Love Is Bittersweet

The Bittersweet Deal
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Gunshots rang vociferously in the air.

More Cold Dragons turned into the long corrider. Their eyes widened at the ex-member and two escaped detainees.

“IT’S KRIS!” One yelled.

Kris pointed the gun right at him and fired. He went down and never came up again.

“!” Some of the men who had no weapons ducked or ran away. The ones who did got down on one knee and fired away.

Luhan and Xiumin fluidly ducked behind the wall and continued to shoot behind the security of the barrier. Kris shot one in the leg. When he ran out of bullets, he swiftly ducked behind the corner next to Luhan.

“I’M OUT OF BULLETS!” Xiumin shouted in Korean.

Kris gave him an extra gun.

Xiumin snapped it in place, turned, and fired.

Kris turned to Luhan, “I need you to distract everyone else while I go away with Liang. Do you think you can do that?”

Luhan nodded, “Leave it to me.” He disappeared down the corrider.

“Xiumin!” Kris hollered. Xiumin stopped shooting and looked at him.

Kris nodded towards Luhan, “Follow him.” Xiumin nodded, shot one last bullet, and ran off.

Kris pulled out two pistols from his jacket. After waiting for a silent heartbeat, he bravely strode out of his hiding place. Bullets flew everywhere. Men went down like flies. Kris raced down the stairway. His heart thumped with each step he took. A man turned the corner. Kris shot him without thinking twice. He appeared at the next floor. A bullet whizzed past his ear, almost defeaning him. *.* Kris rolled out of the way. He looked up at the crack in the wall. That could have been his skull.

Kris looked up to face Liang’s closest guards.

“Liang told me to pass you on the warning. If you stop now, he’ll let you go. If you continue, you’re dead. Think wisely, Wu Fan. You are walking in the palm of his hand by being here. If you want to live, my friend, I suggest you stop now.”

“I stopped listening to Liang a long time ago. And I’m not your friend.” Kris squeezed the trigger. He spun out of the way as bullets careered past him. Kris rolled to a stop and fired aimlessly. One of the bullets managed to graze his arm. *.* He grabbed his bleeding arm.

The last man standing walked towards him. He pointed the gun right at Kris’s face. Kris glared at him with spite. “I warned you, didn’t I, friend?” Before the man could end Kris’s life, a bullet pierced him straight between the eyes. The man looked between his eyebrows, muttered a curse word, and dropped down lifelessly.

Kris looked up to see Tao near the entrance.

“Gege!” He ran over. His eyes widened at the blood pouring out of Kris’s arm. “Your arm!” Tao wailed.

“I’m fine.” Kris gritted his teeth as he stood up. “Where’s Liang?”

Tao looked upwards, “On the roof.” He looked at Kris with a worried expression, “He’s waiting for you.”

*So am I. I’ve been waiting too long to do this.* Kris took a step forward.

Tao stopped him. “Gege.” He softly whispered.

“Go help Luhan and Xiumin.”

“Chen and Lay went to fight for you, too! They’re sorry about not helping you earlier. I don’t know where they are though.” Tao said, troubled. Kris knew Tao wanted him to forgive friends. He patted Tao’s shoulder in comfort and walked away.

Kris walked up the next three flights of stairs. The next one would be the rooftop. He glanced at his bleeding arm. Kris took his jacket off and tore a piece of fabric off the sleeve of his dress shirt. He made it into a tourniquet and wrapped it around his wound to keep himself from bleeding. He didn’t want to bleed to death before he accomplished his final mission.

Kris bit onto one end of the fabric and pulled with his teeth while he yanked the other end with his fingers. He let out a muffled grunt of pain as sweat dripped from his head. Kris released the gauze he had made himself and glared up at the dark, sinister staircase. *This is it. This is where everything should end.* He grasped his gun tightly and treaded up the stairs.

