The Pretty Barista

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By the time we got to the bus stop near our neighborhood, it was past 11pm already. We parted ways from there, like we usually did and said we'd all see each other soon. They also told Taemin that they had a lot of fun with him joining us today and that they hoped he had fun too.

Which Taemin appreciatively replied that he did. An open offer was made afterwards that he could hang out with us again soon, if he wanted.

"I'd like that." He said with a smile.

You can't imagine how happy I was that my friends liked Taemin.

I walked together with Sehun and Taemin back to the street of mine and Sehun's residences. Different from the loud and noisy atmosphere we had from walking to the bus stop earlier, we were more quiet this time.

"How are you getting home?" Sehun asked Taemin.

"My brother is picking me up." Taemin answers with a nod, slowly reaching into his pocket for his phone.

"Your brother?"

"Taemin has an older brother." I inform Sehun.

"Oh…" My best friend drawls.

"Actually, he said he's already there." Taemin says as he locks the screen to his phone.

"Huh? Waiting by my house?" I panic.

Taemin nods, "It's fine. I told him to come at around 11:30…" He shrugs. "I texted him when we were boarding the bus."

"Hope he hasn't been waiting long." I say slightly embarrassed, a lot more concerned. For some reason, I didn't want Taemin's older brother to have a bad impression of me.

"It'll be fine, Kai." He reassures. I hope so.


When we reached our houses Sehun said he'd head home first, bidding me and Taemin a quick goodbye.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Jongin." He tells me, "And of course we'll see you at Dream Tea." He says to Taemin.

Taemin chuckles and nods, "I'll have your free drink ready by then." He reminds Sehun.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Sehun said walking backwards towards his house. When Taemin and I enter the pathway to my house, Sehun had already disappeared into his own residence. The two of us stayed outside and I could see his brother's car parked in front of the house across us.

"He's inside waiting with his friend. No big deal." Taemin tells me, "They're gonna drop me off before going somewhere."

"Late night escapade, I see." I comment.

Taemin nods and chuckles.

"So…" I start awkwardly. He is quick to flash a smile in my direction.

"Next time, I should invite you to meet my friends." He jokes.

My grin was accompanied with a soft chuckle. "Sure, if you want." I tell him.

"I'll think about it." He grins.

My eyes shift to the car meters behind us, "You should go," I say gently, not that I was in a rush to have Taemin leave, "I don't want your brother to wait any longer than he already has."

Taemin nods, agreeing. "I should get going but," he gently pulls me into a hug, in which I smile widely and hug him back.

He continued, "Thanks for inviting me to this thing with your friends today," Taemin says. "I really had a lot of fun. You really have a great set of friends."

My smile, if possible, grew wider. And I squeezed Taemin's thin frame tighter.

"You're welcome," I say pulling away. "I'm glad you had fun."

He nods, "I really did!"

Taemin looked like he was about to say something but then I probably cut him off--by accident-- because I quickly remembered something. "Oh!" I say and reached into my pocket. "Here." I say handing him a photo.

It was the one we took together.

He smiled as his eyes scanned the photo. Then he looks up at me. "Your friends are really fun, but next time, we should go out just you and me." He says waving the photo in front of me as an example.



Of course I agreed to Taemin's invitation, saying that we already talked about hanging out again, just the two of us. He told me that he was free from work next weekend, and we both decided that we'd meet up on Friday, after classes. I was getting too excited than I should be.

Friday came in the knick of time and even though we had 4 quizzes and boring lectures in class, nothing could get my mood down because I already had something to look forward to.

"That Calculus test was impossible." Sehun ranted while the both of us were having lunch in the cafeteria.

I shrugged, "Should be used to him by now, he never teaches us the lessons he puts in the quizzes." I say, stabbing a  forkful of fries and stuffing it in my mouth.

Sehun was eating a slice of pizza and took an angry bite from it.

"I can't fail his stupid subject." He says chewing angrily.

"Chill, Sehun. We won't fail. We never do." I reassure my best friend.

"Why are you so… happy today?" Sehun questions me after swallowing the piece of pizza he was chewing.

I shrug, "Going out later." I tell him.

"We don't have plans…"

"We don't. I do."

Sehun keeps quiet for a while, his lips pressed together in a thin line. This was Sehun's thinking face. He did it every time he tried to figure something out.

"Going out with Taemin, I see." He says after a few seconds of silence.

And Sehun usually got it right. I never really gave him credit for his great observation abilities and they way he could put two and two together.

"Mhmm." I nod, carefully picking up my already half-eaten burger and taking a bite from it.

"What are you two gonna do?"

"He wanted to watch a movie, but I didn't, so I guess we're probably going to eat out or something." I said, chewing.

"Eat out? Just eat out?"

I nod. "Maybe something else, who knows…"


"Why? Are you gonna call Luhan and Baekhyun and stalk us?"

Sehun grins mischievously.

"I was not giving you ideas, Oh Sehun!" I accused him.

"Chill, Jongin." He defends, "I won't cramp your date."

