Prepare For Payback

The Bittersweet Deal
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It had been several days since Jungah had left the world.

Kris couldn’t bear to go to her funeral.

Realizing that she was cremated into nothing but powder was hard to believe. She had died in his arms, yet he couldn’t accept her death.

Playing with Jungah’s couple ring between his long fingers, he stepped into the elevator of the Namsan Tower.

The elevator zoomed upwards to the very top floor. The doors slid open, and he stepped out.

It was a dreary, gray day. Ever since Jungah’s death, it had been raining every day. Maybe the sky was lamenting her death also. There weren’t many people at the Namsan Tower because of the weather. Kris slowly walked across the rooftop. He reached his hand out. Several padlocks touched his fingertips as his hand swept by.

Kris stopped in front of his padlock. He turned around and read what he had written.

Jungah, the name that would forever be embedded in his heart.

Kris looked up and turned his head. *I wonder what Jungah had written on that day.* He walked down the row and searched for her name and writing. At last, he found her padlock. To his dismay, it had been a message to Zico. *Of course. She had still been in love with him at that time.*

Kris placed the lock back down and turned to go. However, a recognizable writing on a padlock next to that one caught his eye. Curious, he tilted his head and reached out for the lock. *Did Jungah write two that day? I don’t remember.* 

Kris turned the padlock over and read the memo. The words were simple, but sincere, and they perforated his heart.

“Falling for you was never the plan. Yet, it might have been the best mistake of my life. Thank you for teaching me what love truly is. Saranghae, Kris. Forever and always, you will be the one in my heart. –Jungah.”

Kris felt a deep, profound emotion in his heart. Now, he knew. He had been the one who had always been in her heart. She had loved him dearly. He had been mistaken to ever accuse her. Kris fell onto his knees. His hands constricted into fists. He lowered his head and squeezed his eyes shut as tears slipped down his face. He yelled into the sky in fury then broke into a devastating sob.

*Jungah, my Jungah. How can I ever let you go like this? You were my world, my everything, my life. And now you’re gone. What purpose is there for me to go on anymore?*

Kris opened his eyes and glared at the ground.

The more he thought of Liang, the more wrathful he felt. He couldn’t let Liang go without any consequences.

Liang had ruined his life more than enough times. This was the final straw.

By taking Jungah’s life, Liang had taken everything from him.

Kris squeezed his fists in determination. *I’m coming for you, Liang. This time, I’m coming for the revenge. I won’t fail. Before my last breath, I swear, I’ll get you back for taking her life.*


Kris packed up everything and left to China. There was no reason for him to stay in Korea anymore.

Kris looked out the airplane window and glanced down at Jungah’s ring on his left ring finger. He twisted it around his finger with soft eyes. *Don’t worry, baobei. I’m going to make sure your effort wasn’t in vain. I’ll get revenge for both you and Zico. I’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is wait in peace.*

The airplane landed in the airport.

Kris slipped his sunglasses on and strode out of the airplane. Each step he took was resolute and strong-willed.

The first thing Kris did was go back to his original house. He didn’t bother unpacking. He took a long, hot shower and dressed into clean, impeccable attire.

Kris watched himself in the mirror. His hair had been combed into a neat, side parting. He slipped black cufflinks into the cuffs of his white dress shirt. Kris clasped his watch on and slipped the couple rings back onto his fingers. He stared at the mirror and stood there for a while as he studied his intent expression.

Kris looked down and turned his phone on. A photo of Jungah smiled up at him. *That was the last time I had seen you smile. I miss you so much, baby girl.*

Kris turned his phone pff and left it on the counter. Then he turned the lights off and left his house.

He drove his black and blue Bugatti Veyron to a pawn shop he knew well.

The bells jingled as he stepped inside the shop.

“Welcome-“ The heavily-tattooed owner turned around. His eyes rounded in surprise then a wide grin spread on his face. “WU FAN! I haven’t seen you in ages! How have you been?! Last time I heard, you were in Korea!” He held out a plump hat.

Kris shook his hand, “I’m back now.”

“That’s good to hear.” The owner rested his palms on the glass cases, “What can I do for you?”

Kris’s eyes flitted over the rows of weapons on the wall. “Give me each and all of your latest and best pistols. I need to be able to use them without any hassle. Time is limited.”

The owner whistled, “That’s a lot of guns there, Wu Fan. You sure you want them all?”

Kris nodded, “Make sure you give me plenty of refills, too.”