Kris swung open the door and waited behind the wall for a couple minutes. Then with precaution, he walked onto the rooftop. Kris held out his gun and pointed it ahead of him. He didn’t want to fall into a trap.

“You finally came?” A voice asked.

Kris spun around.

Liang was standing on the edge of the rooftop. He was facing the scenery with his hands locked behind his back.

Kris furrowed his eyebrows. *What is he doing just standing there waiting for his death?* It didn’t seem like Liang to not have a back-up plan.

“So in the end, you decide to kill your master. The old tale is true. You raise a cat into a tiger, and in the end, it decides to bite you.” Liang clucked his tongue as he turned around.

Kris stretched the gun further with a menacing growl, “Don’t move, or I’ll shoot.”

“I never knew you would do this to me, Wu Fan. I trusted you.” Liang whispered with sharp eyes.

“I never knew you would do this to me either. You told me I was free. But you killed her. You killed my reason to be free.” Kris sneered.

Liang held his hands out with a shrug, “It was her fault. She came hunting for me. I wasn’t going to be defenseless. It’s a pity that your girlfriend died, but there are plenty of girls in the world-“

“SHE WAS THE ONLY GIRL FOR ME!” Kris screamed in agony. His vision was obscured by heated tears. “I was in love with her. She was my entire world. You knew that, and yet, you trampled on her. You took her life, and you made her leave me wretched and alone.”

Liang laughed cruelly. He shook his head with a wide smirk, “Oh, Wu Fan, you naïve bastard. Even if she was here, you would’ve still been wretched and alone.” His smirk vanished, and a scowl replaced it. “You were alone when I first met you, and now you will die alone. You were never meant to be happy. You were meant to be used, flattened, and impaired. I have no use for you anymore. You can join your parents and lover in hell.” Liang snarled.

Kris targeted his head with a condemning glower. “I’ll make sure to drag you down with me. You belong in the deepest pits of hell.” He clicked his gun into place and whispered regrettably, “I should have done this a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of people.”

Kris was about to shoot Liang, but Liang had other plans. He wasn’t about to be defeated so easily. Liang jumped out of the way just in time. He whipped out his own gun and fired. *!* Kris rolled out of the way before the bullet could puncture his head. His gun tumbled out of his grip.

Kris scrambled up to get it, but he was kicked in the face by Liang. Kris dizzily stumbled and grabbed onto his bleeding lip. Liang bent down to grab the weapon. However, with a raging roar, Kris tackled him onto the ground. Both guns were on the floor now. Kris and Liang wrestled to gain supremacy. Kris punched Liang in the face. “ARGH!” He cursed and tripped. “YOU BACK-STABING BASTARD!” Liang grabbed the gun, spun around, and shut.

Kris escaped the bullets and went to hide behind a thick air vent.


Click. Click.

“What the-“ Liang stared at his gun. It was out of bullets.

*Now.* Kris emerged from his hiding spot. He lunged towards Liang. Liang’s eyes widened. At the last moment of defense, he wrenched out his knife from his belt and pushed it into Kris’s abdomen as he closed in. Kris’s eyes widened, and his mouth fell gaping open. A cutting pain shot up his body. Blood leaked through his white shirt and dribbled downwards.

Red-faced, Kris slowly turned his head to meet Liang’s snake-like eyes.

“You should’ve known better than to fight against me. You were bound to lose. No matter what, you’ll be in the palm of my hand.” Liang yanked the knife away.

Kris slumped onto the ground. He pressed his hand over his grisly wound. Kris gasped in pain, and his eyes grew wet. He couldn’t speak.

Was this how Jungah and Zico had felt? The pain was unbearable.

He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t utter a word. He shuddered as he tried to gain control of his fading body.

Liang wiped his knife stained with Kris’s blood off Kris’s own shirt. Kris shifted his gaze upward and gave him an unforgiving look. Liang smirked, “You lovers are the same. Your girlfriend gave me the same hateful look. But in the end, she couldn’t do anything, and neither could you.”