I roll my eyes. "It is not a date."

"Sure it is."

"Is this a date?" I ask him, referring to the both of us eating alone in one table.

"No. This is lunch with my best friend." He says.

"Then, later would be dinner with my new friend."

Sehun takes a bite from his pizza. "Okay." He drops the subject.

We finished the rest of our lunch quietly. After we cleaned up our lunch trays, Sehun and I decided to get ice-cream from an ice-cream parlor near the school. We had a good 30 minutes before the bell would ring anyway.

"You know, if we keep walking this slow, we won't make it to History in time." I tell my best friend.

"Who says I want to make it to History?" He rebuts.

I shake my head, trying to feign disapproval, but I'm chuckling at the same time.

"You know you want to." He eggs me on.

"I like History!" I defend. "I just don't like our teacher."

Sehun laughs, "Same way I like Physics because of our teacher, but I hate the subject."

"I hate Physics. I at Physics."

"I know, right? I need to pick a college course that doesn't require Physics!"

I stopped walking at his words.

"Jongin?" Sehun looks at my direction.


"What's wrong."

I shake my head, "It's nothing."

I didn't have the balls to tell my best friend that I wasn't even thinking about college right now. I know I should be. I don't know why I'm not.

"Okay…" Sehun said in an unsure matter. I had a feeling he was going to bring this up again, but thank God he didn't do it now. "Let's get to the shop."

"…we can cut History." I shrug. Not like we were failing that subject anyway.

Sehun chuckles, "And what do you suppose we do for another hour and a half? We're only eating ice-cream." He tells me off.

"Eat ice cream really slowly."

Sehun laughs again and sling an arm over my shoulder, dragging me faster towards the ice-cream shop.

We were in the ice-cream parlor in no less than a minute. I stared at the menu and couldn't decide what to order. Sehun had already gone up the counter and ordered his ice-cream. I couldn't decide if I wanted a milkshake or a sundae or a cone…

"Jongin, know what you're getting?" Sehun approaches me.

I shake my head, "No. What did you get?"

"A large turtle sundae."

"Yum." Now I wanted a turtle sundae, too.

I ended up getting a cookies and cream parfait accompanied by a vanilla malt milkshake.

After I ordered, Sehun and I settled in a booth seat, like we always did in diners and cafe's, and began talking. Even though we were both comfortable with silence, the fact that the ice-cream parlor had no customers at this time of day just called for the two of us to chat up.

"So are we really skipping our next class?" He asks me.

"Depends how fast the ice cream comes." I check my watch, "We have a little over 20 minutes before the bell rings."

"I guess we're missing History, then." He confirms.

I wave my hand, "Senior year. We can pretend to be bad."

Sehun laughs at that.

Truth is, Sehun and I were good kids. We liked to go out and hang out with friends, but we went to school, got good grades and did extra-curricular activities. We listened to our parents and enjoyed the company of our families. It was a regular, easy, life.

"Speaking of Senior year," Sehun starts, "What do you plan on doing after, Jongin? Like for college."

He brings up the topic again.

"You always avoid the question when we bring it up."

I lower my head, suddenly I was fiddling with my fingers unsure of what to answer him.

"Jongin." He calls again. I know he was just concerned.

I look up at my best friend, "I don't know Sehun. All I really thought about was attending class and going out and dancing." I confess.

"Why don't you dance, then? There are schools for that." He points out.

"Yeah, but I don't want to dance for a living." I sigh, "Look at you, you have your course all figured out, even though you love dancing just as much as I do."

"I don't have my course figured out. I'm still debating which one I should pick."

"Which are?" I argue, tensing my shoulders, which quickly deflate, "At least you have an idea."

"Because I look into these things." He sighs, "You don't even try and search for a college."

"What are the courses you like?"

"Architecture, Business, Theatre Arts." He says. I stare at him. "Which I think you could excel in too, Jongin."

"Maybe in Business and Theatre Arts," I shrug "but sure as hell not Architecture. I can't draw for ." I say.

Sehun chuckles, "They teach you that, anyway." He tells me.

I sigh, "I just… I have no idea what to do."

Sehun pauses for awhile, pressing his lips together in a thin line. "You're seeing Taemin later, right?"

I nod.

"Why don't you ask him about his college? Maybe he can help you." Sehun suggests. Maybe I should talk to Taemin about these things. Things and topics which are a bit more important than just my friends or food.

"Maybe I should." I say, nodding.

"It'll be good for you, Jongin." Sehun says, "And you know I'll always be here to help you and get you back up on your feet." He reassures. "If you really have no idea what to take up, I'll drag you along with me to my course."

I laughed at that. Ever since pre-school, Sehun and I were attached by the hip. We couldn't be separated. And ever since, he's always been my second conscience. My right hand man.

"You don't have to know exactly what you want to become, yet. But you can keep learning and trying new things." He nods. "It's not the end of the world if you don't know what to take for college."

