The Pretty Barista


It was finally the day of the performance and I was nervous as hell. I was excited all at the same time, too. I wanted to do so well. I wanted to show my parents that I was good at dancing, and show them how much I loved it. I wanted to prove Luhan wrong to finally get him to shut up about our academy, and how it wasn't a waste of time. And that our academy is probably even better than his school dance troupe--Sehun and I both wanted to shove our choreography in Luhan's smug face. And I wanted to impress Taemin, of course. But, all the pressure aside, I just wanted to have fun. I loved dancing, so I shouldn't stress over the one thing I know I'm sure of.

In the showcases, normally, the different dance classes would perform one routine as a whole group, but aside from our group routine, Sehun and I had a special performance. It was only about a minute long, but it was my favorite choreography cause it was just the two of us. It usually meant that, when the choreographers see more potential in their students, they give them the extra spotlight to show off. Sehun and I were the ones chosen from our class. There was one class that was sending out one to dance solo, which I was honestly so excited to watch. A girl, even.


Before I knew it, we were already settling into position on stage for our group performance. When the light , I looked to the crowd where I knew my friends and family would be sitting. I locked eyes with Luhan and smirked, I found Yixing and he gave me a thumbs up. Suho-hyung, Chanyeol and Baekhyun were cheering, Kyungsoo's eyes were bigger than usual, then there was Taemin smiling in the crowd, looking prettier than ever. I did a once over to Sehun, who was positioned all the way across the stage from me, we grinned at each other and that's when the music started. Without missing a beat, because I could seriously dance this in my sleep, I danced the way I was taught, and more.

The 5 or so minutes were over before I realized and Sehun and I were running to the dressing room getting ready to change outfits because one more class would be performing before the special stages!



"You ready?" Sehun grins.

I nod. "I was born ready." I throw him a smirk.

Sehun snorts and rolls his eyes, "Could you seriously not have thought of a less cliche reply?" He whines. "God, Jongin! Sometimes you're so embarrassing to be with." He complains.

I laugh. "Shut up! Come on, the chick's performing!" I pull him to the side of the stage so we can watch that girl dance solo.

"Oh no!" Sehun gasps. I look at him. "This is a song Chachi danced to."

Sehun watched the girl in awe. Oh, this was good I could now. Then the song stopped playing and I could hear my best friend complain. "Wh-what? It's over? How could that be over?"

The girl exits on the other side of the stage.

"Awe, does Sehun have a crush?" I tease.

He scoffs, "I don't know. Are you going out on another date with Taemin?" He counters and I punch his shoulder.

"Guys!" Someone suddenly hissed in our ears, "No more bickering. The next pair is going on and you're up after that, get into position." It was Jinny, and she was one of the people in charge of getting the performers organized backstage.

The nerves of excitement started to build up and I was getting pumped up to perform again. Dancing was a natural high to me and I wasn't scared to be on the stage so Sehun and I settled ourselves in our stand-by position watching the duo before us perform as I reviewed the steps in my head.

Their song ended and the pair bowed. I looked at my best friend and he smirked.

"This is it." He says.

"Let's shove it up Luhan's face?"

"He won't know what hit him."


When the introduction to our song came on, Sehun and I ran out to the stage and got into starting position. I could hear the hooting and yelling from our friends in the crowd. You couldn't miss Chanyeol and Baekhyun's voices. Then there was that faint 'Go Kai!' that I knew was Taemin's voice, and before the beat dropped, I knew I got this in the bag.

Our backs were turned to the crowd, and when the first beat hit, Sehun and I spun starting our choreography with a high-five, walking closer to the crowd as we fixed our costumes then went into the intricate steps. As someone trained in ballet, I learned how to spot. Spotting was what I needed to learn to perfect my pirouettes. I needed to focus on one single thing to get my turns correctly. When I danced, I normally know how to blur everyone else out, but this time, I had planned to spot. As much as I wanted to stare at Taemin during the routine, I kept my eyes planted on Luhan and saw how his jaw dropped at mine and Sehun's movements. How we hit the beats perfectly with our choreography and that was all I needed to see before I blurred everything out again and danced with my signature smirk on.


The song was nearing the end and I caught a glimpse of Sehun's smug face during the part of the choreography I had to tap him on the back. That look only meant one thing. He was definitely satisfied with his performance.

Finally the song faded and we were standing there inhaling and exhaling deeply. I could hear Sehun's heavy breathing and I'm sure he could hear mine, too. But I quickly forgot about that because the cheers from our friends and the rest of the crowd were deafening.

This was a happy high unlike I ever felt before and I'm pretty sure the feeling is going to be there till the end of day.


Sehun and I quickly ran off the stage because it was the next soloist's turn to go on, but we were laughing the whole way towards the dressing rooms.

"Oh my god! That was amazing!!!" Sehun grinned once we got inside.

