The Bittersweet Deal
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Another week passed. Zico still haunted Jungah’s dreams. She was still miserable and depressed.

She thought about what Jaehyo, her biological brother, had told her.

She thought about what she wanted, what Zico would want, what was right, and what would regain her sanity.

In the end, she decided to carry on with her plan of retribution.

Otherwise, she would be the one not being able to rest in peace.

It was a selfish motive, she knew. But to her numbing mind, it was worth risking her life if she could bring an end to the gang that had torn her life apart.

Jungah knelt down next to her bed with the box open in front of her. She stared at the potent weapon for a long time.

The gun glistened under the light. It was beckoning her to hold it.

To pull the trigger. To take an unworthy life.

With a trembling hand, Jungah picked up the gun. She picked up all six of the bullets and loaded them in the gun. With a loud clink of the gun going in place, she stared ahead of her at the picture of her and Zico on her drawer. *It’s time. I’m going to get the payback you deserve, Zico. I’ll make sure you didn’t live in vain. I can fight for you, so watch over me.*

Jungah slipped the gun into the waistband of her mini-skirt. She pulled down her white blouse and got up.

Jungah headed to the door, stopped, and glanced back. *Why do I feel like this is the last time I’ll be seeing this place?* She shook her head at the discouraging thought. Her eyes went to the shining ring on her finger. Jungah held up her hand and stared at the ring. *Kris.* Her heart ached every time she thought of him. *Where are you now? Did you go back to China? I hope you did. I hope you’re not anywhere near those bastards when I hunt them down.* She slipped the ring off her finger and carefully set it on top of the counter. Her hand felt empty and light. She felt insecure without it.

Funny how objects can become so sentimental. She never thought she would grow attached to the ring so much.

*Goodbye, Kris.* Jungah walked out of the house and never looked back.


“All right! Hurry up, boys! Let’s get this all packed up and head back to China!” One of Liang’s men shouted and clapped his hands.

Luhan and Xiumin tossed bags of powder drugs onto the ship. Luhan dusted off his hands and looked around.

The dark sea was strangely calmer than usual. There was almost a foreboding feeling about it.

“Where do you think Kris is now?” Luhan whispered.

“I don’t know. Maybe back in China?” Xiumin guessed with a shrug.

“Or maybe he’s still in Korea with his girl.” Luhan added. With a sigh, he walked away.

Tao set the sack on the ground and looked up at the moon. A large, dark cloud was starting to cover it. *Wherever gege is, I hope he’s happy.*

A figure fluidly darted between the crates at the dock.

One of the men glanced back. He tilted his head in suspicion. *I thought I saw a shadow…* But everything was still. *Guess not.* He turned forward again.

Jungah exhaled. She had almost been caught before she could make her attack.

Jungah lifted her chin and peeked over the large shipment of drugs. *Where are you Liang? Come out, and show me your face so I can blow it off.* “Load those onto the ship, too.” Jungah spotted one of Kris’s friends ordering someone around. Her eyes narrowed. *It was him. The one that tried to shoot Zico.* Her eyes flew over to the other friend who was apparently Korean. *And that’s the one that tried to shoot me. But where’s the main one?!*

“Hey! What are you doing here?!” A voice barked behind her.

Jungah spun around. Her eyes widened. *!*

Two members of the Cold Dragon came forth. They spoke in rapid Chinese.

“Are you snooping on us?” “How dare you spy on us!”

*I have no ing idea what they’re saying. It doesn’t mattr anyways. The vendetta starts now.* Jungah’s fighting instincs took over. She grabbed a steel rod from nearby. “Oh, look at this girl. She’s trying to fight back.” The men laughed with gusto. Although Jungah didn’t understand his words, she knew they were laughing at her. Her eyes narrowed into knife-like slits. *I’ll show you who is the one laughing last.* Jungah swiftly hit the men with the rod. “Ugh!” They groaned in pain.


Cold Dragons had heard the commotion and began to pop out haphazardly.

Jungah kicked one in the stomach, bashed one in the head with the rod, and spin-kicked another in the face. She ran, jumped off the crate, and tumbled onto the dock. “Ugh.” She grunted in pain as she landed on her right arm that had once been broken. “STOP HER!” Voices roared. *. I have to find Liang before I go down. I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.* Jungah pushed herself to get up and began to race down the dock with the Cold Dragons chasing after her.

