The Bittersweet Deal
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Two weeks had passed since the rumor of Kris and Jungah had begun.

And yet, it hadn’t died down. It was one of the hottest gossip of the year.

Jungah gritted her teeth in annoyance as she heard whispers behind her back. She loudly slammed her fist on the table and glared back. The posse of girls gasped and scattered off. Kris entered the room.

“It’s him! Jungah’s boyfriend!” They squealed. “Aish.” She hissed. The girls ducked their heads and left.

Kris tossed his backpack on the table and sat down. He glanced around and saw students sneaking glances at him as if he was an animal on display at the zoo.

“I thought you said gossip would fade.” Jungah muttered. “I said eventually.” Kris corrected.

“And when the hell is eventually?! It’s been half a month already! God!” She stamped her feet impatiently.

“Do you hate being in such a rumor with me?” Kris smirked.

“You even call that a question?” Jungah growled. She noticed heated stares and snarled, “EYES DOWN BEFORE I YANK THEM OUT OF YOUR SKULL AND FEED IT TO THE RATS!” Everyone quickly faced forward.

Kris shook his head in amusement. *Temper, temper.*

Jungah glanced at him and snapped, “That goes for you, Big Bird. Quit looking at me before I go Sesame Street on your .” He chuckled. Annoyed that she didn’t faze him, she stuck her earphones into her ears and drowned reality out.


Jungah skipped lunch, as usual, and stayed in the quiet, dark auditorium with her music. She glanced at her phone from time to time, wondering if Zico would contact her anytime soon. *He’s been gone for three days already. Is everything all right? What if he’s in trouble? What if he forgot about me. But this is Zico we’re talking about. He would never forget about me.*

Jungah sighed and checked her messages again. There was nothing, and her shoulders slumped in disappointment.

“Waiting for a call?” A voice asked in the shadows. Startled, Jungah whipped her head around.

Kris pushed himself off the walls and stepped into the one light. Jungah narrowed her eyes, “You again?”

“Yeah, Big Bird is back. You know I like to wander off to find my neighbors and annoy them to death with my fluffiness.” He plopped down in the empty seat next to her, and she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t remember inviting you here.”

“I don’t remember you owning this particular room.” Kris quipped.

Jungah gave him a blasé look. He gave her an innocent smile and a shrug. “Whatever.” She tucked her phone back into her pocket. Kris glanced down at her ipod, “What were you listening to?”

“Something you won’t be interested in.” Jungah stood up.

“How do you know I won’t be interested in it? You hardly know me.” Kris calmly said.

“Let’s keep it that way.” Jungah walked past him towards the exit.

Kris got up and followed her. He didn’t know why he was wasting his time with this girl. But she was like his own drug. The more he spent time with her, the more he wanted to be with her. She was his addiction.

Jungah swung open the door and stepped out into the hallway with Kris right behind her.

“See! I told you they were going out!” One girl squealed and pointed. Jungah halted. *Oh God. Here we go again.* Everyone in the hallways were chatting about them.

“What were they doing in the dark auditorium room by themselves?”

“Ohmygod. Is that where they lost their ities?!”

“So hot!” “So lucky!”

Jungah rolled her eyes. *Spare me, please.*

Wonsuk appeared with his gang. When he saw Kris and Jungah together, his blood broiled. A new student had whisked his prize right out from underneath his nose. He wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. “Yah, Han Jungah.” Wonsuk called. Kris and Jungah looked towards him. The students bubbled with excitement. They were always looking forward to any drama to gossip about. *Wow. This is a soap opera about to happen.* Jungah rolled her eyes and crossed her arms sullenly.

Wonsuk approached her, and glanced up at Kris. He smirked, “Wow. This is new. I didn’t know you had such bad taste, Jungah. I always thought you had better taste for boytoys.”

Kris raised an eyebrow. *Is this guy trying to pick a fight?*

“I do. That’s why I didn’t pick either of you.” Jungah sneered. She tried to go, but Wonsuk blocked her path. She shot him an irritated look. Wonsuk tilted his head and gave her a scrutinizing look, “Are the rumors true?”

“Which one?” Jungah coolly asked. “About you…and him.” Wonsuk glanced at Kris.

Kris stared back, just as boldly. Wonsuk looked at Jungah, “Is it true that you’re ing him?”

Jungah let out a pitiless laugh, “Wow, Park Wonsuk. You take stupidity to a whole other level. Since when have you been so gullible?” Her smile vanished and a cold façade pasted on her carefree face. “Now move. Before I do it for you.”

Wonsuk laughed, “Why don’t you just ask your new boyfriend to do it for you?”

“If I throw a stick, will you leave?” Jungah sneered.

“I’ll move if you agree to go out with me this Saturday night.” Wonsuk said.

“Can’t.” She immediately answered, “I plan to bang my head on the wall and get a headache. Anything is better than dealing with a moron like you.”

“Aww, come on. Don’t be so cold hearted, babe.” Wonsuk walked around her and placed an arm over her shoulders. Jungah stiffened. Kris’s fingers clenched into a tight fist. His fist slightly vibrated in antagonism and aggravation.

