Super Junior's One Shot Wonderland [Requesting Closed]

Requested by: cassandra_wook, lacrimosus, and bubbleroses

Pairing: Kyuwook

Theme: Wookie is Donghae's fanboy, Kyu is jealous


I sat at the bar and smiled as I watched my boyfriend do his work.  He was the long time bartender as Seoul's hottest nightclub, and he was damn good at his job.  I admired as he threw the bottles in the air, catching them gracefully and pouring perfect drinks everytime.

However, I frowned whan I saw I wasn't the only one captivated by the show.  My boyfriend, Ryeowook, was just one of those people who looked good no matter what he did.  He was just naturally cute, and his innocence only added to his appeal.  Tonight, as he strutted around in his skin tight jeans, and y smokey eye makeup, I could see he was drawing a lot of attention.

Men and women crowded around the bar, hoping to catch a glimpse.  I turned and glared hatefully as I overheard the man next to me talking to his friend,

"Damn!  The bar bunny looks especially y tonight!  Think I have a chance with him?"

His friend laughed and answered back,

"No way man!  I call dibs!"

It took all my restraint not to stand up and punch those douche bags.  I was pissed that they could talk about my lover in such a subjective manner, but I was more jealous than anything. 

Ryeowook was hot, there was no denying it.  It seemed like everyone who saw him, wanted him, and he attracted admirers like honey attracted bees.  As much as I hated to admit it, I was the definately the jealous type.  I was extremely possesive, and I liked everyone to know that he was off-limits.

Luckily for me, Ryeowook loved me as much as I loved him.  I had never even seen him look twice at another person in the time we had been together.  To be honest, he was a little bit oblivious, and he couldn't understand why he generated so much attention.  I was just happy that all the attention annoyed him, it helped me keep my anger in check.

At about 10, he got his break.  He skipped out from behind the bar and threw himself at me, smiling brightly.  He sat himself on my lap, and I couldn't help but smirk smugly as I noticed the disappointed stares of Ryeowook's fans.  My eyes glinted evilly as I decided to give them a little show.

I leaned down and kissed him, smiling slightly as he opened his mouth automatically.  I ravaged his mouth, enjoying the sound of disappointed groans from our audience.  When I pulled away, Ryeowook was blushing softly, and he whacked my chest in mock irritation,

"Ya!  You better behave yourself Cho Kyuhyun, I am working right now!"

I rolled my eyes and teased,

"Oh please!  You know you like it!"

He simply giggled and nodded, giving in easily.  He smiled up at me and asked,

"Are you going to stay till the end of my shift?"

I made a sad face and answered,

"Wow, if you wanted me to leave, you could have just said so"

His eyes widened and he shook his head frantically,

"I-i didn't mean it like that!"

I smirked, showing him I was just kidding, and he crossed his arms and pouted adorably.  I chuckled at his act and asked nicely,

"Why do you ask?"

His eyes lit up excitedly, and he dropped his act,

"Well the boss said we're supposed to have VIP guests today, if you stick around you may be able to see them!"

I thought momentarily and nodded,

"I might as well stay, it's not like I have work tomorrow, plus you know I would have just come back anyway to pick you up after your shift"

He smiled sweetly and giggled,


He smiled again, and looked about ready to say something when his boss ran over in a frenzy.

"Ryeowook, I'm sorry but I have to cut your break short.  The VIPs are here, and you'll never guess who they are!"

Ryeowook smiled and joked,

"Is it the singer Yesung?  You seem very excited Minnie, and I happen to know that you have a crush on him!"

His boss, Sungmin, turned bright red and glared at my boyfriend,

"I don't like him that much... I-i just think he's talented!"

Ryeowook giggled and he shot me a knowing look. 

"Anyway, that's not the point!  Just get back to the bar!"

Ryeowook slid off my lap and saluted Sungmin teasingly,

"Yes sir!"

I laughed as Sungmin mumbled something about sassy maknaes, as he hurried away.  The bar was pretty deserted now, after my little show, so I knew I would have a pretty good view of the special guests.  I sipped my beer, and looked around, curious to see who they were.  Based on the earlier conversation I was pretty sure the famous ballad singer Yesung was one of the VIPs.

I watched as the security guards closed off Ryeowook's section of the bar, making sure that none of the other people got in.  They let me stay, knowing I was Ryeowook's boyfriend.

Suddenly I heard screams and camera flashes went off.  I turned to see security leading a group of men into the closed off area of the bar. 

I smirked when I saw Yesung enter the area, but I was surprised to see a few other celebrities along with him.  I recognized Choi Siwon the famous model, Kim Heechul the notorious fashion designer, and Kim Kangin the legendary boxer. 

I was impressed by their flashy clothes and their fancy things, they practically screamed of stardom.  However, my mood dropped when I saw the last person in the group enter the bar area.  I cursed softly too myself, and my eyes flashed over to Ryeowook.