Sometimes I think Sehun is older than me. A lot of times, he's the one thinking mature decisions. The kid has his life envisioned in his head. I should know. He's told me countless of times what he sees in his future. And I admire that about him.

Soon after, our ice-creams had arrived and we were eating it a leisurely pace.

"This is so refreshing." I say with a smile, scooping another spoonful of cookies and cream ice cream into my mouth.

Sehun nods, slowly enjoying his sundae. "Good call on skipping History." He comments.

"Good call on wanting ice-cream." I counter.

He chuckles, "You mean, good call for suggesting the ice-cream parlor?" He corrects me, "We could have easily bought ice-cream in the cafeteria."

I shrug, "Bottom line is, I'm happy I'm sitting here instead of the classroom." I say taking a sip from a milkshake.

Our topic diverted from ice-cream on to other things, like sports and movies and television shows, then to dance. 

"Are you telling your parents about the showcase?" I ask Sehun.

"Of course." He says. "Why? You weren't?"

"I don't know. Depends if you were. I don't want my parents to be there watching alone. So it'll be good to have your parents around too."

Sehun rolls his eyes, "Of course I'm inviting my parents. They should be able to see the outcome of what they're paying for."

I grin amusedly, "Really, Sehun? With the choreography of our routine?"

He choked on a pecan.

I started to laugh.

"Hey, they'll appreciate it!"

"True, your parents aren't old-fashioned."

"Yours aren't either." He points out.

"Yes, but they understood my dancing Ballet and Jazz more than my Hip-hop." I sigh.

"Well, you're better now. I'm sure they'll understand you once they see you in our performance." Sehun smiles, taking a scoop of ice-cream into his mouth.

"Are we inviting the guys?"

Sehun rolled his eyes, "Luhan and Baekhyun have already self-invited themselves."

"How do they even know?"

"I have no idea."

"Then we'll tell Lay and Chanyeol and Kyungsoo and Suho-hyung to attend, too."

"I'm sure they would love to go." Sehun nods. "You should invite Taemin to watch, too." He suggests.

"Huh? Really? Why?" I was surprised at how much Sehun has warmed up to Taemin.

Sehun shrugs, "Doesn't he know someone from the academy? And anyway! Since you're not going to stop hanging out with him any time, might as well introduce him to the love of your life." My best friend says.

I chuckle, "Correction. It's an affair that I have with dance."

Sehun laughs. "It is not!" He protests. "It's the love of your life!"

"It's the love of your life, too."

"True. This is why we're best friends. We share the same mistress."

I almost choked on my milkshake laughing at what Sehun said.


"Why are you here again?" I ask Sehun as he flopped down on my bed, taking his phone out immediately and probably checking if had any notifications.

He answers without looking, "To see you off?"


"Maybe I want to say hi to Taemin."

I sigh, "Fine."

"Plus, you'll obviously ask me advice on how to dress." He grins, looking up from his phone.

"You and Baekhyun should just go start a clothing company."

Sehun snorts. "I don't like making clothes, I just like dressing well." He defends pocketing his cellphone. He is the only person I know who owns all the issues of GQ (Korea and US) for the whole year of 2011.

"Whatever. I'm gonna take a shower." I tell him.

He nods, hands already on my macbook. "Yup! Borrow laptop." He wasn't even looking at me cause he had the screen open already.

I shake my head, grab my towel and underwear then head to the bathroom.

I took a quick shower. After, I dried myself off and 

"What should--" I stop immediately as I see Sehun holding his hand up. I could hear faint music coming from my laptop accompanied by the scuff of sneakers. He was watching another dance video, probably.

"What are you watching?"

"Chachi." He simply states. I chuckle. God only knows how much Sehun had a crush on her. 

I was about to approach him and ask his opinion, again, on what I should wear when he suddenly speaks up once more. "And. If you didn't notice, your clothes are already laid out." He looks up at me from my laptop for the first time, flashing me a smile and pointing to the foot of the bed.

I shake my head and laugh, "You need to get out of my head, Oh Sehun." I tell him.

He smirks, "I can't read minds… even though I can usually tell what's going on in yours," He comments. "But I do always think 2 steps ahead of you."

"Show off."


The two of us were hanging out in my living room watching some random reality show when my phone goes off.

"Oh, he's near." I inform Sehun.

"Why is Taemin always the one coming here?" He suddenly asks.

I shrug. "The neighborhood is close to many places."

"You don't even know where he lives."

I was going to protest, then I realized I didn't know where Taemin lived.

"Exactly." Sehun says.

I shake my head and chuckle, "Fine. For you, I will find you."

"Yeah, then let's ambush him by surprise!"

"What if his place is un-ambush-able?"

Sehun laughed at my choice of words. "We'll figure something out."

"Or, we could visit like normal people and have Taemin show us around." I suggest.

"Stop suggesting boring things, Jongin." He snapped and I laughed out loud. Sehun started to laugh, too.

Then the doorbell rang.

My best friend looks at me with a smile plastered on his face.

"Well, have fun tonight." He tells me sincerely before we both stand up to answer the door.


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