“LAY! LUHAN! TAO! CHEN!” Xiumin came running. They stopped conversing and looked up.

“THERE’S AN INTRUDER ON THE DOCK!” He said breathlessly.

“What?!” Lay sneered.

“Some girl was lurking around the dock!” Xiumin panicked.

“A girl?” Luhan asked quizzically.

“Damn. Come on. We have to get her. She could be a spy for Cheng.” Lay led the way.

Exo-M quickly followed after him. But Tao lingered behind a few steps. *I don’t have a good feeling about this.*

Exo-M raced towards the dock. A figure jumped over the crate. “Catch her!” One man roared. The trespasser spun around and kicked one man squarely in the stomach. “Hold up. She looks familiar.” Chen murmured. Lay squinted his eyes. *Where have I seen her before?*

Then Luhan gasped, “IT’S HER! KRIS’S GIRLFRIEND!”

“What?!” Xiumin and Tao gasped. Lay stared at Jungah’s fighting figure in shock. *She knows how to fight, too?! What the hell did Kris sign up for?!*

“TAO! CALL KRIS! NOW!” Luhan ordered. Tao whipped out of his cell phone and ran to a place that had better reception.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” A voice roared.

“.” Xiumin cursed. Liang had appeared with half a dozen more Cold Dragons by his side.

“What do we do?!” Luhan asked in alarm. “If Liang catches her now, she’s doomed!” No one moved. They were still frozen in shock. “AREN’T WE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT HER?!” Luhan shouted. Lay looked up. He was caught between staying loyal to his boss and protecting the girl that his best friend was in love with.

“ this!” Luhan hissed. He jumped over the batch of drugs and ran towards Jungah.

Jungah landed on the ground with blood oozing out of her throbbing lip. Just because she was a girl didn’t mean to these men. They were merciless, and she was scared. She wasn’t afraid of dying. She was afraid of not reaching her goal. At that moment, a loud, raging voice filled the air. “Liang!” The men called. *Liang?! Where?!* Jungah directed her gaze towards the man who was obviously the alpha of the pack. Her eyes narrowed into caustic slits, and her hands formed into fists. *I’ll kill him. A life for a life. You owe me your life for taking Zico’s.*

“AHH!” A shout brought her out of her thoughts. She spun onto her back and looked up to see a metal rod heading towards her head. Before she could dodge out of the way, a figure flew onto the dock and kicked the man in the chest.

“LUHAN!” The men protested at the back-stabber.

Luhan threw them an angry look and helped Jungah up. He looked her right in the eyes and spoke in flawless Korean, “You must leave. Now.”

Jungah yanked away with a hiss, “I’m not leaving until I kill that man!” She pointed to Liang.

“You are a fool if you think you can outwit Liang!” Luhan snapped. “You must go before you get in trouble!”

A member of the Cold Dragon stepped forward with a steel bat. He raised it to hit Jungah in the head. One other comrade hopped onto the dock and fluidly kicked the man in the back. He yelped and splashed into the cold, murky water. Jungah spun around to see Xiumin. His eyes locked onto hers, and he spoke his home language. “I don’t believe we’ve officially met before. I’m Kim Minseok, as known as Xiumin. And we are so ed right now.”

Xiumin, Jungah, and Luhan turned towards Luhan and his furious gang.

“WHO IS THAT?! HOW DID SHE GET HERE?! WHAT DOES SHE WANT?!” Liang yelled in Chinese.

Luhan stepped forward and boldly replied back, “She is Kris’s girlfriend.”

“Kris’s girlfriend?” Liang blinked, “Doesn’t that mean she is also the sister of…?” His eyes met with Lay. Lay looked at the ground. Liang smirked, “Ahh, I assume she isn’t here because of Kris. Little girl, I suggest you go back before you end up in the same position as your beloved stepbrother.”

“What did he say?” Jungah growled with her eyes focused on him. Luhan glumly translated for her.

“Tell him that I’m not leaving until I have him bleeding on the ground in mercy. I want him withering in pain. I won’t stop until I see the light leaving his eyes.” Jungah growled with her eyes never leaving Liang once. She didn’t even flinch under his hard gaze.

“I won’t translate that for the sake of your life and mine.” Luhan muttered.