“Okay. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.” The owner shrugged and went into the back.


Kris arrived at the abandoned building, which was the headquarters of the Cold Dragons. He looked up at the dark, isolated structure. *This time, I’m not coming for business. I’m coming for payback.* Kris slipped inside the building. He headed up the stairway and turned into the second floor.

Kris knew the building like the back of his hand. He knew all the hiding spots and what each and every room was used for.

Kris stopped at the last room at the end of the hallway. Slightly, he twisted the doorknob.

As suspected, it was locked.

Kris stepped back and aimed his gun at the lock.

BANG! The doorknob fell off.

Kris kicked the door open and looked inside. As suspected, he was here. Jaehyo’s eyes widened. He struggled through the ropes and tried to speak through the tape. Kris bent down and yanked the tape off of his mouth. Jaehyo shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! ARE YOU REALLY ONE OF THEM-“

“Shut your mouth if you don’t want to die.” Kris freed him from the ropes.

Jaehyo gave him a suspicious look, “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m not taking you anywhere. I’m not their pawn anymore.” Kris said in a low voice.

Jaehyo stared at him in disbelief, “Then what are you doing?”

“I’m doing what Jungah wanted to do. I’m here for her payback and my revenge.”

Jaehyo’s shoulders slumped. “M-my sister is really…dead?”

Kris studied his eyes. *Yes, she is.*

“Those ing bastards. They shot her! In the end, they really killed her!” Jaehyo broke into a wretched sob.

“There’s no time.” Kris gently squeezed his shoulder and lowered his voice. “Here.” He pressed something into Jaehyo’s hands.

Jaehyo stopped crying. He looked down to see a ticket to Korea. Jaehyo stared at Kris in shock.

“The flight leaves in an hour. You should leave now.” Kris whispered.

Stunned, Jaehyo gaped at him for a few seconds. Then he adamantly shook his head, “No, I’m going to fight, too. I’m going to get them for what they did to my sister-“

“If you stay, you’ll end up dying.” Kris said. Jaehyo stopped talking.

“Only I know how to deal with Liang. I was one of them, remember?” Kris glanced at the ticket, “You need to go. Go see your sister. You didn’t get to say goodbye to her.”

Jaehyo’s eyes welled up with tears. Kris helped him up and led him to the door. “The exit is that way. Run, and don’t look back. Make sure you don’t get caught.” Jaehyo nodded gratefully. He squeezed Kris’s arm, “I hope you make it out alive.”

*I highly doubt I will.* Kris still nodded.

Jaehyo turned and walked away.

“Jaehyo.” Kris called.

He stopped and turned back.

“…Tell Jungah…that I love her please.” Kris whispered.

Jaehyo softened. “I promise.” He solemnly nodded.

*And tell her that I'll be reunited with her soon.* Kris watched Jaehyo run off. Then he went to the room just two doors away. Kris shot open that door also and went inside.

Luhan and Xiumin were in the same position as Jaehyo, except they were doing far worse. They had been beaten and whipped for disobeying orders and going against Liang.

Their eyes widened when they saw Kris. Swiftly, he untied them and ripped the tapes off their mouths.

“Ow, !” Xiumin hissed.

Luhan stared at Kris, “What are you doing here?! Are you out of your mind?! Liang is going to kill you!”

“Not if I kill him first.” Kris resolved.

Luhan softly spoke, “Are you really going to fight Liang? It won’t be easy.”

“I know. I’m ready for anything though. He killed her, Luhan. He took my one chance of happiness. I’m not going to let that go.” Kris said.

“Hell yeah, it won’t be easy.” Xiumin brushed the ropes off and stood up, “But with us, it will be easier.”

Luhan stood up with a firm nod as he placed his hand on Kris’s shoulder, “Let us fight with you, too, Kris. By yourself, it would be impossible to defeat Liang. But with us, it could be done.”

Kris studied his friends’ faces for a moment then smirked appreciatively. “I was hoping you would say that.” Kris pulled out two guns from his jacket and tossed it at them. Luhan and Xiumin caught the weapons. "Damn. You came prepared." Xiumin stated.

“Are you ready?” Kris asked. They nodded.

“If things get too crazy, get out of here.” He ordered.

“Yeah, right. I live for crazy. Don’t you know?” Xiumin smirked.

Kris gave him a small, indebted smile. With newfound courage and hope, he left the room preparing for battle with his two loyal friends who had his back.


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