The Bittersweet Deal
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It was time for PE class. Jungah had a hard time changing into her gym clothes. She was the last one out.

The coach was about to bark at her but stopped when he saw the cast on her arm. He raised an eyebrow, “I suppose you can’t do PE.”

Jungah shrugged. The coach sighed and shook his head, “Stand here. I suppose you can try to stretch then at least walk around the field.”

*Of course he won’t just let me rest.* Jungah thought as she shuffled over.

“Partner up for stretches!” The coach called.

Kris turned to Jungah automatically. She faced him with a drained sigh, “I can’t stretch, you know. My arm. See?” She dangled her broken arm in the air with a look. He shruggd, “I still have to stretch.”

“Good luck finding a partner.” Jungah turned to go, but Kris held her back. “Is this how you’ll pay me back? By ditching me when I spent my entire morning jotting down notes for you. My hand feels like it’s going to fall off, and you’ll treat me like this?”

Jungah scowled. *He’s giving me a guilt-trip.* The trick worked because she lumbered back by his side. “I have no idea how I’ll help you stretch when I only have one ing arm to work with. It’s not like I can lift you up anymore.”

Kris took her good hand and weaved his fingers through hers. Jungah looked up at him with curiosity as he slowly rotated their entangled hands in a wide circle. Kris gazed into her eyes. She didn’t trust the mysterious glint in his eyes. “That’s perfectly fine…since I can lift you up.”

Suddenly, Kris yanked her towards him. She gasped as he suddenly lifted her up bridal style. Her eyes widened as his face zoomed in towards hers. Her eyes crossed for a moment then she leaned back with a distrustful expression. “Why do you keep carrying me like this? I’m not a bride.”

Kris smirked, “I’m flattered. You pictured us walking down the aisle together.”

Jungah rolled her eyes, “Cocky bastard is delusional now.”

“Wu Fan, Jungah, stretch!” The coach called, completely ignoring the fact that he was carrying her.

Kris suddenly bent his knees and stooped down. The abrupt movement caused Jungah to reflexively wound her left arm around his neck. Her bottom rested on his lap, and she blinked at him. *What the hell are you up to now, Kris?*

Kris held her gaze as he stood back up. Then he casually shrugged, “I’m stretching my leg muscles.”

Jungah scoffed, “Right.”

Kris went back down. Jungah shook her head, and she bit her lip to keep from smiling. There was nothing remotely funny about this situation, but for some reason, her lips wanted to stretch out into a big smile.

Kris stood back up. Jungah rested her head against his broad shoulder and cradled her broken arm closely against her chest.

Kris glanced down at her. A softness spread across his face. He would do anything to make her feel peace and secure like this.


Lunch came. Jungah carried her backpack on her good shoulder and headed towards the auditorium. A figure came out of nowhere and swept her backpack off her shoulder. “What the hell-“ Jungah looked up, and her eyes rounded, “You again?”

Kris smirked as he slung her backpack over his shoulder, “Where to?”

Jungah placed her good hand on her hip, “Don’t you get tired of doing this?” She shook her head and reached for her backpack, “Look, I’m fine. So go do your own thing-“

He held it away, “I am doing my own thing. Auditorium, right?” He walked away.

Jungah tilted her head and watched him a curious, baffled expression. *Seriously, what is he up to? Why does he keep sticking to my side like gum?* Shaking her head, she followed him.

The thick crowd of students kept brushing past her shoulder. Kris could read the annoyance and uneasiness hidden underneath her poker-face. He stepped back and walked to the other side of her so that she was walking by the wall now. Jungah blinked up at him in surprise. Now, the students were crashing into him as they ran to the cafeteria. Warmth stirred in her heart. *He’s being extra nice to me today.* She thought.

They turned the corner. The auditorium was a couple yards away.

Before they reached their destination, they ran into Wonsuk and his friends. Immediately, Jungah’s eyes narrowed. Kris stared down at him with contempt. Wonsuk looked between them then smirked. “I see you’re back.”

“I see you are, too.” Jungah growled sourly.

“Yeah, well, more complete than you.” He replied smartly. His friends snickered.

Kris’s hands constricted into tight fists. *This bastard.*

Jungah walked away. Kris gave Wonsuk a long look then followed.

“How does it feel knowing that your girl got hurt because of you?”

Kris and Jungah stopped. He spun around, and his eyes narrowed into hostile slits. She gave Wonsuk a sidelong glare to shut his mouth. Yet, he ignored the hint and continued, “Don’t be so mad, babe. My aim was for him, not you. You know I would never hurt you.”

Jungah whirled around, “Hurt me? You ing BROKE MY ARM! You almost killed me with that wooden stick, damn it!”