“Then I’ll say it in a universal language.” Jungah flipped Liang off then pretended to slit open with her thumb. She pointed right at the gang leader with a portentous glare.

Liang narrowed his eyes. The smile vanished from his face and a callous glower replaced it.

“Are you crazy?! Do you want to die?” Xiumin yelped in shock. Jungah didn’t reply. She didn’t care what happened to her as long as she had a bullet pierced into Liang’s heart.

“Get her.” Liang commanded. “DO NOT SHOW ANY MERCY, AND SHOW HER WHAT PAIN IS NOW!” The Cold Dragons spilled forth. Luhan directly stepped in front of Jungah with his arms protectively stretched out. The gang stood immobile and stared at Liang. Liang stepped forward in disbelief. “What are you doing, Luhan? Move!” Luhan firmly shook his head, “I’m sorry, boss, but I can’t do it.”

“What?!” Liang hissed.

“I can’t let you hurt my friend’s lover. By harming her, you’ll destroy Kris. He has worked for you for a long time. Can’t you let this slide once?” Luhan begged.

“So you won’t step back? You’ll fight against me for the quitter?!” Liang screamed.

Luhan lowered his head, but his eyes were solemn, “I’m sorry.”

Xiumin stepped forward, “I’m sorry, boss, but I’m on the same boat as Luhan. I can’t see you hurting my friend.”


The men walked towards Jungah. Xiumin and Luhan swiftly moved. They took down anyone that tried to touch Jungah. However, they were outnumbered by too many Cold Dragons. Luhan and Xiumin yelled in protest as they were dragged away. “DO SOMETHING, YIXING! CHEN!” Luhan shouted.

Lay didn’t meet his eyes with him. Chen uncomfortably squirmed. He looked towards the new second-in-command.

“Lay,” Chen softly whispered, “What do we do? Shouldn’t we stop Liang?”

*We should, but how can I deceive the man I served my entire life for a girl that I hardly even know?* Lay thought.

“Urgh.” Jungah winced as she landed on the ground in front of Liang. Her knees were scraped and bruised. The men pinned her shoulders down to keep her pathetically on her knees.

Tao came running back. “I contacted gege!” His eyes widened when he saw Jungah in front of Liang. “What happened?!” “They got her.” Chen murmured regretfully. “Why are we just standing here?! We have to save her!” Tao lunged forward, but Lay held him back. “Stay back, Tao.”

“GEGE!” Tao shouted.

“If you go out there now, you’ll end up in danger instead! Your life more valuable to me than that girl’s! If it hadn’t been for her, Kris wouldn’t have left us in the first place!” Lay snarled. Tao grudgingly stared at him but stayed silent. “He already has Luhan and Xiumin! I’ll have to get on my knees if we want them back safely. Don’t you add to the burden either.” Lay snapped. He turned his head back to the appalling scene. *Hurry up, Kris. Come and save your girl.*

Liang bent down in front of Jungah. He harshly took her chin and lifted her face up. Jungah glared at him with burning hatred. She wanted to choke the life out of him right now. “What an exquisitive beauty.” Liang murmured, “No wonder Wu Fan is so fond of you.” He ran his finger down Jungah’s jaw.

Jungah tore away from his touch and spat at his face. “Don’t ing touch me with your dirty hand!”

“Boss!” His men shouted. Liang stood up rigidly. He touched his wet face that smelled of saliva. His face turned purple in rage. “YOU! YOU CONNIVING !” Liang pointed at Jungah, “KILL HER RIGHT NOW!” His men stepped up.

Suddenly, a crowbar swung out of the air and smacked one of the men in the head.

The men gasped and looked up in fright. *Kris?!* Lay, Chen, and Tao looked up in hope.

But standing on top of the cargo was Jaehyo. He had come to rescue Jungah.

“Lay a hand on my sister and die.” Jaehyo threatened with a poker-face.

Jungah looked up, stunned. “Oppa…” She whispered.

He met eyes with her. *If you die, we’ll die together. My life is meaningless without you anyways. Whatever you do, we’ll do it together. Let’s help Zico rest in peace. I have your back, Han Jungah. Your oppa is here for you, so don’t you ever be afraid.*

She could read his eyes and nodded gratefully. *Thank you, oppa. If we ever make it out alive, I won’t fail to tell you that.*

“GET THEM!” Liang roared.

Then all hell broke loose.


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