The Pretty Barista


The bus ride home was entertaining. Baekhyun kept making us laugh and Lay kept spacing out. But amidst all our laughter, I couldn't get that lingering thought out of my head. How come Sehun had to pay for his meal while I got my drink for free?

I shake the thought out of my head. I don't think Sehun converses with Taemin like I do anyway. And besides, he doesn't care which barista he lines up for. Yeah, that's probably it. I'm sure I'm not special like that in any way.

"Let's go to the noraebang!" Baekhyun suddenly suggests. Actually, that wasn't a bad idea.


Before I knew it, we found ourselves at an EverySing noraebang in Myungdong. I checked my watch, it was a little past 8.

Not long after we settled in a room enough to fit six people. As long as there was space to dance, I was happy. It's not like I could sing well anyway. And Baekhyun would probably hog up the mic.

Like I predicted, Baekhyun was the first to grab a hold of one of the two microphones in the room, he plugged in a song not wasting the time we had inside. The first song that came on was a slow ballad song.

"What the heck is this?" I ask Baekhyun bitterly, "We already know you're a good singer. Change the damn song!"

Baekhyun glared at me. "Excuse you!" He starts, "I am stalling. Do you even know what songs you want to sing or dance to yet? No. So let me sing this song first while you all go look at the list."

I could hear Luhan, Sehun and Lay snickering.

"Sing a Lady Gaga song." Lay tells Baekhyun laughing.

"Put in Bad Romance or something!" Luhan adds, "I'm sure Sehun and Kai could dance to that."

"Hell no!" I protest. Sehun was shaking his head too.

"Like A G6! Like A G6!" Sehun scooted over to Lay who was looking through the song lists.

"Please Sehun…" I start. "I am so sick of that song. It's all we danced to last week."

"Dance it now! Show us your dance academy isn't completely useless." Luhan taunts.

He always makes fun of us for having dance academy as an out of school activity, just cause Luhan is part of his school's dance crew. Pfft.

"I'm putting Wonder Girls' Nobody and Super Junior's Sorry Sorry." Lay says laughing as he punches in the numbers for the respective songs. Baekhyun is too busy hitting high notes to bother with our conversations.

"As long as you dance them, Yixing." I tease Lay.

"Bring it." He looks me straight in the eye.

"We should have a Nobody and Sorry, Sorry dance contest!" Luhan suggests.

"Baekhyunnie hyung can be the judge!" Sehun nods.

"Call!" I agree laughing.

"Lay hyung versus Luhan hyung for Nobody; and me versus Kai for Sorry, Sorry." Sehun says.

I laugh at that suggestion. Lay and Luhan dancing Nobody was one of the most hilarious things ever.

"No! We should be in teams!" Luhan argues.

"ANIYAAAA!" I yell over the loud music. Baekhyun's ballad has just ended and the loud melody of 2NE1's Fire was blasting throughout the room.

"EH, EH, EH, EH!!!!!" But Luhan was already waving his arms in the air along with Baekhyun, too preoccuppied to argue with me. Not long after Luhan had a mic in hand as well.

When Nobody came on, I pushed Lay up to the middle. "Go, go!" Sehun and I encouraged.

"Luhan, you too!" Baekhyun ushered.

"Why can't Sehun dance Nobody?" He argued.

In the end, we all sort of ended up dancing Nobody and Sorry, Sorry.

Baekhyun judged fairly declaring Lay the winner for Nobody and me winning for Sorry, Sorry. Luhan said it was a conspiracy. Like I would conspire anything with Byun Baekhyun.

I punched in Michael Jackson's Beat It and Baekhyun sang it as the rest of us went crazy with the choreography. It was one of mine and Sehun's favorite dances of all time.

"I can do Smooth Criminal!" Luhan said. "Put it in!!" Then, once the song came on, Luhan showed off.


The first hour in the noraebang passed by so quickly, and although the rooms were cold and air-conditioned, I broke into a sweat.

"Kai! You should sing something! We all did! Come on!" Luhan urged.

I shrug, we were here to have fun anyway. Who cares if I couldn't sing as well as Baekhyun or Luhan. "Go pick a song for me." I tell them.

Next thing I knew, the mic was in my hand and another Wonder Girls song was playing. "I'm so hot, na neomu yeppeoyo…" I sang and the guys laughed. Luhan and Sehun were dancing to the chorus though. When Yoobin's rap came on I took the center and entertained my friends acting like I was hot stuff, and that made them double over laughing.

Then SNSD's Gee came on. "Why are we singing girl group songs?!" I laugh as I tell Lay off-- he was, after all in charge of song selection.

Sehun, Luhan and Baekhyun were happily dancing to the chorus anyway. It continued like that for the rest of the next hour. We definitely drained our energy. Especially when 2PM's Hands Up started to play. If Baekhyun and I could bounce off the walls, we would have been doing it already.

Then a worker comes in and knocks, saying our second hour was up and if we wanted to extended. It was already past 10 when I checked my watched and the 5 of us decided to end our noraebang for the night.

"Wanna walk around? Maybe get some street food?" Luhan suggests. "All that singing and dancing made me hungry."

"I want french fry coated hotdog!" Baekhyun announced.

"Oooh. Yeah. Let's go!" I agree.

The others thought it was a good idea, too.


After paying, we found ourselves walking the streets of Myeongdong looking for street food here and there. Sehun found a ddukboki stall and got an order. Lay on the other hand got a few pieces of mandu when we passed by an aromatic stand selling them.

It seemed like we weren't going home any time soon so I got myself a canned coffee from a vending machine, still looking for the french fry hotdog we were all craving for.

"I think there's a stall that sells them around the corner there." Luhan points ahead, and we walk towards that direction.

The night air was cool and the different aromas from all the stalls did nothing but add to our hunger. It's been a while since we went out like this. It was nice. These days, we were usually just crashing each others' houses or at the mall or something. I missed the smell of street food stalls.

When we got to the corner Luhan said, we turned and true enough there was a big stall selling all these hotdogs. Suddenly, I wanted to buy one of each.

We hurriedly went over to the stall and scanned all the items laid out. Sehun excitedly pointed to one wrapped in seaweed. Baekhyun got two sticks of the french fries hotdog and Lay took one wrapped with bacon. I was debating which one I wanted. By now, they all looked so appetizing.

I feel someone nudge me, breaking me from my order-deciding reverie. When I look to my side it was Lay. "Hey isn't that the barista from Dream Tea?" He whispers to me.

"Huh?" I raise a confused eyebrow at him.

"Hyung! It's hot don't--!"

That voice was too familiar. I quickly turned and looked across the stall and my jaw drops. It was Taemin. In his hand a french fry coated hotdog.



Finished most of the chapter while watching Dream Concert on KBSWorld. Hot damn Exo-K was fiiiiiiine. And 2PM <3 gosh. I just love them!! And Oh ho ho. Visual aids like a boss! I want you all to read this chapter and see the food and be all hungreh!! I'm forever craving Korean street food. xD

As always, thank you to my new subscribers and commenters. I'm glad there are people who like my story! :D I will keep trying to make this story as interesting as can be!


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