FOUR - How I Met You

Angel Paradise

A/N : wazzup guuysssssssssssssss ! :D So this chapter i will be writting about YaDong ! and how they met ! and A little bit about the characters in angel paradise. ehehehe :3 But do not worry my fellow myungyeol lovers , I will continued writting about MyungYeol in the next chapter ! :d Wait for it Okay ? and please enjoy this story ! :D Thank youu <3 oh yeah, Sorry for the wrong grammars and typos ! :p

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It was a rainy day in angel paradise. Everyone was going to work. And because it was just a small village, many people was running to their school, farm and other places. Including Dongwoo who is practically ran the fastest among them. If he entered the omlypics, for sure he will win with that speed.

Dongwoo or his real name is Jang Dong Woo is a straight A's student at his school. That's why a lot of people in the village call him genius-idiot because sometimes he acts like an idiot but he is really a genius. Many people wondered wether he is a idiot or genius.

His father is one of the richest people in the village. That's why the villagers always nice to him. But even though he is rich, but he doesn't show it. He is really simple and funny. And really CHILDISH. 

He has a best friend, his name is Lee sungyeol. They've been friend since kindergarten. Everything about him sungyeol knows and everything about sungyeol he knows. They are really close. Sungyeol is also known as the choding sungyeol. He is childish, and have a really beautiful smile.

He also has a best friend name Kim Myungsoo. The popular kid in the village, the handsome guy, the chun sa, everybody loves him, all girls want him, he is perfect. But he doesn't seem interested with them, he likes to hangout with sungyeol and dongwoo than hangout with girls. 

And then there's Kiseop. Or his real name is Lee Kiseop. The 'ulzzang' boy in the village. Cute and handsome.  He looks like a bad boy but inside he is really innocent and really cared about his friend. And he is actually a shy guy, that's why he is not popular among the girls.

And his best friend Kevin, or his real name Kevin woo. A girly-looking guy who is the richest among them. He is popular too with the girl because of his cuteness. He talks, walks, eats like a girl. He even shop like a girl ! And he is really good in english because he is a korean-american. 

And dongwoo have his other friends such as ,Kim Sunggyu. A cute guy with tiny little eyes. Who loves to nag his dongsaengs and is the oldest among them. Nam Woohyun, the guy who loves to do aegyo in front of girls. They always call him the Namgrease. 

And he like to say cheesy stuff to his boyfriend, sunggyu. And Lee sungjong. The maknae, the youngest among them all. He is the same like kevin too. He is also a girly-looking guy. His hyung always call him Diva Maknae. And he always have a SHOW OFF DANCE with Kevin and with the other 'diva' such as Heechul and Jo Kwon. AND IT WAS EPIC !

[Dongwoo's POV]

Aish, it was raining heavily since last night. School is still far away and I'm already tired from running. Why can't I have motorcycle or a bicycle? it will be easier to go to school if I had one of those. And why i forgot to bought my umbrella ? sheesh, Jang Dongwoo. You are so stupid. Argh. 

I stopped at a bus stop. Many people stop there too waiting the rain to stop. But It's seem that the rain is not stopping. And it's already 7.15 a.m ! School gonna start at 7.30 a.m and I'm still far away. Jang Dongwoo, looks like you're gonna be late today for school. Damn. 

Suddenly a guy holding an umbrella came towards me. His face is familiar somehow...but I still can't recgonize him. Maybe he just moved to this village. Maybe. 

"Hey, wanna use my umbrella? We can go to school together.." He said to me. I was still looking at him. His face is wet and his clothes are also wet. His face is beautiful and he has a beautiful smile. And I saw that he wore my school uniform, So that means he is the same school with me. Sweet !

"sure I would love too, erm let's go. we're already late" without hesitation I said yes to him. First of all, I was already late so I think it was a good idea to accept his offer and second of all, I really want to walk with him. I don't know why, but I really attracted to him. Seriously I'm not joking. 

"come on let's go !" he pulled my hand and we both ran to school holding hand. It felt amazing holding his big muscular hand. When we came to school we were both late. But the principal let us go because of the rain. Thank youuuu rain~ ! And then we both walk into the school building.

"y-yeah... we finally made it~ Eh, by the way.. my name is Lee Howon, but you can call me Hoya. I've just moved here so really nice to meet you!" the guy name Hoya introduced himself to me. And then we shaked hands and he threw me the cutest smile I've ever seen! Even Sungjongie can't beat his smile.

