So Your My Kid? (A Kim Heechul Parenthood Story)


Have you ever had a secret? Like a really really big secret? The kind of secret that would change your life forever? Well that's the kind my umma had before......the accident. What accident you may ask? Well i'll tell you.....the accident that would change my life forever......


mblaq thunder Pictures, Images and Photos" />

(I know this is Thunder but its the closest i can get to what i want im to look like)

- Name: Kim Jung-Mo

- Age: 13

- Natural Hair Color: Black

- Current Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

- Eye Color: Same As Heechul

- Personality: At first he is really distant and kinda cold but whenhe gets to know you he's really sweet and cuddly and he's also easy to please

*Author's note: Hey guys! ^w^ its kpopjunky here i just wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions to how you want Jung-Mo and Heechul to meet or something you want me to add to the info mkay?


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Chapter 1: Plz update soon
K-PopDream #2
At first, I have to admit that I thought the main character was a girl. Silly me!
K-PopDream #3
Please update the first chapter!!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I've been checking back on this ever since you've posted the foreword. please update! I love that the child is a boy and looks just like Thunder. He is just SO ADORABLE! Love this! Bye for now,

Well this sounds interesting. . .