Before The Dawn

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Bloodthirsty Vampires. Dangerous Powers. Forbidden Love.



I have a new story for you.



yay! Their new song BEFORE THE DAWN inspired me ^^ it just screamed vampire, for me at least anyways keke


Warning: This is just a fantasy fiction. Please don't be offended by the idea of multiple husbands and half-sibling relationship. If it bothers you, please don't read this fanfic. Thank you. 


You: A depressed, sad half-vampire who is also mute. You know how to talk but you just can't/refuse to. Your mother was a human who died right after you were born. You were raised by your grandmother. You know who your father is and that you hae 7 half-brothers. You only see them sometimes per year. You never smile and even if you do, you dont' let anyone see it. You're weak, vulnerable, silent, and miserable. You hate being a burden and apologize way too much. You tried to end your existence many times but failed. You have no powers...yet.

Infinite: Your 7 half-brothers who are all half-related to each other, as well. They all have different mothers. They arent' exactly close but they arent' fighting every minute. They resent their father the most. They appear cold and careless to you but they care for you more than brothers should care for their sister. Has special powers. Son of the headmaster of Woolim Academy, a school for young vampires.

-Sunggyu: Oldest, strongest

-Woohyun: Most calm and patient. Wisest.

-Hoya: Hates annoying things.

-Dongwoo: The most hot tempered.

-Sungyeol: Silent but most warm-hearted. Special power is healing.

-L:Mysterious, quiet, and cold.

-Sungjong: Silent but if you become close, he talks a lot. Caring deep on the inside. Pretty looking but is actually one of the fiercest vampires

Mr. Woo: Your and Infinite's father. A smooth-talker who charms the ladies in an instance. Very powerful and intelligent. Headmaster of Woolim Academy.


You are a sad, depressed half-vamp, half-human girl who thinks her existence is a waste.

Things turn even more upside down for you after your grandmother passes away.

Now you must actually live with your father and half-brothers and live at Woolim Academy.

Your half-brothers appear cold and careless. It's like they hate you.

More than anything, you are very afraid of them.

But deep inside, they're only putting on an act. They actually love you and care for you...more than a brother should for his sister. Even if it's only half.

At Woolim Academy, things aren't easy for you. Although your the headmaster's daughter, you're an outcast because of 1. your blood class 2. your depressed mental state and inability to talk and 3. you have no powers like all the other students at Woolim Academy.

But what if one get your power?

And it turns out to be the most special and biggest power that all vampires are envious of?

And what if someone...someone bad...someone tremendously evil...tries to get hold of it?

Will your half-brothers still remain in the shadows and hide their feelings for you?

Or will they finally come out of the dark to defend you and protect you once and for all?








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Chapter 41: This story makes my heart happy to be able to read it again after so many years from being away from this website.

I am so happy to come back to re-reading your beautifully written stories Author-nim :)

Hope you are doing well over the years ~
Chapter 41: sad that im already finish reading this story (╥﹏╥) jealous bcs she have caring and handsome husbands (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴ good job author-nim ♡(◡‿◡✿) fml now infinite is taking over my mind and soul //cry in the corner of my room//
Chapter 22: asfgjkdjll 5 years old sungyeol is so cuteeeee(♡∀♡) and now im curious what's this girl really are? I mean sungyeol mentioned how she doesn't smell like a vampire or a human.. ( ´゚Д゚`)
Chapter 16: The moment sunggyu hoya and dongwoo come in i screamed ˊ▽ˋ and wth i cant control my fangirling side when dongwoo said "youre dead" to moonjoo ヽ(`Д´)ノ i was like nooooo why hoya and dongwoo looks so manly oh god my hearteu~ ヽ(`Д´)ノ
CherryOh #6
I’m looking for an Infinite vamp fic and I’ve been reading your fics since like 2012 lmao is this the fic where the main girl has kids with all of them and she forgets Sungyeol and everybody thought he was dead but then he actually lived JSNSKNX ITS VAGUE I KNOW BUT ITS ALL I REMEMBER
poya123 #7
Chapter 41: Want to read another one...
DD_DoubleD #8
Chapter 41: This is one of the first stories I read on this page. I don't know why but I didn't forget this one. If I compare this story to your newer ones, it not as well written as you write now. You really erardned yourself an incredible talent! I really would love to reread all of your stories. I don't even remember how many times I come back to your old stories. Please set them open again ~~~
I came back here again after a few years and this is the first story I searched to read again.. The impression it left on me is amazing.. Author-nim please post the other books related to this story again.. Pleeaasseeee.. It's literally the best series in this website...
blazey18 #10
Can we read the other story pls?