Chasing Summer


"It only hurts just now," she whispered over the phone, one summer night. "Just now. Think it over, please."
And so he sighed in defeat, dropped the blade, and listened to her breathe.


This is for the Myungzy shippers
Because our ship is finally sailing.
Uhgiya diyuracha.

This is for the hopeful
And the hopeless.
It only hurts just now.

This is for you.

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more."
- Psalm 71:14


Vietnamese (2)

Please do not repost, or lift anything out from this work of (fan) fiction. Thank you.

NOTE: I apologize for adding this late, but I'm posting this as a trigger warning. Nevertheless, in the end, I hope for you to see: you are not what you're going through.

And please, if you spot any typos, please tell me!

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Chapter 25: thank you for writing this.
hello! i don't know if you ever check the comments for this story anymore (given that you probably get so many comments), but i just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this story and many of your other stories. i started reading this in 2012 after i finished paper boats. this story is so pure, so memorable-- literally, this story has inspired me to write so many of my other stories. you're probably grown now and you probably look back at this and think about all of the things you could change about your writing, the plot, etc, but i think this is one of the best works on this website. everything about this fic is so feel-good, so heart-wrenching, all at the same time. i come back to this story all the time. thank you for this.
Chapter 25: Oh i didn't expect .. it ended... Its a great piece.... Thanks for ur beautiful story...
Chapter 23: Even though i want myungsoo to end up with suzy.. y am i feeling sad for sungyu too...TT
Chapter 15: ??????????????they didn't meet????????
Chapter 14: I pray Suzy should end up with myungsoo..TT
Chapter 9: Every tine he sends a message to his mother iys hurting me inside...TT
Chapter 4: Wow... Its interesting... Myungsoo stay strong...
HufflepuffBaby 239 streak #9
Chapter 2: Re-read for probably the thousandth time cuz this story gives me hope..
Chapter 25: This is so beautiful...