The Culprit

The Bittersweet Deal
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Kris arrived at the hotel that Exo-M was lodging at. He burst into Lay’s room that he shared with Luhan.

Exo-M looked up. There were grave and grim expressions on their faces.

Gege.” Tao whispered.

“So you found the one behind this?” Kris asked.

Luhan nodded, “Lay found about him just several hours ago.”

Kris turned to Lay, “Who is it?”

“Someone by the name of Cho.” He answered.

“Cho?” The name was unfamiliar to Kris.

“We have to go to Incheon Sea Port right now. I heard Cho’s gang is making a trade with another group at ten o’clock. We have to be there before they make the trade. We have to stop those bastards from gaining profit from the drugs we made.” Lay clenched his fist.

“Duizhang?” Xiumin called. Kris looked up. “It’s your call.” Xiumin shrugged, “What do we do now?”

All eyes were expectantly on him. *Of course I can’t let them down.* “Let’s go.” Kris said.

Lay and Luhan immediately pulled out their suitcases filled with weapons. Lay tossed the pistols and revolvers to Xiumin, Chen, Tao, and Kris. Kris caught the pistol and stared at it for a long time. The feeling felt foreign to him. He hadn’t touched a gun in a while.

“Don’t tell me you forgot to use it, duizhang.” Xiumin smirked, but his eyes were full of concern.

Kris twirled the gun around his finger once then latched it behind his jacket. “Are you ready?”

“Are you?” Lay challenged.

Kris gave him a look then left without a word. The rest of Exo-M followed.


Zico parked in front of Jungah’s house. The rest of Block B had taken the cab to Jaehyo’s place to pick up his car. Zico turned the engine off and turned to Jungah. “I’m sorry we couldn’t stay to celebrate more. But you know…duty calls.” He clucked his tongue and bobbed his head once.

Jungah looked at him in worry, “It’s not anything…bad, is it?”

“Drugs are bad, and you know it, Jungah.” Zico gently reminded.

“I know!” Jungah snapped then softened, “But…will you be okay? There won’t be any gun fights…or knives drawn, right?”

Zico laughed heartily. Lightly, he pushed her head and shook his head, “Someone has been watching too many movies.”

“Whatever. Good night, Zico. Don’t get shot.” Jungah rolled her eyes and got out of the car.

Zico rolled down the window and called, “Hey Jungie Jungie!” She stopped and turned around with a raised eyebrow. “Congratulations again.” He warmly smiled.

Jungah softened. She gave him a small, warm smile and nodded, “Thanks for the dinner.”

Zico waved and drove off.

Jungah went into her apartment. She glanced at her phone and frowned in concern. *I wonder how Kris is doing with his parents. He hasn’t called yet. Maybe they’re not done meeting.*


Exo-M was veiled securely behind the large cargo of imports. The shadows covered them, and they moved stealthily and covertly.

“Do you see anyone coming?” Xiumin whispered.

Tao, who nearly had raptor vision and a keen sense of hearing, shook his head.

“Damn. Where are they? Lay, are you sure you were right. It’s approaching ten, and no one is in sight.” Xiumin hissed.

“Give it some time. Whenever we went on deals, did we ever arrive at the exact time we said we would? They’re trying to see if anyone leaked information about them. It’s the same thing that we do.” Lay whispered back as he gripped his gun in annoyance.

Xiumin rolled his eyes. He nudged Chen with the toe of his shoe, “Yah, Kim Jongdae, keep your eyes peeled out, all right? Don’t fall asleep.” Chen didn’t even bother to reply. “Aish. This guy never talks.” Xiumin muttered.

“Quiet. I think I hear someone.” Luhan held out his hand as he peered over the box.

Everyone tensed at once. Tao craned his neck to check and whispered in confirmation, “They’re here.”

There were quiet shuffles of feet as Exo-M gathered towards Tao’s hidden spot. Kris gazed between the cargos. Three shiny black cars had arrived on the dock. A group of men in impeccable black suits stepped out. Although it was night, they were still wearing sunglasses. One of the men, who seemed to be the head, checked his gloved hand and glanced at his watch. He tapped it with an impatient sigh and spoke to one of his underlings.

The lower man motioned his hand towards something. The leader looked up.

Kris followed his gaze. Three cars were approaching. One was black, one was blue, and the last one was red.

They stopped a good distance away. From the blue one emerged a well-built man with a buzz cut. His attire was casual and baggy. The man fixed his black leather jacket and glanced back with a whistle. The doors opened, and seven males stepped out. Kris squinted his eyes to get a better look.

At that moment, Lay whispered, “Let’s go closer.”

Exo-M slipped closer into the scenery. They were able to see the faces better.

“Which one is Cho?” Xiumin asked.

“The one in the black leather jacket.” Lay nodded, “And there’s his gang, Block B.”

*Block B?* Kris turned his head to the males behind Cho. They seemed strangely familiar to him. *Why do I feel like I’ve seen them before…?*

Kris crept towards the other side of the freight to take a closer look. He strained to see who Block B was. Kris was close enough to hear parts of their conversation.

“Do you have the goods?”

“Let me see the money first.” Cho demanded.

The other party opened up the briefcases.

Cho glanced at the money. Satisfied, he glanced back, “Zico.”

Kris froze. *Zico? No way. There has to be more than one Zico. It cannot possibly be the stepbrother and the first love of Jungah.* To make sure, he turned his head. His eyes almost popped out of his head, and his mouth fell open in astonishment. A wave of shock hit him, and he stumbled back.

Standing on the pier was noneother than Woo Jiho.

Jungah’s stepbrother.

Jungah’s first love.

Jungah’s everything.

*So the business he was in…was drug dealing?!* This was too much to take in at once, especially at that moment when their purpose was to bring down the gang who had dared take the Cold Dragon’s recipe. Kris’s head shot up in realization. *Our plan. Lay. .* Deftly, he spun around and darted towards his team.

Exo-M was preparing to take down the two gangs.

Luhan loaded his gun.

Lay told them directions with a nod. Then he turned towards Block B and raised his gun.

Kris’s eyes widened. *No, Lay, no. He’s going to kill Zico.* He could just imagine the pain that Jungah would suffer through. Lay attempted to pull the trigger. *NO!*

“Yixing!” Kris ran towards him and tackled him down. The gun slipped into the darkness.

The two gangs on the pier froze at the noise.

“What was that?!” The other leader asked.

Cho glanced back at Block B. Their sharp eyes swept the horizon for any movements. Exo-M froze in their spots.

“We should leave.” Zico sharply suggested.

The briefcases were exchanged, and the gangs separated into their own cars.

When the sound of squealing tires faded out of sight, Exo-M finally came back to their senses. Lay shoved Kris off of him and snarled, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID! WE LOST THEM BECAUSE OF YOU!” Lay shook his head as he picked up his gun, “We’re going after them-“

“We’re going back to the hotel.” Kris brusquely cut him off.

Lay stared at him, “Are you out of your mind-“

“Back to the hotel.” Kris eyed him coldly with icicles dripping on every word, “I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you to.” He looked at Exo-M and walked away. They were puzzled, but they followed Kris’s order.

“Come on, Lay.” Luhan said.

Lay gritted his teeth in annoyance. *Damn it!* He placed his gun back in his belt and resentfully pursued after the others.


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