Cry [oneshot]


There are only so many things one can do when another leaves.


This should've never been written, but listening to MBLAQ's "Cry" for three hours nonstop was enough to motivate me. And yes, this is me with a skyscraper-high writer's block and can therefore produce only oneshots. >__________>

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Chapter 1: ㅠ__ㅠ

missing them~
Leah3k #2
Chapter 1: Let me just... *flyes away crying*
kaimatsuda #3
Chapter 1: this is bootiful.just bootiful T.T my eyes were actually tearing up ya kno ;-;
Chapter 1: My heartache when reading this... Its touching and really sad.... T.T
Chapter 1: Heart breaking~ <///3

Reading this once again~
Chapter 1: hikz.... T_T
Chapter 1: I'm bawling like a big write so beautifully
Chapter 1: And i cry.......
Chapter 1: You make me almost cry T.T
The story shows Eunhae deep friendship endlessly.
But i was curious, what happened with Hae actually?
Chapter 1: You kill me, i just re read "two lost souls....", and now finished this one... O my poor puffy eyes... Please hold on...
i need to check another story of this author nim, hopefully no more angst, otherwise, i really need those cold cucumber and ice cube...