"Pretend Girlfriend" Part 1

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Kai's POV

I looked at my watch, it's 6am. I guess I have to go now. I don't want her to catch me this time. I tried to get up but she held onto me tighter and I heard a irritated voice.


"Don't let go Kim Jongin" she whispered softly.


I felt weird hearing those words from . Was that just her dream or did she really meant them? I caressed her hair and she came closer lying on my chest. I hope she doesn't wake up from the fast beating of my heart.


"Kim Jongin? Who are you? Why do you make me feel like this? Every time I'm with you, I feel so happy" She whispered again.


I was stunned by her words. I couldn't move. My heart beat went faster, as if I was about to die. I need to let go before I do something to her. Once again, I tried letting go. She clinged her hands on my body. I felt her arms hold tighter on my ribs. This girl...


I tried pulling her arms away but as soon as I got them out of my body, she woke up and was shocked from my presence. Kim Jongin, you're going to get an early death.


Hyerin's POV

I was dreaming about the . The dream never stopped. It just shifted to different scenes. In some scenes, we were in a field of flowers, the others were in a dark, rainy day. Why am I even dreaming about him? I couldn't contain my feelings. I hugged him in my dreams. It's free to do everything in a dream right? I didn't hold back all of my feelings, I did that was in my heart. I kissed him, we cuddled together we were smiling at each other like complete idiots who loved each other so much. Suddenly, everything was falling down. He was removing my arms away from him. He was going to let me fall down the deep, dark pit. Then I woke up and saw him. I was shocked. Why is he here again?!


"Why are you here?" I pointed my index finger at him while trembling.


"You told me to hug you last night" He beamed a naughty smile.


"Aish! I was sleeping unconciously!" I stood up and and tried to get to the same level as him but I failed because of my height.


"I was removing you a while ago but you said to me to not let go of you and you even held me tighter!" He explained as he gestured his hand on the bed trying to explain everything what happened.


"Get out!" I pointed out to the window while rubbing my face with my other hand.


He got out quickly and stared at me for the last time and stuck his tongue out. Stupid bastard, just what is he trying to do to me?!

Once again, I felt weird. We slept together again. Was he lying? Or was he saying the truth?! Aish! , . I kept hitting my head while sitting on the corner. Was my unconscious body deciding on its own?

Hyesun's POV

What a sweet morning! Why do I feel so excited today? Is it because I'm going to spend another day with him? What am I talking about? Why am I acting like a love-sick puppy?  Did I forget I'm human? Why am I smiling like an idiot? What's happening to me?!


It was still dark when I woke up. I showered and went to the kitchen for some toast. Weird, why did I wake up so early? It was quite boring at home so I went out to have a walk in the neighbourhood. I feel gloomier than ever. I am getting worried of myself. Do I have dysthymia? I am always rather gloomy. I kept walking. I didn’t wear any thick clothes or anything. I was just in my pyjamas. Who cares if someone sees me in this? I sat in the park and touched my cheek again. Why am I smiling when I kept thinking of that peck in the cheek? I didn’t notice I was daydreaming for more than an hour now. The sun was about to rise.

I saw a familiar figure, Sehun. He smiled and came up to me.


“Why are you here? And why are you wearing your PJs?” He chuckled while looking at my clothes.


I shrunk down. “I couldn’t sleep, so I just walked by our neighbourhood. How bout you?” I asked.


“Duh, can’t you see? I’m jogging” He flashed me a “it’s pretty obvious” face.


I nodded and bowed. “I have to go now”


“Wait” He pulled my hand.


I turned around to face him. “Wae?”


“Uhm… Are you doing anything today?” He asked shyly.


“Ani” I shook my head.


He pulled me out of the park and we went to the SM Building. I didn’t know why I didn’t refuse to go with him. But I like his hand on mine.


“Why did you take me here?” I asked while pointing at the building.


“To get you some clothes, come!” He gestured me to go to the elevator.


We finally arrived in a pretty fancy wardrobe. It wasn’t just a normal wardrobe. It was a huge room full of clothes. Probably bigger than our house.

“Do we have to pay for anything?” I asked while looking at the clothe one by one.


“Ani, pick anything you want to wear. I want to take you out for lunch” He said while picking clothes for himself.


“Lunch?” I asked.


He nodded. “Yeah, lunch”


I didn’t care what to wear. I just picked the usual. Conservative clothes. I hate flashing my skin out to anyone. I just think it’s highly inappropriate for my age.


The only pair of long pants I saw was the zebra-patterned leggings and I picked a black varsity jacket for my top because it was too cold and it looked cheaper than the others and a random pair of sneakers I saw on the floor. I guess I'm really terrible when it comes to picking clothes?



Sehun was shocked to see me. “Are you really wearing that?” He as asked while scratching his head.


I nodded. “It doesn’t look bad right?” I looked down on me to see if there was something wrong with it.


“Never mind” He sighed.


“Where are we going now?” I asked while following him.


“On our dorm, I still need to coach you. You need to be presentable in front of my parents” He answered.


“Mwo?” I stopped and pulled his hand and he faced me. “Why am I

meeting them?” I asked while my eyes widen.


“I’ll explain everything later nae?” He said with an annoyed voice.

AT THE DORM>>>>>>>

I asked him again. “Why are you taking me to see your parents?”


He sighed and showed me a picture on his phone. “My parents want me to marry this girl in the future. In order to prevent it, I need you to be my “pretend” girlfriend” He said while covering his face in frustration.


“Why me? And she looks nice. Why won’t you marry her?” I asked pointing at the girl on her phone.


“You, because I know I can trust you” He held both of my hands up. “And I don’t want to marry her because I don’t even know half of that girl. Now can you please just do this for me?” He pleaded.


“Why don’t you get to know her?” I answered back coldly.


“Because I know that I won’t like her! And I did a bit of background check about her and she doesn’t seem too nice. Please?” He pleaded again.


I nodded. “You have to pay me then, I’m not for free just so you know, Oh Sehun” I said while looking at him up-close.


He nodded. “I promise I’ll pay you”


I needed to do this because of two things. Short of money and I don’t really want him to end up with that girl. I just have a bad feeling that he’ll not be happy with “Ms. Doll face”.  I don’t know if this is concern for him or jealousy?



We arrived at the same restaurant where he took me last time. He waved at the fancy old couple who was sitting with the doll-faced girl.


The old lady wore a fancy red dress and had a expensive classy bag while the old man wore a tuxedo that looked very foreign to me. The doll-faced girl lit up the whole restaurant. She wore a white cocktail dress with a silver tiara on her head. The old lady stared at my eyes for seconds and examined me with her eyes from head to toe.


“Who is this young lady Sehun?” The old lady spoke in a not-so-happy tone.


It took him time to reply and suddenly he pulled me and wrapped his arms around my shoulder. He said to keep my emotionless expressions every time he does something to me. I get paid so I’ll do as he say.


“She’s my girlfriend omma” He finally spoke. I flinched as he said those words. What have I got myself into?





















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