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Here you can see my fanfics, that I wrote, am writing will write and the collaboration fanfics.

Feel free to inform yourself about every single story :)



YOU GUYS KILL ME :) How can I vote when all the fics have the exactl same numbers of YES ? :)

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PinkyToe #1
dunno yet but i´ll start writing soon again i think
SenriKuro #2
Chapter 3: Will you rewrite Hunted II again? Please?!???
Chapter 2: WELCOME BACK :)))
amatsukishi #4
Chapter 4: welcome back pinky!
i miss u so much!
i hope ur back to the myungyeol fandom.
Chapter 3: I Miss Hunted II but I accept your decision authornim :)
Chapter 3: YAY!! Unnie you're finally back!! :D
Can't wait to read your updates ^^
MarketMoon #7
Chapter 3: happy to see you back and hope that you are feeling better now ^^
Zina3108 #8
Chapter 2: This going to be so random but I can't wait to start reading wheel on wheel >.<
helivesinfiction #9
Chapter 1: I really want to read your upcoming Fics #flashed :DDD
Chapter 2: she's back.. she's back. she's back.. oh...