The Death Of Another

The Bittersweet Deal
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Kris fled out of his house.

As soon as he had heard Tao say the names ‘Liang’ and ‘Jungah’ in the same sentence, he had grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

Kris jumped into his car and started the engine. With determination and speed, he raced towards the Incheon Port.

Kris stepped on the gas and drove on the maxiumum speed. He gripped his steering wheel in uneasiness.

Kris had been in the middle of packing when Tao had called. He was going to head back to China the next day, just like Jungah had wanted him to.

Or at least, that’s what he had thought previously.

But now, he knew why she had cut him out of her life so severely like that.

Kris slammed his palm over the steering wheel in frustration. *Is that why you wanted me out of your life, Han Jungah?! Just so that you can go kill yourself?! God, you idiot! If you die now, I won’t forgive you. Please don’t do anything stupid until I get there. Han Jungah, wait for me.* He sped down the road to beat heavy traffic.


“GET THOSE TWO!” Men roared.

Holding hands, Jungah and Jaehyo raced down the road between the shipments of goods. She dared a glance back.

“Don’t look back! Just keep going!” Her brother hissed.

Jungah obediently faced forward.

“Over here!” Jaehyo yanked her to the right.

 They clambered between the large red, green, and blue containers of ship parts. Jungah and Jaehyo sank into a shadowy dip. She struggled to catch her breath but tried not to pant too loudly. He looked around his vicinity as his mind scrambled for an escape route.

Jaehyo turned to see Jungah. He had always seen her so angry, sarcastic, and strong. Curled up next to him with an ashen, bruised face, she looked tiny and helpless. He had a strong urge to protect her. He wanted to finally play his role as a big brother.

Jaehyo squeezed her hand.

Jungah turned her head and looked up at him.

His eyes were kind and gentle.

Jungah clung onto his hand. Although she had foolishly put him in danger, she was glad he was by her side. *It’s just you and me, oppa. We have to do this for Zico.*

Their bond was broken by loud cries nearby. Their eyes rounded in panic.

“They’re heading this way. Quick! Give me the gun!” Jaehyo ordered.

“The gun?” Jungah stared at him, “But I-“

“Better me than you. I know how to use one. You don’t. Now hurry before they come!” He urged. She took out her gun from her back and handed it to him.

Jaehyo clicked the gun into place. Gravely, he looked her in the eyes, “When I tell you to go, I need you to run.”


“Don’t disagree with me. This is my first order as your older brother.” Jaehyo d her hair the way Zico used to, “You’ve done enough, Jungah. You’ve came this far. It took a lot of courage and guts. I’m proud of you, and I’m sure Zico is, too. But he would want you to stop here. So when I tell you to run, you run and never look back. Got it?”

Jungah had no choice but to nod.

“Good.” Jaehyo got up, but Jungah grabbed onto his wrist with both her hands. He stopped and looked down at her. “Promise me you’ll live.” She whispered. “I already lost one brother. I don’t want to lose another one.”

His eyes softened, and he nodded.

Jungah pulled herself up.

“You ready?” Jaehyo asked. She exhaled and nodded.

They stepped out from their hiding place and fled down the pathway. At once, they were surrounded. Jaehyo slammed one man in the face and kicked another right in the chest. Jungah wasn’t too shabby either. She deftly dodged a punch, kicked a man into the cargo, and pummeled her fist into another man’s nose. There was a loud crack as his nose broke.

“!” A string of curses poured out of his bleeding mouth.

“Ah!” Jungah yelped as a man violently slapped her in the face. The hit was so great that she stumbled onto the ground. Her head spun, and the side of her face flamed hotly. When her dizziness faded, Liang was standing in front of her. He nodded at her and spoke to one of his men. He began to pull Jungah up. Jaehyo saw her in danger.

“JUNGAH! NO!” Jaehyo flung the man off of him. He reached into his back and whipped out the gun.

Everyone froze in shock.

“He has a weapon!” Someone yelled.

“Release my sister before I blow your head off.” Jaehyo vehemently hissed as he pointed the gun straight at Liang. Liang glanced at his men, wondering if Jaehyo was serious.

“I’M TALKING TO YOU! LET HER GO!” Jaehyo yelled.

Liang and his men glanced at each other. They got the hint and slowly backed away from him. The man holding Jungah released her.

For a brief moment, Jungah and Jaehyo exchanged looks. He gave her a subtle nod. “Run.”

*Be safe.* She stepped back.

Just as Jaehyo pulled the trigger, someone tackled him down.


Jungah dodged out of the way. She spun back in hope, but to her dismay, the bullet had hit the metal container instead.

“GET HIM!” Liang roared lividly. The gun tumbled out of Jaehyo’s grasp and skidded across the ground. No one heeded attention to it as everyone lunged for Jaehyo.

“NO! OPPA!” Jungah screamed in panic. Her eyes landed on the forgotten gun. Swiftly, she ran over and grabbed the gun. Jungah spun around and aimed the gun right at Liang’s head. “LET HIM GO, OR I’LL SHOOT HIM!”

Liang barked something with his hand out. His gang froze once again.

Jaehyo was still captured by the Cold Dragons. “Jungah…” He whispered. She glared at Liang with loathing. Every fiber of her being hated him. *He’s the reason why Zico is dead and why I lost Kris. I will not lose my brother to him either.*

“Let him go.” Jungah nodded at Jaehyo.

Liang glanced at the gun.

“IT’S ING REAL, ALL RIGHT?!” She pointed the gun in the middle of his eyes with a snarl, “I WILL SHOOT YOU SO LET MY BROTHER GO!”

Liang gulped. He could see this girl meant business now. Liang glanced at Jaehyo. He turned back to Jungah and spoke a few bargaining words in Chinese.

Jungah screamed, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE SAYING!” Her eyes narrowed, “But I’m through with your bull. This ends now.” Her finger came over the trigger.

Jaehyo’s eyes widened.

Was she really going to shoot him?

Did she have the audacity to actually kill someone?

Jungah’s face was determined, cold, and unwavering. Yet, her fingers shook violently. She swallowed hard as she struggled to aim the gun better. *I’ve never killed anyone. I’ve hurt a lot of people before, but I’ve never actually murdered anyone. I’ve never thought about being a criminal either…*

Flashes of Zico’s death whizzed past her mind. Those brief glimpses of the painful past gave her courage and resolve.

*I will get my revenge. I will kill the one that took him away. I will.* Her finger squeezed the trigger.



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Chapter 77: So much angst.... Oh my god.
Don't know why but I only cried when Zico died... That was too much for me.. Or the reason that he was the first one.
And some how I knew that same thing will happen to other two. And I was right.
Thank you for the amazing story.... <3
40 streak #2
I cant wait to start on this!
Chapter 77: The angst is real omg ??? I may have gotten my heart broken but I love this so much.
Chapter 75: I regret asking for her to die like I didn't mean for her to die this way ???
Hauntzer #5
Chapter 77: i had to beat myself up so I wouldn't cry endlessly over this bc I don't wanna wake up w swollen eyes tmr omg...
Hauntzer #6
Chapter 49: My heart hurts ;3;
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 77: Oh my God, after reading this straight for a whole day, my heart was wrecked at this ending. It brought pain and anger, on the second thought it was mixed emotions. Good Job!
Chapter 77: Oh my god, this story really make cry like mess. Damn!
Do_not_forget_this #9
Chapter 77: Oh god this is one of the two books that can make me sob like this. How could you do this to me oh my god their are tears coming down and like I'm literally about to make a small pond on my bed because of all the tears ???
Chapter 77: How did you just do this to me