Hello, Stranger


                As if it was an addiction, a drug she couldn’t detach herself from.  She was obsessed, being lured by the sound of the beautiful siren as a black spell tugged at her sleeve.  It was suffocating, the feeling itself – but she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed it.  She kept coming back to that lousy, underground bar, just to watch her muse from the same reserved seat at the same hour every night.  It became a sickening routine.  She never talked to her; she didn’t feel the need to.  It was unnecessary to get bundled up in pointless connections.  She didn’t want much company either; rather, she would prefer that none interrupted her.  A bottle of wine, its glass, and the maiden’s voice were enough to keep her satisfied.

                Much against her wishes, her name – the name Kim Taeyeon – had kept her presence to be of a discreet in the public.  Every now and then she was in the papers – sometimes on the front page even.  She was the second oldest of the three children – the only hope left – of the renowned Kim family and its business.  Many lived up to her image – she was gorgeous, elegant, refined, and had everything else a woman of her age could ask for.  Except happiness, she knew not of such.  She pulled no effort to find it either.

                Taeyeon was little less of the rebellious type, spoiled, yes, but she was obedient – always nodding.  “Yes, mother.  Yes, father.  I understand.”  Of course, she grew tired of it; although, she never thought it would be much of any difference if she was to talk back and refuse.  Her parents were never forceful toward her decisions, until after that incident – after her older brother had abandoned his life of abundance to marry off to a girl whose social status society condescended.  She never understood him and how he, the one who had everything in his hands, would empty everything out of his life all for one person.  Taeyeon had always looked up to him ever since she was an infant; he was her image of a human perfection, the brother whom she dearly loved.  However, gradually, a sense of bitterness toward her older brother grew in her.  He had left all responsibilities on her shoulders; his inheritance was now hers as well as all the burdens that were wrapped around his life.  With her family’s business falling into the deepest pits, she was engaged to a man whom she could not love.  How she hated this marriage arrangement.  How she hated life.  How she hated herself.  Then again, she never fought for her contentment.

                The man she was to be married to was blessed with the looks, wealth, and power.  She needed to start her life somewhere with someone, fresh.  Maybe he could be the one, she thought.  Despite knowing the young man since childhood, she never got used to his presence being around hers.

                Taeyeon’s wedding was in nine days, and her fiancé had ‘kindly’ promised her that he would let her be a free bird in those nine days.  It was upon her request that the engagement was to be unannounced to the public; she had enough attention to care for and would prefer those cameras to be at a safe distance away from her face until another stage of hell break loose in her life.  But after those days, she was to be completely his, and that he would be treated with the same, if not more, respect than she had offered her parents.  She didn’t care.  She could not care less.

                She thought about it sometimes, running away.  Maybe she could live off in the woods someday, stay there for a while, and then slowly deteriorate by herself.  She rid of that thought after thinking how much work she would have to go through.  She would rather die unhappy on a soft, comfortable bed.

                Things changed for the past month though.  She found entertainment for the first time.  It was a new thing for society as well in this sort era – music, plays, shows, movies… she finally got to tried them out.  She liked the freedom here in this bar.  It was noisy, but at the same time, she had a peace of mind.  It was the only place she could find peace.

                But then there was her.  That girl.  It disturbed Taeyeon, yet she could not take her eyes off the young lady. She could not understand why, what was so appealing about the songstress. She had been to places and seen many faces of the same remarkable appearance. Or maybe it was not the physical aspect of her at all that had been clawing at her consciousness. Something else was going on, but she could not grasp it or even pick at it. She wanted to find out, although at the same time, she was somewhat afraid to know. She wished for her reserved, quiet, plain life to be undisturbed, despite the dissatisfaction she received from it every moment of her life.  Still, fate had already made its move.

                The bright red pair of heels she had gazed at from far away was now on the same platform, just in front of her eyes.  The beautiful face that would appear in her dreams time after time again was now a reality just before her.  The voice in which she had heard every night from the distant stage was now ringing in near proximity.

                Then, to the wealthy, unhappy girl who had everything but nothing, she greeted,

                “Hello, stranger.”


This fanfiction is with the setting during the 1980s or so.  I don't know much about the history of Korea during this time but let's just pretend it's similar to the British's/American's okay? (>A< )  It will also be an attempt of a five-shot, if I manage to keep it that short.  Enjoy~  Leave comments and I might update faster~ \(^__^)/

Edit: Yes, I did changed the time period above after doing some quick research.  It seems more fitted to be in the 1980s.

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Taeyeonsdick #1
Chapter 3: This story is amazing it's quite a shame that it's been two years since you've updated but i'll be waiting for the next chapter authornim!
iamout #2
Chapter 3: I'm liking every bit of thus story. It's amusing. The timeline is also accurate and brings a touch of the history to the now present time.
I really admire your writing style; it's neat and confortable to read. Plus, the tied/entangled strings in the ot9 is worthy. I like it very much
Chapter 3: New reader here. First off, I just want to say you are a talented writer. It's rare to find people like you here in aff. Secondly, I love the way you portray each characters such as taeyeon for example, she really gives off a sophisticated vibe. Hope you update soon.
Chapter 3: Thanks author-shi~~~ update update update~~~
G1990sone #5
At last I found this story again , but I was shocked I thought it would be finished already . can't wait for this story to finish , I like reading completed stories .
Keep going ~
Chapter 3: Woah ur very very good writer i like it so si much update soon i be waiting author ssi hwaiting!!!! ^^
Chapter 3: Y-you you you T.T updated!

I missed it so damn much @[email protected]
OMG your writing is so good! your fic is amazing! I'm mesmerized.. speechless! I love your story so so so much T.T
almost really crying! Taeny is so perfect here, can't wait to see them together, all ways possible *.*
nights full of emotions, Tiff is so misterious.. Tae is so atractive! both cute HAHHAHHAA
need more.. really need more!

please don't go for so long!
Chapter 1: As I read this I'm more imagining it as a 1950s old Hollywood old business kinda thing. I hope you dnt mind. But I think your writing is great
Blabber_mouth #9
Chapter 3: Oh gosh....an update from you!!!
Surprised when I saw that this story was updated.
I love it.... a long and detailed chapter.
I love details and I love how you go into details regarding Tae's thoughts and perceptions. I think Tae is still oblivious regarding her fascination with Tiff whereas Tiff is clearly more "experienced" with such feelings (*Yuri*). It's kinda weird that Yulti dated, and are still best friends and act like friends. Is it possible for romantic feelings to be platonic just like that? Taengsic's relationship is really weird. They were friends, there was betrayal...but what exactly is Jessica doing following Tae around? Is she in love with Tae? What prompted her to betray Tae??? Soosic is also making me confused. What is clear though is Sooyoung's apparent affection for Jessica. I don't know what to label them too. I'm also curious as to what exactly is their legal arrangement and this sponsorship thingy. Will be waiting for the next chapter. I really hope you could update this frequently. Thanks for the update. :D
theqzyx #10
Chapter 2: I just miss Tiffany so much here... good chapter even so