEAR."

"Han Thora-yah!"

"I CAN'T HEAR!" She was making 'ahhhhhh' sound continuously that made Sunggyu irked out and he pulled Sora's face and kissed her. Sora went silent immediately, her eyes were wide open again and she could actually see Sunggyu's strands of hair. Her hands immediately touched Sunggyu's shoulders and pushed him away.



"You were so noisy." Sunggyu said, crossing his arms. "Now, drive."

"I don't want to." Sora said, shrinking away, still having the after-effects of his kiss.

"Well, if you don't want to," Sunggyu looked ahead. "We could go upstairs and finish what we started."



Sora quickly started the engine and drove towards home, almost at the verge of hitting Sunggyu all of the time. When they arrived at her house, Sora was about to enter her house when Sunggyu joked again.


"Not going to kiss me a goodnight?" He said, laughing.

"Ya...yah! What... What are you saying!" She looked around nervously.

Sunggyu laughed.

"You must have been spending too much time with Woohyun-sshi..." She complained, and then her chest was in pain again.

"You've said that before too! I told you that kissing method works well."

"No it doesn't..." Sora said, looking elsewhere. "Kim Sunggyu-sshi should go home now... People will see..."

"Yah, Han Thora."

"Wha... What?"

"The other day... When I pulled up your blouse, I didn't see anything, really."


Sora felt like fainting again.


"All I see were those wires near you bra, so there's nothing to worry."He said, bluntly again.

"Kim Sunggyu-sshi..." She said, flatly.


"What was the colour of my bra?"

"Pink." Sunggyu said mindlessly, before slapping his mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." Sora shrieked out. "Oh my god this is so embarrassing..."

"I didn't mean to look!" Sunggyu said, defensively. "I could swear on it!"


Sunggyu smiled nervously. "You don't have to be embarrassed. We lived together for 3 months, so I've seen your underwear before."

Sora looked at him, asking why he was so blunt that day or it was all intentional...


Sora sighed. "It's fine. I'll just consider you saw me in bikini suit or something..." She looked up, avoiding Sunggyu's eyes."It's not like you've seen everything."

"Well, about that..." Sunggyu scratched his cheek, making Sora's heart went crazy again.

"Wha... What?"

"I'll be going home now." Sunggyu said immediately, putting up and a hand and walked the stairs.

"Wha..What? Kim Sunggyu-sshi, what do you mean by that??" Sora shouted.


Sunggyu only turned to wave before walking away.


Sora went into the house, ran upstairs, jumped onto her bed and screamed into her pillow.


"Don't tell me..." Sora sat up, touching her shoulders with crossed hands. "NO!!!"


Kim Sunggyu-sshi... are you really a ? 


Just a relief chapter to ease up the tension going on this story. hahahaha.

did anyone get a heart attack last night? ..... I was hesitating on the kiss scene, asking myself whether that was too much or.... OTL

I know there are minors reading this so I'm sorry if previous chapter was, well, um, disturbing. 

don't worry, this story will remain unrated. =_= any rated things... um. well...  let's leave it to fate.


Btw, I've been working on a poster but the result is skjdnsjdnjsnfj since I at photoshop. =_=

I want a new poster! T_T 

do you like have any simple tutorial thread that even a tofu can comprehend?

or perhaps you can make me one? /makes cute tofu face/ 


anyways, giddy chapter above! i hope nobody got irked out. =_= 

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