*He beat her with a wooden stick? What kind of a sick bastard is he?* Kris wondered.

Wonsuk lazily shrugged, “My bad. I was just so damn pissed you cheated on me.”

“How can I cheat on you when I wasn’t with you from the beginning? We aren’t ing dating!” Jungah asked in exasperation.

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. But everyone else knows that only Park Wonsuk can control Han Jungah.” He smirked evilly while his friends laughed raucously like a pack of untamed hyenas.

Kris stepped towards him. Jungah grabbed his arm to prevent him from going further. Her gaze remained steadily on Wonsuk for a while. Then she glanced sideways at Kris, “Don’t pay heed to him. The more you give him attention, the more he’ll follow you like an annoying fly. If you let him be, he’ll lose interest. That’s how I,” She shot Wonsuk a scathing look, “Control Park Wonsuk.”

He blew her a kiss, and his friends hi-fived him. “Brilliant, man.”

*Bastard.* Kris hissed in his mind.

“Come on. Let’s go.” Jungah pulled him away.

Kris gave Wonsuk a warning glare then let her head him to the auditorium. They entered the dark, empty room.

Jungah let go of him and gave him a condescending look, “You really have to control your temper.”

“My temper?” Kris arched an eyebrow.

“You can’t just pick a fight with Wonsuk at any given opportunity. You don’t know what damage can ensue. Look at what happened to me.” Jungah showed off her arm. She shook her head and walked down the aisle.

Kris slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants and followed her to the middle row. “You really think I can’t beat Wonsuk?”

Jungah stopped, looked him up and down, then chortled at the thought, “, please. He’ll whip your before you know it. The only one who is a match for him is me.” She sat down and took her ipod out.

Kris found it insulting yet amusing that she saw him as a defensless wimp. He sat next to her and gazed at her with a small smirk. *You have no idea what kind of a person I am and what I am capable of. Do you, Han Jungah? I wonder if you knew, would you still be so bold around me?*

Half an hour later, Kris excused himself to use the restroom. He was washing his hands in the sink when Wonsuk entered alone.

Wonsuk smirked at the sight of him, “Man, we must have some freaky fate or something. We always run into each other.”

*Unfortunately.* Kris turned the faucet off and shook his wet hands over the sink. He grabbed some paper towels and dried his hand.

“What did you to obtain Han Jungah?” Wonsuk asked. Kris froze. He stared at Wonsuk through the mirror.

“I’ve been pursuing her for four years. Yet, she never gave me another look. However, with you, it was a different story. That never defended anybody until you came along.”

Kris gritted his teeth. *Calm down. Control your temper.* He tossed the paper towel away.

“Did you sleep with her?” Wonsuk questioned.

Kris became as stiff as a board. *What is he trying to insinuate?*

“I mean, that’s how you tame a , right? Steal her ity and make her assume you’re in love with her. Girls, ha!” Laughing hostily, Wonsuk headed to the exit.

Kris turned around, “Yah.” Wonsuk paused. He turned around with a serious expression, “Did you just call me ‘yah’?”

“You forgot something.” Kris walked towards him.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Wonsuk looked around.

Then out of nowhere, Kris’s huge fist collided with his face.

Wonsuk crashed into the solid bathroom wall and slid onto the floor.

“My payback.” Kris growled.

“ARGH! WHAT THE HELL MAN?! MY ING NOSE IS BROKEN NOW!” Wonsuk wailed in agony.

“Trust me. I could have broken something else.” Kris muttered. He stepped closer to Wonsuk, and Wonsuk automatically recoiled in fright. Kris bent down to his level and straightened his uniform. Wonsuk flinched at his cold touch and was shaking from head to toe.

“Your assumptions about me are all wrong. I don’t tolerate any kind of bull, and I’m not the type of person who has time to be worrying about a worthless piece of like you.” Kris brushed imaginary dust of Wonsuk’s uniform and looked up at his face. Wonsuk quickly dodged his gaze.

Kris placed a hand over his shoulder. Wonsuk cringed automatically.

“Do me a favor. Stay away from Jungah. Never appear in front of her again. If you happen to come across her, walk in the opposite direction. If you hurt her again, I won’t be able to let it go.” Kris squeezed his shoulder with intense eyes full of malice, “You understand what I’m saying, right?”

Wonsuk gulped and nodded.

“Good.” Kris straightened up, fixed his blazer, and left the restroom with a triumphant smirk.

*Damn him!* Wonsuk curled his fist in a mix of shame and anger.

Kris came back into the auditorium and sat next to Jungah. She gave him a puzzled look, “What took you so long?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Sick jerk. Never mind. Don’t answer.” Jungah turned the volume on her ipod louder.

Kris chuckled. *What are you thinking, Han Jungah?*


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