My Bodyguard


What happens when Myungsoo is a bodyguard to protect Min ah and you ?

What happens when you prank call to irritate him, and instead of kicking him out, you fall for him?

What happens when Myungsoo doesn't know its you who's calling and you also set your phone number on private?

What happens when your best friend takes over your love life, instead of you?

What happens...if you want to turn back time?



A boy that's jobless from dropping out of school because to his dream of becoming a singer. However, his father goes against Myungsoo’s wish and as a result he sends Myungsoo as a bodyguard to a high-status place, where his job is to protect you and her best friend Min ah. Myungsoo is also forced into attending Seoul High with them both.  He can be very stubborn and has a huge temper sometimes, but holds it in.



Woohyun is Myungsoo’s servant who helps out at home with all the chores. WooHyun is sort of a backup of Myungsoo, just in case of emergencies. Sometimes he is a burden towards Myungsoo, but cheers him up either way. He does attend school with Myungsoo after all of Myungsoo's friends comes.


You are is currently in danger because of your dad’s enemies’. You are forced into having a bodyguard (Myungsoo). You hated the idea of having someone constantly following you around, so you get into serious mischeif. Only did you not know that was going to turn your whole life around. Despite the problem, you're  bubbly, stubborn, temperamental and cute. 

Min ah

Min ah is Yuri’s childhood best friend. She is very wise about most things, and doesn’t really care about a bodyguard following her. Yet she has a selfish side to her that no one knows of. 


She's the cook for the house that myungsoo, Woohyun, Min ah and You live in. She does all the housework and chores. In the mist of all the danger and complications she is intangled in a love affair.

All of the other infinite members as well.

They are cheeky, quiet, mean, talkative, and good looking. 

Mul Han

A vicious person who wants to take revenge on your father.


You and Min Ah are the best of friends. You have been best friends with her ever since you were little kids. You both lived in the same house as well. Though, because of an accident that happens between your father and a guy named Mul Han, he plans to take revenge for his son's death. So at that time, your father sets up a bodyguard, Myungsoo. You practically hated the idea but you couldn't go aganist your father. To annoy and make Myungsoo go away, you plan a prank phone call where your number is on private. Everyday you prank call, until you realise that you are slowly falling for him. However, things get complicated when more truth is out and less mysteries are solved. Betrayal and backstabbing twists their lives in various ways.

Please do not plagarise or copy anything. I hope you enjoy ;)

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Yonghyunism 21 streak #1
Chapter 28: Yey welcome back!
Chapter 27: 0.0 omg nooo they shouldnt have left
Chapter 25: o.O u havent updated in months!

awwww i hope he knows its her soon~
Chapter 24: Update soon~
Chapter 23: Update soon~
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Sorry, small detail..where did woohyun leave the dog? He left it just like that?
pomiloli #7
Chapter 23: When i saw that you updated, i was so freaking happy :D

But i wonder why the man took a picture of the two of them, if it was Min Ah or one of the boys who took it for blackmailing purpose, i would've understood but this man, why?
And i wonder why he was glaring at her >.<
Chapter 23: Omo why would he take pics?
Chapter 22: yoooo ! oo:
Chapter 22: muahahaa, do you want to go out now? ;) ;) shes gonna kill yew