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A/N : woot-2 ! Annyeong~ I'm BACKKK ! <3 So today the story is going to be about vinseop~ because in chapter four it's was yadong story, now is VinSeop's. Ahahaha, again sorry to MyungYeol lovers :3 *dances to sorry-2* I still don't have an idea on how i will continued MyungYeol story yet so that's why I'm writting about the others now. So mianhaeee :"D SO NOW, PLEASE ENJOY THE STORY ! Buing-2 ;D    p/s : SORRY FOR THE GRAMMARS ERROR AND TYPOS :p ahaha



Just another day in Angel paradise. The sky was blue, the birds are flying as usual. One boy was running towards his class. 

"Hey guys !" said the guy. But no one responded because it was so noisy in the classroom. "guys? do you hear me?" Still no respond. "GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!" 

And after all the entire class looked at him. With a wtf-bro face. 

"What's wrong kevinnie ?" a girly-looking guy walked towards him. His name is Sungjong. His looked at the exhausted Kevin. 

Kevin to a moment to breath and then continued talking. "Guys! I heard there will be a new student in our class! I heard it from Mrs.Han" 

"Jinja *really*?! Woahh, is it a dude or a girl?" ask another girly-looking guy. And his name is Jo Kwon. Wow, their class are full of girly-looking guy.

"erm, I don't know but I really don't care if it was a guy or a girl~ I'm just excited to meet him. Don't you guys feel the same way??" Kevin grinned. He clapped his hand because he was so excited. 

While the entire class were just looking at him. Some of them looked excited too, and some of them just gave him the 'i'm not interested' face.

"Meh, I'm not interested~" said Sungyeol. He puts his head on the desk. Looking very sleepy while Myungsoo who is sitting next to him, is already asleep.

And his other friend seems not interested too, except Dongwoo and Woohyun. 

Woohyun ran towards Kevin and quickly put his hands on kevin's shoulder. "yah, Kevin-ah. Did Mrs.Han said when will that student will come to our class?" Woohyun smile towards kevin. Sunggyu, his boyfriend on the other hand is sleeping so woohyun is still save from being hit or nag by him. 


"erm, Actually no. She just said there will be a new student coming, but she doesn't say when the new student is coming" Kevin who is really uncomfortable with woohyun wrapping his hand around him. 


Dongwoo came to kevin and push woohyun away from him. "Woohyun, get away from innocent kevin. If not I will tell you sleeping boyfriend.." After hearing what dongwoo just said, Woohyun quickly ran back to his seat. Looking really worried and give dongwoo a SHUT-THE-HELL-UP face. 


Dongwoo grinned and then looked at kevin girly-face. "Dude, let's go and ask Mrs.Han whether the student is a boy or a girl. I really want to know!" 

Kevin gave dongwoo a thumbs up. "Cool ! come on, gaja !" Kevin pulled dongwoo hands and both of them went to the teachers room.

They quickly met with Mrs.Han, their homeroom teacher. "Annyeonghaseyo seonsaengnim *teacher* !"

"Oh, Annyeong Dongwoo, Kevin. What can I do for you two?" asked Mrs.Han. One of the most beautiful teacher in their school. 

"um, actually..we came here to ask you about the new student" "Yeah! When will the new student arrive? And the new student is a boy or a girl seonsaengnim?" Dongwoo and kevin looked at their beautiful teacher. They both looked very excited.

Mrs.Han nodded and said "Ah, the new student. Do not worry guys, the new student will be coming tomorrow and HE is a boy" Dongwoo and kevin gave Mrs.Han a 'whaaaaat' face. Which make Mrs.Han chuckled.

"Um, okay then. Kamshamida *thank you* seonsaengnim." "okay now go back to class" Dongwoo and Kevin ran to their class. 'A boy huh..' 

[Kevin's POV]

-At my house-

I was hanging out in my room. Laying on my super comfy bed while playing my laptop. Suddenly I remembered what Mrs.Han said, that new student is a boy. Hurm, what is he like? is he cute ? or handsome ? or really evil ? or is he a nerd ? and what's his name ???

Damn those question always pop out in my head. Kyahhhh, whatever~ I don't care~ the one thing I care about now is foooood~ Oh my tummy is 'singing'~ Gotta eat and go to sleep ! Off to the kitchen !~


Kevin ran to school. 'Today is the day woohoo!' as he was running so fast he bumped into a guy. "Ouch!" He quickly got up and help the guy to stand up.

