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Disclaimer: these are posts from weibo that was translated and compiled by a fan.

———About their personal life———

1. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are very good friends. Chanyeol is also close to Kris. Hunhan is real. Kailu is real but not as close as Hunhan.

2. Kris and Amber are good friends but not that kind you’re thinking.

3. Luhan argued with Lay sometimes but thier fight is very hilarious to watch.

4. Luhan told Yunho he’s his fan. Yunho treats Luhan well. He even helped Luhan in his dancing. And that’s one-to-one teaching.

5. EXO members don’t have big comflicts. Even they fought they didn’t take it seriously. Someone was not happy with Baekhyun’s sudden arrival but as times go by it’s okay now.

6. Jongin fought the most but the most serious fights were with Taemin.

7. Kris is sensitive to ppl talking about his family issue. Staff won’t mention family stuff with him. Earlier some fans tried to dig things out about it and he was upset. Even a little bit angry. (You probably can notice his family name changed from Li to Wu.)

8. Luhan is sensitive to words like feminine. Sometimes he goes saw fans onlin talking about sth like he looks like a girl. He feels quite annoyed. And if you really say that right to his face he will certainly be mad.

9. About Baekhyun’s affection for SNSD, everyone likes SNSD, you know. Of course they’ve just debuted and Baek isn’t very close to SNSD.

10. 4 Chinese members browse 4 main Chinese social websites including Weibo and RenRen.

11. Chanyeol is very smart. He knows his strengths and weaknesses well and he is good at showing his strengths and hiding his weaknesses. He has good variety show sense. You can’t say he’s a calculating person, that is a professional attitiude as an artist. He pays a lot of attention on his image even it’s off stage. He is not just a boy with a pretty face. His rap is really good and he is serious towards it. He likes hiphop. His guitar skills is very good and better than drum set.

12. In person, Chanyeoll is a bright kid, and a humorous, easy-going, sociable, and caring person. His family is well-off so he doesn’t see things with lots of negative thoughts.

13. Lay and Kai appreciate each other. Sometimes they are competitive but that’s why they improve.

14. TaeKai are really close. They fought a lot and love each other a lot. Long ago in their trainee days they argued with each other a lot. It always ended up real fights but after that they cling to each other as if nothing happened. (lol)

15.Kai wasn’t happy with Taemin’s debut being earlier than his because Kai thinks he’s better. But Taemin totally didn’t think the same way. (lol) Soon after Tae’s debut, they weren’t close as before. But after a while they were close again. (-,-)

16.Taemin had to consider a lot after debut. He didn’t fight back in the bullying issue happened at school. But Kai almost fought with the guys who did sth not cool to Taemin. But Kai finally calmed himself down as he knew he’s an SM trainee.

17. Kai is more like hyung to Taemin in reality. They have very similar personality.

18. Earlier when Taemin was having long hair, Kai always joked around and told others Tae was his girlfriend. (LOL) TaeKai are like real brothers.

19. KrisAmber and ChanKrystal are NOT real.

20. EXO and SHINee are REALLY close. Like TaeKai and ChanKey.

21. They all had girlfriends but when SM got to choose members in EXO, they all broke up (;~;)

22. Luhan didn’t talk about his ideal type. But they talked about who’s the prietties in SNSD. Luhan and Tao said it’s Yoona. Lay said Taeyeon. Kris said Yuri. (Don’t be jelly. XD)

22. Baekhyun doesn’t like putting on guyliner cause it always gets into his eyes.

23. Chanyeol likes T.O.P cause he thinks their voices are similiar.

24. Sehun is scared of being in elevators alone.

25. Tao really was upset by some online antis

26. Luhan was rejected when he asked for a casual leave.

27. Luhan is allergic to seafood.

28. Lay watches Japanese drama. He likes Japanese culture.

29. No one listen to K’s leader in dorms. (LOL)

30. Kris likes Yuri because he watched Invincible Youth.

31. A PD invited Baekhyun for a new drama.

32. Chanyeol and Hongki are quite close.

33. Chanbaek and Lay are the most humorous members.

34. Kai’s waist injury may need surgery. (O____O”)

———About future plans———

1. So far EXO-K will not have any EXO-specific variety show plans. They will wait until EXO-M finished their promotion in China to record variety shows in Korea. SM is thinking of Hello Baby or things like 2NE1 TV.

2. EXO will have more collabs with SNSD. SNSD will take care of EXO. (By the way, please don’t start fan wars. Just don’t.)

3. EXO’s full album will not be released until after Olympics. M will then return Korea and promote songs with K as well as record variety shows.

4. The I AM movie is just a test. Next SM is going to film sth like Highschool Musical.

5. SM don’t have any plans for new groups before 2014. But there may be solo singers.

6. SM have already picked members of the new girl group. It’s going to have 12 members. EXO will take care of them. There will be 3 Chinese members in it. They will have collabs with EXO. Some members have good relationships with EXO.

7. There wil be CF collabs between EXO and SNSD. SM will create loveline. SM won’t even stop scandals. All they want is attention.

8. SM thinks B.A.P and JJ Project are the biggest competition for EXO.

9. Kirs will be in Boa’s 7th album.

cr: weibo and baidu

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Chapter 34: <3 <3 <3 <3
Chapter 6: I find it hard pronouncing her name
Chapter 106: Hehe. He only does that because he knows D.O wouldn't like it XD
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Thank you for this ♥♥♥
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Chapter 6: And I hope Music_Melody you didn't think I was bashing because I really wasn't!!! I was just saying the truth that i know so yeah!!
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Chapter 6: I'm just going to say this because you all have the right to know. I know someone who went to school with Luhan, and the scandal about "Luhan having a new girlfriend and it's Wei Qian Ya" or "Luhan's ex-girlfriend was Wei Qian Ya" is NOT true. He liked her for years but she never liked him back so he gave up. Other things may be like these questions so I will answer them now to stop more drama and so people know the truth and that I still keep in touch with this person and my friend is a male. Luhan has never had a girlfriend no matter what rumors say! Luhan has kissed a girl but it was on accident and he didn't mean too! Luhan doesn't like people on his bed because of a prank in Korea (he let people on it in China {where I am from})! Luhan is actually as generous as he seems (SUPER GENEROUS)! Luhan has a super good temper! Luhan has not lost his V-card! So any more questions ask me on my page and I hope I cleared something up....BYE!!!!!
Chapter 147: I thought Sehun was afraid to be in elevators by himself?