Fate Again?

The Bittersweet Deal
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For the entire week, Kris hadn’t come to school. Jungah grew curious, irked, and finally worried. *Did he transfer back to China? Is he sick? Did he get beat up by Wonsuk?* All sorts of scenarios ran in her mind, but she decided not to care in the end.

On Saturday afternoon, Jungah received a text from Zico.

‘Busy today. S no dinner ㅠ_. Mianhae! I’ll make it up to you!’

Jungah lowered her phone with a dejected sigh as she sat on the arm of her sofa. *Great. What do I look forward to now?* She looked around the desolate place. The thought of staying cooped up in here drove her nuts. Jungah looked at the table. She saw the movie tickets, and an idea clicked into her mind. *I’m not sulking here like a pining loser the entire night. I’ll go out on my own.* Jungah stood up and went to get ready to go out.

After changing, Jungah took the tickets and headed to Shinsadong. She looked up at the colossal movie theater. Many people were there: couples, friends, families, teenagers, etc. *I bet I’m the only one who came alone. Whatever.* Jungah looked up at the board to see what movies were playing. *I haven’t even heard of half of them.* She grabbed a flier and began to read the synopsis of each movie.

At the same time, Kris finished business with a local drug dealers, and left the underground café. He was about to walk to his car when he noticed a familiar girl in the distance. She had long, black shiny hair with a small, slender frame. She was wearing a pink shirt with denim shorts that showed off her endless legs. Her poker-face was a dead giveaway. She was like a neon light to him.

Kris smirked as his heart involuntarily swelled up at the sight of his classmate. *I never thought I would see her outside of school again. What is she doing here all by herself?* He fixed his expression and advanced towards her.

*What the heck is this ? They only have cheesy romance or gory horror. Is that all moviemakers can make these days? No wonder the movie industry is going down.* Jungah shook her head.

“What are you planning to watch?” A voice asked.

She lifted up her head with round eyes. *That voice full of confidence…* Jungah turned around.

Kris was staring right at her. He looked perfectly fine, in fact, incredibly handsome, in casual black jeans, thin white shirt, and a button-up gray cardigan.

Jungah raised an eyebrow, “So you were alive?”

“Last I remember.” Kris approached her and glanced down at the flier. “That’s good.” He pointed to an action thriller.

“Funny. You don’t seem like the movie type to me.” “That proves how much you know about me.” Kris pointed out.

Jungah’s expression flattened. *On second thought, I did not miss you at all.* “I’ll pick a movie by myself, so you can go where you came from.” She looked down at the flier. However, his presence remained. Jungah raised an eyebrow at him, “You’re still here?”

“I decided to watch a movie, too.” Kris said.

Jungah rolled her eyes. *Copycat.* She walked up to the counter and pointed to a gruesome horror movie, “This one.” Jungah handed over the free ticket, and they reserved a seat for her. She took it and left.

Kris came over and pointed at her, “Whatever she picked with a seat next to her.”

“Er…sure…” The worker uncertainly arranged the seat.

Kris took out his card to pay, but someone grabbed his hand. Kris turned his head to see Jungah staring up at him. He thought she would either yell at him or beat him to death right there. However, Jungah just held out the extra ticket she had and looked at the counter, “He’ll use this one, but please choose another movie from him, and do not let him sit anywhere near me.” She walked away.

Kris smirked. *Smart girl.*

“Umm…” The worker nervously glanced side-to-side.

“Same movie, same seat arrangement. With her.” Kris stated.

The worker printed out his reservation. He thanked her and entered the dark theater.

Kris looked around and saw Jungah sitting in her seat. He strode up the stairs and entered the aisle. Jungah looked up and did a double take. *What the hell! I thought I told her not to put him in the same movie as me!* Kris sat in the seat right next to her.

“Move.” Jungah said. “Why?” Kris asked.

“Because I sat here first.” She snapped. “Doesn’t matter.” He showed her his ticket, “It says 32D, which means this is my seat. If you want, you can move.”

Jungah fluidly stood up. Rigidly, she stalked towards the next row.

“Someone probably reserved that seat. You’re just stealing someone else’s spot. Tsk, tsk.” Kris clucked his tongue.

Jungah gritted her teeth. It took every bit of control not to jump up on the seat and tackle him.

A couple minutes later, a couple came over to where she was sitting. “Oh. I think this is our seat.” They glanced at each other in puzzlement. *Crap. He was right.* Jungah became mortified. She was contemplating on whether fighting with the couple, begging them to let her sit here, or leaving the theater once and for all. Before she could make a decision, a long arm reached out and grabbed her elbow. She looked up to see Kris bowing at the couple, “Sorry. My girlfriend and I quarreled, so she took your spot.”

Jungah’s eyes widened, “Yah-“

“Sorry again for my girlfriend’s childish behavior. Come on, babe. Just come sit back here.” Kris pulled her into a stand. Before she could argue, he reached out, placed his hands on her waist, and lifted her up onto his row. Her eyes widened, and a loud gasp emitted from . *How can he lift me up so effortlessly?!*

Jungah was glad it was dark or he would’ve seen her blushing madly. She shoved him with a nasty hiss, “What the hell is your problem?! Didn’t I warn you at school?! Quit pretending I’m your girlfriend!” She felt eyes boring into her. Kris and Jungah turned their heads to see the couple in front of them stare at them.

Kris bowed, “Sorry. It’s all right now.”

Jungah glowered at the couple, “What are you two looking at? Do I have something pasted onto my face that is screaming for your attention? Look forward, and quit staring!”

Frightened, the couple faced forward.

