Birthday Party Part 1

The Bittersweet Deal
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Saturday evening at 6 p.m, Kris picked up Jungah at her apartment. He opened the car door for her, and she stepped inside. He went around to the other side and entered the driver’s seat.

Kris leaned in and buckled her seatbelt for her. Her strong aroma of lilies and coconuts hazed his mind.

“You have Zico’s address, right?” Jungah’s voice woke him out of his daze. She gave him a strange look, “Remember? I texted it to you last night.”

“Yeah.” Kris nodded.

“Okay. Good.” Jungah nodded and looked forward.

Kris placed his hand on the steering wheel. Yet, he didn’t drive. His attention was too focused on her outfit. *Why does she have to look so damn cute today? The theme of cuteness doest not fit her, and yet, she’s even more attractive today.* His eyes examined her from the top of her black and white hair, to her oversized, black panda tee, and down to her red high top converses.

Jungah slowly turned her head and blinked at him.

Kris tightly gripped onto the steering wheel. *Stop that. Damn it.*

“Hello? Aren’t we leaving? We’re going to be late for my own birthday party.” Jungah waved her good hand in front of his face.

Kris cleared his throat and turned his attention to the front. He hoped she couldn’t see his bright, red ears. “Yeah, we’re leaving…” He snuck another glance at her and took a deep breath. *This is going to a long night.*


Shortly, they arrived at Zico’s apartment building. They entered the elevator, and the doors shut.

All of a sudden, Jungah felt nervous. Kirs and Zico would officially meet in less than a minute. She was dazed by the mix of emotions she was feeling. On one hand she was excited to introduce the two most important males in her life to each other. On the other hand, she was worried what Zico would think of Kris.

Before she could think of a what-if scenario, the doors slid open.

“Where do we go?” Kris asked. Jungah snapped out of her daze, “Um, this way.” She led him to Zico’s apartment.

Jungah glanced back at Kris. *Here goes nothing.* With a deep breath, she rang the doorbell.

On the other side of the door, Jungah could hear Block B yelling.

“She’s here! She’s here!”

“P.O., quit eating the frosting off the cake!”

“Taeil, hang that balloon up there!”

“I’m going to answer the door!”

“No, I am!”

She shook her head. *Boys.*

Jungah heard a crash and a loud boom. Then the door flung open.

Kyung, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb spilled out. “WELCOME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY-“

They froze when they saw Kris.

U-Kwon’s eyes narrowed into hostile slits, “What is he doing here?”

“Behave, U-Kwon. He’s my guest.” Jungah shot him a look then pushed past Kyung and B-Bomb into the apartment. Her eyes widened at the festive decoration. Balloons covered the floor and the corners of the rooms. Streamers decorated the walls and ceilings.

“Happy Birthday, Jungah!” Taeil waved his pink balloon in there with a big smile. She waved back.

Kris and U-Kwon stared at each other. Kris shook his head with a smirk and approached Jungah.

“I don’t think your friends welcome me. Are you sure I was on the guest list?”

“I’m sure.” As soon as she said that, U-Kwon stormed over, “And who invited you?”

Kris gave Jungah a ‘see-I-told-you’ look. She stared at U-Kwon, “I did.”

“And I gave her the idea to.” A voice said. Everyone looked up.

Zico appeared in the room. He walked casually towards them with a red lollipop in his mouth. Zico looked at U-Kwon, “Kim Yukwon, don’t be a spoil sport. This is Jungah’s birthday party, not yours. She can invite whoever she wants to.” He pouted sullenly, “Still…”

*So this is the famous Zico.* Kris shifted his gaze to Zico then looked at Jungah who was looking at him with secret admiration. Yet, it was obvious to Kris.

“Hey, Jungie Jungie.” Zico’s eyes twinkled as he smiled at her. He placed a hand on top of her head, “Happy 19th birthday. You are a woman now. To be precise, tomorrow.” Her ears flushed pink, but she covered her shyness with a scowl, “I was always a female for your information.”

