Angel Paradise

A/N : OMG , 2 more new subscribers ! Yay ^^ HOHO ! Thank you guys, love y'all so much ehehe :p anyway, here's the second chapter ! and I hope you guys will enjoy it ! Love and kisses from Ilynn !  Byeeee :D And Sorry for the wrong grammar and typosssss :''D  AND I FRICKIN' LOVE THE PICTURE. MYUNGYEOL FTW ! ANNYEONG !


"er, okay. So Sungyeol..." "what?" Myungsoo turn his head to sungyeol's face

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME !" said Myungsoo. He push the confuse-looking Sungyeol away from him. And run to his other friends angrily. 'Kim myungsoo ! snap out of it ! Argh' 

"What the is wrong with him? um. whatever" Sungyeol just sigh and goes to the men's room.

-5 minute later-


"okay ermm.. so we good to go now right?" ask a girly-looking guy name kevin while he puts his bag pack on.

"yeah sure. Let's go ! I can't wait to eat fish tonight ! WOHOOOO !!" Dongwoo shouts really loudly, while jumping up and down like a little kid. But he doesn't know that his friends are staring weirdly at him. Even Hoya, his bestfriend just shook his head. 'Oh dongwoo ah...'

"hey, where's that choding sungyeol?" Kiseop glares at Myungsoo who's just staying quiet and doing his own thing. Eating lollipop and stuff.

"i'm here ! so let's go guys ! And mr short chun sa..." suddenly Sungyeol just pop out from nowhere and hug myungsoo's back. Making Myungsoo face turn red. 

"..w...what??" "well, mr short chun sa.. I, I.... I want your lollipop !" Sungyeol takes the lollipop from Myungsoo's mouth and put it into his mouth, it happily while myungsoo... still blushing. 

Their other friends just watches them. Well, because they know how sungyeol can be really childish sometime. Dongwoo is a little childish too, but not as childish as sungyeol. I mean, sungyeol .. he is... Well, He is the choding Sungyeol of course. So yeah. 

"Wtf Choding?!" Myungsoo staring at Sungyeol with the scariest 'death glares' that can make everyone scared by it while Sungyeol, just smiling innocently and still the lollipop.

"Aish, come on guys ! ga ja *let's go* !" said Hoya. He then grabs Dongwoo's hand and VinSeop following them. Leaving the choding and the ice prince behind.

"Yo guys wait for us !" Sungyeol grabs his bag and run towards the two couple who already leaving them behind. "Myungie ga ja~ !" 

Myungsoo just sigh and follow Sungyeol from behind. "someday Lee sungyeol, someday.." 

-At a river-

"wahhhh ! this place is Beautifuuuuul ! Hobaby, take a pic of me here can you?" said dongwoo to hoya. He then gave his phone Hoya so that hoya can take the picture.

"errr, HoBABY? HAHAHAHA ! What the hell is that ?! AHAHHA" Kiseop burst out laughing. while Hoya's face and ears turn red. 

Dongwoo sigh and quickly hold hoya's hand. "Look, I need to tell you something, Hoya .. well, hoya is my boyfriend. We've been together since 2 months ago" 

"whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" Both VinSeop and myungsoo shouts at dongwoo. "WHAT THE ? SERIOUSLY?" they all are shock by dongwoo sudden 'news'. 

Sungyeol on the other hand is looking calm and relax. The 'news' doesn't effect him at all. Well because he already knew that YaDong is an item. 

"just shut the hell up guys, come on. the waterfall is still far away okay" Sungyeol sighed. He quickly pulls Myungsoo's hand and walk away from YaDong and VinSeop.

"what and where are you going yeol? the waterfall is that way" Myungsoo points at the WATERFALL sign. But Sungyeol didn't anwser his question. 

And then they come to a big beautiful tree and Sungyeol push Myungsoo's body against the tree. 

Myungsoo face turns red again. His legs can't move. Sungyeol lean closer and closer to Myungsoo's face. 

"Myungie.... I want to show you something..." Sungyeol's eyes and Myungsoo's met. At that time Myungsoo's face is really red. He don't know what to do, 'should I run away?' 'Or should I stay?'. All this question keep bothering Myungsoo. 

"what...what a-are you gon-gonna show m-me" ask myungsoo. Sungyeol smirked and then holds Myungsoo face. Myungsoo close his eyes as Sungyeol getting closer to him.

Suddenly Myungsoo feels that someone lips is pressing his lips. He opens his eyes and see that Sungyeol already putting his lips on his. 'Sungyeol....' He continued and hold sungyeol's hand.

The kiss suddenly interrupted by a familiar voice calling him...

"Myungie ! what are you doing??" Ask Sungyeol looking confuse at myungsoo. Myungsoo on the other look confused too. 'What the hell?'

"yah, are you day dreaming again ice prince? LOL" Sungyeol pokes Myungsoo head. He then shook his head while looking at his best friend. "dude, stop it already, it's getting annoying" 

"w-what? what happen? where are we??" Sungyeol sighed. "myungie, we already arrive at the waterfall, can you see? this is a waterfall~ W-A-T-E-R-F-A-L-L ~~ See ? so quit day dreaming" Myungsoo look around. 'yes, we already arrive, but what the hell just happen? Oh no, Kim Myungsoo, not again. NOT AGAIN. 


A/N : K i finished the second chapter ! wohoo, can wait for the third chapter ! wait for me okay ;D And sorry if my story are kinda.... well, kinda.. Boring . Buhuuu D': I've try my best ! And this is the first story i've ever written. SO THANK YOU FOR READING. *BUING BUING LIKE TAO* ^^~ And Again, sorry for the wrong grammars and typossss ~ BTW, don't you guys think  kiseop in the story kinda like a mean friend or something *cough*. ahahha i don't why, but i like it. ^^ And if you guys don't like it.. Mianhaeeeeeee :D


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Chapter 5: Authornim.. this story is nice.. pls continue it ...
ahaha don't worry. I will write about myungyeol in the next chapter. *maybe* >_<'
MINAkpop #3
soooo cute love it !!
OMO!! It's yadong couple, such a cute~
But i miss my MyungYeol. Kkkk~
Update soon ;)
Omo, thanks guys ! i really appreciate your comments ! ><
So cute >.<
Myungyeol FTW.
Looking forward to the update, author-ssi~ ^^
[deactivated] #8
Aww! Your description is so cute! I'll be anticipating this one!