Without realizing I blush a little bit and smile back at him too. "Oh, nice to meet you too. My name is Jang Dongwoo, call me dongwoo" I said to him. "Oh, Dongwoo, what a cute name" He said to me. Oh~ my heart started to beats really face. THUMP THUMP THUMP. 

"Oh okay, well. I got to go now, thanks for sharing your umbrella with me. It means a lot..See you next time bye" I walked away from him. Hiding my blushing face. Ahh ! Hoya, I've fallen for youuuu ~ 

[Hoya's POV]

I saw his blushed face. Kekeke.. It was so cute. His smile is also cute ! I watched him walking away from me. I wish I will be in the same class with him. Please dear god, put me in the same class with him~ !

"Excuse me, are you Mr.Lee? Lee Howon?" asked a woman name Han Ji Min. "y-yes, that's me" and then she smiled at me. "oh hi, I'm your teacher. Nice to meet you, my name is Han Ji Min. call me Mrs.Han and you are the new student right ? come. I will show you your class" She walks to the direction that dongwoo walked. Oh goodie, I hope I'm will be in the same class with him !

[Dongwoo's POV]

I came in class and met my friend. As usual, my friends are the loudest in our class. Even in our school we are the loudest, and really *cough* popular *cough*. Myungsoo and Sungyeol are fighting as usual, Kevin and Kiseop were laughing about something.

Woogyu are trying to break Myungsoo and Sungyeol's fight and Diva jongie are talking with heechul. I remembered hoya, oh how I wish he was the same class with me.

Suddenly Mrs.Han came in. And the class went silent, even MyungYeol stopped fighting. "Attention class, today with have a new student. Mr.Lee, come in" when Mrs.Han said 'new student' I quickly widened my eyes. OMG, could it be.. ? And after that a familiar looking guy came in "Hi nice to meet you, My name is Lee Howon, but you can call me Hoya" He bows and gave a cute smile. 

The entire classes became noisy. And the girls all whispering to each other and some of them gave hoya a flirty smile. That's really annoyed me. But suddenly I realized somebody was looking at me, and i found that that person is hoya. He waved at me and gave me a wink. Woahhhh, I 'died' because of that~Ohh hoya ~ !

"Okay then, so Mr.Lee howon. You can sit next to dongwoo" What ?! Sit next to me ?! Heck yeah! woohoo! thank you Mrs.Han, thank you so much !! And the next thing I knew hoya already sitting next to me. Smiling towards me. 

"so we meet again dongwoo ah~. ahaha" Ohh, Hoya. I've fallen in love with you..!

-1 months later-

"hey, Dongwoo I really like you so do you want ... do you want to be my boyfriend?" Hoya look down to the floor. He doesn't want dongwoo to saw his blushing face. Dongwoo on the other hand looked shock.

He can't believe what is he hearing right now. "w-what? are you f-for real?" 

Hoya nodded his head. He looked into dongwoo eyes, his eyes were sparkling. Waiting for dongwoo's anwser. 

Dongwoo who looked shock at first now started to laugh. And laugh, non-stop. As for Hoya, he wondering what's so funny about ? And why is dongwoo laughing his off.

"ahaha! I can't believe it ! Hoya.. my first crush, liked me back ! OMG ! Never saw this coming ~ Keke!" said dongwoo. Hoya widened his eyes as he heard dongwoo's comment.. FIRST CRUSH? I'm his first crush? Seriously ?! AWWWW YEAHHHHH. 

Suddenly, Hoya started to dance and jumping up and down in front of dongwoo, who stopped laughing and just watched Hoya. After Hoya stopped dancing, Dongwoo quickly grabbed hoya's waist and said "of course I want to be your boyfriend. I like you too lee howon" 

Hoya pulled Dongwoo's head and pressed his lips onto dongwoo's. They passionately kissed and hugged each other. "I love you lee howon," "and I love you too Jang Dongwoo" and then they continued kissing. And it's was longer than their first kiss.


Wohooo ~ I've finished my fourth chapter! Yahoo,! I hope you guys like it. and i know, YaDong story is a little bit short. I have to cut some scene because i've to go to somewhere after this. Anywayy... THANK YOU FOR READING ! don't forget to subsribe and comment. Annyeong ! :3 And sorry for the grammar error and typos >< I WILL update the next chapter soon :3

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