"That was so much better than anything we ever did in practice!"

"I know. I didn't bump into you." Sehun laughs at his joke and then I'm laughing too. "Did you see Luhan's face, though?" He asks.

"His eyes could rival Kyungsoo's."



Once the recital was done, we all met up with our friends and family by the lobby of our Academy. Sehun and I greeted our parents before we went to approach our friends. I could see them crowding by a corner as we spoke to our parents. They were patiently waiting for their turn to come up and greet us.

Sehun's younger sister hugged him and didn't let go and his parents were all praises. His mom even brought us a cake she had made. Congratulations! was scribbled over the frosting.

I gave my mom a big hug the moment I saw her. She wiped my sweat-clad forehead with her handkerchief that smelled like her favorite Chloe perfume.

"I didn't know dance brought so much life to your eyes, Jongin." She had said and I smiled because I was able to show them what I wanted.

"How is it that no one in our family can dance, yet you dance so well?" My dad comments. And I chuckled joking that I had hogged up all the talent.

Sehun's parents congratulated me and vice-versa. My parents couldn't believe that Sehun and I could actually be that productive when we were together. Our two families started speaking and deciding what would happen next. 

Our parents told us that we could treat our friends to dinner. They appreciated that they all came and watched our performance and said that they made the night even more meaningful by being here.

So they handed  both of us cash for dinner. "You have your credit card just in case, right?" My mom reminded me before our parents bid us and our friends good bye.


That's when Luhan, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Yixing, Kyungsoo, Suho hyung and Taemin crushed Sehun and I in one huge group hug.

"You guys were so good!"

"Oh my god, I didn't know you guys were so talented!"

"Sehun didn't forget his steps!"

"You didn't tell us you had solos!"

"Did you notice Jongin's face when he dances?!"

"Game face was totally on!"

And a flood more of comments and reactions.


When I was finally released from the group hug, I spotted Taemin, who had stepped away from everyone else flashing me a smile.

"You made it!!!" I exclaimed happily, practically throwing myself at him.

Taemin hugged me tightly and when he pulled away, he flashed me a smile and said, "I wouldn't have missed it for anything, Kai!"

My smile was beaming.



"So what's the plan?" Chanyeol asked.

And Sehun and I told them that we were taking them out for dinner.


We ended up at a TGI Friday's just down the street from our dance academy. But it was okay, since the food there came in big servings and we were all pretty hungry anyway. Sehun and I ordered a boat-load of food cause the cash our parents left us with was meant for those slightly pricey restaurants you would find in hotel lobby's or hotel penthouses. But Sehun and I liked being average and so did the guys so we decided to eat in a TGI Friday's instead.

"Let's all hear what Luhan has to say!" Baekhyun announces while we were eating appetizers.

"What?" Luhan says snappily. "What exactly am I saying this time?"

"Weren't you just telling me in the auditorium how you couldn't believe that Jongin and Sehun were so--- mmfphmfmm!!!!" Luhan practically lunged at Baekhyun and was now half covering his mouth, half choking him.

"So violent." I shook my head and tsked.

Everyone laughed as Luhan told Baekhyun off snappily saying he should mind his own business and that everyone didn't need to know what he did (or did not) say.



When our main dishes arrives, we hungrily dug in, barely speaking to each other because we were all practically starving at that point. The appetizers were wiped out in the first 15 minutes. Mid-meal, I was cut off by Taemin. I noticed him staring at his phone.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Could you come with me to Dream Tea for while? I need to pick something up."

"Now?" I wondered.

"I mean, if it's okay with you. I could head there alone I just--" I cut him off.

"No! I'll go with you."

Taemin smiles, "Thanks."

We tidied our places a bit before I told Sehun and the rest of our friends that I was going to go accompany Taemin to pick something up.

"But you're not done eating." Luhan says.

"It's just there, near the Acadamy!" I point towards the direction we came from previously.

"In Dream Tea?" Sehun asks to confirm.

Taemin laughs, "Yes. I left something there. I need to get it now, cause the store's closing early today."

"Okay, be quick or your food will get cold." Sehun tells us.

"Don't worry, we'll take like 5 minutes." I say getting up from my seat.



"So what exactly do you need to get?" I asked Taemin while we were on our way to the cafe.

"Just something." He grinned.

"What is it? Is it a secret or what...?"

"Maybe…" His tone was teasing.

"I'm not even going to ask anymore." I decided not to push it if he really wanted to keep it a secret.


We were in Dream Tea in no time, and Taemin and I entered the cafe even though they were practically closing already. Someone in the Dream Tea uniform pops his head out from the staff room to check who else had entered and when he saw it was just Taemin he waved and Taemin waved back. The guy went back into the staff room.

"Why are they closing so early?"

"Staff meeting." Taemin says simply. That's probably why that dude (and most likely the rest of the people working here tonight) was in the staff room.