"Omo, Mianhae ! I was running so fast that I didn't saw you. Mianhaee~!" Kevin looked at the guy. He was tall and skinny. He is really handsome and his lips is beautiful. 'So handsome !' Kevin didn't realized that he was actually fangirling over him. 

Suddenly the guy smiled and that make kevin heart melts. "wow, you have a beautiful smile !" Kevin quickly covered his mouth. 'What do you just said kevin?! OH NO!'

The guy blushed and said "errr, Thank you. By the way, my name is Lee kiseop, but you can call me Kiseop. Nice to meet you"

[Kevin's POV] 

Wow ! His name is Lee Kiseop ! what a nice name~ And I love his voice, It's so cute ! His smile is gorgeous ! He looks like an Ulzzang ! 

"Oh my name is Kevin woo, call me kevin. Annyeong ! Nice to meet you too." I gave him the sweetest smile to him. Oh and did I just see him blushing? kekeke 

I shaked my hand with him. His hand was so skinny. And then I looked at my watch, Oh no, I gonna be late! I said goodbye to him and ran to my school. 

"Hey I gotta run, nice meeting ya ! byebye !" I waved at him and he waved back smiling at me. 

[Kiseop's POV]

Ahh, so his name is kevin. Interesting, and I can't believe he was actually a boy. I thought he was a girl who likes to wear boys school uniform. If he dressed as a girl I swear he could be a fine girl. LOL, it sounded so wrong but yet so right. ahaha...

He looked so happy and healthy. I wish I can be like him. But I'm not, why can't I live with a normal family. Why must my dad.... ugh whatever. My dad is a ing , my life , end of story. huh~ 

Oh , I gonna be late too ! And on the first day of school ! Run Lee kiseop ruuuuuuuuuuuuun !~


Kevin ran to his class with full speed. 'Thank god I've made it !' And as usual his class is noisier than the other class. Mrs.Han already in the class asking (or more like begging) the students to stay quite. 

"Kids.. can you please..." No responded. suddenly one paper plane landed on her head. "KIDS ! PLEASE SHUT UP !!" She raised her hand to get her students attention. They are all quiet now and Mrs.Han continued..

"good, now today I'm gonna introduce you to a new student ! come in~!" The new student came in and bowed in front of the students. "Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Lee Kiseop. Call me Kiseop" Kevin who is talking with Dongwoo quickly turned his head to kiseop. 'Mwo ? Kiseop ???' "yah Kevin, what's wrong with you ?"

Dongwoo looked at kevin shocked face. Kevin still doesn't anwser his question. "Hey Kevi...." Kevin quickly push dongwoo and tell him to shut up. "Suhhhh !! Shut up" Kevin is still looking at Kiseop. 

"Okay-okay, Sheesh." Dongwoo moved away from kevin and seated back to his seat. "Um, Kiseop-sshi.. You can sit at.... Hah ! you can sit next to kevin" Kiseop glares at Kevin and nodded. He then walked to his desk that was next to kevin's. 

"Kiseop ! Annyeong !" "ahaha, Annyeong kevinnie.." They smiled at each other. 

-1 week later-

[Kevin's POV]

Yay, today I can meet with Kiseop again. Everyday in school is like heaven to me since Kiseop came. He is really sweet, funny and kinda mean sometimes. But I COMPLETELY okay with it. And he is now part of our group so yay. Me and Kiseop now are so close, some of our friends said that we're dating. Pshhh, Stupid friends, (but that sounded great actually kekeke).

Today he came in class with a scar on his beautiful face. He looks terrible, he is sweating, he clothes are a little bit ripped. Kiseop, what's wrong with you?

"Annyeong Kiseop-ah !" I waved at him, but he just smile at me. He hides his head on his desk. Covering his head with his arm. I don't know what to do. What's wrong with him..?

"Kiseop, a-are you .. okay?" I whispered to him. He lift up his face and he looked at me. With his eyes covered with tears. Omo, Kiseop, why are you crying right now..

