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I Fell In Love With My Tutor

"Okay! We are going to eat while we do this assignment," IU said. Thunder and Wooyoung grinned, glad that they could eat something.

"I need you, Wooyoung oppa, to eat this. While Thunder oppa is going to eat this. Do you know which lesson we're going to do?" IU asked, smiling. The two shook their heads, staring at the food IU just handed them.

"We're going to practice saying things in ENGLISH!" IU exclaimed, clapping. It wasn't her best subject, but it was the fun one. Wooyoung and Thunder groaned, knowing that they knew a few english.

Wooyoung had learned english with his 2PM member a little because of a Thailand member, Nichkhun. They had trouble communicating, so they spoke in english. Nichkhun finally gave up on talking english with s, so he began to take lessons. That's when Wooyoung began to forget a little how to speak English. 

Thunder, though, had a member who spoke english a lot just for fun. The only word he knew was, "Yo" and "See ya" and "Hi." He had been listening to some K-pop songs which had some english on it, anyways. 

IU, however, had begun learning English when she was a child. She had a tutor teacher, G.NA, who spoke fluent english. However, the two had trouble communicating. G.NA didn't really know a lot of Korean words, but she spoke sometimes in Korean. IU had tried to communicate her by speaking English, but she had trouble pronouncing the words. Eventually, G.NA had to leave and so they stopped seeing each other. However, IU had continued to try to speak English.

"We're going to have a conversation. Pretend we are at America, and we can't speak Korean in this school. It's lunch time, and now, we're going to eat. I'll start first," IU explained, clearing . Thunder held his breath, knowing he was going to laugh when IU would speak English.

"Hello, Thunder. What you have there?" IU asked in non-fluent English. Thunder and Wooyoung bursted out laughing like crazy, which made IU pout.

"It's supposed to be: Hello, Thunder. What do you have there!" Wooyoung corrected, chuckling. Thunder sighed happily as he wiped his tear. IU pouted again, and then frowned.

"Fine! How about you start a conversation?" IU tested. 

"My pleasure!" Wooyoung grinned. He cleared his throat and turned to IU.

"Hey honey. Do you want that lunch, or are you going to give it to me?" Wooyoung said fluently in English, grinning. Thunder had understood exactly what he had said.

"Ya! How come you get to call her 'honey'?" Thunder snapped, jealous and angry. Wooyoung smirked, while IU stared at Thunder cluelessly. Thunder slowly translated what Wooyoung had said. After he was done, IU glared at him.

"One, I am not your honey! Two, you have your own lunch! And three, HOW DARE YOU FLIRT WITH ME!?!?" IU shouted, smacking Wooyoung every time she counted. Wooyoung whined, while Thunder laughed. After IU had calmed down with the help of Thunder, she smiled at him.

"Okay, Thunder oppa, try to speak something in English," IU suggested. Wooyoung smirked. He knew that Thunder couldn't speak fluent English, but he was able to understand English.

"I... I better not," Thunder said embarrassingly.

"Aw, come on! You heard me speak! I'm sure you speak better than me! Give it a try!" IU encouraged. Thunder blushed, while Wooyoung snickered.

"Chicken," Wooyoung muttered to himself. Thunder glared at Wooyoung.

"I only know a sentence in English," he lied. 

"Sure, go ahead!" IU smiled. Thunder cleared his throat.

"I Love You." He blushed embarrassingly. The only reason he lied was because this was his way of "confessing" to IU his feeling. I know it's not going to work. But at least I got that sentence out of my mind! Thunder thought happily. IU was stiff frozen. DUM DUM DUM~~~~>O< Wooyoung thought grinning. Suddenly, IU flashed a smile.

"Awww! How sweet!" she cooed, kissing Thunder on his forehead. Wooyoung dropped his mouth open. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS UP WITH HER KISSING HIS FOREHEAD?!?! Wooyoung shouted in his mind. Thunder blushed, as he turned bright red.

"Well, I guess we should continue speaking English. Now, since I'm not going to take an English examine and you guys are, why don't you guys teach each other and help each other out? Now, be right back. I need to use the restroom," IU said, excusing herself. When she was gone, Wooyoung glared at Thunder.

"DUDE! What's up with her kissing you?!!?" Wooyoung shouted, angry.

"Um... childhood thing. Hey, do you think IU is okay?" Thunder asked. Wooyoung gritted his teeth. Are they... falling for each other or something? Wooyoung thought worriedly.

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Mandaristone #1
i love all your stories about WooU but i love especially this story..
you are my favourite write so u can write a new story about them or sequel of this story ??? plz
i miss them :(
@iuismylife: lolz XD I doubt there's going to be a sequel for this. I think I used to have a sequel but AFF glitched up that time and I lost that story :P
I'm glad you had fun writing it, this story is wonderful, good job.
if you will write the sequel, tell me right away that I start to read it and if you want I can help you to have more readers.
@iuismylife: Hahaha, is it? XD I don't know, I felt that it was very cliché, but it was really fun writing it. :)
Beautiful story , plz sequel .
I love this story ,is so amazing
@Xaioyanpinkie: lol, it's very cliché, though XD But I'm glad that you enjoyed the story! :
Thank for wrote the good story that have IU character
@walleeva: It's cliché, too. XD I don't know how I wrote this story. :P
walleeva #9
Haha this is so cute
@blahblah_: Well, thank you for the video link about how to lose a double chin fast…? :P