Kris smirked and shook his head, “So violent.” “Shut up.” Jungah snapped. She grabbed her bag and turned to go, but the lights dimmed. Kris grabbed her wrist and yanked her down. Jungah thrashed, “What the -“ “Shh. Movie is starting.” Kris pointed. Jungah narrowed her eyes at him, “Seriously?” He put a finger to his lips and focused on the trailers. She sighed and crossed her arms in agitation. *This guy is seriously getting on my nerve. Whatever.*

Jungah was about to leave, but Kris gripped onto her wrist.

She glared at him, “Let go, or I’ll make sure you regret.” “Try, but like I said, you’ll hurt yourself first.” Kris said without looking her way. Jungah scowled. He finally turned his head and gave her a taunting look, “You spent money on those tickets. Are you sure you want to just waste them like this?”

*I didn’t buy them…but Zico gave them to me.* With that thought, she sat back in her seat.

*Didn’t think so. She’s easier than I thought she would be.* Kris smirked.

“Wipe that smirk off your face before I punch it off.” Jungah said tonelessly with her eyes looking forward. He was a bit surprised she saw that but smiled and shook his head. *Of course. As expected from the great Han Jungah.*


 Two and a half hours later of gut-ripping and buckets of blood, the gory movie had ended. The lights came back on, and the crowd filed out of the room. Jungah grabbed her bag and left. Kris went to catch up with her.

The hall was crammed with people who had just seen movies.

Jungah was pushed in different directions. She was shoved from behind, and random people touched her as they passed by. “What the hell.” She sneered, but no one heard. Jungah started to grow pissed off. She hated crowds, and she hated being in one. Before she could explode, hands came from behind and grasped her arms.

Jungah looked up to see Kris right behind her. He didn’t glance at her as he easily steered her through the crowd.

Now people bumped into him instead of her. Jungah felt uncomfortable having someone so close pressed up against her, and at the same time, she was moved by his chivalrous action. With Kris’s height, he was easily able to see the exit. The crowd dispersed, and they were no longer in a swarm of people.

Jungah lightly twisted away from him with an awkward cough, “Er, I should go-“

“Do you like coffee?” Kris asked, out of the blue.

“…Coffee?” She stared at him. *He’s seriously asking me that now?* Her expression turned blank again, “No.”

Kris turned his head and looked at her. “Good. Because I was going to ask you if you wanted ice cream.”

Jungah gaped at him in disbelief. Kris smirked, took her wrist, and dragged her out of the theater. They arrived in Baskin Robbins. There was a decent amount of people in the small ice cream store. “Seriously? Ice cream?” She raised an eyebrow. He nodded at the display glass of different flavors, “Choose.

Jungah crossed her arms, “And if I say I don’t like ice cream either?”

Kris looked out the window and nodded at a different restaurant, “You want steak then?”

“No!” Jungah snapped.

“Then just get ice cream, okay? It’s not that hard. You just say what you want, and they’ll give you the ice cream in a cone or cup. Whatever you want.” Kris said. She still wasn’t persuaded. “I just want to pay you back for the movie ticket. And I can ask you about what I missed in school.” He stated.

Jungah surrendered and went up to the glass. Kris smirked. *It’s getting easier.*

She looked down at the various ice creams. “What would you like?” The male worker asked.

“Cookies and cream.” Kris pointed then glanced down at Jungah, “And you?” Jungah scanned the flavors then mumbled, “Rocky road chocolate…” *Zico knows I like that. I like it because it’s the first flavor that he introduced me to. I couldn’t quit liking the flavor after that.* Kris paid for the ice cream. They took the cones and sat at an empty table by the spotless window.

Jungah watched him eat ice cream. *Who guessed I would be eating ice cream with the exchange student in the middle of Shinsadong? I sure didn’t.*

Kris glanced at her with his dark brown, glistening orbs. “What?”

Jungah casually shrugged, “Nothing. I just didn’t peg you for the ice cream kind of guy.”

*I didn’t know I was this kind of guy either. I learn more things about myself because of you, Han Jungah.* Kris thought.

“Anyways…” She tried to sound as cool and unconcerned as possible. “Where have you been for the past week?”

Kris smirked, “Missed me?” “Hell no. I was just noticed you were gone. I thought you flew back to China.” Jungah growled.

“Do you want me to fly back to China?” Kris asked. “That would be nice. You’d finally be out of my hair.” She snorted. “You can’t possible mean that. Who else would be your partner in PE and keep you company in the auditorium during lunch?” He smirked.

“Me, myself, and I. That’s all I ever needed.” *And Zico.* Jungah stood up and tossed her unfinished cone away, “I’m going.” She walked out of the store.

“Want a ride?” Kris asked from behind her.

Jungah turned around and crossed her arms with narrowed eyes, “What? You brought a jet this time?”

Kris pressed onto his key. A loud sound came from behind Jungah, and she spun around to see the same sleek, classy orange sportscar. He walked over and opened the passenger door. “Come in.”

Jungah stared at him for five seconds. She heard the sound of large tires approaching and looked up. Jungah looked back at Kris, “No, thanks. But my own carriage is here.” He watched her jog over to the bus. She scanned her card and walked over to an empty seat in the back.

Jungah settled down and placed her bag in her lap. The doors shut, and the bus drove off.

It passed by Kris and his grandiose car.

They met eyes for a couple seconds, before she looked away.

Kris shut his passenger door and watched the bus with admiration and respect. *I’ve never been so fascinated with anything before you. I don’t know what makes you so interesting to me, but I’m willing to find out.*

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