"Kevin-ah, I-I can't t-take it anymore. My dad, He is such a.. he beat me..and I .." and then he suddenly hugging me. He put his face to my chest. I can feel the tears are falling. My uniform are now wet because of his tears. But I didn't mind at all. "kiseop, if you want to cry.. just cry , don't stop." I ruffled his hair. 

Myungsoo, Sungyeol, Dongwoo, Sungjong and the others look at us. They gave me a what's-wrong-with-him face. They looked really worried and came closer to us. But I gave them a 'don't come closer' sign. It's because I didn't want Kiseop to stop crying. I want him to cry, and don't stop until he finished crying.

They understood and just stared at us. I can see they were really-really worried about Kiseop. And that's why I love my friends so much, even though we're always fighting, but when one of us got hurt, all of us felt hurt too. Yes, we are that close. And we will always be that close. 


I came home from school with Kiseop. He asked me if he could stay awhile at my house. He said that he doesn't want to meet with his parents. I just nodded and allow him to stay with me. "Do you hate you dad that much?" I asked him while we're walking to my house.

"yeah." "but is your dad that bad? maybe he's jus...." I was gonna continued but I stopped because of Kiseop's glares. "Look kevin, you don't know my parents! they're evil ! especially my dad! He's the worse dad in the world. Actually.. My parents hated me, they said i'm a useless kid. They said I can't bring happiness to them! I don't want to live in this world anymore ! Nobody wants me!" Kiseop started to cry again. And I started to cry too. 

His life sad. If I was him maybe I would react the same. At this time I was thanking the god because He gave me a nice family and friends. I pulled Kiseop and hugged him. "It's okay, I still want you. Our friends still want you. Trust me, we all want you" 

"T-thanks k-kevin. Thank you" I smiled at him. "No it's okay. You're welcome Kiseoppie" 


-2 weeks later-

Kiseop is now currently living in my house. I thought he would stay for just awhile but it turned out that my parents really like him. They said that Kiseop is a nice boy. And I could see Kiseop smiling again. 

Suddenly, somebody knocked at the door. The person was shouting, 'Kiseop ! Kiseop ! it's your Appa *dad* ! please open this door!" Kiseop looked so shocked. His hands was shaking. He said to my parents to not open the door. He must be really scared right now. I grab his hands and said "everything gonna be okay" to him.

"Please Kiseop-ah! I'm begging you. I'm sorry! I'm Sorry for everything ! Please come back home son...!" His dad continued. Kiseop suddenly walked to the door and stood there. "What do you mean by sorry?? You hated me dad ! I thought you said I was useless !!" Kiseop tears are falling again. I couldn't do anything. At that time my foot was frozen. 

"mianhae son! I was wrong! At that time I couldn't appreciate you presence my son! And now your mom is sick, she was worrying about you. Please... please come home. I beg you kiseop-ah.." I could heard Kiseop's dad crying from outside. 

And then I looked at Kiseop. He was crying so bad. I came to him and hugged him. "Just go meet your dad kiseop, he already said sorry. Go" I patted his back. He looked at me and smiled. "thanks kevin.."

He slowly walked to the door and opened it. In front of the door is Kiseop's dad, crying on the ground. When He saw kiseop at the door he quickly hugged him and said "Son, I missed you, Mianhae." Kiseop hugged him back "it's okay appa. I forgive you" Kiseop cried again, and I cried to. It was so touching to see Kiseop and his dad became a FAMILY again.

"now let's go meet with you mother. I'm sure she missed you so much" Kiseop smiled at his dad. He nodded and walk towards me. Then he hugged me, "Thank you Kevin. Because of you, I've felt to be loved again. Thank you" 

I nodded and smile back at him. "Don't worry, if you need a helping hand just come to me or the others. Remember, we will be always there for you" He nodded and said goodbye to my parents. I waved at him and said goodbye. He waved back at me and said "THANK YOUUU !" I nodded. I watched him walking with his dad. He was smiling sincerely to him. 



A/N : OMG, i've finished the fifth chapter ! and i'm really satisfied with it ! :D I hope you guy will like it too okay ? This is about how kevin met Kiseop and how they became real close friend. And at that time Hoya didn't came yet. So dongwoo was still alone~ :) And believe it or not , i cried while writting this story. weird right ? ahahhaha -,-'' anywayyy, I hope you guys enjoy it ! :D okaythanksbye love and hugs from ILYNN ! COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE BRO ! :D

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