Kris fumed with anger. He was even more frustrated at the situation he had put himself in. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Liang patted him on the shoulders, got up, and turned his back to Kris. Liang glanced back and held two lazy fingers up in a mocking salute, “Tell your girlfriend I send her my greeting when you see her in hell.” He began to walk away.

*No. That bastard. I can’t let him get away like this.* Kris turned his head in a desperate attempt. He caught sight of his gun just a few feet away. Kris used up all his strength and energy to drag himself towards the weapon. He gnashed his teeth and bit his bottom lip in agony. His blood painted the floor as he dragged himself over there. Kris reached out. His fingertips shook as he stretched further and further. *I……this…For Zico.* Kris finally managed to get a hold of the gun. He gripped onto it tightly. *And for Jungah, my love.*

Kris sat up, aimed the gun, and pulled the trigger.


Liang froze.

Then in a second, he fell onto his knees.

Blood drizzled down from the middle of his forehead and all the way down to his chin where it dripped and stained the floor. “Go to hell.” Kris whispered. Then Liang toppled, lifeless.

Kris had done it. He had gotten the revenge that Jungah wanted. He had accomplished his final mission, but no one was there with him to celebrate it. On top of it, he had received a deep knife lesion and a bullet wound, which he was sure were difficult to live through.

The nearest hospital was on the other side of the city, and at this point, no one would be able to come save him. Wrapping a secure arm around his stomach, Kris forced himself to stand up. He felt lightheaded and swayed unsteadily. Shaking the dizzying spell out of his head, he staggered towards the exit. Kris lumbered down the staircase. He lost his footing at the bottom and rolled down the last few steps.

Kris landed on his back and audibly groaned in pain. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed onto the railing and hauled himself off. Panting hard, he leaned against the wall and used it to support himself as he walked towards the next flight of steps.

However, Kris couldn’t go on much longer. He was in excruciating pain. His side was throbbing in pain, and his entire body was covered with blood, sweat, and tears. Everything was spinning. Dark shadows seemed to be crawling over him. Exhaling, Kris slid down the wall and sank down in the middle of the empty, grimy hallway.

All was silent except for the sound of his uneven breaths and his pounding heartbeat. He looked down at his quivering hand. The couple rings were still shining undernreath the dim light. Kris pulled the rings out. He tilted his head back and rested his head against the wall. Kris coughed hard and grunted achingly. He brought the rings up to the light.

*Jungah, my baobei, I did it. I got your revenge. I killed Liang. Such a nasty person does not belong here. But it seems I don’t belong here as well…* His eyes shifted downwards at his bloody wound. Tears slipped down his cheeks. *Why couldn’t any of us have our happy endings? What great sin have we caused in our previous lives that made us so miserable in this life time?*

His breathing began to slow down. His hand lay flat on the ground, and the rings lay in his palm.

Even throughout this entire ordeal, they were still shining.

The light began to fade from his eyes. Kris could feel the blackness taking over. *If I close my eyes now, will I be able to meet you, Jungah? Will I be able to be reunited with you once again? Can we finally love in a world without any pain, sorrow, or hatred? If so…* He blinked slowly once, twice, and then his eyelids shut halfway. *I will close my eyes now. I would do anything to be with you…Wo ai ni, my baobei Jungah…*

His eyes closed all the way as he breathed out for the last and final time.

His head slumped forward, and his entire body became limp.

Finally, Kris found the peace he always wanted to have.


Love was bitter.

Love was sweet.

Zico, Jungah, and Kris all experienced happiness and pain in their love lives. However, in the end, their love wasn’t strong enough to climb over the obstacles of their fate. 

However, as they say, it was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Love was bittersweet.


I'm sorry for the sad ending and making all three main characters die T.T

I hope you still enjoyed reading this as much as I had writing it!

Here's a Kris gif to make you feel better <3

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