You made me change for the better



Title: You made me change for the better

Genre: Romance, fluff, angst(?), (?)

Ratings: pg-13 and maybe later on nc-18?




Kim Jonghyun (18) is the number one player in the entire school population; he is perfectly straight and was not to show it by sleeping with every girl in the school. He does not care about anyone else’s feelings except for his best friend. He does not maintain a relationship with anyone and the girls he slept were just considered a one night stand, forgotten the next day, until he met a diva named Key that is.

Choi Minho (17) is considered the number two player in the school, after Jonghyun. He is also straight and like his hyung, he had been with almost every female in the entire school and felt that everyone was beneath him. He considered Jonghyun his only friend and treated everyone like garbage. However, his view changed with he laid his eyes on a cute innocent boy named Lee Taemin.

Kim Kibum (17) is a new student at St. Juliette and considered himself a diva, he would not hold back to tell anyone off that said anything that offended him or his son Taemin. He was a lonely boy and only relied on him to support himself and Taemin after both their parents kicked them out when they found out their sons were gay. He thought transferring to a new school would be a new beginning for him, however an obstacle stood in his path, and his name was Kim Jonghyun.

Lee Taemin (16) is a new student at St. Juliette after transferring with his Key umma. He considered Key his only family after getting kicked out with he came out to his parents as being gay. Unlike his diva umma though, he was really innocent and would easily forgive and forget. Little did Taemin know, on his first day, he had already caught the eyes of a certain boy that made him question his uality.

Jonghyun and Minho were known as the bullies and the biggest players at St. Juliette. Everyone had reason to as the both of them were the richest and came from powerful families. Anyone that pissed them off was guaranteed a ticket straight to hell. They had probably been with every single girl in the school and were starting to get tired of their little games. The whole school was a game to them until two mysterious new students enrolled into the school. The new students named Key and Taemin changed their lives.


Onew will appear later on in the story, don't know when but it just feels right to include him in the story. 

Sorry for the really long foreword, this is my first story and laying everything out really helps :D 

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Chapter 36: Yes i will try to read ut author shhi
Thank you
Write more and i will read more
Chapter 30: I love it author-sshi this is my 5th time reading this story!and it never failed to make me fall inlove again with your works
Chapter 42: thank you so much author-sshi!!!this is amazing. hoping that you will write another 2min story.... now im going to read truly madly so excited :-)
eva28shawol #4
Chapter 41: wow,I can't say anything after read this soooo amaziiiing...
I finished read this ff for a day /my mom scream at me all day/
I'm JKS,so I love this ff so much,thank you author-nim
/sorry,my grammar is be honest,I can't speak english
eva28shawol #5
Chapter 34: yogeuuunnn,right?
Chapter 36: I LOVE IT!!
Chapter 41: Reread it again and it's awesome <3333
FreezingLove #8
I think these author-nims love to give heart attacks to readers, because everytime I see my name I almost have a heart attack. It is almost creepy. Just kidding!
Btw, this is my 2nd time reading this and I still totally love the story. XD
I love this story sooooooooooo much!
SparkFury #10
Chapter 30: Great Story loving it. This is the 2nd time i've read the story.