The Bittersweet Deal
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Monday morning, Jungah stepped into her classroom and halted in surprise.

Kris was already sitting there.

He looked up and gave her a soft, knowing smile. She raised an eyebrow while her lips threatened to quirk up again.

Jungah cleared and gingerly walked over. “You’re early.” She walked around him and sat at her desk.

“The earlier I come, the more I can see you, right?” Kris asked.

Jungah raised an eyebrow, “Aren’t you a sweet talker?”

*I never knew I was either.* He thought. She looked away while shaking her head. He could see that her lips were curving slightly upwards, and his own lips did the same. They were getting closer and closer.

In PE class, it was time for the annual tests. First, everyone went in line for the jumping test. They had to jump over a tall, pyramid-like block.

Most students failed. Others didn’t even attempt to try.

The coach shook his head and marked them down.

Jungah and Kris shuffled forwards. “I can just walk over that thing.” She heard him say.

Jungah rolled her eyes, “Yeah, you must be real proud to be Godzilla.”

Kris smirked, “You’d have to jump pretty high to get over that block. Are you confident?”

Jungah spun her head and stared at him. His face was just above hers. Before she could come up with a comeback, the coach barked her name. “It’s your turn!”

“Watch me.” Jungah snorted. She faced forward. Jungah lightly jogged towards the block. Then she broke into a run, smacked her hands on top of the block, and lunged upwards. She landed on the other side of the block with grace. “Pass.” The coach approved. Jungah turned around and met eyes with Kris who stared at her. She gave him a small smirk. *Saw that?*

Kris’s eyes twinkled. “Wu Fan, you’re up.” The coach called.

Kris stepped back then sprinted towards the block. In one effortless jump, he was over.

“Pass!” The coach nodded.

Kris smirked, “Easy.” Jungah rolled her eyes and walked towards the bleacher. Kris was right behind her.

After everyone finished this portion of the exam, they had to partner up for the remaining three exams.

“Wu Fan! Can you be my partner?” A female with long, orange hair blinked her fake eyelashes at him.

“Sorry, I have her.” Kris nodded at Jungah, who furrowed her eyebrows.

*Why her?!* The girl snorted and walked away.

Jungah crossed her arms, “Why are you assuming that I will be your partner?” “Who else do you have but me?” Kris asked. Jungah looked around, but everyone else was already partnered up.

“Exactly.” He smirked. “Wipe that smirk off your face before you meet my fist during your sit-ups.” She walked away.

Kris shook his head with a chuckle. *She never changes.*

After sit-ups, it was time for pull-ups. For the males, they had to pull themselves over the bar and that counted as one. However, for the females, they just had to pull themselves over the bar once and stay hanging there for as long as they could. Jungah counted as Kris easily lifted himself up and over the bar several times. She raised an eyebrow. *He has good endurance.*

“Switch!” The coach called after he recorded everyone’s scores. Kris let go of the bar, dusted his hands, and walked to the other side. He crossed his arms and arched an eyebrow, “Now I’ll watch you.”

Jungah rolled her eyes. She looked up and reached up for the bar. It grazed the tips of her fingers. “Need a boost?” Kris snickered. “Why don’t you shut your mouth and remind yourself how to count?” Jungah sneered. She jumped up and grabbed the bar. Then she pulled herself up and her chin rested above the bar.

There were shrieks from all around the field as girls failed to cling onto the bar and landed flat on their bottoms.

“Damn it. How does Han Jungah always do this? She’s always the last one to come down!” The girls muttered as they walked away.

Kris raised an eyebrow, “You’re the last one on the bar?”

Jungah just gave him a smirk. She didn’t want to waste her energy on words. She glanced to the side and saw one other girl hanging on there. Her name was Song Yeji. Her boyfriend cheered her on, “Come on, Yeji, baby! You can beat the Jungah !”

*I’ll kick his when I come down.* Jungah thought.

Everyone watched the two couples.

“Why isn’t Wu Fan rooting for his girlfriend?”

*Because I’m going to make her fall.* Kris smirked. “Make sure you win, babe.

Jungah shot him the evil eye. He continued, “Where should we go for our date this weekend? This weekend we went to the mountain and the beach so next week we should go somewhere else. Should we go for a one night two day trip somewhere?” Her eyes bugged out. *WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING?!*

“OMO! OMO! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! THEY WENT ON A DATE THIS WEEKEND!” The classroom broke into gossip.

Jungah gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes. *Kris, I will MURDER you.*

“You’re starting to sweat, baby. Maybe you should come down.” Kris evilly smirked. “I wouldn’t want you to…hurt yourself…”

Jungah fervently shook her head.

*Let’s see if I can change your mind.* Kris began to advance towards her. Her eyes widened in panic. She shook her head and kicked. *STAY THE AWAY FROM ME!* Her energy began to drain, so she stopped thrashing. Jungah glared at him. “Get away.” She hissed through gritted teeth.

