Angel Paradise

A/N : Annyeong >3< ! So here is the third chapter ! kyahh , i don't know what to say. but i want to make this chapter a little bit interesting than the last one -,-' Ahahaha , my story is a little bit boring , i know. uhuhu T^T BUT I'LL WRITE A GOOD STORY OKAY ! :D Love and hugs from Ilynn ! And sorry for the wrong grammars or typos :d ENJOY !  Oh yeah,  in this chapter i will include a little bit of YaDong (and vinseop *maybe). >3<



Myungsoo facepalm himself. 'wtf myungsoo, what were you dreaming about urgh'. He looks at the confuse Sungyeol. 

"yah, Myungie. Are you.. okay? You look kinda distracted" Sungyeol lean closer to myungsoo face which makes myungsoo to blush. Myungsoo quickly push Sungyeol away and walk away from him. 

"IM FINE" Sungyeol watch myungsoo from behind. 'There's must be something with him..Hurmm' . He quickly follows myungsoo from behind looking at him suspiciously.


"Yah ! dongie~! why do you tell them about us? it's suppose to be a secret~!" Hoya hit dongwoo chest. His was still blushing while dongwoo look relax and happy.

"Nah, I don't want to keep it as a secret anymore. I don't want to hide about us~ because I love you baby~!" said dongwoo putting his face to Hoya's neck. 

"Oh, you're so cheesy sometimes dongie. Did you learned it from nam woohyun??" Hoya's face becomes redder because he realized that there were two person looking at them weirdly. But Dongwoo keep kissing his neck like he was gonna eat it.

Kevin and Kiseop watch them silently. Not given any comment to them. Just... watch them. 

"EHEM ! I'm so sorry to intterupt this lovely couple but seriously, STOP IT. You're making me puke. Okaythanksbye" Kiseop finally speaks after the long silent. He raises his hand asking YaDong to stop while he give a Kevin a quick glare.

But Dongwoo doesn't listen to Kiseop's comment. He continued kissing Hoya. While hoya, just stands there like a wall. Not moving a bit. 

Kiseop gets annoyed with them, he quickly grab kevin's hand and walk away. "Come on Kevin, let's go to MyungYeol and leave those two alone" 

They walk to Myungsoo and sungyeol who are talking about something. More like fighting about something.

Suddenly Kevin whispers to kiseop, "Kiseoppie ah.. could you let go of my hand now?" making Kiseop blush and he quickly let go of kevin hand. "m-mianhae". He then give kevin a 'dorky' smile. 


"Yah, you idiot ! I told you to bought the worms ! How could you forgot ?!" Myungsoo shaking an empty container in front of sungyeol. 

Sungyeol sighs. "Damn, I told you i'm sorry ! Okay? and it's not like the end of the world or something if I forgot to bought the worm..but i think..." Sungyeol hesitated to continue.

"Yes it is. you better find other baits now or i will........" Myungsoo couldn't continued his sentences as he sees VinSeop coming towards them.

VinSeop Looking at them with a confuse face, "omo~ what happen??" ask Kevin. While Kiseop stays silent and still blushing. 

"This choding forgot to bought the worms. now we can't fish" Myungsoo glares at Sungyeol. Then he crossed his arm and sigh. 

Suddenly Kiseop burst out laughing. Kevin, Myungsoo and Sungyeol looks at him with a wtf-are-you-laughing-at? face. 

"So you guys were fighting about a tiny little worms? lol dude chillax~ Here I got the worms, I took it from Sungyeol bag! babo~" 

Kiseop shows a container with worms in it. He continued laughing while the other just shook their head. "so stop fighting okay fellas?

Myungsoo and Sungyeol glares at each other. Myungsoo then throws a stick to sungyeol. It hit him at the head. "wtf..." Myungsoo wave his hand to sungyeol. "Mianhae about what happen earlier~ don't be mad okay choding??" Myungsoo give the most beautiful smile he can make. 

Sungyeol can't help but smile back at him. 'how could I be mad at you myungsoo..' 


"yo ! guys , come on. let's fish !" suddenly dongwoo appears with hoya holding hands. 

"Yah, are you guys done making out huh?" ask kiseop, making hoya blush again. Dongwoo glares at Kiseop.