Zico chuckled. Finally, he turned to Kris. An amiable smile came upon his face as he stretched one hand out. “Hi, it’s nice to see you again. Last time we didn’t get to properly meet. What’s your name?”

Kris glanced at Jungah then warily gripped his hand, “Wu Fan.”

“Wu Fan. Cool. Do you have any nicknames I can call you by?” Zico questioned.

“No. It’s just Wu Fan.” Kris flatly replied. Jungah blinked at him in surprise. *Why isn’t he saying his nickname is Kris? Oh yeah…he only wants friends to call him that.*

Jaehyo raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. *What is Woo Jiho up to?*

Kyung shook his head in disapproval. *He’s giving up on her. That’s why he told Jungah to invite the other guy.*

“Okay, that’s cool, too. Come on in. The food is just about done, and we’re all waiting for the pizza.” Zico motioned him in. “Did you cook?” Jungah followed him towards the kitchen. “Hell no.” He chuckled, “If I did, it certainly wouldn’t be a happy birthday to you. I ordered from catering service.” Zico held his lollipop out, “Want this?” “Ugh, no. That’s disgusting, Zico.” Jungah pushed his hand away. “How? I don’t have cooties!” Zico grinned.

They squabbled all the way into the kitchen. A spark of jealousy ignited Kris’s heart. *How can they be so close like that? He’s blind not to see her love for him. He’s even stupider for not being in love with a girl like her.* He shook his head.

“So…” A voice said from behind. Kris turned around.

Taeil, P.O., and Jaehyo were standing there. Taeil cleared his throat and held his hand out, “Hello. I’m Taeil.” Kris shook his hand with a curt nod. P.O. held out his hand. “And I’m Pyo Jihoon.” He said in his deep voice. P.O. and Taeil blinked at Jaehyo. “I don’t need to tell my name to someone who I will never see again.” He walked away. Kris raised an eyebrow.

Taeil scratched his head, “Don’t mind Jaehyo. He’s an introvert, and he doesn’t make friends easily. As you can tell by his uptight personality.” “I heard that.” Jaehyo said from the living room. “He has the ears of a bat, too. Damn.” Taeil muttered and walkd away.

Kyung came over, “Er, hey. My name is Park Kyung. I’m Zico’s best friend and like a second older brother to Jungah.”

Kris looked at the small dark-haired male in front of him with black-framed glasses. His smile was friendly, but there was caution in his eyes. “So, um, are you dating our Jungah?” Kyung asked.

“Our Jungah?” Kris raised an eyebrow.

“Like I said. I’m her second brother.” Kyung pointed at himself. “So…are you?”

“Not yet.” Kris answered. *Yet?* Kyung’s eyes widened.

Jungah stepped out of the kitchen, “Kris, do you want soda?” He looked up from Kyung’s stare and nodded as he walked towards her.

Kyung scratched his head. *There’s no doubt about it. This guy really likes Jungah. Damn it. Poor Zico.* “Which one?”

Jungah held out the Coke and Sprite. Kris grabbed the Coke. Jungah took the Sprite for herself and went back into the kitchen.

“Did you give your guest the soda?” Zico asked. “Yeah, I did.” Jungah tried to open her soda.

He took the drink and opened it for her. “Thanks.” She took a careful sip and peeked at him, “So…what do you think?”

“What do I think about what?” Zico tossed his lollipop stick into the trashcan and looked through the refrigerator for more drinks.

“About…” Jungah glanced out to see Taeil and P.O. conversing with Kris, “About him.”

Zico turned towards her and gave her a soft smile, “Does it matter? If he makes you happy, I like him already.” Her eyes softened. *He always wants the best for me.*

“Besides…isn’t what you think of him more important than my opinion?” Zico asked.

Her eyebrows slightly pinched together. *What does that mean?*

Ding Dong. “HYUNG! PIZZA IS HERE!” P.O. bellowed.

“Aish. Why is it always me that has to pay?” Zico left the kitchen.

Jungah heard P.O. and Zico quarreling about money, yet her mind was spinning from what Zico had said. “Isn’t what you think of him more important than my opinion?” *What is that fool trying to imply?* She wondered.



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