Wonsuk leaned into her ear and seductively whispered, “I can show you how a real man acts in bed- hey, what the-“ His arm was shoved off of Jungah. Wonsuk looked up in bewilderment. Kris smoothly pulled Jungah to his side and slung his arm around her. “Sorry, but my girlfriend and I already have plans. And even if we didn’t, I would make something up right now just so that she doesn’t have to be contaminated by your presence.”

Everyone, including Jungah, gaped at him. Kris charmingly smiled down at her, “Right, babe?

“OHMYGOD! I KNEW IT!” The entire room buzzed with fresh gossip, and Jungah grew dizzy by it.

“SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” She barked. Everyone stopped talking.

Jungah stormed out of the room. Kris slipped his hands into his pockets and met eyes with Wonsuk. Kris casually shrugged, “You gotta love my girl’s temper.” With a smirk, he strode after her. Wonsuk gnashed his teeth in fury. *That ing newbie! Who the hell does he think he is?! I’ve been going after Jungah for 4 freaking years, and he thinks he can steal her away from me just like that! Hell no! I wouldn’t be Park Wonsuk if I let anyone do that to me and get away with it! Watch out, exchange student. I’ll get you and my Jungah back.*

Jungah stormed out to the empty first floor. She heard light, elegant steps behind her and knew he was closing in fast. *Damn his long legs.* Jungah felt Kris reach for her. She grabbed his wrist just in time, and shoved him into the wall with her arm applying pressure on his Adam’s apple.

Jungah narrowed her eyes, “Listen to me now, and listen well you ing bean pole. I never agreed to be your girlfriend, so you can stop spouting such bull. I don’t appreciate your help back there or anywhere else, so quit defending me. You defended me twice, and look where we are at! You turned me into a brained romantic girl who spreads her legs anywhere at any given time! Next time just leave me the hell alone, and stick your Pinocchio nose into where it belongs or else-“

Kris grabbed her arm and spun her around. In one fluid second, she was the one that was pinned against the wall with her arm locked onto the wall. Her eyes widened in shock. *How the hell did he move so fast?!* Kris smirked, “Or else what? What do you think you can possible do to me, Han Jungah.” He leaned in, and she backed away instinctively.

*Damn wall! I’m ing cornered like a mouse!* Jungah frowned up at him.

“I admit. You’re one hell of a fighter. But you’ve got nothing against me. Nothing.” Kris whispered the last word. He ducked his head so that he was face-to-face with her. “And don’t even attempt to try and beat me. You’ll only hurt yourself. And I don’t want you to be hurt. Babe.

“Aish!” Jungah struggled, but his grip was strong and steady. They glowered at each other, and neither was willing to back down first.

The bell rang, signaling the end of an exciting lunch period.

Kris’s eyes softened a bit, but then they hardened again, and he finally released her. He straightened up and dropped his arms back by his sides. “We should go before we get detention again.” Kris walked away.

“DAMMIT!” Fuming, Jungah kicked the wall. The pain shot up her toe to her leg, but she was too enraged to do anything about it. In all the years, no one had gotten the best of her. Not until Kris appeared in her life.


School ended. Yet, Jungah was still livid about what had happened earlier. She angrily kicked the pebbles at her feet. * HIM! WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS TREATING ME IN SUCH A WAY? BABE?! BABE?! I’LL PUNCH HIS FACE AND KICK HIM IN THE-*

“Jungie~ Jungie~” A sweet voice called.

Immediately, Jungah froze. The voice made all her anger evaporate and her mind became numb and blank once again. Slowly, she looked up. Zico was leaning against his car with his arms crossed. He was looking at her in a way that made her knees become weak. The ordeal with Kris seemed so far away now. “Zico…” Jungah whispered in disbelief.

Zico’s lips curved into a smile. He held up a hand, “Oy.”

Her heart fluttered at that one, insignificant word. “Oy.”

Jungah’s legs took over, and she charged towards Zico. He held his arms out, “Whoa, slow down, girl. I feel like you just saw red.” Jungah wanted to embrace him but held back. Awkwardly, she cleared , “W-what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? I come back in three days, and that’s all you say to me?” Zico shook his head with a friendly smirk, “You didn’t even call me.”

“Pfft. That’s your job, not mine.” Jungah crossly crossed her arms with a sullen frown.

“So were you waiting for my call?” Zico asked. “Hell no. I didn’t even know you were gone.” Jungah scoffed.

Zico softly smiled. He reached out and placed his hand on top of her head. Her heart stopped beating. Zico gently ruffled her hair, “I missed you, too, Jungah.” She swallowed the elated lump in and gazed up at him. “I missed you so much, Zico. I miss you every damn second that I’m not with you.”

But she was too much of a coward to actually say those words.

So Jungah looked at the ground and mumbled, “I’ll see you tomorrow night for dinner?”

Zico withdrew his hand with an affectionate smile, “Of course. Same time, same place.”

Jungah tersely nodded, “See you.”

“Text me what you want to eat, okay? I’ll pick it up before you come over.” Zico promised as he went into the car.

“Araso…” Jungah whispered.

“See you tomorrow, Jungah.” Zico waved, and his car disappeared over the horizon.

“See you…” *Just 24 more hours until I’m reunited with you again.* With a longing sigh, Jungah went home.

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