First Time

The Bittersweet Deal
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Kris excused himself from the VIP room. He stood up, walked out the door, and shut it behind him. He was at Trance for business, and it was going pretty smoothly. All he had to do was act like he was interested in whatever bull they spewed, and he would get another contract signed with this dealer.

Kris headed past the dance floor and towards the restroom. He stopped when he saw someone coming out of the ladies’ room. *What is she doing here?*

After rinsing the lip gloss off her lip, Jungah dried her hands and left the ladies’ room. She looked towards the packed dance floor, however, she could not find U-Kwon and B-Bomb anywhere. *Where do I go now? I don’t want to go back to that room. Maybe I should go back home. Zico wouldn’t even know I was gone.*

Jungah looked up and halted. A recognizable person was standing in front of her.

*It’s him. The exchange student. What was his name again? Forget that. What the hell is he doing here?*

Kris stared back at her. He had never seen her in anything but her school uniform. Now, she was standing in front of him in a y, fitted black dress with heels and jewelry to match. He never noticed if girls were attractive or not, but this time, it was different. He knew Jungah was attractive. And it wasn’t just her stunning physique that struck him.

Slowly, he approached her. She boldly looked up at him with her almond-shaped eyes.

“What are you doing here? I thought minors weren’t allowed in clubs.” Kris stated.

Jungah crossed her arms and rotated her head to the side with an impudent look, “I could ask you the same thing. We’re in the same year. You’re in high school, too, or did you forget?”

His ears turned hot. *. I did forget.* Kris cleared his throat. “I snuck in. Isn’t that what you did, too?”

“You can say that.” Jungah said.

Kris eyed her in interest. Her expressions were hard to read, but he was able to guess that she was bored. *Why is she here if she’s not having a good time?* He turned his head and saw that some of his cohorts from the other gang were walking by. *! If they spot me, everything will be screwed! She’ll know that I’m not really a high school kid, and they’ll know that I’m staking out in Korea.*

Kris grew alarmed. His mind raced with different excuses and plans.

Finally, Kris grabbed Jungah and dragged her onto the crowded dance floor. “What the hell?! Let go!” She hissed, but he couldn’t hear her over the deafening music. They stopped right in the center.

Jungah yanked away, “What the is your problem?!”

Kris looked up and saw that some of the men were passing by their way. One of them looked up, and he quickly switched places with her so that his back was facing them. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What’s wrong with you? Are you hiding from someone?” She tried to look over his shoulder.

Kris grabbed her waist and pressed her closely against him to keep her from looking. Jungah struggled violently, “You better release me before I beat your -“

“JUST KEEP STILL!” Kris snarled in her ear.

Jungah froze. She was never the type to be intimidated by a mere voice, but there was something about his voice that seemed so overpowering and compelling. A slight shiver ran down her spine, both in trepidation and fear. After several heartbeats, Jungah slightly pulled back. She looked up at him with perplexity. He gazed into her eyes for a few seconds then looked up. The men were still lingering around the dance floor.

Kris shifted his gaze back down to her. “Dance with me.”

Jungah’s expression flattened, “I don’t dance.”

“I don’t either.” He said.

“Then what the hell are we doing here?” She snapped.

*Keeping my secrets from being exposed.* The song changed to a slower song with a hypnotic beat.

“Dance.” Kris said. “I can’t!” Jungah hissed.

“Try.” He gritted his teeth. *For your life and mine.* She scowled and crossed her arms.

Kris knew it would be impossible to make such a stubborn girl dance. “Then just let me do everything.” He took her arms and encircled them around his neck. Her eyes rounded, “Yah, you crazy-“ She gasped and in her breath as he wrapped his long arms around her slender waist and pulled her closely against him. Her eyes widened at his lips just centimeters from her eyes.

Jungah swallowed hard. Her heat was throbbing madly. Her entire body fired up, and blood rushed through her veins. A million, random thoughts whizzed through her mind, and she couldn’t grasp onto one of them to focus on.

Kris didn’t understand what he was feeling at that moment either. It was the first time he had ever held onto a girl so closely. He never noticed before how slender girls’ waists were, and how they smelled like lilies and coconut. He could feel the heat of her skin through her thin dress. The contact made his skin light on fire and sparks shoot through his veins, causing a gentle shudder to ripple down his spine.

The feel of their hearts beating against each other made both of their minds cloud and become hazy.

It was the first time Jungah had stopped thinking about Zico.

It was the first time Kris had stopped thinking about business.

Jungah held her breath as she drifted her gaze upwards. Kris searched her face with his intense, velvety eyes. Although her face was sharp and cold, her eyes were warm, chocolate orbs that he found himself him getting lost into. Seconds ticked by. Neither of them dared move. Both of them found the intimate position puzzling, but for some reason, they didn’t want to ruin the moment.

The music was ear-splitting, yet both of them couldn’t hear anything but their own pounding hearts.