He smiled kindly at the stars, but his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock when he saw the last celebrity.  His eyes grew shiny with excitement and he practically squealed,

"Oh my God!  Lee Donghae!"

I facepalmed and cursed my luck.  It was true that Ryeowook never looked at another person while we were together, but Lee Donghae was a special case.  Ryeowook had been obsessed with the handsome actor for as long as I could remember.  He was Ryeowook's idol...

Donghae smiled kindly at Ryeowook, and I growled when I saw him scan my lover's body appreciatively.  Ryeowook seemed totally unaware that he was being oogled and he cotinued to smile excitedly.  When Dongahe finished undressing my boyfriend with his eyes, he gave his signiture grin and replied good-naturedly,

"That's my name"

Ryeowook  blushed, and quickly apologized for his outburst, causing Donghae and his friends to chuckle at his cuteness.  Ryeowook quickly made them drinks, throwing the multi-colored bottles like the pro he was.  They all watched Ryeowook, but I noticed that Donghae payed extra close attention, even craning his neck to get a better view when Ryeowook bent over.

I looked away, my eyes flashing dangerously.  Sungmin flounced over to check how things were going, although it was quite obvious that he just wanted to check out Yesung.  He stopped when he saw my expression, and he glanced over to see what was making me so mad.

He chuckled and snorted,

"Oh, so Wookie met Donghae, huh?"

I shot him a venomous glare, and the bunny-like man just laughed,

"I always pegged you for the jealous type!  Well, I might stick around, I wonder how long you can last before you combust and punch out Seoul's favorite actor!"

I spit back acidicly,

"Oh don't give me that bull-!  I know you just want to stare at Yesung's .  And I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not jealous!"

He smirked and chimed sweetly,

"Oh well that's good then, you must be very confident" I looked at him questioningly and he continued, "Well,Wookie once told me that Donghae was his dream guy, just so you know"

He skipped away, cackling evilly, leaving me to stare after him in horror.  I slowly turned back towards the bar, and my blood boiled as I saw Ryeowook leaning over, talking to his "perfect man" animatedly.  He wore his signiture innocent smile, and he was giggling madly.

This was my definition of hell.  I glared at Donghae, and wished I could mess up his handsome face.  I jumped up agitatedly when I saw Donghae reach over and tuck Ryeowook's bangs behind his ear.  I managed to stop myself from charging over and taking the pretty boy out, but I definately needed some air.

I quickly turned away, and hurried to the exit.  Once I was out in the cool night air, I took huge lungfulls of air, trying to calm myself down.  I closed my eyes, and breathed in and out, trying to find a happy place.  My eyes flew open when a familiar high voice called out in concern,

"Hyunnie?  Are you okay?  What's wrong?"

I spun around to see Ryeowook standing behind me, biting his lip anxiously.  I still wasn't quite calm, and I stomped over, and grabbed his arm.  He squeaked in surprise, but I silenced him with a searing kiss.  I pushed him against the brick wall of the club, and deepened the kiss.

He moaned and I took the opportunity to claim his mouth, letting my tongue explore every nook and crany of his sinful cavern.  He pulled away, gasping for air, and I moved my mouth lower.  I his defined collarbones, and gently nipped at his throat.  I moved my lips to his pulse point, and he whimpered when I started to .

I smirked, knowing that this was his sensitive spot, and harder.  I finally pulled away, admiring the dark purple love mark that was displayed prominently on his neck.  He wrapped his arms around my neck and we kissed again, softer and gentler than before.

When we pulled away, Ryeowook looked into my eyes and asked,

"What's gotten into you Kyu?"  He studied me, then smiled knowingly, "Don't tell me you're jealous!"

I looked away, not daring to meet his eyes.  He giggled and grabbed my chin so I was looking at him.

"There's no need to be jealous my little Kyu-kyu!  I love you and only you, okay?"

I nodded obediantley, and he hugged me lovingly.  I leaned my face down and nuzzled the top of his hair, breathing in the sweet smell of his shampoo.

He pulled away and grabbed my hand, dragging me back inside.  I smirked evilly as I examined the hickey that marked him as mine.  To make sure I got my point across loud and clear, when we were in plain sight of the celebrities at the bar, I pulled him to me, hugging him tightly from behind. 

I leaned down to his ear, and said loud enough for Donghae to hear,

"You are mine Kim Ryeowook!  Do you hear me!?  MINE!!"


Hope you liked this!

Personally, I like Kyu best when he's being all over-protective! ^^

Just as a side note, do you like the image at the beginning of the chap?  I made it myself with this new app I bought

*is proud of herself*

Anyway, there you go cassandra_wook, lacrimosus, and bubbleroses!

Next, I have some Kyuwook angst for cashewlover_14  *gulp*  Wish me luck!!



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