"Why aren't you part of the staff meeting?" I ask.

"Cause this time isn't my shift. The baristas for the morning and afternoon had our staff meeting before the shop opened today." He tells me.

"I see..."

"I'll be right back." He says and Taemin goes behind the counter as I take a seat at one of the nearest tables. I hear what I think is the Dream Tea staff greeting Taemin as he walked inside the staff room.

The last customer had just left the store before Taemin comes out with a small box.

"What's that?" I asked him as he approached the table I was sitting at, holding the box.

"It's my present for you." He says with a smile.

"Present?" I swear, blinking as much as I did wasn't normal.

"Mhmm! Here!" He sets it down on the table and pushes it towards me. "Open it."

I open the box and find a small cake inside it. My smile reached my ears.

"Is this…?"

"It's a Tiramisu." Taemin immediately says, "I remembered how you liked coffee, and I was thinking of what I could make that had coffee in it, then I remembered we had Tiramisu that night we went out and how I told you that I could make Tiramisu, then you said you wanted to try the stuff I baked and so I made a cake for you cause I knew that tonight would be special for you…" He was rambling. Sort of. I understood everything he said though, and thought that what Taemin did was so sweet.

"That's so thoughtful!" I exclaim, "Thank you, Taemin. You sure remember a lot of things about me." I chuckle jokingly.

"You're kinda hard to forget…" He mumbles. But I heard. My cheeks were growing hot.

Taemin was just standing there beside me looking at the ground while I awkwardly stared at my Tiramisu.

Slowly, I turned my face to look up at him, finally deciding that I didn't care I was sort of blushing. At the same time, Taemin locked eyes with me and I could see his cheeks were slightly flushed as well.

"Uh… Taemin?" I spluttered.

"I like you, Kai." Taemin suddenly said, "I like you a lot." He adds. "More than a friend should like a friend." And with that line I swear I was floored.

"U-uhm…" My mouth went dry and I didn't know how to react. One part of me was bursting with joy because was this what I really wanted? Then the rational part of me was just going, what in the actual is going on? Needless to say, no part of me had a decent reply at that moment.

"…is that… is that okay?" Taemin asks. And when he bites his lip, nervous as hell cause I could see his hands slightly shaking, I knew what my answer was.

"Yeah. It's okay." I shoot him a smile. "Cause I like you, too." I finally say it out loud. "More than a friend should like a friend… and more than a guy should like another guy." I say bravely, chuckling.

Taemin's face lights up like fireworks were going on in his head and threw himself at me and hugged me the tightest he's ever had. "I didn't think you were into…" He mumbles.

I shrug, "I do like girls… but I really like you." I tell him.

He pulls back and takes a seat on the empty chair beside mine.

"So… what does this make us now?" He asks me.

"So you're into the whole defining thing right away?" I joke. He punches my arm, though. "Ow!" I winced as I rubbed my arm.

"Be serious!"

I chuckle, "I'm sorry… but uh… well… as relationships usually start… we could start dating?" I suggest.

And Taemin smiles my favorite smile. "Okay. Good." He says. "I've been wanting to date you for a while." He admits.

I laugh at his sudden confession. Then I notice the wall clock on Dream Tea and when I realized what time it was, I saw that we've been out for almost 10 minutes.

"Taemin! Look at the time! Sehun's gonna flip, and everyone else is going to wonder!" I say in panic, packing up my Tiramisu immediately.

"I have an idea for a peace offering!" Taemin quickly says.


He grins slyly and turns his head towards the direction of the counter, motioning what his plan to bring Sehun was. Oh I see. Smart.


Taemin quickly whips up an extra large Oreo milk tea for Sehun and the two of us dashed back to TGI Friday's.

"You better hide your cake." Taemin tells me when we could see the Friday's sign.

"I should have eaten it in the shop." I say.

"Just tell them you bought it on your way." He laughs.

"It'll be our little secret?" I chuckle.

"Yep. No one will know…" He says as we were nearing the restaurant. "Yet." And I even though we were supposed to be talking about the cake, I knew that he was talking about that other thing (that came with the cake).



I'm sooooooo sorry this chapter took so long to be written and posted up!!!!!!!!

BUT HERE IT IS!!! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY THEY TELL EACH OTHER HOW THEY FEEL!!! How'd you guys like the confession? It was so different from the one I originally wrote when I first started this story (yes, I wrote them a confession scene months ago! XD) but I like this one better. haha.

So uh... well my wish to finish this before the year ends is going to come true because the next chapter will be the last. (and i`m halfway done through writing it, plus I`m on Christmas break already so...)

To all my readers and subscribers and those who comment showing their support for this story thank you so much for sticking it out with me and getting this far! I promise that the last chapter will be up by next week or at least before Christmas! :)

So there you go. The confession and the almost end of this story. ^^ tell me your thoughts!


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