From his peripheral vision, Kris could see that the men had gone back into the room. Yet, he didn’t release her. His arms remained steadily around her slim waist. The change of the music to a speedy, techno song caused the people to waken up and start dancing crazily. Some of them bumped into Kris and Jungah, squeezing them closer together so that nothing separated them but air.

She looked up at him with widened eyes. Her gaze automatically shifted the VIP room on the second floor. *That’s right. I came here with Zico.* Jungah dropped her arms from Kris. The magical moment was broken. She avoided his piercing, questioning eyes. “I told you I didn’t want to dance.” She spun on her heels and walked away from him.

Kris stood there, stunned. Once again, this was a first experience for him. No woman had just walked away from him before. His heart pumped louder and faster, and his mind was sent into havoc. Finally, Kris darted out through the crowd and searched for Jungah, but she was already gone. *. I lost her.*

Without bothering to say goodbye to Zico or Kris, Jungah walked out of the nightclub. A gust of cold air hit her, and she overlapped her arms protectively over herself. *I’ll return this dress the first thing tomorrow. God, what was I thinking by even coming here?* She shook her head in disappointment. Jungah’s recalled the feeling of Kris around her. She had felt protected, safe, and captivated. It was strange feeling that with someone that wasn’t Zico. *Now I’m just crazy.* Jungah shook her head and rubbed her temple.

A car honked behind her. *What the hell? I’m not even in the way.* She thought.

The headlights blinked several times, and the driver honked again.

Jungah grew agitated and spun around as she shielded her eyes from the bright lights. *What the hell?* She was about to tell him to screw himself when the car came to a stop, and the driver came out of the car. Jungah tensed. *If he’s trying to kidnap me, he got the wrong girl to mess with. I’ll fight back with everything I have.*

The driver stepped in front of the hood of the car, and his figure cast a long shadow on the ground. “Need a ride?”

*Who the hell-* Jungah squinted her eyes. When she noticed his familiar face, her eyes rounded. Kris went around his orange Mclaren mp4-12c and opened up the passenger door. He nodded, “Get in.”

Jungah paused for a moment before slowly shifting towards him. She eyed the ostentatious car. *Where the hell did he get a car like this? Isn’t he in high school? How can he afford such a luxurious car?* She stopped by the passenger side and looked up at Kris. He waited patiently.

Finally, Jungah went into the car, and he shut the door behind her. Kris went into the other side and sped off.

Jungah looked around the expensive car. The seats were made out of leather, and it had its own GPS. She had a million questions running through her mind but thought it was wise not ask at that moment.

“Where do you live?” Kris asked. Jungah told him the address, and he deftly typed it into the GPS system.

She looked at him with suspicious eyes. *This exchange student becomes more and more mysterious every day.* “Who did you come to the club with? Won’t your friends miss you?” Jungah questioned.

“I went alone. And like I said, I don’t need friends. Not in school, and not outside of school either.” Kris changed lanes and pressed on the gas. *He’s worse than me. At least I have Block B.* Jungah thought.

“What about you? Who did you come with? Won’t they freak out if they know you’re gone?” Kris asked to switch the attention from him.

“…He won’t notice that I’m missing.” Jungah drew desolate circles on the frigid window.

*He? The guy that came to pick her up the other day?* Kris glanced at her in wonder but didn’t want to pry any further. It wasn’t his business…right?


Zico had been searching the entire club for Jungah. However, he couldn’t see her anywhere. *Where did she go?* Zico went back up the room to call her.

U-Kwon grabbed his arm as he entered the room, “You looking for Jungah?”

Zico nodded, “Have you guys seen her?”

“She was dancing.” B-Bomb shrugged.

“Dancing?” Confusion appeared on Zico’s face. *Since when did Jungah dance?*

“Yeah, with some tall guy, too.” U-Kwon nodded.

“….Guy?” Zico asked with round eyes.

“Yeah. Maybe they took off together.” U-Kwon left. “I’m out. Later.” B-Bomb followed U-Kwon home.

Zico stood in the same spot, slightly stunned. *Jungah actually danced…with another guy? That doesn’t seem like her. But if she was having fun…then that’s all that matters to me.* Yet, he couldn’t stop the hollow feeling from growing in his chest.


Kris pulled over in front of your apartment. He looked up at the dreary building, “You live here?”

“Yeah.” Jungah unbuckled her seatbelt. “Thanks for the ride.” She opened the door and got out. Jungah shut the door, and the window opened.

It was awkwardly silent as they faced each other.

What were they supposed to say to each other?

Good night? Sweet dreams?

They weren’t exactly friends either, but tonight, they had connected somehow.

Finally, Kris spoke, “See you at school.” Jungah nodded.

The window slid back up, and the car steered out of sight.

With a small exhale, she headed up to her apartment. Jungah came entered her dark home, and didn’t even bother to turn on the lights. She lay down on her bed and checked her phone. There were no messages or phone calls from Zico. Her heart deflated quickly. *See? He didn’t even notice that I left. Why do I even bother waiting?*

She shut her eyes and laid her arm over her eyes.

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