"yeahhh kinda. How about you guys?" Dongwoo smirks. "exactly who are you talking about?" kiseop look confused. "aigoo, of course it's about you and kevinnie~~" 

Kiseop widened his eyes. "what?! wtf?! m-me and k-k-kevin? NO WAY!" Kiseop smack dongwoo head with a stick. Hoya quickly pull kiseop away from dongwoo. 'Don't you dare to hit my baby!' 

"Yeah right ! Kevin and Kiseop sitting on a tree~ K-I-S-S-I-N...." "SHUT THE HELL UP DONGWOO ! COME HERE !" Kiseop run towards dongwoo who is teasing him. "Oh no ! Kevin~ your boyfriend is chasing me~~" Dongwoo continued teasing Kiseop. "Ahhhhhhhhhh Hobaby ! Help meee ~!!"

Kevin and Hoya sigh. "Aigoo, not again" both of them shook their heads. Then they quickly run towards Kiseop and Dongwoo who are already started wrestling on the ground.

Myungsoo and Sungyeol who watches the 'funny' scene in front of them couldn't help but laugh at their childish friends. 

"Ehem, hey Myungie. Come with me, I want to show you something" Sungyeol suddenly holds Myungsoo's hand. 

"err, w-what is it yeol?" Myungsoo looks at his choding friend. "errmm. but you have to close your eyes first !" Myungsoo without hesitation quickly close his eyes. THUMP THUMP THUMP. His hearts are beating really fast. 

"erm, can I open my eyes now?" Ask myungsoo. His is still holding Sungyeol's hand. Without letting it go.

"Yes ! now you can open your eyes !" Myungsoo opens his eyes and find a big beautiful shaped heart flower in front of his face. 

"Ta dah ! Here is what I want to show you ! it's beautiful isn't it?" Sungyeol puts the flower on myungsoo's ear. "awww, you look so cute ! ahahaha !" 

Myungsoo is still speechless. His face is red. "Y-yes, it's b-b-beautiful. Thanks sungyeol-ah~!" Myungsoo finally talks and quickly hugs sungyeol. Now it's Sungyeol face turned red, he blushed.

"I like you, I like you so much Lee Sungyeol!" Sungyeol widened his eyes. "w-what did you just say?" Sungyeol push myungsoo away from him.

Myungsoo laugh and then pokes his head. "yah, choding. I like you as a friend. Don't misunderstood okay?" He then leaves Sungyeol and walk away. Sungyeol on the other hand is still speechless. 

"what's wrong with me , Lee sungyeol, what is wrong with you. why is you heart racing right now.. why" 

Myungsoo walks toward his friends who looks tired. Probably because of Dongwoo and Kiseop wrestling match. He then sits down next to them. 

"yah myungsoo, where's sungyeol?" ask Kiseop covered with sweats on his face. Myungsoo hesitated and said "oh that choding? I don't know, I thought he was following me~ or maybe not.." 

"Myungsoo-ah, you better find sungyeol. Before he gets lost in the woods" said Kevin while he plays with a stick and writting something on the ground.

Suddenly Sungyeol shows up. He sits next to Myungsoo. Both of them become awkward with each other. And their other friends notice it. 

"Don't worry guys, I'm here~" Sungyeol waves to kevin and give him a cute smile. He notices that someone was staring at him, It was kiseop who is giving him the famous 'death glare'. 

YaDong on the other hand is playing with each other. Sometimes they whispers to each other. Their other friends just looking weirdly at them. Including Kiseop who at the same time is making a I-WANT-TO-PUKE face. 

Myungsoo and Kevin burst out laughing at Kiseop's face. While Sungyeol still stays silent. He was still thinking about what myungsoo just said to him. 

I like you, I like you very much Sungyeol !

'Sungyeol, snap out of it! myungsoo already said he likes you as a friend ! So stop thinking about it, but... heart is beating really fast. could I be...........ugh NO WAY !'




A/N : woah, just finished the third chapter. Yay ! :D *dances Sungyeol's serious dance (if you watch it on youtube you will know ^^)* And seriously , I frickin' loveeeee kiseop's character ! like seriously ! <333 and YaDong. Who doesn't love yadong?? imma right ?? Xd Okay Thank You For Reading ! Please wait for the forth ! Subscribe and comment yeah >< 
Love and hugs from Ilynn , Annyeong ! Kthxbai ! :D

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ahaha don't worry. I will write about myungyeol in the next chapter. *maybe* >_<'
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Update soon ;)
Omo, thanks guys ! i really appreciate your comments ! ><
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