“I just want to wipe the sweat off for you. Is that so bad?” Kris reached out and touched the beat of sweat by her forehead.

Jungah stiffened. Her eyes narrowed into caustic slits. *This bastard needs to learn his own medicine.* She tried to kick him in the place where it would hurt him the most.

However, Kris was fast, and caught her leg just in time. Her eyes widened. Excited squeals erupted from the students.

“What are you doing?!” Jungah struggled.

Kris grasped her knee and pulled her up against him. Her eyes widened at how near he was to her face now. She forgot to breathe, and heart rate picked up speed.

“Why so stiff?” Kris breathed in her face.

Jungah swallowed hard.

His eyes drifted over her face. “Maybe you should let go.”

Her adamant eyes clearly said no.

“Don’t you get tired of holding onto something that’s so useless?” He questioned with deep, searching eyes. Her eyebrows slightly pinched together in puzzlement. *I don’t think he’s talking about this metal bar…* There was a deeper meaning behind his literal question.

“If you fall, I’ll catch you…so you don’t have to worry about letting go.” Kris whispered. Her eyes softened. “Sometimes, holding on isn’t the best thing. You have to learn to let go…so that you’ll be happier.” Kris probed her eyes.

Jungah felt her insides melting, and her mind grew hazy. Her fingers began to slip by his hypnotizing stare. Before she knew it, she had let go and was falling. Kris quickly caught her bridal style. Jungah stared at him with her arm around his neck. *He really did catch me…*

“All right. Come back to your spot, Han Jungah.” The coach lazily called.

Kris ducked under the bar and carried her back to the mat. Everyone stared in awe as they passed by. Gently, Kris set Jungah on the ground. She glanced up at him with wary, inquisitive eyes. He met eyes with her, and she looked away with an awkward cough. Kris saw the faint blush on her cheeks and softly smirked. *Gets easier every time.*

The coach blew his whistle. “Last test! Line up for the mile run!”

The entire class groaned. Although Jungah was good at running, she hated it. She reluctantly trudged over to the line and rotated her stiff neck then stretched her long legs. “What are you doing this weekend?” Kris asked. Jungah gave him a distrustful look, “Why?”

“Because you still owe me that coffee…” He snuck a glance at her. She crossed her arms with a raised eyebrow, “This entire you-owe-me-coffee bull is getting old.”

“So should we try a new tactic? How about a bet?” Kris offered. “A bet?” Jungah repeated, intrigued.

“If you outrun me, we’ll call it even. We can forget the coffee. If I outrun you, you can forget the coffee, too, but you’ll have to go out with me this Saturday.” Kris stated.

“Are you kidding me?” Jungah asked.

“Get set!” The coach hollered. Kris slightly crouched down with a smirk, “No, so you better be prepared to run. I’m not giving you a head start just because you’re a girl.” Jungah narrowed her eyes, “I wasn’t expecting you to anyways.”

“GO!” The coach blew the whistle.

Jungah and Kris sped off. Their classmates watched them as if they were out of their mind. *Why are they trying so hard?* Even the PE instructor was stunned at their determination and speed.

Jungah glanced at Kris. He was merely jogging, yet she was running hard. *Damn his long legs.* She resented. They ran without talking for the three laps. For the fourth lap, Kris slowed down to a walk on purpose to give Jungah the benefit of the doubt. *Yes! He’s getting tired!* She triumphantly smirked. *I have better endurance than him.* Jungah began to slow down to a sprint.

Kris chuckled while shaking his head. *Haven’t you heard of the story of the tortoise and the hare? Tsk, tsk.*

Jungah glanced back. Kris was still walking. Her side hurt, so she slowed down also. *I can see the finish line. I’m almost there. Come on, Han Jungah. You can beat him.* She prepared herself to run. Before she could put on a burst of speed, a long, lean figure raced past her. Her eyes widened. *No ing way!*

Kris turned around and jogged backwards. “Guess I’ll win~”

Jungah growled. *Like I’ll let that happen.* She ran towards him.

Kris faced forwards and jogged forwards. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Jungah caught up with him. Kris let her speed ahead then at the last minute put all his energy and arrived at the finish line first. Jungah came to a halt and panted loudly as she struggled to catch her breath.

“You two can go change.” The coach said.

Jungah walked away. Kris quickly darted next to her. “What time should I pick you up?” He asked.

She stopped and glared at him with blazing eyes. For a minute, he thought she would cuss him out.

“…11 a.m. Don’t be late. I have to be somewhere by 6.” Jungah flipped her ponytail and sauntered to the girls’ locker room.

*For once, she’s willing.* Kris grinned, keyed up for this weekend.

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Chapter 77: Oh god this is one of the two books that can make me sob like this. How could you do this to me oh my god their are tears coming down and like I'm literally about to make a small pond on my bed because of all the tears ???
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