Do Not Read: The main character


This is only the foreword, I will just introduce the characters and their personalities so ENJOY!!



Name: Hinamori Lia/ Lia Hinamori

Birthdate: June 22, 1997 (June 21 for the western countries, she was born on the summer solstice)

Birthplace: France

Family: Hinamori Atsuya= Father

Henri del'Ange= Stepfather

Sophie Daniels del'Ange= Mother

Hinamori Anna= Stepmother

Hinamori Jiron= Half-brother

Hinamori Kira= Half-brother

Gareth del'Ange= Half-brother

Appearance: Has long blonde hair that reaches her back. Green eyes with specks of Gold. Pinkish-white to Ivory-toned skin.

Personality: She is very confident and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She also has cocktail personality, which gives her the natural ability to know someone's strength and weakness. She easily makes friends, and usually makes them feel comfortable with her around. She is the main character in the story.

History: Her parents were bestfriends who have thier own families. One time when both of them got drunk, they forgot about other things and she was the outcome. Although she was a female bastard, she was never outcasted by both families. Both of her parents even took her in and made her live with both the families. Because she was illigitimate, her three half-brothers were always close to her. 


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